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Raleigh Pawz

Raleigh Pawz offers professional pet sitting & dog walking services. They have been keeping your pets happy at home in Raleigh, NC since June 2004. They are licensed with the City of Raleigh, Bonded & Insured. All Sitters are certified in Pet 1st Aid & CPR thru the American Red Cross. Visit Website

Or call 919-605-5133 or email info@raleighpets.com for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Raleigh Pawz has received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 bones by 26 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Alyson
    More than a year ago
    The best sitters in Raleigh!

    I have been using Raleigh Pet Sitters for a couple of years now and highly, highly recommend them! It is so nice to be able to leave my dog in the comfort of her own home while I am away and to not worry about her. I know she is always taken care of and enjoys her time with her petsitter, Lisa!

  • Patty
    More than a year ago
    Raleigh Pet Sitters rocks!

    Raleigh Pet Sitters rocks! My roommate and I each have two dogs and have used their services while one of us has been out of town and the other working, as well as when both of us have been out of town. Colleen has been our pet sitter and she does such an awesome job! Our dogs absolutely love Colleen and look forward to her visits; she gives them all lots of attention, love, and play time/exercise. It is awesome to have peace of mind that the pack is so well cared for!

  • Kathleen
    More than a year ago
    Reliable Pet Sitting in Raleigh

    I love having Raleigh Pet Sitters to call on when I need to leave my fur baby for several hours. Knowing that he is in good hands with someone that is responsible, experienced, and loving (Thank you Patricia!) means not worrying about him while I'm away.

  • Henrietta
    More than a year ago
    Fabulous Raleigh Pet Sitters!

    Cindy Golden and the staff at Raleigh Pet Sitters are outstanding! They are professional, dependable, and resourceful! My dog, Ziggy, loves his pet sitters Colleen and Monica! They always go the extra mile for him. I feel such peace of mind knowing he is in their excellent care when I am away. I highly recommend Raleigh Pet Sitters!

  • Courtney
    More than a year ago
    Such peace of mind

    I love Raleigh Pet Sitters. I've been using Cindy's services for the past four years. I have two cats, one of whom does not do well going to the vets because of previous health issues. Being able to have them stay in the comfort of their own home was the number one reason I looked for a pet sitting service. I am so happy I found Raleigh Pet Sitters! Cindy is so thorough in her initial meeting, that felt so comfortable in not just leaving my pets, but letting a stranger in to my home. They take the time to get to know your animals on their terms. I love the two ladies that have watched my two trouble makers over the years. I love that I always come home to these lovely little notes and activity reports. They take my contacts and leave their number, but they don't contact you unless you contact them. I can be a bit of a worry wort and they happily respond to my texts of "all good" and humor this crazy cat lady. The price is so reasonable and I've found myself not using my pets as an excuse not to travel anymore.

    I really cannot say enough good things about Raleigh Pet Sitters.

  • Dianna
    More than a year ago

    When we moved to Raleigh, one of our main concerns was who we would find to watch our dog when we go away on vacations. From asking around our building downtown, we found that Raleigh Pet sitters actually walks quite a few dogs in our building. Before our first time using the service, Cindy came to our place to meet us and our pitbull, which of course put my mind at ease for 2 reasons. 1- we wanted to know who is caring for our baby, and 2- who is going to be in our home.

    In the past year and a half , we have had Ariel, who unfortunately has moved on to greener pastures, but thankfully replaced by Jessie who is just awesome with Isys! We have gone away about a half of a dozen of times, with no worries or concerns while we are away. I especially love the notes that they leave us about how every walk went while we were away, and love the pictures that get sent to me of her playing outside. Thank you Raleigh Pet Sitters!

  • Matt L
    More than a year ago
    You Can't Find a Better Pet Sitter

    We can't say enough good things about how much our dogs love Cindy, Taylor and everyone else at Raleigh Pet Sitters. They are always on time to come take our dogs out and play with them, and the detailed information we get when we return is helpful and informative. We would recommend them to everyone!

