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Burlington County Animal Alliance of New Jersey

Burlington County Animal Alliance (BCAA) was established in 1999 to help homeless dogs and cats find new homes. BCAA is a 501(c) nonprofit group, and 100% of their proceeds go to animals in their care which includes spaying and neutering and all other medical treatments required for the dog and cat to enjoy a long and healthy life. They also advocate the spaying and neutering of all companion animals and will not adopt to anyone whose present dogs and cats are not neutered and spayed. BCAA is a network of fosters and all animals are taken care of in homes. They do not have a building to visit but do hold weekly adoption events. Visit Website

Or email slc0606z@aol.com for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Burlington County Animal Alliance of New Jersey has received a rating of 4.0 out of 5 bones by 28 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Margie
    May 19, 2022
    Thank you for all you do for the homeless dogs

    I glanced Thru some of these reviews and it is sad to see the criticism. Some clearly do not even seem to understand that this is not a shelter of paid employees but it is a group of volunteer fosters, many of which work regular full time jobs and have families to care for, but they find it in their hearts to take time to care for and help homeless pets find loving homes.
    I just want to say thank you to all of you at BCAA past, present and future for trying so hard to help these animals. You have all made a positive difference in so many lives including ours and our dear Toto that you rescued and we adopted.

  • L
    Feb 1, 2022
    Worst experience

    Worst experience I have ever had with a rescue. The nastiest pet advocates I have ever met.

  • Marlea
    Apr 3, 2021
    Horrible, Unhelpful staff

    I was very interested in adopting a dog from this organization. I currently live out of state since I moved but I do visit occasionally. While back in New Jersey, I was looking into bringing home one of the dogs here. I submitted an adoption application and then emailed "Suzanne Coculo" (the only email listed on the website to contact someone) about my situation with visiting and how I wanted to adopt the dog and bring him home with me. Suzanne was incredibly unprofessional. As a determined buyer, I was very disappointed to see such stupidity in a person who talks to other potential buyers. She types like she has never passed middle school. She was not helpful, was rude, and insisted that the dog was "too big" to fit on the plane when that is entirely not true. Overall, I am extremely dissatisfied with my experience. I would not recommend adopting from here, especially if you have to go through Suzanne.

  • Danelle
    Jan 9, 2021
    Amazing Organization

    If you are looking to adopt I highly recommend BCAA. I was not looking for a new puppy as I was still dealing with the loss of my fur baby when I happened to see this little guy in a backyard. That day forever changed my life as I knew that puppy was meant to be mine, love at first sight! For a few weeks I would watch him play in the yard while talking with the foster mom, a very wonderful woman named Jane. She even let me spend a little time with him to see if I still thought it was a good fit, there was no doubt. She walked me through the steps of how to apply for adopting, sent me pics and updates until he was ready to come home. On the day of adoption Jane took her time and went over all the paperwork and all the info she had about him. She gave me a lot of info about him and his schedules/behaviors. She asked that I send pics and keep in touch, which is what I did since she was clearly invested in his well being. He was a happy little boy. Since he has been with us we have had some serious medical issues that were unexpected causing very high hospital bills. He is now having severe hind leg issues and continues to decline which will be a long term expense. I reached out to Jane just to keep her updated on his current status. She went to the director to ask for some guidance on best places to take him for help. They are all now invested and involved with making sure our baby is getting the best care. They have not only helped with finding us help but they have also provided financial and emotional support during this very difficult time. I have never adopted or bought a puppy that once you take them home anyone ever cared what became of them. These amazing wonderful people at the BCCA have proven to be one of the best dog rescues I have seen. If you want a great experience with adopting a rescued animal please go through the BCAA. You won't find a better group of people that truly care about these animals.

  • Debbie
    Oct 26, 2020
    Great Rescue Group

    Wonderful rescue group. Have adopted 4 dogs from them over the years. Never an issue.

  • Sam
    Oct 11, 2020
    Puppy Adoption

    My family had the best experience with the BCAA. The process was completely transparent. Thank you BCAA for allowing me to adopt my sweet Charlie!

  • KATE
    Oct 9, 2020
    2 Times the Charm

    I adopted my first puppy from BCAA almost a year ago. The second one, 2 months later, started as a foster, but we ended up adopting him too! Both dogs are so loving, friendly, and adorable; they were a wonderful addition to our family. BCAA made sure our home was a good match for the dogs as well. They were caring, friendly, and easy to work with. I still keep in touch with them! Great organization, great dogs, you can't go wrong adopting or fostering with BCAA!

