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Thorpe Bark Park

Fido is invited to play at Thorpe Bark Park in Flagstaff, AZ. The area offers separate play areas for large and small dogs. Amenities include agility equipment, benches and picnic tables while you watch your furry friend. Visit Website

Or call (928) 779-7690 or email rsayers@flagstaffaz.gov for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Thorpe Bark Park has received a rating of 4.0 out of 5 bones by 33 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Kimberly
    Mar 16, 2024
    Nice spot

    This was a perfect spot for our dog to run off leash. There were several other dogs there, all well-behaved. It was a bit muddy, but still a great spot.

  • Molly
    Jul 15, 2023
    Large park with plenty to do!

    We are visiting from out of town and wanted to let our dog run a bit. There was plenty of shaded areas, balls, and agility structures for all dog types to enjoy!

  • Monica
    Aug 14, 2022

    Wonderful bark park. loved the separate park for smaller dogs. ample parking. beautiful scenery.

  • Jennifer
    Apr 1, 2022
    Great location!

    We were in town for an extended weekend and stopped by Thorpe Dog Park to exercise our dog. It is one of the larger parks we've been to during our travels. Park has wood chip covering, tons of Ponderosa trees, agility equipment, benches, 2 small covered ramadas with picnic tables, large ramada with several tables, and an smaller fenced area for small dogs (or aggressive dogs as we experienced when one came charging through the not fully latched gate at our dog). There were water buckets out but not full, and the water fountains were not in service (I assume they were winterized?) so that sucked to not have fresh water available. Quite a few toys left behind so we didn't need the Chuck-it we brought. Our dog loves to tug and we found several tug ropes that kept her attention. Tons of grocery sacks for clean up, along with rake and poop scoop, and several trash cans scattered throughout. Single port-a-john at entrance to the park. We will definitely visit again when in town.

  • Karen
    Jan 1, 2022
    Great fun!

    snow or sun- lots of dog friends to play with! went when passing they while traveling (twice). Both times an altercation happened, and the owners of the aggressive dog left the park. Mostly, tho ‘ all hot along well b/c there is plenty of room. Really appreciated the shelter to protect dog parents during musty rain.

  • Amanda
    Oct 10, 2021
    good park

    good park to stop at when traveling. nothing crazy, but good amount of space for the dogs to run. well kept, agility equipment, and toys. dogs loved the break from the car.

  • Erin
    Jun 25, 2021
    Great dog park

    our dog needed a break from the road during our travels. This was a perfect stop to help her get some exercise.

  • Wendy
    Jun 24, 2021
    Beautiful Park!!

    Stopped here on a cross country road trip - nice park - friendly people and dogs!! Definitely recommend!!

  • Lisa
    Jun 1, 2021
    Awesome park!

    traveling thru Flagstaff both going East and West stopped in to let the pups run and they love it! really big park, lots of friendly pups and pup parents! water fountains.

  • Wendy
    May 10, 2021
    Great place

    had absolutely no issues. our baby boy loved it, will definitely go back

  • Dorothy
    Nov 21, 2020
    Good Park Easy RV Parking

    easy in and out with a big 5th wheel. lots of parking. all dirt and chips. still a good park agility play area was great. our pups loved it after being in the car 8 hours.

  • Katie
    Oct 19, 2020
    It’s Okay...

    I didn’t particularly like the set up of this park. Its all dirt and wood chips. Don’t wear open toe shoes/flip flops/sandals.

  • Morgan
    May 27, 2019
    So So

    It was a bit muddy in areas so be prepared. The obstacle stuff was cool. Similar to other posts, when I arrived there were some nice friendly people and dogs, but about 10 mins in a dog that was not neutered came flying in. He was causing some problems and it was clear the owner did not understand the signs so we all cleared out pretty quickly to avoid any major incidents. Area around the park is beautiful!

  • Sally
    Dec 30, 2018
    Run run run!

    This place was great for our great Dane to stretch and play. There were buckets of water there since the lines were winterized, but bring water just in case if you're going in December like we did!
    Beautiful big trees and fresh mountain air made for a great time.

  • KB
    More than a year ago
    convenient park

    Nice size, trees, agility pieces, porta potty tables and benches for humans, water for both dogs and humans.

  • Beth
    More than a year ago

    At first when we went there were oblivious owners with unpleasant dogs. The dogs would be fine with someone who knew had to read dog signs. We left for a walk (great area for a walk) and came back 20 minutes later and there were more easygoing dogs.

  • Amber
    More than a year ago
    Loved it!

    Very large park full of dog toys and an agility course. Lots of friendly gogs and people.

