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Piedmont Park Dog Park

Piedmont Park Dog Park is an off-leash park in downtown Atlanta, GA. This popular, 3-acre fenced dog park features a separate small dog section, benches, shade, canine water spigots and waste bags. The dog park is located under Park Drive bridge and adjacent to the Education Garden and Six Springs Wetlands. Please note that dogs must be leashed outside of the designated dog park. Visit Website

Or call (404) 875-7275 or email info@piedmontpark.org for more information.


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Piedmont Park Dog Park has received a rating of 3.3 out of 5 bones by 20 canine critics on BringFido and 3.5 out of 5 by 864 guests on TripAdvisor.

  • Shelley
    Jul 31, 2021
    No water and no shade in the summer

    We took our GSD to the park. The water on the large dog side was turned off. Very little shade for a summer day. The park could be very nice.

  • Koreen
    Aug 22, 2020

    I might be spoiled but this park is dirt and mulch. Most of the parents don’t watch their dogs. It is a large area. There were two dogs that kept harassing mine and their parents had no clue because they weren’t watching. Stopped at Park Tavern which was amazing for drinks and an appetizer. very dog friendly!

  • Athena
    Mar 18, 2019

    My dog had a wonderful time, but I didn’t appreciate the people who were ignorant and didn’t like my American Stafford mix (like a pit bull), she got along with other dogs and had no problem. Park and dogs where great but owners were not.

  • Katie
    More than a year ago
    I want to come here weekly!

    I came here a few days ago during the middle of a Tuesday and it was comfortably crowded. I loved it! I really only explored one of the fenced in areas with my pup but I love that there are different places to bring your dog and can’t wait to explore more next time. The two large water stations that I used worked perfectly fine and bowls were provided that were actually in good condition.

  • Amber
    Feb 18, 2018
    Very Big Area

    This park doesn't get 5 stars because of lack of shade, only one trash can, and only one drink faucet. This park is really big and awesome but you have to have more than one water faucet at the entrance. If your dog is at the other end they have to go all the way back to the entrance for a drink. There were some very large boulders thru out the park that the dogs were playing on. Also it drains very well. I was prepared for mud since it had rained for the last three days but there was very little.
    Don't let the few that don't pay attention to their dogs ruin it for you. I was there on a busy Sunday morning and the majority of people watched their dogs. There were a ton of puppies and every size /breed of dog you can think of.
    We will be going back. I have 3 Aussies and they are passed out!! Lol A tires dog is a good dog lol

  • J
    More than a year ago
    horrible dog owners

    Just the simple fact that there are dogs here without their owners to be found is enough to be said about this park. Dog owners bring their dogs and then LEAVE them there. When their dog attacks another or is victim, you will find nobody to care for them. And it is the most simple, most basic responsibility of dog ownership that you pick up after your pet but 9/10 I will see the waste just left there.

  • Clara-Marie
    More than a year ago
    it is not thew breed but the owner

    i went here and i found the owners to be ignorant ....no offense but if you have a dog and you take him to a park you should be paying attention instead of on the phone. I have a pit bull best dog i have EVER owned. however if you bring your baby here owners PLease pay attention they are our children. However i mostly take my babies to Deerlick Park way better park owners pay attention to their dogs and the dog parents there are amazing people :) <3

  • Julia
    More than a year ago
    Great, but....

    This park is wonderful! Tons of room for your dog to run around and play. But this park needs some shade. during the summer days it gets to hot and we have to leave. There are also aggressive dogs here. i heard that someones dog got killed here from an aggressive dog. Now i have a Doberman Pinscher but he is not aggressive, he will bark/growl if a dog crawls underneath him or ttys to steal his toy but he would never attack and bite. If a dog attacks him he will fight back but my by has never started a fight. i do not believe that the park should ban certain breeds such as pit bulls, rot ties, dogies and german shepherds. But i do want the owners to be more aware of there dogs behavior. Aggressive dogs should leave immediately. Other than that the park is wonderful for the dogs to run and play? :)

  • Kay
    More than a year ago
    Nice but beware of bad parenting

    This park is clean, large, and well-funded. It's great if you end up there with only a few dogs and owners. However, it gets crowded a lot and usually it's crowded by bad pet parents. Tons of disengaged owners, sitting aside on their phones or talking with friends and ignoring their ill behaving pet. People do bring dogs who are aggressive and what's worse is they pretend that it is normal play and laugh it off, or they ignore it completely. And let me clarify, I am not an owner who blows these things out of proportion. My dog loves to play rough, and I'm all for that but there are lots of bullies at this park and owners who don't know the difference. We have had great days here but I don't think we will be returning.

  • Go Green Pet Adventures, LLC
    More than a year ago
    Business Owner

    The absolute best park in Atlanta! I take several dogs each week to the dog park here. Off leash running is what I stress to all owners who want me to care for their pets. Secure. Sanitary. Perfect for all people to enjoy, along with pets.

