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Dog Park at Azalea Park

Bring Fido out to the dog park at Azalea Park in Asheville, NC! The area is mulched and features two separate fenced areas, one for small dogs and one for large dogs. Convenient parking is also close by. There is a gazebo and benches for you to sit and watch your pup play. Visit Website

Or call (828) 259-5800 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Dog Park at Azalea Park has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 bones by 25 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Gabi
    Jan 5, 2023
    Nice park!

    Took my small dog to this park yesterday and we had a great time! The dog park is divided by small and large dogs and there were no small dogs at the park but probably 5-10 large dogs on their respective side. Surrounding the park is grassy areas where I played fetch with my dog on a long line. We had a great time and will definitely be going back.

  • Bridget
    May 2, 2021
    Nice Saturday Visit

    took my two mini Australian shepherds here on a nice 78 degree Saturday. this is a large fenced in park for the bigger dogs that has mostly gravel/dirt/some grass. minimum shade at this park and there was no water left in the cooler for the dogs to drink. lots of dogs in both the big and small areas. very friendly folks were here today which made it a pleasant visit. just one recommendation is to bring lots of water for your pooch since they lock the cooler and don’t refill on busy days and if it’s hot, your pups are going to be steamy after their visit.

  • Danielle
    Apr 14, 2021
    Pretty location, no dogs in small dog park

    It’s a picturesque location and the grass had been cut the same morning we arrived. The big dog area was a party but the small dog area was empty.

  • Aryn
    Jul 22, 2020
    Clean and close to parking

    What Azalea dog park offers that others do not is cleanliness and a parking lot that is close by. From the photos I see on this website, it looks like this park has been updated since the photos were taken, because there is now a chain link fence and grass. There are two areas: one for large and one for small dogs. Both have minimal seating and water stations. The small dog park does not have any shade in the afternoon, unfortunately. They should plant another tree on that side. this is prob my preferred dog park in town, though because it's clean and new looking. There is some mud in the large dog area. We have gone before and there were zero other dogs during the week but more on the weekends. Have never seen it crowded.

  • Janice
    Dec 28, 2019
    Meets All The Needs.

    Parking is close. 2 fenced in areas. Poop bags, barrels and water bowls. Big areas to run. It’s dirt, not much grass. When we were here, areas of mud. Overall nice spot in a nice park. Our mission was accomplished, tired dog.

  • M
    May 22, 2019
    Grounds need work

    Ok park. Not the cleanest. Small dog area was overgrown with clover. When my dog was playing he couldn’t even run through the grass. We could barely see his head. Water bowl area was pretty dirty. And people smoking. If this is a public park isn’t smoking prohibited?

  • Kimberly
    Mar 31, 2019
    Nice park

    This park has a large area for the dogs to run. It is quite muddy. There are also no obstacles or ramps. Overall my dogs enjoyed it

  • Annette
    Sep 24, 2018
    Great Area

    This park is located in a tucked away location beyond some other “people” parks and sports venues. Very clean, lots of other dogs to play with and different areas for different size dogs. We will visit again for sure.

  • Lila
    More than a year ago
    so great!

    Brought my 4 month puppy. There was no dogs in the 25 pounds and under yet there were several little dogs in the over 25 pounds area so we went in there. There were probabaly 15 or 20 dogs. They were all very well behaved and the owners kept a good eye on their dogs. There is places to sit everywhere, dog bowls, and water for the dogs. It a pretty large area for the dogs to play unleashed. We had an awesome time and we are definitely going back.

  • Kathleen
    More than a year ago
    fun and friendly

    Definitely worth the windy road and mud. It’s a great park with lots of dogs and friendly folks

  • Justin
    More than a year ago
    BEST Dog Park in Asheville

    This park is rather hard to find but it's worth it! There are two areas for small and large dogs (signs say under and over 25 pounds). This park is covered in grass, has nice trees and benches spread out. There is a big cooler in each area with dog bowls for water. The big dog park is a large enclosure! Lots of space to play and watch your dog. Because of the location it doesn't get so crowded which is good. I went on a Thursday afternoon and there were 5 dogs there. Everyone played nice. This park is the best in Asheville - don't go to French Broad River...

