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New York Dog Nanny

Adorable dog nanny services around Manhattan for your precious pup! They offer have doggie daycare, cage-free dog boarding, reiki treatments, grooming and walk n feed visits if you're away from 1 hour or one month! Servicing Gramercy and the Upper West Side, they provide posh dog nanny services for pet parents. Their cageless boarding in private apartments and their Flatiron loft offer your dog freedom to saunter around as pleased--beds, couches and laps are all fair game. Whether under your care or theirs, they know what makes dogs comfortable and owners relax. Moreover, all of their services are guaranteed! Visit Website

Or call (917) 261-7333 or email info@newyorkdognanny.com for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

New York Dog Nanny has received a rating of 4.8 out of 5 bones by 16 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Michael Galanter
    More than a year ago
    Shameful! Beware of “New York Dog Nanny”!

    My partner and I made the unfortunate decision to board our Mini Golden Doodle (Mojo) at the “New York Dog Nanny” for 5 nights in January. As all dog lovers/owners will understand – it is very hard to leave your “baby” with anyone but trusted friends and family. But we tried to do our research, took a visit to the facility and were initially impressed with the woman at the front desk (Cynthia). I will say that I was not entirely satisfied with the cleanliness of the facility (but I am a complete neat freak) and I also didn't like the woman that was shaking a can filled with coins at a little shivering Chihuahua in a small pen almost the whole time I was there. But, I still felt comfortable that Cynthia was sincere and they would give the very best care to our dog. She also promised me we would get daily email updates with pictures and video. Well – this NEVER happened. In fact, I had to call 3 times while we were away just to make sure Mojo was OK. One time, the person that answered didn't even know who Mojo was. Another time a girl told us that he was so much fun because they could play “strong” tug-a-war with him as he was one of the “bigger” dogs there.

    Anyhow, when we got back to the city after our trip, I went straight to the “New York Dog Nanny” to get our little guy. Again, I am a clean freak, so I felt that Mojo was kind of dirty but nothing a quick bath wouldn't fix. I had never seen either of the two ladies that were there when I picked Mojo up and Cynthia was missing as well – it seems like they have a revolving door of personnel. Once I got Mojo home, I was sitting with him on the floor giving him some hugs and enjoying his happiness to be home and I caught a glimpse of his top right canine tooth (aka the fang) and saw it looked weird. I immediately put my finger on it and realized the tip had broken off. My heart sank because I could see a little speck of red in the center of the tooth from underneath and knew this was serious.

    Next up - an emergency visit to The Animal Medical Center (cost $450) where they told me that Mojo had a fractured canine and we needed to see a veterinary dental expert to determine a treatment. They also told us from the x-ray that the fracture was most likely 2-3 days old (during the time Mojo was at “New York Dog Nanny”) and the pulp of the tooth was exposed, meaning the tooth was basically already dead. One last thing they told us was that the tooth would have been bleeding quite a bit at the time of the fracture and rough tug-a-war is a common cause of such a fracture (remember when the “New York Dog Nanny” staff told me about playing tug-a-war with Mojo???). How could the “New York Dog Nanny” staff members be so careless/incompetent that they wouldn't notice a bleeding fang? Or did they notice it and do nothing? Either scenario is a disgrace.

    The veterinary dental expert advised us we had two options; 1) remove the tooth permanently, which would leave our 1 year old dog without a top fang for the rest of his life or 2) perform a 2-stage root canal and give Mojo a metal crown so he would at least have all his teeth. We opted for the second option and ended up spending $4,500 to fix up our boy’s tooth. Luckily, we have pet insurance and 80% of the expense was covered. But when we contacted Cynthia, she basically made no apologies, took no responsibility and didn't even deem it appropriate to share any of the residual expense with us. She didn't even offer to refund the fee for the 5 nights during which they treated our dog so recklessly that he now has a metal fang for the rest of his life. She simply says she is not responsible.

    Well, just so all readers are clear; here is the LAW as pertains to boarders and groomers' responsibility for pets under their care (a law which the “New York Dog Nanny” doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on):

    “Boarders and groomers are responsible for the vet bills if an animal sustains injury at the boarder’s or groomer’s facility, or while in the custody of a boarder or groomer, and the injury resulted from the boarder or groomer’s failure – whether accidental or intentional – to provide adequate care or if the injury resulted from the boarder or groomer’s actions.”

    My title says it all – Shameful. Please think very seriously before ever leaving your dog at this facility.

