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Need to find a good dog trainer in Los Angeles, fast? You’ll find information on all of our recommended dog trainers and dog training classes in Los Angeles below. Coming from out of town? Get a discounted rate on pet friendly hotels in Los Angeles.

Pet Friendly Doggie Manners
Doggie Manners Is your dog BEHAVIORALLY CHALLENGED??? Then let's teach him DOGGIE MANNERS! We are a reward-based training company serving the Greater Los Angeles area. We are very experienced in treating barking and separation anxiety issues. Caryl Wolff is the *only* Los Angeles dog trainer who is certified by six dog trainer organizations! Please visit our Website for more information. We look forward to working with you! See Details
Pet Friendly "I Said Sit!" Personalized Dog Training
"I Said Sit!" Personalized Dog Training “I Said Sit!” Personalized Dog Training is a full-service company that has been helping pet owners and their dogs in Los Angeles since 1988. They are recommended by doggie day cares, veterinarians, kennels, groomers and other trainers throughout Los Angeles. They offer group classes, puppy classes, manners, obedience and agility classes, private dog training, in-kennel and in-home boarding training as well as day care training. There is an indoor training area, the only one of its kind on the west side of Los Angeles. They do not use shock collars or punishing corrections or any other confrontational methods. They use praise, motivation, play and structured guidance as part of the training program. See Details
Zoom Room Dog Training The Zoom Room offers positive dog training in group or private classes, specializing in dog agility, obedience, puppy training, and enrichment classes such as tricks, therapy dog, urban herding, scent work, Pup-lates® and Canine Cross-Training®. You can also enjoy our indoor dog park, whatever the weather, with a Private Gym session for some quality exercise time with your dog. As a dedicated canine event center, we're the ideal spot to host a dog birthday party, meetup event, or a fund-raiser for a rescue organization - as well as our ever popular Doggy Disco® parties. We carry a full line of eco-friendly, solution-oriented training gear, raw and organic dog food, all-natural treats and chews, bedding, bowls, collars & leashes, durable toys and challenging puzzles. See Details
Ain't Misbehavin' K9 Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Kim Rinehardt offers training for dogs and puppies in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita. Kim has years of experience, working professionally with animals. Training is relationship based, and designed to increase understanding and communication between pets and their people. Kim utilizes a variety of scientifically-sound, positive, motivational techniques and reward-based, pet-friendly methods. See Details
The Dog Savant Brett Endes, The Dog Savant is a professional dog trainer and problem behavior specialist with 21 years experience serving the greater Los Angeles area. See Details
Storybook Dog Training Positive Reinforcement Dog Training. We help owners and dogs to live happily ever after everyday!
We offer Group Class, Private Training, In Home Training, Puppy Socialization, & Enrichment!
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Donna's Dog Training At Donna's Dog Training, we train your dogs to trust & respect you, not fear you! We use psychology, not force.

Our trainers have their own unique qualities, but they follow Donna's Dog Training methods, which are humane, modern day, scientific and reward based, using positive reinforcement and voluntary training.

Donna's mentor is Dr. Ian Dunbar, a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and dog trainer who received his veterinary degree and a Special Honors degree in Physiology & Biochemistry from the Royal Veterinary College (London University) plus a doctorate in animal behavior from the Psychology Department at UC Berkeley, where he researched the development of social hierarchies and aggression in domestic dogs. We follow the Dunbar way and have had amazing success in doing so!

Donna's Dog Training offers obedience, trick training and behavior modification in the comfort & convenience of your own home! We proactively arrange and/or attend play dates & socialization meet ups.


We have trainers available 7 days per week, and we accept all major credit cards!
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Dog-Skool Dog-Skool teaches dogs and their families how to live together in peace and harmony by showing both parties the tools of communication, trust and respect.

At Dog-Skool we will never hit, force, yell, or intimidate your dog to change its behavior, nor do we see the need for Pinch/Prong collars or choke chains. We use Positive Reinforcement and Operant Conditioning (Learning) techniques that build a confident, obedient, and loving pet.

These techniques that we use are not based on old training methods but are based on the science of how dogs and animals learn. We only study and teach scientifically proven methods of behavior modification.

At Dog-Skool we are dedicated to showing you how to communicate and build a relationship with your dog that will last a lifetime.

* Lessons can be tailored to fit your personal needs and busy schedules.
* We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
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Social Canine - Dog Obedience & Behavior Training We Offer...

* Puppy Obedience Training Program
* Private Obedience Training Lessons
* Behavior Consultations & Rehabilitation
* Lifetime Support
* Affordable Prices
* FREE Group Hikes

