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Bring Your Dog Cafe

Bring Your Dog Cafe is a pet-friendly cafe in Hamilton, ON. Dine in with Dexter, the owner’s beloved hound-shepherd mix who loves meeting new people and pups, and enjoy a warm cup of coffee with a hot dog or sub. Dexter is even willing to share his parents’ amazing canine creations with the world. Fido can choose between a Dexter Donut, Barkley Bagel, doggy ice cream and more. Patrons to kick back and relax with a hot cup of coffee or tea and tasty pastries. Visit Website

Or call (905) 512-3720 or email jim@thedogcafe.ca for more information.


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Bring Your Dog Cafe has received a rating of 3.4 out of 5 bones by 16 canine critics on BringFido and 5.0 out of 5 by 25 guests on TripAdvisor.

Visitors generally praise the Bring Your Dog Cafe for being a dog-friendly environment with friendly staff and owners. However, some customers have expressed concerns about the owner's unprofessional behavior, as well as the quality and freshness of the food.

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  • Lisa
    Mar 5, 2024
    This place is amazing!

    My dog loves this Cafe! All of the dogs, customers and staff are wonderful! The food is what I would expect at a dog Cafe (nothing special but I'm happy!). The drinks are wonderful! The dog treats are great for sharing!

    The reviews saying the owner is aggressive and that staff are afraid of him ..well I've never witnessed anything to make me believe that to be true. Everyone can have a bad day sure, but I've never witnessed anything negative. I have heard from customers that another restaurant encourages patrons to write bad reviews about this place and I've heard similar stories while at that other restaurant from their owner.

  • Jim
    Feb 22, 2024
    I Only Go For My Dog

    Save yourself the time and money and just buy the same Costco stuff he will serve you as he tries to pass it off as 'homemade'

  • Rebecca
    Feb 22, 2024
    Awful Experience

    The owner made me feel uncomfortable. He seemed stressed out and very passive aggressive to everyone, including his staff.
    Also, every meal served to you comes from the freezer. With the size of that menu, there's no chance anything is fresh. There's no chance I'll ever come back. I'd rather spend my money on something fresh

  • Marja
    Jan 13, 2023
    My Favourite Place

    This was the first place I took my puppy to socialize. There are special themed days, birthday parties, and if they have the ingredients they're always happy to make special drinks that aren't on the menu for you (I always ask for a London Fog).

    Jim is a joy and always greets everyone, I've never seen him raise his voice even when I brought my brothers unfixed Great Dane mix who kept having accidents inside. I was just asked to keep him on the leash (I won't be bringing him back, but just because that was embarrassing for me).

    It's a small shop, so food is what you expect. Their omelette is delicious, the desserts are *chef's kiss* and while the food may be frozen, I'm there to get my dog tired, talk to Jess the waitress, and just have a good time.

    I recommend this to every person at the dog park with a new puppy, smaller dog, or anyone who just looks like it's their first dog and came to the park because that's what they heard from movies/tv shows that that's the only way to socialize the dog.

    I can not sing the praises of this shop loud enough.

    I am a true customer, I've been going there for 5 months, and my puppy absolutely loves this place and that's what matters.

  • Rioco
    Sep 29, 2022


  • Samantha
    Jul 16, 2022
    Dog and I love it!

    Prices are fair, food is basic and delicious, staff is friendly, and they advocate for my dog very well! He doesn’t like to be pet by strangers and they help me speak for him!

  • Alisha
    Mar 25, 2022
    Love Coming Here. All Are Welcome

    The drinks and desserts are so tasty. Staff love the dogs and are basically family. We've been going here for two years. Since my dogs were 3 months old. I have never ever seen an issue with the owner or staff before. I actually brought my 6 week old daughter in and Jim and the staff were unsurprisingly but amazingly helpful and accommodating. Jim wven offered to take my dogs out for a pee break. Like I said, they treat you like family and I can't wait for our next visit.

  • Noah
    Mar 7, 2022
    Disgusting and Expensive Food

    I've been to the café a few times during the pandemic with my dog, and every time I went, something happened to make me not want to come back again.
    Firstly, their prices are outrageous. It was over 6 dollars for 3 chicken strips that I saw come up the stairs in a frozen box you get from Costco. My small portion of burnt yet limp fries cost me an addition 4 dollars. Not to mention, my chicken strip 'meal' took about 45 minutes to get to me.
    My second visit I had the hamburger, which had that unmistakable frozen store brand burger taste. I don't believe anything I ate was made fresh to order, or was even prepared in house. Everything tasted or looked like it came from a box that was microwaved or put in the oven.
    Secondly, the staff all looked terrified of the owner, Jim. They tiptoed around him. What really made me feel bad for them was when my server delivered my Smores Hot Chocolate to me with tears in her eyes after being yelled at. I witnessed the owner throwing things in the bar area, behind the plexiglass and heard his muffled yells from the other side of the kitchen door while I sat in the playroom area. I quickly paid and left, and never came back.
    Lastly, I've been following the café for a while and say that whenever Jim gets a bad review, he blasts the reviewer online and gets his social media followers to inflate his reviews by convincing them to leave positive ones to cover the reviews that he calls 'trolls'
    All in all, there is a toxic energy about the place, with I truly believe stems from the owner, Jim

  • Tressa
    Aug 8, 2021

    i’ve been going here for the last two years and it’s absolutely amazing Jim and the employees are fantastic and they’re so good with my dog Benny. i highly recommend here and bringing your fur baby

  • Veronica
    Jul 8, 2021

    The owner there takes no responsibility and yells at his customers, one time I was there he gave attitude and yelled at a customer I do not recommend that you come here.