  • Kristie
    More than a year ago
    Best Dog Sitting in Raleigh

    I have been using Cindy's Pet Sitting services for over a year and I could not be happier. I always come home to happy and well taken care of dogs.

  • Denis
    More than a year ago
    Awesome Sitters

    We've been using Raleigh Pet Sitters since 2009 for our cats. Cindy is very responsive with our visiting requests, just a few minutes after sending an email to get it scheduled. And the two sitters we've had have been very good. They write up a report at the end of the final visit talking about each cat and how they did, whether they were playful, wistful, etc.

  • Julie Hammer Jensen
    More than a year ago
    Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is the way to Go

    When you can't "Bring Fido," a great alternative is going with a local Pet Sitting and Dog Walking service. Raleigh Pet Sitters solved a major problem for us and made our vacation more relaxing knowing our animals were in good hands.

    We thought we had care lined up for two dogs and cat for our vacation but then we found out two weeks before we left, that our friends could not keep them after all. I really didn't want to board the dogs because they've never been boarded. I just knew my Winston would hate it and the cost for two dogs was going to be significant. I'm so thankful that pet sitting came to mind. It cost us half of what it would cost to board them and I felt so much better knowing that my animals were safe and happy in their own beds. Both Cindy and the sitter, Jess, who'd be doing the visits, came by to meet us and the animals the weekend before we left. I instantly liked Jess and was very pleased to have daily reports from here about each visit.

    They were clearly very professional and showed they took their business seriously; yet they demonstrated the personal connection and touch you want for your pets.

  • Ashley
    More than a year ago

    I have been using Raleigh Pet Sitters for over three years now. They are amazing! The dog walkers are responsible, knowledgeable, and reliable.

    I have had the pleasure of working with Jess for about a year now and she is so easy to reach-just a simple text away. I love that she leaves a note about their walk! Jess has walked some of my foster dogs as well as my own puppies and they are always happy and tired when I come home!

    My schedule is constantly changing and there have been several times where I have needed a dog walker with only a few hours notice. Cindy and Jess have always managed to make sure that my dogs are taken care of and for that, I highly recommend Raleigh Pet Sitters!

  • Emily
    More than a year ago
    Great Pet Sitting Service!

    I have used Erin and Taylor in the past and Gretchen is great with my pups now! She ensures they get their medications and have plenty of playtime indoors and out. They go for walks and play inside if the weather is bad. I would call Cindy and request a visit if you need petsitting services as they are the best!

  • Rachel
    More than a year ago
    Great Service!

    My husband and I moved to Raleigh last year with our cat, Oliver, and were nervous about going out of town because we didn’t know anyone in the area to take car of him. We contacted Raleigh Pet Sitters (Cindy’s Pet Sitting Services) and they came over to our apartment to meet Oliver before taking care of him and took detailed notes about where his food, litter, and toys were. Jess, our pet sitter, is very reliable and always leaves us detailed notes about how our cat did while we were gone. I highly recommend Raleigh Pet Sitters! They are professional, dependable, friendly, and our cat enjoys them!

  • Helen
    More than a year ago
    dog walking

    Cindy and are team are a lifesaver. Gretchen is very responsible and reliable and obviously she and my puppy Katie really love spending time together. I highly recommend Cindy's Pet Sitting Services!

  • Liz B.
    More than a year ago
    Best Pet Sitting in Raleigh!

    I just moved to the Raleigh area and a friend recommended Cindy's. I was nervous at first, (having never used a pet sitter before), but Cindy's is FANTASTIC! Colleen took care of my dogs and I feel totally comfortable leaving them in her care in the future. She gave them lots of love and even administered medication for me. I also loved getting texts and pictures each day, letting me know that my dogs were okay. I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves their pets like children!!! They are professional, friendly, and very responsible.