Start Improving Your Dog's Behavior Today
Call Us Now!
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Hollywood Paws Hollywood Paws is a Pet Talent Agency located at LA Center Studios. Their animal actors have appeared on MTV, Extreme Home Makeover, Los Angeles Magazine, multiple dog related books, Caesar Milan's magazine, American Apparel ads, and commercials for Serta, Doritos, Shesedio, Motel 6 and many more! See Details
Kevin the Dog Trainer Kevin Ryan has been helping dogs and their families since 1988. His training goal is to help owners have the best possible relationship with their dogs; and vice-versa! Kevin trains dogs of all ages and temperaments. He specializes in puppies and aggressive dogs, and has extensive experience with rescues as well as purebreds. Kevin works with dogs from Ventura all the way down to Temecula, and all points in between. Kevin looks forward to meeting you and your dog! See Details
Fun Paw Care Fun Paw Care was founded by renowned animal behaviorist and pet expert Russell Hartstein, a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) in Los Angeles and Miami. With over 25 years experience, celebrities from all over the world trust Fun Paw Care’s dog training, puppy training, dog nutrition, dog boarding, and dog daycare as the best in the business. See Details
K9s Only K9s Only is your all-inclusive destination for K9s Only!
K9s Only offers over 25 years of training experience. K9s Only also features a Dog Hotel, Spa, Wellness Center with salt water pool, aquatic therapy, massage and daycare.
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PAWSitive Hound Dog Training Positive dog training for pets and their people. Training and behavior modification for all breeds of puppies and adult dogs. Let Kim help you start changing your dog's problem behaviors with solutions to real-life issues, and make life with your dog more enjoyable. Convenient, personalized in-home training for you and your dog utilizing science-based, reward-based, fear-free, force-free methods. See Details
My Best Friend Obedience My Best Friend Obedience offers positive reinforcement private and group training for dogs and pups of all ages, any issue. They have 25 years experience, CCPDT certification, professional member APDT, and services in Tarzana and Oxnard, and all points between. See Details
PetSmart Training PetSmart's accredited pet training instructors can help you achieve positive, consistent behavior from Fido. Classes are available for Puppies, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced dogs. Click-A-Trick, Private Education, and Personal Training Camp may also be available. Visit your local PetSmart for more information on class times and prices. See Details
PetSmart Training PetSmart's accredited pet training instructors can help you achieve positive, consistent behavior from Fido. Classes are available for Puppies, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced dogs. Click-A-Trick, Private Education, and Personal Training Camp may also be available. Visit your local PetSmart for more information on class times and prices. See Details
Dog's Best Friend - Hermosa Beach Dog's Best Friend offers positive training, also called "positive reinforcement" to solve your dog’s behavior issues with modern, scientifically proven – yet simple and fun tools guaranteed to work. No coercion, intimidation or pain is ever used. Positive training helps create calm, confident, trusting and happy dogs. Dog's Best Friend will help you build a stronger bond with your dog, so he does what you ask of him because he wants to, not because he’s scared of what will happen to him if he does not. All training is done by Rebecca Mandell, an APDT-certified trainer and owner of Dog's Best Friend. See Details
Dolittle's Dog Training & Behavior Modification Dolittle's Dog Training & Behavior Modification offers many services, including boarding, board & train, dog training, group classes, puppy classes & puppy training, private in-home training, and CGC evaluator. Dolittle's uses postive training methods with treats, and specializes in training small dog and working with their unique personalities. They also offer day training, simply drop your dog off for the day and bring home a trained dog. See Details
Paws Down Training Paws Down Training strives to provide superior service to each and every client. Paws Down offers pet sitting, which includes a walk, play and exercise, cuddling, feeding, medication administered, along with mail pick-up, and taking the trash out.
Amber Kothe, CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer) was certified as a behaviorist and dog trainer by Animal Behavior College (ABC). ABC’s licensed and accredited program was founded by Animal Behavior and Training Associates, Inc (ABTA), the largest independent dog training company in the United States.
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Zoom Room Dog Training The Zoom Room® offers positive dog training in group or private classes, including agility, puppy training, obedience, therapy dog training, dog tricks, scent class, Pup-lates® and more. Enjoy our indoor dog park whatever the weather, with Private Gym for some quality exercise time with your dog or in our play groups where they can play with other dogs!

We also carry a full line of eco-friendly, solution-oriented training gear including raw and organic dog food, all-natural treats and chews, collars, leashes, harnesses and the best dog toys and puzzles.

As a canine event center, we’re the perfect place to host a dog birthday party, meet-up group, pet friendly luncheon or a special Doggy Disco® Night.
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Mongrels 'n' Mutts 'Mongrels 'n' Mutts provides positive training for people and their pals. They use positive principles to guide your dog to succeed and restore gentle leadership to you, his guardian. Cat Sobolewski, ABCDT, is an honors graduate of Animal Behavior College and will create a customized treatment plan for your specific training needs. See Details
PetSmart Training PetSmart's accredited pet training instructors can help you achieve positive, consistent behavior from Fido. Classes are available for Puppies, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced dogs. Click-A-Trick, Private Education, and Personal Training Camp may also be available. Visit your local PetSmart for more information on class times and prices. See Details
Master Dog Training L.A. Work with the best. We offer dog training done right.

At Master Dog Training, we care for your pet as our own. We understand that you are entrusting your dog's physical and psychological well-being to us, not simply making an investment in your dog's manners.

Internationally renowned Master Dog Training Centers has opened their first United States branch in Los Angeles.

Maxim Basyro received his Dog Training education during his service with the Russian military. He trained specialists and their dogs for different tasks such as airport and railway service, port and road control checkpoints, as well as bomb and drug detection and human tracking. He has been teaching theory and practice of dog training for the past 15 years. He directed and supervised the adaptation and upgrowth of the Stationary Dog Training Program. He also developed a unique program called Diversant for checking and testing the professional capabilities of service dogs. He founded five dog training centers in Russia, which provide courses for dog trainers, dog handlers, and dog groomers. The facilities also provide training courses for dogs (no matter what character or breed), teach children to handle and train dogs, and train service and guard dogs.

He is the creator of Kanis-therapy a program for disabled children with Down syndrome, celebral palsy, and other disabilities. The program was tested under the supervision of psychologists and medical doctors, and showed great results.

And now he is ready to share his experience with you and teach you to properly understand your dog.

We also offer a 2 month online Dog Trainer certification course which teaches you how to open your own dog trainer business as well as b
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