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Stony Creek Metropark

Fido will love the chance to join you on-leash at this popular park. Stony Creek Metropark features more than twenty-seven miles of hiking through thick woodlands, fields, and wetlands. Pets are not allowed at Baypoint Beach, Eastwood Beach or north of the Stony Creek River in the Nature Center Area. Admission is $10 per vehicle. Stony Creek Metropark is open daily from 6am to 10pm. Visit Website

Or call (586) 781-4242 for more information.


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Stony Creek Metropark has received a rating of 2.5 out of 5 bones by 15 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Diane
    Sep. 4, 2020
    Dog Tolerable, Not Friendly

    Stony Creek Metropark is "okay" if you want to walk your dog on a 6 foot leash around the paved path. It's a 6 mile loop, and if you have someone else to hold them, human companions can use restrooms in the various park buildings when needed. The parking lot areas also have trash bins so you can dispose of waste bags (when they're not full). However if you prefer things a little more rustic, dogs are not allowed at the Nature Center or any of the trails in that area. They are allowed on the Osprey trail, and my canines enjoyed that a lot. Other reviewers have mentioned that dogs are not allowed on the beaches, and I would have loved to paddleboard with my dogs here so I hope that changes. We checked out to the old trails north of the park after finishing Osprey. The path is wide, so nobody had to dive into the bushes to pass by fellow hikers. The terrain is a little uneven, so watch your ankles. Those trails should have their own page.

  • Ariel
    Jun. 4, 2020
    Great for trails

    As many people have stated it's not the place to go for beachs and swimming however there are really nice trails for walking and also if you're biking with your dog. There are a few spots to go kayaking as well. It's generally a great place to just spend the day walking around and getting some fresh air.

  • Jes
    Aug. 27, 2019

    Dogs can go in the water, just not at the beaches. It's all good. Great place to take your pup.

    PS: Michael from New York's review is the best example of why 90% of the rest of the world hates New Yorkers.

  • Michael
    Jun. 24, 2019
    doggie downer

    What kind of park would not let a dog go in the water? I can see at the beach areas but you have a whole pond and the beach areas take up a small part of it. I am from upstate N.Y. and what you call a lake I call a brackish pond . Most all N.Y. are lakes are clean and pristine unlike yours that is closed for e-cli most of the time. But lets not forget good old lake St. Clair closes up every year for e-cli also. Did I mention the hundreds of beautiful waterfalls that N.Y. has. I am so glad that I will be going back to N.Y. soon. So I will end this with all Detroit metro beaches are the worst parks I have ever been too. My dog will be so happy to swim in clean water.

    To Annie, I am sorry your dog had a bad experience with another K9. Dogs need to run and swim and be with their own kind some rules are just made to be broken.

  • Anne
    Jun. 18, 2019
    RE: Those upset about leash laws

    Dogs absolutely should be on leashes for their safety and the safety of others. My dog was recently attacked in the privacy of our own yard. I'm sure he's not the only dog this has happened to. You can train, train, and train but trying to do that and see irresponsible owners out with their dogs off leash is very unsettling to a dog who is trying to trust other dogs again.

  • Terri
    May. 24, 2018
    Dogless Beach

    I had googled beaches for dogs and this beach came up and you can only imagine how disappointed I was to find they are not allowed in the water. My dogs love to swim.

  • Amy
    May. 24, 2018
    NOT Allowed in Water

    I was there just earlier today and the metropark cop came Zooming out of nowhere and made my husband and i get our dogs out of the water. we were let go with a warning that it is a HUGE fine if we get caught in the water, let alone the dogs! We werent in a beach area, we were in a picnic area next to the water and just wading around to let our younger dog get used to the water. This was the first we had heard of any of it, we brought our older dog there all the time just last year and you couldnt find a dog out of water! Definitely a big change and im not sure if we will ever have a reason to even go back there since that was the only reason we ever did!

  • Stacie
    More than a year ago
    Must stay 100 yards away

    Last summer when we took our dog she was only allowed on grass areas which is about 100 years away from the beach. They even spray painted a line to block off the beach. We sat at a picnic table near the line and when our dog went just over it someone came out of the building telling us she must stay behind the line. They are not pet friendly.

  • Laura
    More than a year ago
    Allowed, but not.good.for swimming

    I took a trip there yesterday with my puo, headed down to the bay point beach (where we normally go), and was saddened to see that they've marked a white line all around the beach. Dogs were not permitted inside the white line. I followed the "permitted" side down to the water, to find that my pup could only swim in muddy, marshy areas. Trash, sticks, heavy weeds is what I found... now...you have to keep your dog on a leash, fine, but I'm not allowing my 16lb pup in that water, and I'm certainly not getting in it myself. Way disappointed.

  • Arya icey
    More than a year ago
    people are the issue

    dogs should be allowed to have access to 15 %

    of all beaches in michigan. non animal loving people are the problem.. they do not clean up after themselves. just look in the woods. dogs do not leave garbage.

  • Kat
    More than a year ago
    Lots of trails, but...

    Yes, it's true that there are lots of trails and all that. We went based on these reviews on a gorgeous weekend day, and found that all the picnic areas by the lake were already taken. We didn't feel there was a place to let our dog get in the water, and we didn't really want him to. The places where he was allowed had lots of sludge and plants growing along the sides. I would not have wanted to get in with him, which I would have to do since they must be leased at all times. All in all, we found it to be a bust. We much prefer Rochester Municipal Park as a place to let our dog play in water!

  • Zombie
    More than a year ago
    They ARE allowed

    Just not on the sandy beaches but they are allowed in the water off the shorelines in the picnic areas. No they're not allowed off leash but so what? It's hard enough to find somewhere in MI that you can actually take your dog. Be happy we have that.

  • Kristen
    More than a year ago

    This beach needs to be taken off the listing... they do not allow dogs. Pets are permitted only on the hiking trails, and only on leash. The only water in which they can swim is not treated or cleaned. Perhaps the park is pet friendly, but the beaches are not.

  • DJ
    More than a year ago

    They don't allow dogs at the main beach however they have a ton of other swimming areas for dogs and there are no other restricted areas then that. My Rottie loves this place.

  • Jgb
    More than a year ago

    I just read on their website that dogs are not allowed on their beaches.

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