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Riverside County Park

Riverside County Park has two double fenced area, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. It also has a water faucet, bowls and toys available for the dogs. There are park benches for the people to sit and trees for shade. Ice cream trucks and other vendors frequent the area as well. Visit Website

Or call (201) 336-7275 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Riverside County Park has received a rating of 1.8 out of 5 bones by 13 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Alexa
    Dec. 8, 2021

    I got my puppy at 13 weeks and have had him almost 2 months. so he’s 5 months old. I LITERALLY downloaded this app because I finally met the MAYOR today. I LOVE this park. I have made SO many friends. I have learned things from fellow dog owners. Outside of the chinchilla-like dusty gravel, it’s been GREAT. UNTIL TODAY. Today my daughter had a half day. I picked her up and headed to the dog park. As I approached the puppy side, I see a man holding a PUPPY english bull terrier nervously being scolded by a woman over the fence. Telling him is dog is not allowed at the dog park. That his dog is NOT vaccinated. That his dog is dangerous and he should NOT put his 4 month old puppy down, but leave. I saw her pit and the other dog and I KNEW it was her. Being raised in the Bronx, I do not take kindly to others being bullied or intimidated. I look at the guy and tell him to ignore her, that she does this all the time and that she’s nuts. I said don’t worry, put your dog down. He does and both of our dogs are socializing like puppies do when they meet one another. CRAZY (pronoun) starts screaming over the fence now claiming that my dog is going to attack his dog. She is flipping out that he didn’t leave. I, told her, FIRMLY to back off and mind her business. She was the ONLY person on the big dog side and him, my daughter and I are the only people on the small dog side. She continues her warnings and the man (assuming she must have had any type of authority as she was spouting off regulations of training, park entry and breed behaviors) nervously picked up his dog and left. So now, she is on the big side and I’m on the little side with my daughter. My dog has a habit of putting his head through the fence and HER dog nipped at his head. I told my daughter to block him from putting his head through the fence. I told my daughter to ONLY through the toys away from the fence and not speak to the woman. I’m assuming most people don’t walk in and immediately snap back, but she said NOTHING directly to me after I told her to mind her business. Instead, she proceeded (with NO ONE ELSE ON THE BIG SIDE) to angrily mutter to herself repeating what I said to her. I can feel her getting angrier. She then goes to her car into the trunk. At that point, with no witnesses, I didn’t trust whatever was happening next. I told my daughter we’re leaving. We immediately went to the car and left. She is visibly unstable and I did not trust whatever she was rummaging for in her trunk. I heard from SO many people about this woman that I was prepared. I’m street smart and do not tolerate like that. She speaks as though she has ANY type of authority at the park but has none. I didn’t feel comfortable alone with her, especially with my kid. If she truly does this to everyone, it’s definitely some type of authoritarian impersonation. I hope there is a law to ban this woman. Her dogs are dangerous and so is she. I heard the stories, but what I witnessed FAR exceeded my expectations. Four stars because this is the only time I’ve seen her, and every other experience at this park has been great.

  • Janet
    Nov. 19, 2019
    Not what I expected...

    When I pulled into the parking lot, there was a van there from some K9 trainer. We we're welcomed by a puppy off leash that he was training. My dog went in his direction, for which I apologized. His response was ' if I had my other dog, he would attach you!' Upon entering the large dog area, we meet lovely Roxie, a 4 yo Bassett Hound. Kai and Roxie played very nicely together! There we're several small dogs on the other side. They we're barking, running and having fun racing Kai on the other side of the fence. When all the small dogs left, the last one came into the large dog side. Roxie and Kai really enjoyed playing gently with the little guy. Was very nice for the 3 of them! After the little guy left, a woman came with her dog Shadow. He was 1 yo and maybe 50 lbs. Kai engaged beautifully with him. Shadow always in the lead with Kai bringing up the rear. Shadow would stop running and turn around on his hind let's and playfully go for Kai's face and neck. All in fun, no barking, yelping, or dis engaging on either dogs part. Suddenly this woman started screaming at me that my dog was attacking Shadow!! She said I need to leave. Keep in mind we had been there 45 - 60 minutes with no issues. I said to her we'll use LIFO, last in first out. The small dog side was EMPTY!! It got to the point that I would not stay there. Her dog was the aggressor, in a fun way, and to keep my dog safe, I had to leave??? The parents of Roxie also left this crazy lady. Very sad situation. There are many dogs off leash with their owners which is not allowed. Overall, not a great experience. But thank you to Roxie and her parents for their concern for Kai and me.

