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Pensacola Beach West Dog Park

Pensacola Beach West Dog Park is a pet-friendly area in Pensacola Beach, FL. The west end park is located at the first parking lot past the last condos on the Gulf. All dogs are required to be on a leash, and signs will be posted to designate dog-friendly areas. Doggie bags, disposable bins and handy wipes will be available at this location. Visit Website

Or call (800) 635-4803 for more information.


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Pensacola Beach West Dog Park has received a rating of 3.5 out of 5 bones by 31 canine critics on BringFido and 4.0 out of 5 by 25 guests on TripAdvisor.

  • Melissa
    Sep. 14, 2022
    Small but clean

    Dogs must remain on leash no longer than 8 feet. Total dog area is about the length of a basketball court. Beach is white sand and clean. Waste bags and trash bin provided. No water for washing off or drinking.

    Jul. 7, 2022
    Decent Size

    Very clean. Nice at sunset.

  • Holland
    Jul. 5, 2022
    Not inside Fort Pickens! No park fee

    It’s actually at lot 21.5 before the park, so don’t pay a State park fee later like I did!!

  • Remy
    Apr. 24, 2022
    Not worth the drive

    I am camping at Blue Lagoon and took the drive to the dog beach . not bigger than my backyard and nowhere to walk with a leashed dog

  • Emma
    Feb. 22, 2022
    Nice area

    nice area for dogs ,4 and not 5 cause you have to keep the dog on a leash and that’s not fun for the dog . the sad part is that it’s the only beach around a biiiiig area you can bring your dog ,it’s so sad they are not dog friendly ,I’m not coming back to Destin for vacations for sure with my little furry

  • Janci
    Nov. 7, 2021
    No Fun

    My dog could not do anything she wanted to do. Could not run and fetch a ball thrown into the water with a leash on, could not really play with other dogs with a leash on, could not go for a long walk within the tiny boundaries of this beach.

  • Laiken
    Aug. 10, 2021
    First Dog Beach Experience

    Beautiful beach! It was very clean! It was everything you can ask for in a dog beach. Wish it was a tad bigger and had some facilities for us owners. Overall a wonderful experience! We will definitely be going back.

  • Shana
    Jun. 29, 2021
    Great Morning On The Beach

    We drove from Orange Beach so our pup could enjoy the beach with us. We got there early on a weekday so it wasn’t too crowded at first but filled up the later it got. There is a port-a-potty in the parking lot. The beach was very clean, poop bags were available as well as garbage cans. Everyone had their dogs on a leash. The area is a little smaller than a football field, but you do have room to spread out. We plan to go back again.

  • Rosie
    Jun. 20, 2021
    True Beach Experience

    This location has it all: white sand, community of fellow dog lovers, and water to play in. I loved watching the golden retrievers fetching balls from the waves. My dog is only 20 pounds so the waves were intimidating for her and the area to walk along the beach was not very long, but it was a fun day.

  • Courtney
    May. 1, 2021
    Small and leash required ?

    The park isn’t terribly big. When I go to the beach my favorite thing to do it is walk up and down it looking for shells and getting some exercise. Well you can’t do that😭 Also the sign says leash required but then half the dogs aren’t on a leash. They don’t even enforce it which sucks because I know if my baby was off somehow we would get scolded for it. Overall it was fun to chill at the beach but just wish there was more room.

  • Kathleen butler
    Apr. 21, 2021
    Great beach for responsible dog owners s

    lovely sand beach. probably best for small dogs. area is not very big. like the size of the infield. not big enough for big dogs to run. and dogs must remain on a leash

  • Amber
    Mar. 23, 2021
    Loved the beach

    Our baby loved the beach. We had a great time and the water was as blue as can be. it’s a little short for walking, but we enjoyed it all the same!!

  • Kath
    Oct. 25, 2020

    Great beach, lots of room, water beautiful. We had a great day there. Maybe needs a water station but we’d brought our own so no big deal. Will be back tomorrow.

