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Longport Dog Beach

Longport Dog Beach (also known as Somers Point Dog Beach, Malibu Beach or just Dog Beach) is an off-leash dog beach located at Malibu Beach Wildlife Management area in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Dogs of all sizes are encouraged to play in the sand and water. The beach is located at the base of the Ocean Drive Bridge on the Longport side across from the fishing pier. Owners must bring their own water and waste disposal items. There are no trash receptacles so be prepared to dispose of all trash off site. Visit Website

Or call (856) 629-0090 for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Longport Dog Beach has received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 bones by 92 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Artesha
    Jan 31, 2024
    Great location

    Dogs had a great time, very clean beach and owners cleaned up after their pets. They also have 2 parking lots, but it does fill up fast so get there early.

  • Shannon
    Jul 28, 2023
    Minimal parking

    this is the only beach I’ve found so far in Nj that is a full time dog beach. no time restrictions. no area restrictions. no leash restrictions. my dog can enjoy the beach when he want and freely while there.
    haven’t had any issues with other dog or the owners, but there are a lot of dogs on the beach at once so make sure you keep an eye on your dog.
    waves are small so my pup can jump in and still get the full beach experience. sand has a lot of shells laying around so it can get sharp at times.

    only major downside is the severe lack of parking space. I was lucky enough to get there early the few times I went but the lot fills up quite fast.

  • Katie
    Jul 22, 2023
    Exactly what a dog beach should be

    This is by far the best dog beach in the area. There is so much space for the dogs to run and play. All the dogs can really do as they please and don’t feel so caged in. it’s great. It is on a fairly busy street though, so we always keep our pups leashed until we are at the actual beach area. and it is VERY busy. We always go early and have no problems !

  • A
    Jul 5, 2023
    Cali loved the beach

    Lots of wonderful dogs with their humans. I loved dog beach and so did my little Cali.

  • Teddi
    Jul 4, 2023
    A great time!

    We loved this dog beach! It was our first time taking the dogs to a beach, and this was a perfect experience. Lots of dogs on and off leashes, everyone was very friendly. Many people on the sand and in the water with the dogs. We drove over 2 hours to the beach from PA for a day trip, and we’ll do it again as soon as we can!

  • Elizabeth
    Jun 18, 2023
    She LOVES Dog Beach!

    We are here nearly every weekend during the summer, often on Sat and Sun. Off-leash, wide open space, plenty of room. It’s not unusual to see 50-75 dogs on the weekends. As other reviews note, nearly all dogs/owners are well-behaved; if you run into one that isn’t, there’s plenty of space to avoid them. Folks bring umbrellas and chairs and picnics (alcohol not allowed) and spend the day. Bring water! (although most people are happy to share if you forget or run out) Parking is tight, but we’ve never waited more than 5-10 minutes for a spot—there is pretty constant turn-over. They will give an outlandishly expensive ticket for parking on the shoulder of the road and this year there are signs posted in the no-parking areas. We usually stay an hour to an hour and a half. There are all sizes and kinds of dogs, from Great Danes and Newfies (one day there were 3 Newfs!) to toy poodles and Pomeranians. If your pup is shy, the far end of the beach is never crowded. As previously mentioned, there’s a box of donated/lost toys at the entrance and poop bags go in the parking lot dumpster. Most owners keep a close eye and clean up as expected, but I have seen dogs poop in the ocean, at the edge of the surf, so something to be aware of if you want to get in the water. I’ve seen someone flying some motorized kite thing, but only once. The best was the guy who brought a serious RC car and all the dogs chased it. Overall, Dog Beach is AWESOME!

  • Nicolette
    Feb 20, 2023
    Great beach

    my dog loves to go here every summer. I just got a new puppy and can’t wait to introduce him to the doggy beach. parking is the only thing that can sometimes be an issue

  • Rachel
    Oct 8, 2022
    A Lot of Fun!

    We were in town visiting for the weekend from out of state, and we had so much fun! We went on a Saturday in October, so it wasn’t too crowded, but a little chilly. However, I think the doggo liked it a little cooler because she ran with other dogs for over an hour. Definetly a fun spot to bring the dog to. ❤️

  • Ally
    Sep 10, 2022
    Great beach!

    our dog had the absolute time of his life at longport dog beach! parking is iffy, but we didn’t have a big problem. we went around noon & there was plenty of room for our dog. to run & play. mostly everyone is so friendly & observant of their dogs. there is a box of toys at the entrance of beach in case you forgot any! there are no garbage cans on the beach, but a dumpster in the parking lot. and unfortunately no water spicket, make sure to bring your own! the beach is big, we will go back anytime we are able!