  • Jojo
    Jun 19, 2020

    Very disappointing services

  • Lisa
    Apr 2, 2020
    Great place!

    I've been bringing my dog for almost a year and he loves it! He gets so excited when he sees Jim because he know he is going to be spoiled with love and treats!
    The place is kept clean and us a large and safe area for the dogs!
    We can't wait for it to reopen after all the closures are over. My dog misses it ( and so do I!)

  • Cade
    Apr 2, 2020
    Craving the Hotdogs!

    Been coming to this café for months now with my girlfriend and our dog. Food is great and I love their hotdogs. Café owner Jim is super friendly to everyone that comes through the door and loves all of the dogs. Honestly, it's a great place to be if you'd like to pet some cute dogs.

  • Hobbit
    Mar 14, 2020
    Unprofessional behaviour by Jim (The Owner) in the cafe and on social media.

    The owner, Jim, is very unprofessional with how he handles inter-personal conflict and the atmosphere became hostile. Intimidation, raising your voice and targeting customers with staring and comments is not how you get dogs to stop peeing. All customers were cleaning after their dogs, myself included. His hostile outburst left a customer leaving distraught and accidentally let my dog out into the street, next to Upper James. I was able to get my dog back. To be clear, I am not blaming anyone. Yes I was watching my dog and yes the person that let my dog out AND my friend can verify this. But that is not my complaint. My issue is how Jim handled the situation was very unprofessional as he continued to not acknowledge the situation or his behaviour when it was brought to his attention. My friend stated Jim was present when my dog escaped, as he was cleaning the golden retriever's pee.

    The tension in the room resulted in almost everyone leaving except one customer. Myself, my friend and two owners of the golden retriever were not happy with Jim's actions that day.

    Jim also enabled hateful commentary and participated in online harassment. I posted my experience in a dog-meetup group. My post was removed and I was kicked due to "hate speech" even though my review has been approved on other sites..weird (I later found out Jim is the admin). A new thread opened up to discuss myself and his community began harassing my friend for defending me (who was present at the incident). Jim made a lot of false assumptions and claims. My friend offered to disprove those claims by reviewing surveillance tapes, however, Jim "does not feel comfortable" letting her back in the cafe. If this is the case, do not slander our names without evidence, especially if we are not able to prove what we were saying was true.

    Jim also sent me personal insults through private messaging and attacked my character for posting on several platforms. I do not recommend this cafe due to Jim's behaviour and actions. It is very unprofessional and there is no excuse in how you treat customers in this way. I am posting this to spread awareness and promote change in the hopes Jim will change his ways. My constructive criticism is not an attack but to identify a gap in your service.

    Screenshots can be found on Facebook. Original review posted for "hate speech" was approved on TripAdvisor.


    An employee of the café finally took down the facebook thread and promo photos of my dog after a month. This happened when the poster of the thread was confronted (who refused to apologize and delete her thread). Thank you so much to Bailee, who deserves a raise and promotion for resolving things in a friendly & professional manner. Jim can learn more from Bailee on *excellent* customer service. Jim was well aware about the online thread and chose to close commenting instead of deleting it. The thread remained publicly visible. Jim was asked to delete photos of my dog, which he did not respond to. It is shameful Jim continued to keep those photos up when we were not happy with the service provided on that day. It’s also gross how Jim encouraged online bullying and refuses to address what he has done online. Jim has since apologized but called me "nasty" and that i "require professional help" for asking to discuss things over the phone and that i would like a public apology on social media for his actions online, proving his apology was not sincere and he is not genuine about making things right.

    Alot of reviews have also been made after I posted mine. Its obvious people at this cafe are attempting to cover up my review and I would call it biased since these people are employees or friends of the staff at the cafe. Some of these reviews reference me and the two gate system, not obvious at all. The issue has never been about the two gate system but the owner's unprofessionalism!!**

  • Crosby and kona
    Jul 31, 2019
    Fun For The Dogs, Mediocre Food

    Dogs had a good time. We ordered lunch and it seemed like everything came frozen and was reheated.

  • Tara
    Jul 8, 2018
    Great place!

    Your Dog Cafe and Pub is a great place to go with my dog. I love that he can be off his leash in a safe and clean environment. My dog has met many other dogs at the cafe. Make sure to check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

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