  • Norma
    Jul. 8, 2019
    Good dog beach

    We decided to go on July 5th, there was plenty of space not many people, and our dog got in the water so much she did not want to leave. We enjoyed it, but they definitely need to add restrooms and showers as that is a must if you have kids, which we did. Thankfully they did not need to use the restroom.

  • William
    Mar. 20, 2019
    Small Area And Leash Required

    Terrible dog beach. Small and leash required. Could be a great area but the politics ruined it. Time to get with the program!

  • Linda
    May. 22, 2018
    Beach is beautiful, not enough room

    The beach is beautiful but the area for the dogs is about the size of a football field! I was very disappointed in the size!

  • Sheila
    Apr. 2, 2018
    Happy and sad

    It was very disappointing to research petfriendly beaches in Pensacola. Wow what minimal areas to choose from. You are really limited to where you can go to enjoy a day at the beach. The area was very clean but the space is small. With the beach area here it is a shame that a larger area cannot be provided.

  • Jenny
    Mar. 29, 2018
    Tiny space but beautiful sand and water

    The beach is very clean with white sand and clear blue water. The only problem is that the "dog beach" is tiny. It is about the size of a football field with nothing on each side of it. They can easily make those twice if not 3 times the size, since each end is already bare.

  • Lavanvida
    More than a year ago
    much needed break

    We are traveling cross country in a van with our two dogs. Local to Colorado, we’re not used to dogs on beaches so didn’t expect a no dog policy on many (or most) shorelines. Our campground (Fort Pickens) was also not very dog friendly so it was nice to have a spot for them to run around to get their energy out! The beach area was pretty small but they were very thankful for the space! Overall really clean and they provide dog bags for the owners.

  • Amy
    More than a year ago
    The dog beach is a joke!

    Come on Pensacola Beach, you can do better! The dog beach is SO small that everyone is on top of one another. Plus in the winter/off season, you still have to keep your dog in these small sections. Our beaches at home have restrictions in summer season....no dogs 10am to 6pm but in the winter , they are welcome anytime. Pensacola Beach needs to adopt something like this AND expand their dog beach area to longer than a football field! Very disappointing.

  • Trina
    More than a year ago
    dog friendly my tail end👎

    Okay Pensacola call say they dog friendly but it is hogwash. Utter BS. The ocean and beach are nature and u cannot stroll down the beach with ur dog. I love beach walking right by the 💦 to get to places in a leisurely way, like walking to go get lunch but walking the beach to get there. Plenty pet friendly airbnb a and restaurants and they r legit. Both the beach dog parks are jokes . Really they are. My back yard is bigger and it's 3/4 of an acre back yard.There is no difference walking on a beach or the public sidewalk. However the public sidewalks here and houses are not nature...

    I have teenagers and young adults now and let me say image having some BS like this for your children . Only allowed to go to beach in that area. BS right? Some might think it's not the same but, dogs don't scream, throw sand, cry with tantrums so loud it is over you music. Kids mess with other individuals tranquility more than a dog. Just saying it is not cool to have miles and miles of beach with kids running a muck and have to tolerate the lack of the parents ability to keep their kids in check. Parents would not like a kids beach this small.. just saying

    I love the house I am staying at, however I will never spend my money in Pensacola again. I will go to a true place in Florida that welcomes dogs cause this dog friendly poop 💩Pensacola has going on is a complete fraud.

  • Ron and Christy Rich
    More than a year ago
    Not enough time in the day

    After spending a couple hours at the East beach where pets are allowed, we'd planed to grab a bite at the high-rated Red Fish Blue Fish. We arrived and were promptly seated outside where it was warm and sunny. Great view of the water!
    After 5 long classic rock songs and 20 minutes without anyone offering drinks to us or a bowl of water our treats to our dog, we felt it might be best to leave before getting toosick

  • Pyr Mom
    More than a year ago

    Nice SMALL area for dogs to play. Signs on left and right that says no dogs beyond this point so you have about 100 feet wide of beach. You can forget it if you and your dog want to walk the seashore unless you just like walking the same area back and forth.