  • Liza
    More than a year ago
    Stella cheers for dog nanny

    If you care about your dog you will take him/her here. I wish i could give a higher rating to new york dog nanny.

    the people:

    amazing, friendly, accomidating, helpful-- my dog walker would help me cut toennails, even pick up dog supplies and just add to my bill. Also as a first time dog owner, i am in text echange a lot with nydn, and they are so helpful with training, tips ect-- i honestly cant tell you how much nydn has helped with dog owning.

    I also drop stella off at day care. The day care center is clean, crate free, and full of love. Also when I pick her up she doesnt want to leave! she acutally pulls on her leash when i walk her there in the morning...

    this place is the best kept secret is new york!!

  • Loren
    More than a year ago
    Ollie Says Incredible Dog Nanny

    All of the ladies at NY Dog Nanny are incredible. I had an urgent situation come up where I needed day care for my miniature dachshund near my office. I remembered picking up a flyer at a nearby coffee shop and decided to give them a ring. They were more than willing to take Ollie with short notice, and they understood my long work hours which had him in their care for nearly 12 hours a day.

    It was always nice to see Ollie cuddled up on the couch next to one of the ladies when I would come to get him at the end of the day. It was just like he was at home...and he is a pretty nervous dog overall. They would send me photos of him throughout the day and I know for sure they genuinely care about him, which is sometimes hard to find.

    Not going to lie, this place is not cheap, but if you have the extra money and want your dog in great hands, this is the place to go!

  • Nicole
    More than a year ago
    Doggie Daycare and grooming is the best

    Cynthia, Sharon, and all the dog walkers at New York Dog Nanny are amazing! They are conveniently located in my neighborhood and the space is so cute. The decor is modern and clean and the huge window looking out onto the street makes the space really bright and inviting. They have lots of toys and beds for the dogs and keep the space really safe with gates at various doorways to hall and outside. Lola my King Charles Cavalier puppy has been going to them for daycare 2-3 days a week since November and loving every minute. She is a little puppy with plenty of energy and I love that I can take her to this place to interact with other dogs her age and size in a nice space with good supervision. They sell a lot of the treats and puppy pads that I buy for my dogs so getting them there always saves me a trip to the pet store. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my little sweetheart! There prices for grooming and daycare are some of the most reasonable in the city.

  • Caroline
    More than a year ago
    Love the Groomer!

    My Pom, Bear, got groomed recently at New York Dog Nanny and came back looking super cute and clean. They groomed him exactly how I asked for and even accommodated my busy work schedule. Bear seemed very happy with his cut and I loved how good he smelled. Very reasonable price as well!

  • Saul
    More than a year ago
    Oscar the original client says horray for doggie nanny

    Big Fan of the New York Doggy Nanny gang. I was one of the original customers. Our dog, Oscar, has grown to love the people involved in the business and made great doggy friendships with other day care dogs. He spends 5 days a week there, receiving princely treatment. He is always looked out for, well fed, walked all the time, and has plenty of time to hang out and meet new friends. If you want your dog to enjoy his/her stay in daycare or boarding this is your place.

  • Carolyn (aka Dina Lohan)
    More than a year ago
    My cocker spaniel loves daycare here!

    My cocker spaniel puppy loves going here. Its set up like a super cute apartment, with dog toys everywhere, comfy couches, and huge windows (my puppy loves to look out the window). Even though I'm stuck at my stupid desk all day I feel better knowing that she is well taken care of and is having a great time. Cynthia and Sharon take great care of all their dog clients and they are walked several times a day. I have run into them out dog walking a few times.

    They also have regular events with wine and snacks which is right up my alley. They recently had a pet photographer come in so now I have head shots of my puppy if I ever decide to become the next Dina Lohan.

  • Hilary
    More than a year ago
    Love these guys!

    These guys are really wonderful. They've listened to every neurotic thing I've said and followed all my weird instructions perfectly. My dog has health issues, and NYDN staff are attentive to and respectful of his special needs. They're dependable and flexible in accommodating my "sometimes" scheduling (lots of places I contacted wouldn't even talk to me unless I was a "regular" customer with normal, weekly dog walks...which I don't need). I don't worry about my dog when a NYDN walker comes to take care of him, and that's really the ultimate goal. Couldn't recommend them more enthusiastically!