  • Alex
    More than a year ago
    The "go-to" in Flag

    My pup and I always enjoy going to this park. It has benches and picnic tables for people to sit on, a large play area with an agility course, and a smaller fenced section for timid or small dogs. The park also has a water fountain at the entrance and community water dishes inside! I've always come across friendly dog owners there and usually well behaved dogs. So there's no need to worry about aggressive animals.

  • Maryanne
    More than a year ago
    So not impressed

    I was looking forward to visiting this park, but when I got there I was so disappointed. No grass, and there were no poop bags. People were cleaning up poop with those pooper scooper things that was just disgusting. Plus people let their more feisty dogs pester the more reserved dogs. Had to leave after less than 20 min even though my dogs and I usually stay at least 90 min at our regular park.

  • Neal
    More than a year ago
    Good Spot. I would go again.

    Owner of a 90lb lab. After 3 days of a cross country trip, he was happy to be anywhere but the truck and had a very good time here. Mixed grass, wood chips, and sand cover the area. It's your standard established dog park inside of a larger human park.

  • Amanda
    More than a year ago
    Good enough for us!

    I'm not sure how old those other reviews are but I'm writing in 2015. It's a great dog park. We haven't run into any mean dogs or owners. Sure it gets muddy after rain or snow and dusty when it's dry, but just so everyone is on the same page the park is located in ARIZONA. Hence, grass is pretty hard to come by and it rains everywhere in the world so that shouldn't be a surprise. I've been to some amazing dog parks, but they fit the terrain. If you don't like the dog parks in Arizona, move to a place where the terrain fits your wants. Otherwise, come out and have a good time! My dog is always ready to play!

  • Alicia
    More than a year ago
    we had a lot of fun!

    Personally I really enjoyed this park. My puppa was able to get some nice exercise, between using our chuck-it and playing with other dogs. I also really like dog crowds, which this park is full of in the evenings. My dog goes nuts saying hi to everyone and picking out one or two to play with, she loves it! Although I do understand the worry of the pack mentality, but she is very independent and doesn't go for the big group play/run around thing. I also never feel a worry around dominant or more aggressive dogs, but I will say I noticed a few in this park. However their owners were very attentive. The only thing I disliked was the lack of grass. Otherwise, great park!

  • Mitch
    More than a year ago
    Great Park

    We've stopped here a few times on cross country trips with our Greyhounds. They love it when there is fresh snow on the ground.
    A nice sized park with trees, benches and shaded areas. A very nice place.

  • Saeah
    More than a year ago
    Beware of Parvo and Mean Dogs

    I stopped bringing my dog to Thorpe several months ago because people kept bringing aggressive and unneutered dogs. Every single time I went I would see dogs that would snap at others every time they came close, or would seek out other dogs to bite. The last straw was when another dog kept chasing mine around and biting her in the face so that she would yelp. No one was claiming ownership so my boyfriend grabbed her so we could leave. The other dog rushed over and bit my dog in the face WHILE my boyfriend was still holding onto our dog. He yelled that whoever owned this dog needed to get it to back off, and the response? The owner came over from a bench they were parked out on and told us if we didn't like it we could leave. Huh, you would think the owner of the aggressive dog would leave. Anyway, we have not gone back since. However, I have heard from MULTIPLE people (including three cases from a local vet office) that they have taken their dog to Thorpe and they have come down with Parvo. Now, bringing a puppy that is not completely vaccinated is not a good idea, but it goes to show the unsanitary muddy conditions of the park.

  • Moriah
    More than a year ago
    So So

    I have been to this park a couple of times with my dogs. Both are well behaved and did have fun, but several times we have had to leave early due to other dogs. One instance was because of an over eager dog chasing my little one around to the point I had to physically restrain him from pinning my dog to the ground while his owner watched and just kept making the comment that he is a puppy. Another time, someone brought an aggressive dog in a muzzle which caused a fight with several dogs at the fence. My larger dog got caught up in it, but made it out without any damage. I've found that it's a fun experience when there are less than 10 dogs around, but once more start showing up, it's time to leave because there is a 50/50 chance of whether there will be a fight.

  • Jessica
    More than a year ago
    nice park

    Stopped here on our way to CA and my did Bosco had a great time. It is large, has lots of balls to play with poop scoop stuff and poop bags, water dishes. There even is agility equipment. I thought it was great.

  • Cindy
    More than a year ago
    This park needs better rules and more responsible owners.