  • Julie
    Oct 8, 2020
    Best rescue!

    We were looking to rescue another dog to bond with our dog at home. She needed a playmate. When I saw the pictures of Coal, his eyes spoke to me. I contacted the foster, Traci, who could not have been kinder. Coal still had some growing to do before we could bring him to our home. Traci invited us into her home and let us play and get to know Coal. She and her husband were so wonderful! She would text me pics of him, I knew he was in great hands! On the day Coal came home, Traci brought him and stayed while we adjusted to the new situation. I loved the fact that she was such a comfort to Coal. Traci and I still keep in touch, I send her pictures of Coal💕
    Our whole experience with BCAA of NJ was so amazing.

  • Elexis
    Oct 2, 2020
    Unclear and unprofessional

    I’ve done significant research on my journey to adopt a dog from a local shelter. I first applied for a dog they’d been posting on Facebook about often who was in foster for a lengthy amount of time still looking for a home. Two weeks after I’d applied for this dog I log on Facebook to find a post from them saying, “we have t even received one application for this dog”. I followed up with a comment stating that I’d applied and haven’t heard anything since, which followed with them telling me to reach out to an email (this email was not listed on their application or website). Another week goes by and I’ve even visited PetSmart on a Saturday and walked right past the very dog if applied for. 5 days later they post that she’s been adopted, and only after posting do they reach out to mention that to me. That should’ve been the end of our journey there, but weeks later I applied for several other dogs listed on their website (I really wanted to support a local shelter); This time I got a response. However, none of the dogs I applied for were offered to me. Instead I was offered a dog, told a fee, and a pick up date and time. No other details were given. Days later I was told I’d have to wait another week because the dog needed some shots; no problem! Then I’m told that dog isn’t doing well and to pick another dog. I went ahead and gave some details on what I was looking for but was never really shown what was a available. It is my understanding that you should meet a dog and make sure you’re a good fit in person before you agree to anything, and since no one ever said or posted otherwise, that was my expectation with the meeting we had set up. I’d been applying for dogs in local shelters in the interim because we didn’t get approved everywhere because we were first time owners; we couldn’t put all our eggs in one basket because of previous experience. So, before our meeting day I was approved for another dog at another shelter and gave them notice that I wouldn’t be attending our meeting. The woman I had been in contact with was very rude in her response, and called me rude for cancelling. I apologized for the inconvenience and confusion due to the lack of information I’d been given from the beginning. She continued to be rude and very unprofessional. I would not recommend this shelter. I should’ve saw the signs when I read the bad reviews on this place 8 weeks earlier. Oh well I guess!

  • Jessica
    Aug 16, 2020

    BEWARE if you plan to adopt from this place! The assistant director is completely unprofessional. I am traumatized from her, I assume my puppy is as well. Her name is Sue.

    I came to pick up my puppy on 8/15/20. After I finished the paperwork, she told me “she does not like beagles” and I will not like this beagle because she will “howl”. Then, out of no where, she told me she changed her mind and is not letting me take my dog. Then she ripped my dog from my hands - this was all after I had cleared my background paperwork, committed, drove out there, bonded with the dog, and signed! Surprised and almost thinking she was joking I said “good thing I already signed the contract”. Her response was “ha, I’ll just rip it up (shoulder shrug)”. Now, Im not a lawyer, but I’m fairly certain that the act of ripping up a paper does not end the agreement.

    I then realized she was not joking so I inquired further. So here we go:

    Her excuses for doing so included:
    1. She claimed “my apartment will be mad at me for the howling and make me give her back when my neighbors complain” - I explained my apartment is dog friendly and I have a signed contract that I can have any breed. I told her that my apartment is new and the walls are very good at blocking sound. She told me she is “sure” that it “will” happen. She could have easily called my apartment complex office and they would have told her the same thing I did.

    2: she told me I took too long deciding so she deemed that as I was “not sure”.
    - Now, I first said “I just signed so I’m pretty certain that means I’m “sure”. To provide background - I only spent half an hour bonding with my dog to ensure we were a good match, I feel as though that is the morally right thing to do before making a commitment as I do not want to disrupt a dog’s environment and end up returning, I would rather be 100% certain before I take her home.