  • Mike
    Aug 29, 2022
    Love this place

    can’t imagine how crowded it must be on weekends. but during the week, on a sunny day it is PERFECT. Lots of room for your pup to run with others or go solo

  • Amanda
    Aug 8, 2022
    Little slice of doggy Heaven!

    If I die, I hope heaven is a place just like this. Dogs roaming, swimming and playing freely. It was our first time today but it won’t be our last. My girl is super friendly and had no issues being at the beach. Beware of explosive poops from swallowing too much salt water lol. We learned the hard way. Most dogs are extremely friendly, but yes you have to keep an eye out to be safe. We did notice one dog who was constantly “attacking” any dogs that approached their family. Family didn’t correct the dog and even try to break it up. We stayed away and just played in the waves.

  • Morgan
    Jul 30, 2022
    A dogs dream!!

    We took a small weekend vacation to Ocean City and brought our dog along… this place was absolutely amazing. from owners to all of the dogs… it was like a dream. parking gets crazy by 10 AM though so I recommend getting there sooner - but absolutely awesome experience!!

  • Kristin
    Jul 10, 2022
    Looks fun

    We tried to get to this beach today but due to the parking, we were unable to venture to the beach. Make sure you get there early or have enough patience to wait for a spot to open.

  • Carol La Peruana
    Jun 1, 2022
    Best beach OVER. Must LOVE dogs

    Our 6 month old American bulldog puppy loved it and socialized really well with all of the dogs and humans of all sizes. most of the dogs are off leash & many times we did not know the owners of all the various dogs that came up to us. We Love all dogs and did not mind at all. sometimes they would come in and eat our puppies’ kibble or take her treats and bones and she did not care. It was really wonderful to see so many dogs just able to run on the beach and jump in the water. parking can be a bit tricky since the lots are small but we did realize that if you just wait a little bit, somebody will be leaving soon.
    Also no facilities at all except for the Porta potties that get very gross.

  • Lauren
    Jun 27, 2021
    Want To Give A Huge Shout Out To My Dog Henry's Guardian Angel Today

    My boyfriend and I visited the Longport dog beach today with our pup Henry. When we arrived we could not get over how many dogs were playing and carrying on all over the beach. This place was like a dogs dream! For the most part all of the owners were extremely tentative to their dogs handling their business and cleaning up afterwards and so many owners played with other dogs as if they were their own. Unfortunately there were these two guys who brought a wind surf Kite on the beach and did not take notice or have any self awareness that the kite they were flying was making a lot of dogs feel extremely uncomfortable and uneasy. As it kept getting worse and the tension was rising my Pup Henry booked it after listening to all the other dogs barking and ducking terrified of this thing. We were pretty far down the beach and he ran as fast as he could toward the car. My boyfriend and I could not catch him as he was running across the highway to get to our car parked in the far parking lot a stranger saw him and took it upon himself to run with my dog to stop the car that almost hit our dog. By the time we got to him our emotions were so high that we did not get a chance to say Thank you to the man that saved our dogs life today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and I hope this message gets to you and also gives other dog owners a heads up. I read kites weren't allowed on the dog beach for this reason. Unfortunately we will not be back, but it was and amazing experience up until that happened.

  • Diana
    Jun 17, 2021
    Awesome beach

    We always come here a few times in the summer. The parking is small, so you better get there early or will have to wait until someone gets out. The police will give you tickets if you are not parked in the parking lot. I saw that someone wrote that it was closed but it’s not. You just have to get there early and park in the correct lot. Also, dogs and owners are super friendly.

  • Kristina
    Jun 8, 2021
    This Beach ROCKS!

    This is my new favorite spot to bring my dog Willow. I love that everyone has been so respectful and I've never seen so many good doggos in one spot! Only con to this place is that the parking can be a bit tricky!

  • Katy
    Jun 1, 2021
    Great dog beach

    Beautiful dog beach. Our pup had so much fun!

  • Geary
    May 23, 2021
    Longport Dog Beach Permanently Closed

    I have been coming here for years. It was the only off-leash dog beach in NJ. Sadly, while I was there today, the police came through ticketing and towing all the cars. They explained that the beach is permanently closed due to the high number of traffic-related fatalities in the area. Such a sad day.