  • Sullivan
    Nov. 5, 2019
    Too Much Wrong

    There is over abundance of geese poop surrounding the dog park. The dog park is run down and not a friendly place to bring your pup.

  • Jim
    More than a year ago
    Nasty dogs and owners

    Just left the park today after a pit bull became aggressive with my dog. The owner then threatened to kick my ass after he said his dog was "just playing". I know the difference between the two.

    Avoid at all costs.

  • Disappointed
    More than a year ago
    Human Bullies

    Nice park, nasty rude gossiping owners. Lady with with the shock collar on the medium pit is the worst trouble maker she talks to people real friendly and turns around and talks bad about them. Never watches her dogs who don't behave. Nice park been 3 times won't go back because of the immature nasty humans. She should banned from the park

  • Fred
    More than a year ago

    I've taken my dogs here throughout the years. But recently this one large husky lady constantly puts others dogs down, insists on disciplining every dog but hers in the park, and talks about peoples dogs to other owners. She claims her dogs are docile but your dog CANNOT approach them or they'll attack, and then she'll walk around the park calling your dog terrible. My newest dog is a puppy and enjoys wrestling with other dogs including mouthing each other around the neck. She now goes around telling people my dog is a biter who is TERRIBLE and now when I walk in I have been shunned by all the naive owners who do not know my dog at all. Some owners are polite and understand she is NUTS but I can't help but feel uncomfortable at the park because of her. She's always gossiping about other owners & always blames other dogs for her dogs past issues at the park. Its just a bad vibe & as a dog owner I like to be around happy positive energy. I will continue to go to this park because I will not be bullied by this terrible lady with her aggressive dogs, whom may I add have gotten into a fight with each other. She has been mentioned in reviews below as well. When she is not there which is before 5pm generally the park is lovely, the other owners tend to be friendly, and the dogs are splendid. But do watch out for her & some owners who tend to be unfriendly.

  • Angela
    More than a year ago
    Very Disappointed

    I have been going to the Riverside County Park for the past 8 years. It was a lovely place with very friendly/devoted owners and dogs. Like any dog park, there were a few little "issues" here or there that were easily corrected by devote/responsible owners. An example of one of these "issues" would be, at worst, a pup being possessive of a particular toy which led to growling/barking at another dog.

    Today. I experienced "issues" that were way beyond of what I have ever experienced at this location. Upon entering the parking lot, I saw a older woman embracing her beautiful blue pitty... As I was gushing over how adorable this was, i noticed she was not only embracing him, but cleaning a bite wound off the top of his snout. At this point, I should have followed my initial instincts and just kept driving on out of the lot and had my pup play with the dogs in our neighborhood. But of course not! I parked the car, got out and proceeded to the gate as i typically would. As I began entering the gates, three individuals sitting on the picnic table began screaming to there dogs "come here". They hastily came to the gate to grab their dogs collars .... nothing I have not experienced before when wonderful doggy parents would like a pup to enter the park with ease. I then was approached by an (insert sarcasm here) ever-so-cesarmilan-like-woman. She began to tell me that her dog is "aggressive" with smaller dogs (my dog being 34 lbs) and I should not have him in the park because her dog may attack.....wait.... excuse ... what?.... She was ever so persistent that my dog should not be in the park because of her dogs aggression towards other "smaller dogs". Right. Being the snarky wonderful woman I am responded, "wait, you're telling me you want me to leave, because your dog attacks other dogs?" Mind you, there were 12 dogs in the park today, yes i counted- 5 in which were smaller than her 60ish pound brown pitty. Okay, now, lady- you know your dog ATTACKS other dogs.... why in god's GOOD NAME would you bring him to a PUBLIC PARK to engage with other dogs. You, my dear, are a liability. You are putting YOUR BEAUTIFUL dog at risk to be euthanized KNOWING he attacks other dogs. The dog did not, thankfully, become aggressive with my pup- however he did with several other dogs that, in fact, were not smaller, but much larger (rot). As I was speaking to an individual who has been an avid dog park attendee for the past 4 years, he indicated that there were several other outbursts of various dogs in the park today with owners that he was not familiar with. Go to Wallington dog park.

