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Best Friends Pet Hotel

Best Friends Pet Hotel is the leader of the pack when it comes to the absolute best care for your cat or dog. With 42 centers in 19 states, including Walt Disney World, our state-of-the-art facilities provide your pet with a safe, clean and fun environment that will remind your fido or feline of home. Whether your pet needs a scratch around the ear, a face to lick or a place to play, your best friend will be taken care of as if our own. Visit Website

Or call (407) 209-3126 or email dis@bestfriends.net for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Best Friends Pet Hotel has received a rating of 2.0 out of 5 bones by 13 canine critics on BringFido.

  • CL
    May 20, 2024
    Great experience!

    I’ve dropped my dog off at Best Friends many times while I visited the parks and recently for a long term stay. The price is reasonable for boarding and I can add on cuddle time, an exploration walk and story time if I want. My nervous dog loves it here and so that’s very important! So glad I found Best Friends!

  • Liz
    Oct 19, 2023
    Terrible Service, BEWARE!

    I'd like to share our experiance with Best Friends Pet Hotel Walt Disney World. So here's the thing... We loved the location, the people that Greeted us and Gary our pup were great. We arrived Friday late night and picked him up on Sunday 6pm. During Gary's stay, they'd call me to let me know he had diarrhea, was it ok to give him some pumpkin. It was Gary's first time staying away from us so they said it was normal. I loved the communication BUT somewhere something went way wrong... Sunday came around and Gary comes out super excited to see us. As soon as we went outside of the building, I realized he had poop ALL over him. Poop that was stuck on his butt, his paws, his tail, his chest, I mean it was everywhere and oh so disgusting. We had to wipe him down with wipes to take off the pieces of poop he had all over. Drove with him 3 hours smelling like poop and bathed him the minute we got home at around 10pm, not to mention a whooping $200+ dollar visit with extra $12 dollars a day to have someone play with him. We brought Gary clean Friday and they gave us our pup FULL OF POOP! So, this means that the entire time they were communicating with me, my pup WAS COVERED IN FECES, WHAT! . How did this go so wrong? Well, they LEAVE YOUR PUPS IN CAGE THATS HOW!!!! When I called the facility days later all I got was an apology, HA! I will make sure that everyone hears my story. To be totally honest with y'all, I wasn't sure about leaving him in these boarding places. I was worried and anxious about the entire thing. Lastly, Gary has been acting weird after we picked him up, like if he's scared. He puts his head down and looks up with his eyes only. Our happy pup never did that before. Like what happened here?!? Be cautious, if you experienced similar make sure to notify the facility and the animal services too. It's important to advocate for our animals.

  • Colleen
    Apr 21, 2023
    Loved it! Very posh.

    I have used the boarding for the 2 times I went to Disney. And it was wonderful and I think the dogs enjoyed it. I loved the pictures they took of my chihuahuas and the ice cream they gave them. It was just really thoughtful care and so put my mind at ease that they were getting the royal treatment while we were also having fun.

  • Samantha
    Dec 14, 2021
    Rude and discriminating. Don't bother.

    This place is awful. We set up our interview for daycamp over a week in advance and confirmed it several times. When we arrived, we were not greeted by the woman behind the desk and when she did eventually speak to us, she was rude. She then took one look at Pumbaa and told me that mixes that have any pit in them are not permitted to be there. She told me to wait and came back a bit later with another woman who I can only assume is a manger. They didn't understand how I even scheduled an interview with Pumbaa because he's a pit mix.

    I submitted all of his vet records and their registration form with his breed mix clearly visible and don't understand why it took me driving all the way over there for them to see his breed. Not that it matters!! We were there for an INTERVIEW to determine if he was a good fit and temperament for daycamp. What does it matter what breed he is mixed with? We've been to tons of other daycares with no issues or questions at all about his breed.

    You'd think Disney would be better. I was highly disappointed from the moment I walked in. Don't bother taking your "dangerous" dogs here. 🙄

  • Ashley
    May 10, 2021

    Please read the one star reviews before considering using their services. We used to take our dog here for day camp, and we have had so many issues with this location. It is definitely not Disney quality of care. He has been to different doggie day cares and has never been treated poorly like he was here. We watched him on the pet cams be pinned to the ground and held back from playing with other dogs, and we don’t know why nor did they ever tell us a reason. There is no communication whatsoever. We have called to speak with someone, and the phone is never answered. We also watched them on the pet cams as the staff celebrated when our dog was being picked up from camp. We have no idea how he is being treated when we didn’t watch him on the cameras. We will never trust them to watch our dog again.

  • Cheryl
    Apr 9, 2021
    I Don’t recommend

    We were so disappointed this place got good reviews we took our dog there in feb while we went to Disney we came there everyday to spend time with him - when I booked I explained he needs a lot of attention he is a picky eater I brought all his food with instructions - we paid for all the extras needed - the cam was down most of the time so I had to call them to find out how he was they told me he wasn’t eating so when we came to visit which was every day we brought him food only to find out when his stay was over he was only being fed when we came all the food we brought was sent back home with him they didn’t even try (absolutely unacceptable)my dog lost about 15 pounds we couldn’t see because he wears a shirt he has no hair so when we came he was in his shirt everyday - and when he came home he came home with kennel nose and a foot infection and about 15 pounds underweight thank god our trip was short -I would definitely not recommend especially till they hire more staff they were very under staffed wait times were way too long it was just not an experience I would ever do again nor recommend we were very disappointed the girl did call about a week later because I emailed them directly to let them know our experience and how upset I was and all we got was some dogs don’t do well and shouldn’t be kenneled - not an answer we expected especially from a place that prides itself on the welfare of one s pet -I am sorry but No animal should come back from a place you pay to care for your pet come back they way mine did very sad. This place employed Inexperienced, overwhelmed staff —it took about 6 weeks for my dog to be back to normal unbelievable no way should a pet come back like this .I don’t recommend at all!