  • Mandi
    More than a year ago
    Updated Park- Uptight Owners

    We are regulars to the park and LOVE it. Let me clarify: We(my GSD and GSD mix), regulars 2 times a day.
    While there are closer dog parks we make the drive to PDP because of the great experience the pups have. The park is one of the largest we have ever visited. My dogs get winded with all the running they can do without hitting a barrier. The park is divided into 2 "areas" by fence and walk way. One area is for under 30 or small dogs, the other is for large or over 30. Clearly with a German Sheperd we frequent the large dog park. Have we had issues with the park, YES...were they avoidable YES!!! If you have a small dog, please keep your small dog in the little dog park. If I took my over 30 dog in there and something happened, I would be responsible. Guess what...same goes for little dogs. There are too many dogs at the park to add your little dog into the large dog park too.

    There is plenty of water and bags to clean up mess and lots of dogs depending on the time of the day. It's a great way for dogs to socialize and wear one another out. What passes as a "fight" at this park, wouldn't even register as puppy play at other parks. Piedmont has the most uptight dog oweners of any park I have met, it's almost like they prefer their dog NOT interact with any other dog. Almost like this park is their personal back yard and other dogs are lucky to be here.

    My favorite thing about this park is Park Tavern, a dog friendly restaurant not too far of a walk away. PT has their own brews and the food is pretty good too. The best part though is that after playing in the park for a couple of hours we can garb dinner and head home ready to relax with tired pups.
    This park is privately funded and I enjoy it so much that I will continue to put my money where my mouth is.

  • Christal
    More than a year ago
    We are weekly visitors of PDP

    Piedmont Park's Dog park is great. There are two areas; one for dogs over 30 lbs and another for dogs under 30 lbs. Most owners are very responsible for their pet(s) and take great care of the park and monitor their pet(s). The dogs have so much room to play and run in. Our 140 lb Great Dane loves it there and can actually stretch his legs, running, without hitting a fence/other side of the dog park here! There are restrooms very close to the dog park and in my experience they are always open and clean (though there is never any hand soap there). If you look into "Meetup" they always have great "MeetUp" days for specific breeds of dogs and you can schmooze with other owners of your favorite breed(s)! Piedmont even has specific days that you can buy alcohol within the dog park itself and hang out watching your dog. The park does have numerous benches and two "watering" areas with water bowls and functional water for the pups year-round. In the summer it can get hot since there is very little tree cover, so go later in the day and the shade will be longer. There is also a large bridge that covers the large-dog park and it's always great for shade. The only downside is that the dog park is relatively far from any parking areas, especially if you don't want to pay for parking. So if your dog is excitable, it may be a "long" walk to get to the dog park.Summary: This is an extremely great dog park and we visit at least once, if not twice, weekly despite living 40 minutes away from it. Worth the drive!

  • Nanci
    More than a year ago

    IWe love the dog park. The pictures on her are old

  • Pam
    More than a year ago
    Do not feel safe bringing my dog here

    I would give this park a higher rating if it weren't for the fact that people frequently bring their unneutered, dog-aggressive dogs to this park, which they often walk on a leash through the off-leash area. Why? My dog regularly goes to doggy daycare, he enjoys the company of other dogs and is not aggressive but he will fight back if attacked. I have stopped coming here for fear of serious incidents.

  • Rose
    More than a year ago
    Great, except....

    I love the large space and the general set up. Most dogs and owners are very friendly. HOWEVER...the park needs to ban vicious breeds. Dogs have been killed by vicious breeds whose owner swore their dog wasn't aggressive.

  • Kristie
    More than a year ago
    Nice Sometimes

    This is a nice dog park if your dog likes to run. It can get crowded and very hot, only about 5% of the park shaded in the afternoon. There always seems to be first timers or dogs that aren't great, so you just have to pay close attention to your pup in this park.

  • Midtownblue
    More than a year ago
    New Dog Owner

    Hi -- some of the postings here are incorrect. You do not need to walk through the big dog park to get to the small dog area. There is parking, but humans have to walk a bit (imagine that...!). There is always a shady area under the bridge, but not always under the small (but growing) trees depending upon the angle of the sun. There are quite a number of seating areas for humans -- benches & rocks -- at multiple areas of the park.

  • Brian
    More than a year ago
    Not that great

    No shade for the dogs. To get to the small dog area you have to walk through the big dog area. Some aggessive dogs on the weekends. There is running water but sometimes it leaks which makes a big muddy mess.
    Hopefully with the park improvements they will address these issues.

  • Janet
    More than a year ago
    It's ok

    Within the past year, a dog was killed by another out of control dog. I don't enjoy this park because of the lack of shade and seating. It's not great for lack of parking as well.
    What they do offer is running water to fill water bowls.

  • Brett
    More than a year ago

    This place is great. Tons of dogs and lots of fun.

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