  • MS
    More than a year ago
    Unfriendly and rude owners

    I visited the small dog park only once and that was enough for me. Our dog is a Brussels Griffon and very playful but shy when he first entered and some dog with a really ignorant owner just let this dog rape my dog. I had to pick him up and leave the area. Never went back again. While walking my dog on a leash as the signs clear say I see MANY large dogs without a leash. I thought it was illegal but I guess not as I see many doing this. Not the best place to walk a small dog since owners don't obey the rules.

  • WM
    More than a year ago
    People= Standard, Facility=Gets the job done

    Most of these reviews complain about having rude people at the park. I have been to many different dog parks (Morris Plains, Morristown, Rutherford, Lyndhurst, Montclair) and I find that every dog park has its share of rude/over protective/obnoxious owners so we just have to accept that or not show up. What is more important to me is the facility because at the end of the day my dog is the common denominator that matters and she is quite social. This park's facilities are okay....the ground is made of wood chips which is not as nice as maintained grass but beats dirt/gravel any day. They have poop bags which is to be expected in 2013. They also now have a water hose so you don't have to drag a gallon of water with you to the park. There are separate areas for large and small dogs. The large dog area is a decent size and enough for them to get a good run in. I occasionally become friendly with people at the park but my Lab always becomes friendly with the dogs...if you want to socialize with humans...go to a bar :)

  • Christin
    More than a year ago
    OK facility, very rude/ignorant owners

    5/2013 - Have been taking my dog here on and off for a few weeks now hoping for different results but I can honestly say I will not be going back even though this park is right around the corner from my home.
    I have a small dog (a Yorkie) who can handle himself quite well with other dogs. I watch my dog closely to make sure he is interacting well with everyone else and that there isn't any bullying going on. My 15lb yorkie was chased incessantly around the small dog area by a 5lb yorkie puppy - all the owner had to say was that "He plays like that with big dogs so he thinks he can with little dogs too" Needless to say, I removed my dog from the situation and am very dissappointed by the types of owners that are the 'regulars' around here - it isn't ever their dog with the issue, a large un-neutered dog is regularly the park bully (to the point where you can't bring another un-neutered dog near him) and the owners are too busy talking on their cell phones to actually play with their own dog.

  • Joe
    More than a year ago
    This park only in a pinch.

    Not the best park. Some rude owners who always like to point fingers at other owner's dogs. Worry about how your own dog behaves. Too many times small dogs are in the large dog area which can create problems. This park definitely needs a monitor. All dogs should be neutered or spayed. Brookdale is much better. The owners there understand dogs and try to help a new owner like me.

  • T
    More than a year ago
    I was not happy

    We stopped there after a Vet visit because we were closer to this park than Brookdale and we knew it would be getting dark early. My husband and I were very disappointed. The fences are extremely low and for large dogs that can jump this is a hazard. It is much smaller than Brookdale and there was only one other large dog there. The people in the small section treated us like outcasts- I would not recommend this dog park. Brookdale is the only dog park I will go to. the people are nice and friendly and treat new people with respect and the fences are higher and there is a lot more room to run for the dogs.

  • Katrina
    More than a year ago
    Great park, some rude owners

    The facility is really nice and pretty clean, even for a dog park. Most of the other dogs are very sociable and the owners are responsible, but there are a few regulars that are rude and do not monitor their dogs very well, which is frustrating for someone like myself who is just beginning to bring my dog to the park to try and socialize her with new dogs.

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