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Olde Towne Pet Resort

At Olde Towne Pet Resort, we spare no detail in ensuring your pet’s comfort, safety, and joy. Whether you choose our location in Dulles, Springfield, or Rockville, you can rest assured of the highest quality care. This level of compassion is carried forth by our highly-attentive and professionally-trained pet care staff who is devoted to every facet of your pet’s well-being. After all, our business wasn’t founded on meeting your expectations, but rather in exceeding them. Olde Town offers massage, dog training, fitness programs and has a 20 foot long indoor heated lap pool. Visit Website

Or call (888) 475-3580 or email info@oldetownepetresort.com for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Olde Towne Pet Resort has received a rating of 1.0 out of 5 bones by 1 canine critic on BringFido.

  • Kellie
    Sep. 8, 2021

    On August 27, 2021, I took my dog (a 4.5 lb. timid Yorkshire Terrier) to Olde Towne Pet Resort in North Bethesda for day boarding (not doggie day care) while I drove to Pennsylvania to visit my mother in a nursing facility. I dropped my dog off at 7:00am, she was scheduled to be picked up 6:00pm. I had her in a classic suite because the other suites are too big for her. The classic suites DO NOT HAVE CAMERAS.
    On my return, I parked in the lot of the pet resort at approximately 5:25pm. I was finishing a conversation with a friend and securing my dog’s car seat when a call came in on my cell phone. It was a technician from the Animal Emergency Hospital wanting to know what my plans were for my dog. I asked him what he was talking about??? I told him I had just pulled up to the boarding facility to pick up my pet. He stated, there was an attack, and your dog was brought to the hospital. He then asked me to hold while he located the doctor. I jumped out of my car and ran inside the Olde Towne Pet Resort. Although I was almost positive this was a misunderstanding, because surely had there been any truth to this the resort would have contacted me. I was still hysterical at the thought of what this person had just said to me. I asked the attendant behind the desk, “what happened to my dog?” Both people looked at me with complete confusion. They gave the impression they had no idea of what I was talking about. After the back and forth one of them said she would get a manager. With no sense of urgency, the manager came out to the lobby and asked me “can I help you”? I told her what the person on the phone said and asked her “where is my dog?” She told me to wait a minute and she’ll try to find out what’s going on. I was truly confused and hysterical at this point. The customers in the lobby were trying to comfort me and one very nice lady led me to a chair so I could sit down. The manager finally came back and asked me to come with her to the back. As she led me through the door, she told me another manager was going to speak to me. She took me into an office where there was a manger sitting behind the desk and two pet resort employees standing stoically against the wall. I placed my cell phone on the desk (still on hold) and asked the manager what happened to my dog. He said he didn’t know what happened. The doctor began speaking on the phone and the only thing I heard was my name, my dogs name and DOA. I lost it! My heart had been completely ripped out of my chest and no one would tell me what happened. I later made my way to the hospital where I had the opportunity to hold her, I didn’t want to let her go. Once it got to the point that I could taste her blood in my mouth, I knew it was time to let her go. As I laid my head down on the steering wheel in my vehicle crying hysterically, the manger pulled up beside me. He came to the window and stated he found out what happened. He told me, there were two larger dogs on the other side of the wall barking at another dog. The staff moved the dogs to control the situation and put one of the dogs in my dog’s suite. He said after a little while they heard a “ruckus” and went back to the suite and realized my dog was in there. He said my dog was hiding under the cot and that gave the staff the impression my dog had already been picked up. I said, are you telling me she was a chew toy? He didn’t respond. I asked him if the owner of the dog that killed my dog had been informed. He said, “it’s not the dogs fault.” He told me he spoke to the hospital and told them to not mention money to me at all, they would cover my expenses. He gave me his card, said he was very sorry for my loss and if I needed anything to call.
    I spoke with the hospital the next day. The doctor apologized profusely. They had assumed Olde Towne Pet Resort had contacted me to let me know my dog had been taken to the hospital. My dog suffered multiple puncture wounds to the abdomen and chest. The puncture wounds to the chest were deep and were found to most likely be the fatal wounds. My dog’s lungs were deflated. A representative of the pet resort has reached out several times. Each time he has told me how the staff is so traumatized by what happened. He told me how he lost his dog last year and the end-of-life decisions he had to make for his dog. He told me another version of the last moments of my dog’s life which was slightly different from the one the manager told me. While he told me this new version, he consistently called my dog by the wrong name (Buzz) and gender (him). I could only conclude he got the two dogs names mixed up and referred to my dog by the name of the dog that killed her. How insensitive can you be?? He told me how the girl who put the dog in my dog’s suite feels like it’s all her fault. He told me that one of his staff members risked his own life to get my dog out of the mouth of the other dog. He told me he thought it would bring me comfort to know, she lived less than a minute after she was freed from the other dog’s mouth and she died in someone’s arms rather than in the dogs mouth. . He told me how the young man who held my dog as she died, cried. Then another representative reached out to yet again tell me how traumatized the staff is, that they are dog lovers, to offer her condolences on behalf of the resort, she offered to send me links for grief counseling and the services of a dog whisperer. I couldn’t take anymore. I’m having a difficult time feeling sympathy for the staff, while imagining the horror my dog experienced. I didn’t want to continuously re-live what happened to my dog with no accountability and no resolution. I asked them not to call anymore, to only contact me by mail.
    It scares me to think of how long had she been hiding under the cot and not being attended to? So long that the staff thought she had gone home.
    Are the suites cleaned after a dog leaves? If the staff thought she had been picked up, wouldn’t the suite had been cleaned before putting another dog in there. If that was done the staff would have known she was still in there.
    I’ve asked many questions, not getting straight answers. In the meantime, animal control was contacted on my dog’s behalf, and I received a slightly different version of the story. I also found out the other dogs involved were a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a Pit Mix.
    **Please be careful, when making the decision to entrust your dog’s care to this facility. I don’t want anyone to ever experience anything even slightly close to this. My dog’s death was horrific and completely preventable. It wasn’t an accident; it was NEGLIGENCE!! **

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