    3. She judged and belittled me for consulting with my parents. Saying “I don’t know why you called them”. She made the assumption that I am lying, and live with them. I explained I am a 31 year old professional educator and I do not live with my parents (they do not live in the area) however she insisted “they don’t want me to have a dog”. I explained I simply value their input and wanted their opinion.

    I say beware because this woman clearly abuses her power. It is heartbreaking to bond with a dog, allow the dog to believe they are coming home with you, and then have the dog ripped away and put back in a shelter. I fully believe this dog knew she was coming home with me for “furever”. I first reached out on social media - instead of taking accountability, theY blocked me. Why not just make it right - not that they can - but at least acknowledge the inappropriateness.

    I just don’t want other people to have to experience this trauma.

  • Jim
    Jul 18, 2020
    Very professional

    I can't say enough about how helpful and informative the members of the bcaa were. They were spot on with everything about our rescue. Always available for help or information.
    I highly recommend the group

  • Katie
    Feb 18, 2019
    falsely advertised

    I adopted my dog from this shelter, and although he is sweet with adult humans, that's about it.
    He was listed as an American bulldog, great with kids, cats, and other dogs and that he was 45 lbs. First, he was about 60 lbs when I picked him up, which isn't a huge deal, I don't mind big dogs. 2nd, is he's a Pitbull, through and though. Third, he tried to attack my boyfriends dog the instant he saw him and although they now get along, he is aggressive and mean with other dogs. I can't even have him anywhere near another dog, because he loses control. He also tried to attack my 4 year old nephew.

    Just a warning, if you adopt from this shelter, do it with caution. They clearly lied about this dogs temperament, breed, and size.

  • Mb
    Feb 8, 2019
    Awesome Group

    When we lost our family dog to cancer, our daughter had a hole in her heart that needed to be filled. A friend recommended we work with BCAA. The people there could not have been kinder. Within a week, we were able to adopt an adorable furball. It was such a fulfilling experience a year later we adopted a second dog. Our daughter’s heart is overflowing. Amazing rescue!

  • Jennifer
    Feb 4, 2019
    Great Rescue!

    The BCAA is an awesome rescue that matched our family with fun loving terrier mix. We needed a companion for our nervous adopted GermanShepherd/Rottweiler mix. The BCAA made the process easy with all the paperwork history and support as we got Chloe transitioned to our home and vet. Thank you Sue and team for bringing rescue to our family!

  • Nina
    Feb 4, 2019
    The best rescue I've worked with

    I have adopted several dogs from this rescue throughout the years and have had nothing but great experiences each time! The application process is easy and user friendly and the wonderful volunteers were so prompt with getting in touch with me. They were all so friendly and warm and really cared about the animals. They answered all my questions and were very truthful about the dogs I was interested in to the best of their knowledge. What I love most about this rescue is that they go beyond the borders of New Jersey and work with many rescues from down south who pull dogs from high kill shelters. They either have the dogs driven up by yet another set of selfless volunteers or flown in by a volunteer pilot. All these people give so selflessly on a volunteer basis with no monetary gain. It warms my heart that there are such great people in this world. I have adopted the most wonderful dogs from them who otherwise would have been killed if it weren't for Burlington county animal alliance. I have done lots of research on other rescue groups and they are all similar in the way they operate. The difference with BCAA and the reason I would never go with another rescue again is that they are so thorough honest and caring. I believe their fees are reasonable and fair when you think about all that goes into getting an animal ready for adoption. They are truly in it for the well being of the animals and I cant stress enough how strongly I would recommend this rescue group. You cant go wrong with Burlington county animal alliance. Thank you to sue, Lorraine and all the other volunteers for all that you do!

  • Chelsea
    Feb 3, 2019
    Best rescue HANDS DOWN

    I love this kind group of volunteers. I adopted from them seven years ago. My girl was hours away from being killed due to her two different colored eyes. BCAA steppes up

  • Kristin
    Feb 3, 2019
    Saved my best friend

    I love this rescue! They do their best to help as many dogs as they can! I can’t thank them enough for saving my pup!

  • Rachel
    Feb 3, 2019
    Great Rescue Group

    We just adopted our 2nd pup from BCAA and couldn’t be happier. The volunteers are helpful and patient. We had recently lost our beloved chihuahua and felt emptiness in our home. After telling them about family and lifestyle, they helped steer us away from some dogs that weren’t quite right and encouraged us to wait for the right dog. They were right! We adopted a perfect little female chi 3 weeks later and she fits in great with our crew. They really tried to make sure the dog was right for us, and us for her.