  • Naylise g
    Feb 16, 2021
    Best friends indeed

    My furbabies are no easy task and when I call to check up on them, the sitters feedback have always been exactly what my babies do on a daily. I highly recommend Best friends for your pets getaway vacation. I have been using them for roughly 4 years. I've never had an issue, on the contrary they worked with me to find solutions to make my little aggressive furbaby stay more comfortable because she has nibbled on some of the sitters. Once that was resolved, I no longer hear complaints. I'd say, give it a shot, its pricey and I book my stays way in advance but its worth it all the time. Staff is great and friendly.

  • Kathy
    Jan 20, 2021
    Please don’t bring your dog here

    This place has nothing to do with Disney. It is unorganized and has a few you g people walking around annoyed to be there. When I picked up my dog I asked how his day was and got “I don’t really know”. I asked did he play and eat? I got “I think so did you sign up for play time”. I have no idea what and how my dog was but my dog was up all night and starving when I got home. This is not a good place.

  • David
    Jul 10, 2019

    I hope your innocent dog doesn't get attacked there like mine was. It's costing me A LOT of $$$ and a lot of suffering for my dog. $5,000 to be exact for MRI, physical therapy AND surgery because of their employees incompetence. I do NOT recommend this place at all ever.

  • Tiffany
    Jun 15, 2019
    Incredibly Rude

    The associate I spoke to on the phone was so incredibly rude I decided to cancel my appointment. I simply asked how many times my dog would get to go out and play with a group and I wanted to know about his kennel. I would have just looked at the website but I needed a last minute boarding reservation due to another plan I had for my dog falling through, so I assumed I could ask the associate. She sighed heavily throughout our phone conversation and was clearly not happy about having to answer just two simple questions.

  • More than a year ago
    Inhumane close to pure abuse!

    Board dog for 24 hours in a small kennel and only 2 20 minute potty breaks!

    This is their policy and such is listed on their website.
    They list doggie daycare, and several times they offer it when you show up.
    But will not book it in advance!
    It is NOT offered to visitors only locals, misleading.
    They offer 4 hour outside time, again will not book in advance
    Reason? Shots? We have all shots, reason?
    Answer is if it’s too hot it’s canceled, and if they have too many local dogs.
    Visitors dogs unable to attend thus no advance booking.
    My request is that Disney post a booklet based on facts
    for people visiting Disney World with their other family members.
    Of course, they offer you to return and walk or take your dog great if you don’t book a Disney day pass!
    Also the kennel for indoor and outdoor space at a price point of 99 dollars
    a day, the outside portion is closed if they determine it is too hot or wet
    I grant you it’s really nice to have competent daycare and boarding for your
    other family members but you deserve all the facts in advance.

  • Vincent
    More than a year ago
    2 walks per 24 hours

    Only 2 potty walks included and it's $8 more for each additional. Only letting a dog out twice (once in morning and once in evening) seems borderline inhumane.

  • Linda
    More than a year ago
    Beware of Boarding

    Our dog went to Best Friends Day Camp for more than five months; we were very pleased with this service. When we were planning our vacation we decided (because she loves her "play time" with other dogs)to board her with Best Friends even though our other animals were being cared for by a home pet sitter. Their ala carte boarding menu does seems to favor their financial bottom line more than creating an enjoyable stay for the animals in their care. Day camp is not available to boarders, even dogs that attend the camp on a regular basis. Her stay was set up with an attempt to give her as much play time as economically acceptable (we did have what we considered a fairly robust budget; not an unlimited one) to work within. We even left instructions to contact us if our arrangements seemed to be inadequate, we were never contacted concerning this aspect so we assumed the choices were working well.
    Upon returning our dog returned to the Day Camp and within one or two visits we were informed that our dog's behavior was no longer acceptable for the camp. This makes us very concerned that even though we paid a great deal of money to provide what we felt would be the best fit for our dog she absolutely did not do well. Their solution was that we should have a trainer work with her and rehabilitate her to attend their camp. Odd that her stay with them triggered a sudden profound personality change. We took her to a different camp (without additional training) and she had no problem blending right in with the new program. This tells us something negative occurred during her stay and this is even more unacceptable because they had an in-depth knowledge of this dog..Our suspicion is that she was caged much more than we expected her to be, we have to wonder if she even received the play time we selected and paid for.
    The manager was contacted and seemed to have a scripted response that again did not reflect the relationship we had built up during all the months we had used their facility. We are very concerned for animals that only use them for a few days and wanted to include this review so pet parents can make an informed boarding decision. To be clear we were ok with spending more to provide our dog with the care we felt best fit her needs, However, we are very concerned that she showed such distinct signs that her needs were not met. We did not request a refund, that's not what this is about. We will not ever use this location for any of our animals.

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