  • Meg
    More than a year ago
    Wouldn't go anywhere else

    n March 2012, we adopted a rescued 8 year old toy poodle who had been a breeder in a puppy mill. Suffice it to say, she was the worst wreck of a dog we'd ever seen: had never lived with people, had not had a name, did not know what a treat was, did not know how to walk on a leash, climb stairs or sit on a lap.

    Sheba is now an earnestly delightful, smiling, cuddly, treat-loving, stair-climbing member of our family. But one of our first concerns when we brought her home was a previously planned vacation in July on which we could not take her.

    How lucky we feel for having found NYDN! From the moment we contacted Cynthia, we were assured that the NYDN team had experience with rescued dogs and could not simply manage, but also actively assist Sheba in her rehabilitation. Sheba's time last summer and on weekends since then with NYDN has been very positive and we could not be more pleased with the attentive and responsive care she receives.

    We just made Sheba's reservation for July 2013, confident that she will be well-cared for and content. Truly - we cannot imagine leaving Sheba with anyone else!!!

  • Brooke
    More than a year ago
    Two Paws up!

    I started using NYDN after Biscuits and Bath moved locations and my work schedule no longer fit with their packages. I needed irregular and weekend walks, so I searched for a place nearby and found New York Dog Nanny. My 9 year old Jack Russel mix can be quite a pill, but she seems to have taken quite well to the staff at NYDN. I've used NYDN for grooming, walks, and overnight stays. They are prompt with emails and can almost always accommodate my last minute requests for walks. The cage free overnights are hugely helpful for my anxiety-prone pooch, and her haircuts always look professional.

  • Anat
    More than a year ago
    Crazzzy for Dog Nanny

    NYDN is the best!! The owner, Cynthia, was so attentive and professional, and made sure my dogs were taken care of. From the moment I stepped in I could tell this was the coziest boarding place in the city, with couches and plenty of space that make the place feel just like home.

    I knew my Riley and Nibbler would be happy to play with other dogs, chill on the couch, and people watch through that lovely big window. What more can a dog want? We will definitely be back!!

  • Aisling
    More than a year ago
    Finny Adores the NY Dog Nanny

    LOVE New York Dog Nanny and the staff who are always on site and take great care of my dog! i wouldn't bring him any other place. thanks to Cynthia my dog, Finny, is now a social dog who has tons of fun staying over with his new friends.

  • Victoria
    More than a year ago
    Highest Rating for ALL SERVICES!

    My go to doggie boarding/grooming/daycare/walking place! I love the outstanding care the owners (Sharon and Cynthia) and their employees give my dog (Mr.Pibbs). You can tell they really love and care for animals.

    My dog has been traumatized and injured in the past by OTHER grooming/boarding places and its become very evident by the separation anxiety he displays whenever I left him behind in the past with other places.

    But since I started using Dog Nanny about 2 years ago - both ME and my dog have had less and less separation anxiety each time. That's speaks volumes about the type of care Pibbs gets from Dog Nanny when I'm not around.

    I use New York Dog Nanny (NYDN) for all my dog care needs, such as...

    1) Dog Boarding - Now I usually try to bring our dog (Pibbs) with us on trips but there are times where it's just impossible. I like that when I board Pibbs w/ Dog Nanny the daily fee they charge includes - feeding, walks and any special care. Unlike other boarding places which charge you extra for each added service like walking and giving medicare/special care. Best part, they board small dogs w/ other small dogs and the larger dogs w/ large dogs - perfect scenario for my smaller, wimpy dog who always gets bullied by the big dogs! Not to mention, the employees are patient with me when I insists on calling each day to get progress reports and to hear Pibbs on the other end of the phone. (I know! I know! Crazy Dog Mommy... Guilty!)

    2) Day Care - Dog Nanny's day care is just perfect when I know I'll be gone all day and I don't want Pibbs to spend all day alone. Pibbs loves spending the day playing with other dogs and (again) I love that they don't mix the small dogs with the big dogs. I don't use this service as much but the times I did it was excellent. The prices can't be beat and you can choose whether to be a monthly member (gets you cheaper prices) or pay as you go. Again, no extra charges for walks and feeding!

    3) Grooming - This was really the most important thing for me... We use Jodi as our groomer - there are two groomers, I haven't tried the other but heard they were good as well. My dog has been injured by a groomer in the past, so he was mistrustful of groomers for a while. Well thanks to Jodi - Pibbs likes being groomed again! She does an excellent job and really listens to what you want and need done. (I can't tell you how many groomers in the past didn't listen and just went ahead and shaved my dog bald!) Also, their grooming prices are the best I've seen in city!