    All of the dogs are in foster homes which makes it so much easier to find out specifics regarding the dog’s behavior, habits and personality because they’ve lived in their homes.

  • Jane
    Feb 3, 2019
    Dedicated People

    BCAA is an amazing group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping people find their fur friend. I adopted my Spencer from them and we couldn’t be happier with the knowledgeable fosters who open their homes to these animals in need. The fosters not only care for the dogs, but they spend a lot of time talking to each interested applicant to determine if the home is a good fit for the dog. When we adopted Spencer the foster came to our home and spent a lot of time with us. She helped us to introduce our existing dog to Spencer and gave us as much background information as she knew about Spencer. She then gave me her cell number so I could contact her with any questions (which I did many times). BCAA was supportive and caring. I felt as if I had a network of people to help us to help Spencer adjust to our home. We couldn’t imagine our lives without him and we would highly recommend BCAA to anyone in search of their new forever friend.

  • Jessica
    Feb 3, 2019
    Can't Thank Them Enough

    We adopted our sweet gorgeous pitt/lab mix from BCAA. They couldn't of been more supportive in helping us get Lola adjusted from the horrendous situation she came from. I am from the south and the animal welfare movement still has a long way to go. When I found out that they pull so many dogs from southern kill shelters, I knew that they were who I wanted to work with. Good people, great dogs!!

  • Constance
    Feb 3, 2019
    Excellent rescue

    This is a wonderful group of people saving animals that have had a tough start. They are compassionate and dedicated and I adopted my little girl from them, Chihuahua Pom mix who came to them terrified and bald and through the foster mom's efforts came to me on her way to being a total love bug! I love that the dogs are fostered instead of being in a shelter/kennel, it starts them on the way to being in a home and being housebroken if they aren't already. Love BCAA and will adopt from them again

  • Julia
    Feb 3, 2019
    Wonderful organization!!

    We got our sweet boy from BCAA and he is just the light of my life. He wasnt microchipped but they made sure he was before he came home. They also provided heartworm medication prior to our departure. Love BCAA and everything they do!!

  • Susan
    Feb 3, 2019
    Best rescue ever!

    Funny the people that gave bad reviews would not leave any info or a picture .. humm I hope it’s not a past foster that is just sour. BCAA would no doubt stand by anyone who is not happy in any way which makes me fell it’s Bogas. They go above and beyond what that have to and always stays in contact with past adopters.

  • Kristin
    Feb 3, 2019
    Great rescue!

    This rescues really cares about matching their dogs with the right families! They were professional and informative and now I have my 2nd fur baby from them! Highly recommend!

  • Peggy
    Jan 29, 2019
    Incredible Resue

    The volunteers were amazing. Honest and found us the perfect dog to fit our needs!

  • David
    Jan 25, 2018
    It’s for the good of the animals keep that in mind

    I adopted a Labrador Chal mix that was relocated from Georgia. He was heartworm positive and was treated by Willingboro veterinary clinic. They gave complete medical history as possible. For the sake of the number of homeless animals I would recommend using Burlington county animal alliance as a source of adoption. I have to say unfortunately that I believe the persons who fosters dogs and cats are in it for some monetary And question her motives

  • Anonymous
    More than a year ago
    Terrible Experience

    Many, many issues with adopting from here. I have spent almost $1300 on healthcare that should have been resolved BEFORE allowing the animals to be adopted out. No screening process aside from an online form, luckily I am a good person, there are plenty of people out there who are not! Shelter was unwilling to help with any costs incurred even though pets were well under the acceptable adoption age (5 weeks!), should have still been in the foster home or shelter being raised and medically treated for the numerous issues (roundworm, hookworm, coccidia, respiratory infection, UTI). Shots were given way too early which negated them and need to be repeated. Puppies were so sick that they have waited for over a month to resolve illnesses before they are able to get their shots. Well intending shelters and foster homes are no better than a puppy mill if they are not properly attending to the animal's needs. Puppies should be dewormed before they are fully and overly infested with worms. I made my mistake by not being informed on what to look for and what questions to ask, which has cost me a lot of money that the shelter will not assist with. Nonetheless my rescues were SAVED since I am now giving them the PROPER medical attention they require and should have received many many weeks prior to adoption. Shelter needs immediate improvement and Foster homes need better information or better screening to better care for their animals. Wake up BCAA!

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago

    Great experience. Love my baby! Thanks BCAA!!!! You rock

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