  • Lisa
    More than a year ago
    Great Dog park! Highly recommended

    Azalea park in general is very dog friendly. Lots of beautiful areas to walk, but this dog park is also very good. Not sure about what the person was complaining about regarding a "bad vibe". Never been my experience. Maybe it was just that day, who knows.

    My husband and I have been bringing our dogs there and every time it's great. There are chairs and benches and some trees too for shade. Very big space and it is fully fenced, which we certainly prefer over letting our dogs run too far off, although they do tend to stay near us anyway. Still...with all the wildlife in Asheville (bears, coyotes, etc.) it's important to have the area fenced. So for the reviewer who was complaining about the fence, maybe now it makes more sense to you from what I've said.

    Azalea park is a fun place to go. There's river access, and a few fields where games are played, a beautiful playground, and even bathrooms in the main section. You can't wrong with Azalea park. And yes, you can walk your dogs around the park too. There are just some signs that will let you know that they're not allowed in the open sports fields.

  • Bonnie
    More than a year ago
    Dog Approved

    Very large area for the bigger dogs to run and play. All the dogs we met were well behaved and their owners were attentive to what they were doing and how they were socializing with other dogs. Would be awesome if they had a shoreline fenced area at the lake to let the water dogs off the leash. Quite a few folks we met were regulars, knew each other and were as friendly as their dogs. We'll be back!

  • Heather
    More than a year ago

    The locals were extremely aggressive. The entire vibe of the park was extremely uncomfortable and weird it was hard to find and I would not suggest the park

  • Stephanie
    More than a year ago
    Great Park

    I visited from out of town today and found the park to be great for my little guy to run around in. Lots of grass and trees. Very nice atmosphere.

  • Erin
    More than a year ago
    nice park

    The park is nice and big with grass. Down a windy road past soccer fields. A little muddy so wear appropriate clothes

  • Amy
    More than a year ago
    Perfect park for mt Pitt bull

    Today I took my 19 month old Pitt bull to this park and with the stigma that has been placed on these dogs I was apprehensive about taking her inside the park even though she is a non aggressive dog in fact she is a very submissive dog I have trained service dogs for 4 years but in true Pitt bull form she is hard headed so her manners are not so great,we live with a roommate who has 3 dogs but 2 are small one being a Yorkshire terrier one a senior Caton De Tulear with health problems and the other a shepherd mix who is also older and not tolerant of her rambunctiousness so they have very little interaction with other dogs but the people were very accepting and our baby had a blast she also to my surprise mined her manners. since I have no children me and her other mommy were like proud parents sending our baby off to her first day of school we will now be going there every few days. People who gave not so positive reviews well there are some who not always look at the brighter side of things there were trees and it was marked dogs over 25 pounds and for dogs under 25 pounds we have never been there before but did not find it at all confusing so if you live here in Asheville or from out of state I highly recommend this place for you and your fur baby, the people were very nice and did pay attention to there dogs.

  • Mike
    More than a year ago
    dogs running loose

    The rules say a date g must be on a leash outside the park. That means they can't run free like I see so many doing. I fish often and its annoying. Besides, I wouldn't let my dog swim in a pond full of food sh hooks people loose while fishing....

  • Melissa
    More than a year ago
    Nice Visit & Will Return (Bring Water Bowl)

    We visited this dog park twice over a weekend in May 2014, so I can only comment on my experience as an out-of-towner & my experience was good - but ANY dog park is really is as good or bad as the dogs & owners who are there the day you go!! Our GPS did tell us we had "arrived" about 1/4 of a mile before we got to the dog park, so just be prepared & keep driving. There are two separate, marked areas for dogs under 25 lbs and dogs over 25 lbs. Both days we went, all the owners and their dogs were friendly & everyone kept an appropriate eye on their dogs. On the few occasions play looked like it might get too rough, owners did step up & intervene. Our dogs enjoyed running, chasing/being chased by other dogs, chasing tennis balls - all very friendly, positive play. There was a supply of water and two affixed water bowls, as well as some bags. I brought water & a bowl & I would suggest you do so as there really aren't many shaded areas in the fairly large space, so you need to be prepared to keep your dog hydrated. Overall, our experience was good & we will definitely take our fuzzballs again when we are next in Asheville.