    4) Dog Walking - Now to be honest - I have not tried this service with them yet - but people in my bldg. who use Dog Nanny's service are very happy with their service. So I'm sure NYDN is just as amazing with this service as they are with the rest of the services I use.

    So to sum this all up... New York Dog Nanny = Dog Likey = Me Likey = You'll Likey!

  • Taz
    More than a year ago
    Taz B. Loves Ryan the Trainer

    We love New York Dog Nanny! They've been with us since the beginning when we first got our little pup and could not be happier with them. Cynthia and Ryan are amazing! I still remember my first phone call with Cynthia and how at ease I felt after we set up daily sessions. We recently decided to buy some training sessions with Ryan once we saw how well he interacted with our puppy, Taz. After the first session, we saw an immediate improvement. Ryan clearly has a gift with dogs and it was remarkable to watch him work with our dog with basic commands, bad behavior modification, separation anxiety, and even tricks! We would recommend NYDN for walks/boarding and Ryan for training to anyone. We feel extremely comfortable and confident in his work as a trainer. As far as daily dog walks while we're at work, it's such a nice relief to know our pup is getting a nice walk and TLC with people we trust. Great company with caring, smart and dog loving people!

  • Julius
    More than a year ago
    Max Loved Ryan the Trainer!

    I recently used NY Dog Nanny for their training services and to be honest, I couldn't be happier. My dog Max pulled on the leash and hid in the apartment every time he anticipated I was going to take him on a walk. While this never used to happen before, it had been going on for about 8 months before I decided to try using a dog trainer.

    Ryan showed me that I could use some of the pre-exisiting commands that my dog knew to help train him and have him easily go outside with me. Before I hired Ryan, I thought that there was nothing I could do about my dog hiding when it was time to go outside except to maybe send him to a dog psychologist (just kidding), but Ryan basically was like a dog therapist/behaviorist.

    Max didn't need a lot of training, so I only had two sessions (the second one was the optimized leash training) and that was the the real game changer for me and I think every dog owner should take this. I never knew that there were so many things we could do to reinforce puppy parenting and how grateful I am that my dog sees me more as a leader because I am speaking his language and working and responding to an energy and way of training that he actually understands.

    I'm not going to lie, I've watched several youtube videos about how to raise a dog etc and I'm definitely a DIY kind of guy, I bought the clicker, I have the treats and was using the positive reinforcement, but to be honest in just 45 mins with Ryan, we achieved so much more than what I TRIED to achieve watching youtube videos, reading books and doing trial and error. A session with him is well worth the time, effort saved and money.

    What I realized with hiring a dog trainer is not available on youtube. I was doing things that we're sending mixed messages to my dog about who was alpha and in charge that I didn't even realize I was doing which was essentially undermining teaching him the basics and getting him to see me as a puppy parent.

    It's definitely worth it to hire Ryan. He was fast and quick and he didn't try to up sell me at all. I've never had a dog trainer before and was skeptical to hire one because like I said I'm a DIY kind of guy but they are but I've only had two training sessions for my pup and it's completely paid off.

    Be sure to check out NY Dog Nanny's check-in offers which I believe they try to rotate every month. There was one for training and they always offer different deals.

  • Fran
    More than a year ago
    Highly Recommend NY Dog Nanny!

    Great place for your dog to spend the day and socialize with other dogs. Kody, my shitzu-yorkie mix, has been happily attending doggie daycare five times per week for the last three months. Prior to this we came in on an as needed basis for daycare whenever I was traveling. We are very satisfied we made the switch over to 5 days a week. Since then Kody has spent the night on several occasions and often pulls me to go into the dog hotel on the weekends.

    Kody had been to other day care facilities, but none as convenient to my apartment We are so lucky to have The Dog Nanny with great service that is both closer to my home with many of the same amenities (caring dog loving staff, decent selection of dog clothing and leashes, all the services you would need to take care of your dog from daycare to boarding to grooming and now TRAINING) all in a comfortable, upscale PROFESSIONAL setting. Kody has a great time with his new friends and care takers.

    Last month, I signed Kody up for leash training with Ryan. He had a bad habit of pulling and our walks were very frustrating to me. Needless to say, as I am regularly and consistently implementing the techniques that Ryan showed me, I have a much better walking experience., and a better relationship with Kody. I would definitely recommend everyone to try out a session with Ryan. He's the Cesar Milan of Manhattan.

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