  • Amanda
    More than a year ago
    Dog Beaches Rock!

    We visited both the East Dog Beach and West Dog Beach and I am so much in love! The West is easier to find but the East was our favorite because it's a little larger. The people were great, the other dogs were great, this was probably our favorite vacation ever. My pictures are fabulous. I can't say enough wonderful things. I'm so happy Pensacola Beach offers this.

  • Adrianne Halford
    More than a year ago

    I agree with Dawn in Charlotte but am not so generous with my "bones". Having lived in many different places, from Rhode to California, I am of the opinion that Pensacola, with all it's beautiful, sugar, white , sandy beaches is the most "dog unfriendly" place I have ever lived. The area that Charlotte is referencing is just giving "lip service" to out of towners who maybe don't know what a real dog beach is!! I have actually been to the Jupiter, Fl DB many times in South Fl. My dog, Josie and I have swam there together, played ball and walked the beach for several miles. The beach is clean, beautiful, has showers to rinse off as well as a volunteer group to help it stay that way. Josie and I have never been bothered by aggressive dogs, unlike Bayview Park which is to small and to POLLUTED (without warning signs) I would love to be part of the solution involved in making more beaches more accessible to dogs and their owners.

  • Jasmine
    More than a year ago
    great beach

    This beach was really clean and it was really easy to get to. Our puppy had so much fun playing in the ocean.

  • Sharon
    More than a year ago
    fun time

    We loved this dog beach. Our collie, Daisy always have fun here. Just a short drive from our vintage beach cottage, we come here everyday.

  • Dawn
    More than a year ago
    Beach-Pensacola/Gulf Breeze

    Im giving this 4 bones simply because whats better than a beach with clear water and white sand. Took off one bone because the area is difficult to find (even the Santa Rosa office had a hard time giving directions). Coming from Pensacola, you need to cross the 3 mile bridge into Gulf Breeze, than 2-3 miles down you'll see an exit for Pensacola Beach/Fort Dickens. From there you cross another bridge after $1 toll. Then you go thru the town of Pensacola Beach for 3-4 miles until you see nothing but 2 new brown high rise condo towers on the left. After that, theres nothing on either side of the road but sand dunes-with the Gulf waters on the right. About 1/2 mile after the towers, look carefully for a sign that says dog beach and a parking lot on the right, with another sign at the front with a picture of a German Shepard on it. Heres the real disappointing part; once you arrive you think, okay it all the way out in the middle of no where, I guess that's why this stretch of beach is open to dogs. No, the whole stretch of beach that far out (with no signs of life) is not for dogs & their owners. As soon as you walk onto the beach from the parking area, you see a sign to your right, than to your left indicating "no dogs beyond this point". So essentially, its not the entire vacated stretch you think it is to walk your dog, rather a small section thats equals a couple hundred feet to each side of you. So basically a small patch to sit on or play with your dog leashed. But no walking the beach with your Dog-even when leashed And off season in February. I dint consider that very dog friendly. And considering most coastal cities allow dogs on public beaches all year long, and only leashed during the high season, I was more than surprised. Out in the middle of no where, several miles from the public beaches & only allowed a small section of the beach-with your dog leashed. The locals need to work to change that. We still had s good time and I would go back as my dog is friendly & met several other similar dogs to say hello to. And because he likes the water, he was able to swim snd play catch with his ball for some exercise. Thats important since any walk with him would've taken all of 2 minutes if we stayed between the designated signs. It was a beautiful view, the clear waters and white sand. Its worth a visit, but it's unlike most beaches in the US that I've visited.

  • Julia Lee
    More than a year ago
    Pensacola dog beach

    Really clean beach and friendly pups.

  • Ashley
    More than a year ago
    great beach

    Very clean beautiful beach. My dog had fun playing with the other dogs there

  • Szilvia
    More than a year ago
    Emerald Coast

    Perfectly clean and most gorgeous beaches in North Florida.

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