  • Caroline
    More than a year ago

    This park is wonderful. I have a large dog and currently don't have a fenced in yard, the large area that the park has for large breed dogs, as well as the pond for them to swim in is great! Sometimes there are problems with certain people/dog combos, but that it rare and usually resolved quickly. Just remember to bring bags they don't always have them!!

  • Rock
    More than a year ago

    Anyone who gives either of the dog parks in Asheville a good rating has NEVER been to a good dog park. Where I visit relatives in Delaware, I have many more choices of dog parks, the smallest of which is 5 acres of open grassland with trees for shade, picnic tables, benches, and poop bags. No fences; mowed weekly. If the only dog parks you've been to are the Asheville parks, poor you who have never seen your dog(s) run full out down a long stretch of open land. Really, Asheville, when are we going to get a REAL DOG PARK???

  • Kelly
    More than a year ago
    Azalea Dog Park

    My GPS brought me to the soccer fields close to the dog park, but I had to ask directions to find the dog park, its about a half further dog the road, at the dead end. It was a nice park, I found the owners to be friendly. My dog was happy to get out and play after being in the car for hours

  • Chris
    More than a year ago
    Paws of Fun

    What a great place. The first comments don't count. I am gladW we exercised our Doberman kids their. Everyone was respectful and very observant of their dogs. GreatPlace to exercise.

  • Christine
    More than a year ago
    dog haven for an outta town pooch

    staying at a hotel down the road from the park that has no grass for my pet to explore really put a damper in my stay in asheville. I did chose the hotel because it was close to this park and im glad I did. I love this dog park my dog could run free and finally find a place to relieve herself. she might not be the most social dog but the freedom was what won her over. there are always general concerns about other dogs and there unobservant owners but every time i was there it wasnt a problem. the park is a ways down a windy road but if you did some google maping it was easy to find with prior investigating. there was water for my dog at the park and signs clearly indicating the two parks.

  • Stacey
    More than a year ago
    Great Park - Met Our Needs

    We have two large Boxadors about 80 lbs each. We stayed at the Quality Inn (Pet Friendly) at Exit 55 on Tunnel Rd, which is 2 minutes away from this park. This park has a large and small dog area which patrons seemed to adhere to pretty well. Lots of big ol' mutts (few purebreds) there for our dogs to play with which is great since they're big ol' mutts too. Grass was patchy near entrance and front 1/3 section of the large dog area, but the back 2/3 of the area was good solid grass. The grass was being mowed while we were there - the mower seemed to be paying attention and never put any dogs in danger and none of the dogs that were there at the time were frightened. The park is pretty large, so there was enough space for everyone to be comfortable. THere were no poopy bags - I'm not sure if there were any there or not - if so, I didn't see them, so come prepared. There was a fair amount of dung already in the park - probably because of lack of poopy bags. The park was big enough that the poo piles did not threaten the overall quality of our experience though. Be cautious at the gates - dogs tend to crowd around the gates when newcomers are arriving - the gate is chute-style, so it's like sardines when you enter for the first 15 feet. There is water available - not running water - the park service brings in two large coolers of water so you can fill complimentary water bowls for your dog(s). On a personal note, the first time I entered this park a pit bull mix started gnawing on my ankle because it wanted a toy in my hand - a quick exclamation from me sent it scurrying, but this experience did make me acutely aware that not everyone there was watching their pups too closely. I never did figure out who it belonged to. Gnawing on the ankle and pre-existing poo piles occur at any/all dog parks, so I won't count those things against this park's rating. The lack of poopy bags is why I am giving this park a 4 instead 5.

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