  • Chip and Lacy Ford
    More than a year ago
    Cindy’s Pet Sitting Services

    We have a 14 year old Labrador Retriever, 8 year old Miniature Yorkie and 7 year old Pomeranian. After years of dealing with "doggie daycare, veterinary boarding services and pet resorts" in the Raleigh area we had grown accustom to adding $90 + a day to any trip we took.

    You would think for the price we paid for a veterinary boarding service that there was a fulltime “sitter” hanging out with our dogs, allowing them to run free in a fenced in yard during the day, and personal attention given to each one of them for at least 45 minutes a day.... BUT NO ... that would be extra. For the $90+ a day the dogs could share a large crate and would have up to 20 minutes of outside time and 3 bathroom breaks a day. REALLY???

    No wonder anytime we pull out a suitcase and began to pack:

    • our Yorkie starts to climb in and hide, praying he would “go unnoticed”

    • our Labrador began to pace and pace and pace and pace and pace ...

    • and our Pomeranian would start to either hide with the Yorkie or pace with the Labrador

    I know that it is not free to board three dogs but the veterinary boarding services were getting TOO expensive for the service. Next we tried a pet resort. At $120.00 a day we could barely afford to go on our week long family vacation and the services offered were nothing to brag about. Again we were being charged additional vet fees along with outdoor “play time” fees for each dog. OUTRAGEOUS!

    Next we decided to try a “doggie daycare” service we found on a message board at a local restaurant. Things seemed ok upfront, but the additional charges for multiple dogs started to add up. Even though we had a fenced in back yard for daily outside visits and didn’t request, require or receive any “long walks” we were charged an additional $10.00 per visit. Plus an additional $8.00 per feeding since one dog required medicine that we prepared in a cracker to be given as a twice a day.

    With vacations becoming too expensive to take we started relying on unreliable friends to come by and sit our dogs....

    This past July we had a week long family beach trip and once again found ourselves in need of a reliable sitter. This time we researched EVERY dog walking service, interviewed a few, and came across Cindy’s Pet Sitting Services. When we talked to the owner, Cindy Golden, we knew Cindy’s Pet Sitting Services was the one for us.

    They have been so friendly, accommodating, and we trust them completely with our dogs. The dogs took an immediate liking to their sitter, Gretchen, who came to our house along with Cindy for a face to face hello visit before we committed to using their services.

    The same person, Gretchen, would be the one to come by three times a day – spending 30 minutes with our dogs at each visit. There were no crazy up charges for having more than one dog (only $2.00 for the third dog!) and she leaves a note every time about how the day went.

    Finding a pet sitter that is suitable, affordable, and that provides a sense of comfort while we are away is an amazing gift. We are heading out of town again this coming week and look forward to our vacation – knowing that we will spend $60.00 a day for the full service care that our dogs not only need but deserve.

    5 stars – Cindy and her team always work to accommodate our schedule, their service relies on client happiness so the client always comes first, they offer easy payment options, and most of all terrific, pet-focused care.

  • Heather
    More than a year ago
    Best In-Home Pet Care

    We have been using Cindy's Pet Sitting Service for 3.5 years and we couldn't be more pleased with the care she provides for our cats. they are well taken care of. It is obvious she adores animals and spends time with them. They are happy to be at home while we travel and we are happy knowing they receive excellent care.

  • Kristen H
    More than a year ago
    Awesome service!!

    Cindy's Pet Sitting Service is awesome. You can even call them the day before you leave town and they are always available! Jess has watched our dog on a continued basis and she is great!! She is very conscientious... follows every instruction we give her as it changes each time...she plays with him, walks him and just keeps him company. She even waters our plants and feeds the fish! We return home to very detailed notes as well and feel like he was very well taken care of. I would recommend this service highly!

  • Kelly
    More than a year ago
    Great Pet Sitting Service!

    I moved to NC for a job and needed to travel for that job just a week after moving. I was stressed at the idea of finding a pet sitter I could trust in such a short amount of time. Taking to the internet I found Cindy's Pet Sitting Services. I called and Cindy arranged to meet me at my house with my areas pet sitter, Jill.

