Our boy loves this park
This is my JRT puppy exploring the North Domingo Baca Dog Park, his first trip to any dog park. He loved it!
My JRT puppy taking a little break. He had been running around for about a minute before he had to take a break!
My lil JRT puppy trying to play while hiding under one of the many park benches at this location.
North Domingo Baca Dog Park
This photo was taken from the large dog side and the small dog side is visible just beyond the fence in this view. Both sides have the same amenities although the large dog side is about 4 times larger than the smaller side.
Buster the Newfie with canine companions at this huge and friendly Dog Park
And no one killed each other. For more info on Akitas, you can visit Akita World on Facebook.
Dog from California making friends with the locals
Our boy loves this park
This is my JRT puppy exploring the North Domingo Baca Dog Park, his first trip to any dog park. He loved it!


Spacious park with separate large and small dog areas, plus wood chip ground cover, trees, awnings, benches, and lighting.


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North Domingo Baca Dog Park has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 bones by 24 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Nov. 11, 2018
    Awesome Dog Park

    This is a great dog park. Easy parking, Very clean and well maintained.

  • More than a year ago
    Social hour!

    Wonderful, huge dog park! The locals really take pride in it and maintain it. It is very well used and is the meeting place for many. There is a small and a large dog park and they are actually the cleanest dog parks I've visited. Just a short distance from Balloon Fiesta Park it is a welcome break for our dogs.

  • More than a year ago
    Beautiful Park! Great for road trips.

    Beautiful park! Two huge separate lots for large and small dogs (30 lbs or less). Can be unleashed inside the dog park area.

    Wood chips covers the ground. It can get a little dusty but it's New Mexico... Lots of benches with some shade. Has water spigot but didn't work when I went there (mid-March). Has poop bags for use if needed.

    Next to a public soccer field with a running/walking paved trail around it so you can take your dog for a walk/run then let them loose in the dog park or vice versa! Also a play ground for children on the other end of the parking lot. So I can imagine that parking can be a challenge on days the park is being heavily used.

    Public people bathroom as well.

    Only wished they had agility/active elements for the dogs like tunnels, pods, jumps, etc. That's the ONLY thing I took a star down for.

  • More than a year ago
    Road Trip Pit-Stop

    My husband and I were on a road trip with our dog and decided he needed some real exercise. We stopped here along the way and were surprised by how nice the park was. Plenty of room and shade for the pups. All of the other dog owners were attentive to their own dogs. A helpful hint we noticed on our trips, dog parks are a great way to talk with locals about the best things to do in the area!

  • More than a year ago

    I didn't bring my dog but was shooting some photos on the west side fence and was attacked by several wasps. Be careful.

  • More than a year ago
    Very nice park!

    Traveling across country with a Great Dane and stopped in Albuquerque. Very very nice dog park, clean. Nice that there is water. This park is also very large which is better. No issues!

  • More than a year ago
    Nice Park, will return.

    First visit to this park, have gone to various parks in Rio Rancho and ABQ over the years and this is the nicest we have encountered. We were there on a nice sunny day on a Saturday in February. Not overly crowded. There are two fenced in areas of the park. One is for only small dogs (I forgot the maximum weight). We plan on going back to this par.

  • More than a year ago
    Nice park for our two Weims to get a little off leash time

    Nice park for our two Weims to get a little off leash time. Park was decent sized and very clean. We were there in the early evening and the park was really crowded with people and dogs; all were really friendly.

  • More than a year ago
    I dont' think so!

    Deadly Akita ? I was looking forward to go and visit with my very friendly Akita but I don't want to meet anyone who would call my beautiful dog a killer! I'll just keep going to another friendly dog park that I like, and watch my killer play with small and big dogs.

  • More than a year ago
    Great Place to Play!

    Big, Clean, Friendly - Sun and Shade, but Water was not Working. Traveling accross the country, but would come back again!

  • More than a year ago
    good park

    great park for your puupy some of the people there are very wacky as you can see in the above comments. most people are very nice and attentive with their dogs. my only complaint is that a lot of people bring their little dogs into the big dog side and then get pissed when the bigger dogs try to play with them. there is a little dog area for a reason....

