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With My granddaughter and Newdle Kai

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Not what I expected...

Riverside County Park

When I pulled into the parking lot, there was a van there from some K9 trainer. We we're welcomed by a puppy off leash that he was training. My dog went in his direction, for which I apologized. His response was ' if I had my other dog, he would attach you!' Upon entering the large dog area, we meet lovely Roxie, a 4 yo Bassett Hound. Kai and Roxie played very nicely together! There we're several small dogs on the other side. They we're barking, running and having fun racing Kai on the other side of the fence. When all the small dogs left, the last one came into the large dog side. Roxie and Kai really enjoyed playing gently with the little guy. Was very nice for the 3 of them! After the little guy left, a woman came with her dog Shadow. He was 1 yo and maybe 50 lbs. Kai engaged beautifully with him. Shadow always in the lead with Kai bringing up the rear. Shadow would stop running and turn around on his hind let's and playfully go for Kai's face and neck. All in fun, no barking, yelping, or dis engaging on either dogs part. Suddenly this woman started screaming at me that my dog was attacking Shadow!! She said I need to leave. Keep in mind we had been there 45 - 60 minutes with no issues. I said to her we'll use LIFO, last in first out. The small dog side was EMPTY!! It got to the point that I would not stay there. Her dog was the aggressor, in a fun way, and to keep my dog safe, I had to leave??? The parents of Roxie also left this crazy lady. Very sad situation. There are many dogs off leash with their owners which is not allowed. Overall, not a great experience. But thank you to Roxie and her parents for their concern for Kai and me.

Nov. 19, 2019

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Kai's my guy!
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