    First off, I love that they have all their forms are online so thorough. I was able to detail all the important things my pet sitter needed to know about my pets. I also like that all the details are spelled out in the contract. When Cindy and Jill came over they went over everything with me and made sure I didn’t have any questions or concerns.

    The main thing I love about Cindy’s Pet Sitting Service though is that I could tell that Cindy and my pet sitter Jill LOVE animals. Jill was on the floor with my big mutts before the visit ended, not scared by the jowls, drool, or hair encountered! My animals took to her immediately, even my more skittish dog Tina.

    When I’m gone my pet sitter has texted me when any issues come up. I love that she is so communicative and alert to my animals’ behavior and patterns. With her level of oversight I finally feel comfortable leaving my pets at home and going on trips out of town! The notes that the pet sitter leaves are great too; very detailed and thorough.

    Overall I would recommend Cindy’s Pet Sitting Service to anyone looking for a service that will take impeccable care of their pets. I have found my NC pet care provider!

  • Katy
    More than a year ago
    We love Cindy & Colleen

    Cindy's has been a huge help to our family. Colleen takes the absolute best care of our dogs - we absolutely adore her! We know our furry children are safe, secure, happy, and loved while we are away.

  • Anne
    More than a year ago
    My dog loves them!

    Cindy's Pet Sitting in Raleigh has been a HUGE help to me....I'm no longer having to rush home from work and take the pup out for a walk -both he and I are really happy. I can tell he loves when Jess comes to visit, and I get a full report of all "activities" that happened. I highly recommend this dog walking service.

  • Adrienne
    More than a year ago
    Couldn't ask for more!

    I have been using Cindy's Pet Services for over three years and they have been nothing but wonderful! I have two 16 year old cats who do not like to leave the comfort of their home and I was very lucky to find a pet sitter as professional and thorough as Cindy to come into my home and check on them while I was away. From my first meeting with Cindy I was very impressed that she wanted to meet me and my cats before accepting the job. She got all the important details and from that day on I have never been worried when leaving my cats in Cindy's care. She even checked on them during a snow storm we had last year! If you are looking for a pet sitter in Raleigh, NC you won't find one better than Cindy!

  • Berta
    More than a year ago
    Pet Sitting at its best!!

    Cindy and Jill are terrific!! I feel confident leaving my kittens in their care and don't worry a bit while I'm on vacation. They always accomodate my last minute requests, are very reliable and professional. I enjoy coming home and reading the daily log of each visit. I highly recommend Cindy's pet sitting to watch your pet(s).

  • Berta
    More than a year ago
    Pet Sitting at its best!!

    Cindy and Jill are terrific!! I feel confident leaving my kittens in their care and don't worry a bit while I'm on vacation. They always accomodate my last minute requests, are very reliable and professional. I enjoy coming home and reading the daily log of each visit. I highly recommend Cindy's pet sitting to watch your pet(s).

  • Nicole
    More than a year ago
    Pet Sitting

    Cindy's pet sitting services has been with my puppy since he was 8 weeks old and I would not have it any other way. They have been WONDERFUL and Cindy has been amazing to work with. Reasonably priced and they are very attentive to our little guy.

  • Ashleigh
    More than a year ago
    Cindy Review

    cant say enough great things about Cindys pet sitting service. We are new to the area and have never had a pet sitter before and Cindys came highly recommended and i liked the idea of the dogs staying in their own environment so we went with Cindys and Abbe as our sitter for Thanksgiving. Best choice ever !! Cindy and Abbe were great at our consult and made us at ease right away. Abbe went above and beyond with daily text updates. we loved hearing of the long walks our dogs were taking, movies and TV they were watching, and all the fun play time they got. We truly felt like our dogs were on a vacation just as much as we were. probably more so. I am sure our pups cant wait for us to leave again. Thanks Abbe for taking such great and fun care of our dogs !!!

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