    A little while after we arrived a couple with their husky came, at first it started growling and trying to nip other dogs then the owners started brushing him/her and letting the fur go everywhere! They didn't bother trying to clean up the fur at all. It was a windy day, no one wants fur flying into their face like that! Or having to worry about their dogs playing with the fur. A lot of people were staring at them, we left not wanting to deal with that, along with quite a few of other people. Who goes to a dog park to brush their dog?! You do that at home. There is also a few dogs here that will not even let my dog move! They pin her down or corner her and the owners just sit there and don't even do anything! I had to pick my dog up before since she couldn't even get up and get away and the dog kept trying to jump up to pull her down from me and lady had to help me get the dog away while the owners sat there and watched, my dog was scared of the other dog. There is also a pitbull puppy that I assume is teething but will bite everything! Our first visit, it jumped at my face and tried nipping me, then untied my shoes and kept trying to chew my sweater. she would not listen then kept biting my dog, the owner did absolutely nothing too busy talking with other people. There definitely needs to be better rules here. Certain owners ruin it for everyone else! I wish we had a better dog park here with responsible owners!

  • Courtney
    More than a year ago
    Very good option

    So unlike a couple reviewers who have never even actually been to this park my dog and I (as well as several friends and their dogs) are regulars. I very strongly disagree with the comments about dog fights and aggressive dogs. I started bringing my dog as soon as she had all her shots at about 4 months and only 15 or so pounds. While she did knocked around a little by overly excited dogs, no dogs have every attacked her or anything. I read all of these reviews and was so scared to bring her, but now we go almost every day (4-5x a week for sure). The few times there have been dogs who didn't get along the owners were always quick to jump in. I have been very impressed with how well all of the owners have handled their dogs. My pup is now 9 months old and about 40 pounds and she loves it there. It can be hit or miss as far as dogs her size (although she loves playing with the big dogs). Before 11am or on "bad weather" days there are very few dogs. Around lunch and dinner time there are often a very large number of dogs. Only complaint is that its pretty much all dirt. They put some wood chips down but not over the whole park. They did just build a little Ramada which is nice on snowy or rainy days. If you come between Oct-April it's a good idea to bring a jug of water. There are bowls and people are pretty good about bringing water, but not always and the water fountain pipes are shut off in the winter. There are always tons of tennis balls around too which is nice!

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago

    I have yet to visit this park, but gave a "2" as a rating because of the negative reviews by some of the locals. Here is why... I was looking forward to bringing my 2 dogs up north to enjoy the cooler weather and a change of scenery. I have a Rottweiler and a Shepherd Pitbull mix. I would never bring "socially aggressive" dogs to a public outing if they were going to bite anyone or another pet. However after reading a few reviews it seems that MY dogs and probably my family would be frowned upon the second we entered the dog park. This is ridiculous, I don't want to travel 3 hours just to be "turned away" by locals and others that aren't educated enough on the bully breeds. We rescue bully breeds because of their status in society and raise them the way they should be. My point is that its very disappointing to not be excepted because of the pets we happen to have. In closing, BEWARE of some of the locals (no names mentioned) they seem to be disapproving of "out of towners" and their "socially aggressive" pets. (Sorry I didn't review the park, I don't think Ill have the chance to. Im sure its nice.)

  • Elizabeth
    More than a year ago
    .FYI winter months

    The dog area looked okay but was very muddy lots of pine cones on the ground. Our Aussie needed a good run so we walked across the parking lot and found a large field which was partially fenced where we could chuck the ball for him. It was perfect!

  • Mark
    More than a year ago
    Hit or miss

    I'm a Flagstaff local, and live a few blocks away from this park. Unfortunately, it is hit or miss. There are a lot of people who bring aggressive and misbehaved dogs who ruin it for the rest of us. I say I probably leave before I would like due to bad behavior from other dogs 4 out of 5 times, and have witnessed plenty of dog fights. I don't understand why people bring socially dangerous dogs...I guess because they have no space to exercise them? Anyway, you'll meet some wonderful people and pups. But when the rowdy ones show up, it's time to go. Also...your dog will leave filthy because it's all dirt, no grass (matters to me because my dog sleeps in bed with me). Monsoon rains? Your dog will be a mud mop. Winter Snow? It's an icy slip and slide. But apparently...it mustn't be that bad if I continue to go...or perhaps it's just the fact that it's the only dog park in this side of town... Enter at your own risk.

  • Stephanie
    More than a year ago
    Open area, no grass

    While the area is nice and open for dogs to run, it has no grass, just dirt. People were friendly and supervised their dogs. Water fountain and bags were available. Overall, compared to my home dog park which has beautiful grass and shade trees, this one seemed run-down and dirty.

  • Donnatella
    More than a year ago
    Great day!

    We had a great day in Flagstaff and the park was just what the pups needed. We spent and hour their and had no issue with the locals. Everyone was very friendly and the park was clean! Been back in Phx for 4hrs and pups are still passed out from their day of play ;) We will visit again!

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