  • More than a year ago
    Great park

    If you have a small dog, this park's small dog section is great! Wouldn't recommend taking your little dog to the other section though, there's usually upwards of 15-20 huge dogs so it's pretty intimidating and it gets crazy. Small dog side is usually very chill. Oh, and there are doggie fountains and bowls throughout as well as baggies.

  • More than a year ago

    Puppies should not be at dog parks because older dogs carry diseases that will kill puppies!!!

  • More than a year ago
    really nice park

    very well planned out park that even provides bags to pick up after your dog. i loved it.

  • More than a year ago
    Pack leaders must watch dogs

    I come to the park often and have never experienced a problem. However, I recently was standing in the middle of the big dog park, watching my dog, when a man with what appeared to be a yellow lab mix came in. He watched his dog (60 - 80 pounds) run at me and jump on me, almost knocking me down. It wrenched my back. He did NOTHING! He just commented to somebody else that he hopes his dog calms down. I left the park and 4 - 5 other dog owners followed. A simple apology would have been great.

  • More than a year ago
    Use Caution

    Great park, but I have little dogs and in walking them to and from their area, ALL the owners of big dogs let their dogs run off their leashes from the parking lot to the big dog area. Very intimidating when you have 2 chihuahuas and want to be sure they are safe. BIG DOG OWNERS, PLEASE BE MORE RESPONSIBLE AND KEEP YOUR DOGS LEASHED UNTIL YOU ARE INSIDE THE FENCED AREA.

  • More than a year ago
    Domingo Baca

    On Nov. 14, 2010 I was coming into Alb and wanted a really pleasant play-break for my Bouvier, Nic. I found this park and got the directions and was really looking forward to this...but when I turned left on Corona all we found was a high end yppie ghetto...no off-leash park. So this is 'review' is to serve as a status update. :~(

  • More than a year ago
    AWESOME PARK - Iffy Owners

    All dog parks are potential death traps. This one is no exception. Puppies are always at risk. So that photo above is a bad idea.

    This park gets crowded at sunset. That's when the pack mentality can take over. Better take your dog mid day. When the park is crowded, good dogs go bad.

    Pay attention. There is no such thing as a safe dog park. Even this one. Expensive dogs, but busy, inattentive owners.

    And a couple of deadly Rottweilers and Akitas.

  • More than a year ago
    Photo of puppiess - bad idea

    I am a regular at this dog park... and let me tell you ... good dogs do bad things if PACK LEADERS don't pay attention.

    Under no circumstances should a puppy - of any breed - be at a dog park... Even a 14 lb yorkie will attack a puppy - because they think it's a rabbit or a mouse... puppies are not pack members yet.

    Alll puppies are at risk at a dog park.. .even in the small dog area... especiallly in the small dog area.

    DOGS ARE DOGS... they are pack members... and if we abdicate our role as pack leaders... they do murderous things to one another.

    This park has agressive Akitas and Rotts.... so beware.

    Their owners are just what you'd think... All Star, Friday Night wrestling types... who just don't get it.

    Don't let your puppies or small dogs be killed... it happens in a nano second.

    The only fatalitiy I know of at this park was an Akita... came through the gate... grabbed a chihuahua - broke it's neck and was hustled away by a very nervous owner.

    BOOM... it was all over and everybody just looked at each other wondering 'what happened'?

  • More than a year ago

    Tom...take your meds

  • More than a year ago


  • More than a year ago
    Awesome Park!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My dog loves this park. We give it star. Friendly dogs and owners. Lots of room to run. Thank-you.

  • More than a year ago
    Milly loved it!

    First time at the park last evening with Milly. The people, place and the dogs were all wonderful. Cannot believe how spacious and well maintained this park is - if you're a playful & friendly dog, this is the place to be!

  • More than a year ago

    This is the largest and newest dog park in Albuquerque. It is also the most used in the area. If you like your pooches to be social, this IS the place to take them!

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Dog Park
Great park!
Lots of room to run!

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