Norwegian Food Safety Authority
Mattilsynet, Felles postmottak, Postboks 383
2381 Brumunddal, Norway

+47 22 40 00 00

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Entry Requirements

Traveling to Norway with your pet can be a breeze, as long as you follow the entry requirements below:

  • You will need to get a health-certificate filled out from your local veterinarian. (pdf below)
  • Be sure your pet has identification. This can be either a microchip or tattoo, as long as the tattoo is readable and given before July 3, 2011. The microchip/transponder must be implanted before the animal is vaccinated against rabies.
  • You must show proof of vaccination against rabies. The first vaccine has to be given at least 21 days ahead of arrival. The animal has to be identified before changes are made to the passport or health certificate.
  • Dogs need to be treated with a medicine containing praziquantel against Echinococcus multilocularis minimum 24 and maximum 120 hours before arrival. Alternatively it is accepted that dogs can be treated every 28th day throughout the year. Before entering Norway the animals on this regime must have been treated twice within 28 days, and the treatment must then continue regularly. Tapeworm treatment has to be documented in the health certificate by a veterinarian.
  • The Norwegian Food Safety Authority( NFSA) has to be notified at least 48 hours prior to arrival.
  • Quarantine Information

    Pets do not need to be quarantined as long as the entry requirements are met.

    Download Entry Application

    To download the application form required for entry into Norway with a domestic pet, please click the .pdf icon below.

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