  • Sophia
    May 6, 2021
    It was a Pawesome Time

    my boyfriend and I took our little chihuahua there and we all had amazing time. all the dogs were off leash and all the owners were super friendly. had such a blast we plan to go every morning of our vacation!

  • Leah jean
    Aug 31, 2020

    We loved it!!! parking is a pain. you may have to park on the other side of the bridge and walk over but totally worth it. 99% of the dogs are off leash so don’t bring your dog unless they are friendly with other dogs. my puppy had a great time socializing and swimming. def one of the nicer dog beaches we have been to!

  • Eric
    Aug 15, 2020
    So Nice Visited Twoce

    What a wonderful outing with our pups! Although parking quickly became scarce (lots of pups there both days!), the beach was clean, the sand was soft, and everyone my wife and I met were so wonderful. the waves were light enough that our dog could chase her ball a fair way into the water without worry.
    We enjoyed it so much we brought them back the next morning during our stay in OC, NJ. Would highly recommend (Saturday morning was PACKED so get there early!).
    Sidenote: there was no fee or beach tag to enter the beach, which was great!

  • Lincoln
    Aug 9, 2020
    Loved it!

    What a great place to bring your dog. Very clean and the people and other dogs are so friendly. My pup had so much fun!

  • Angelique
    Jul 13, 2020

    absolutely love this place! it’s so clean and everyone is so nice and careful with their dogs! parking area is small and if it’s full there isn’t any other area to park. make sure to get there early! I went around 8ish on a Monday and it was empty. around 11 it started getting packed. I forgot to my pack my dogs water but thankfully there is a wawa near by!

  • Jessica
    Jun 5, 2020
    Awesome dog beach!

    We visited this beach yesterday for the first time and it was great! My boyfriend, our 2 year old, our pup Kona, and myself had a great time. It was very clean and everyone was chill and friendly that we encountered. Although on bay side, it felt like the beach beach, with some waves, nice sand and shells. Only complaint is that it is right along a busy road and bridge, if you park across the street from the beach be careful. We carried our 6 month old lab mix across and didn't let her off the leash being so close to the road, but there was plenty of beach to go down and be further away from the road. Friendly people and friendly pups, and a great location being so close to OC. Already planning our next beach day! (:

  • Robin
    Sep 22, 2019
    Great Experience

    Visited a couple of weeks ago with my 5 month old doodle "Gus"
    Well behaved dogs, yes, they were off leash, but the owners where right on top of things.
    The water was clean. Parking close by.
    Bring a lot of water. I would go back!
    Only drawback were the flies...they showed up after a couple of hours, we had to leave because they were biting.

  • Sophie
    Aug 18, 2019

    The beach is lovely, many dogs are friendly but there are a few dogs where the owner seems to have little control over their dog. I saw one dog marking on a person’s beach chair and others growl but then there was also a lot of friendly dog play. I was wary of letting our dog off leash because some of the growling. Mainly large and medium sized dogs with a few terrier and poodle mixes.

  • Jamie
    Aug 17, 2019
    Love It!!!!

    We have been coming here for years. Some of the reviews complain about biting flees and smells. I never experienced any of it...but like any other beach the atmosphere relies on the weather and the direction of the breeze. Our dog loves to swim and run and the fact that leashes are not requires makes an enjoyable and relaxing day for our whole family. If your dog is not good with other dogs approaching them and running around...don’t bring them here. Lots of dogs running free and they will probably not do too well. People have actually acted angry about dogs approaching their leashed dogs and wanting to play. Just know that this is an OFF Leash park
    And owners will not always be right by theirs dogs to keep them away from yours.

  • Molly
    Jun 11, 2019

    My Lab Lucy and I cannot wait for an another fun summer at the beach🎉 Lucy loves swimming and when I discovered this beach were dogs could be off leash and swim in the bay my summer was made! All of the pet owners seemed to keep a good eye on their dogs, most of the dogs at the beach were friendly and on the bigger size. If you have a dog who loves to swim or just run around I would 100% recommend the Long Port dog beach!!

  • Christine
    Jun 3, 2019
    Longport Dog Beach June 2019

    This was our first time at the Dog Beach. My mom and I took our dog Pixie. We arrived a little after 10:30 on Monday June 3 and there were already about 10 dogs there. The beach was clean. We had no trouble getting a parking spot. There is a dumpster in the parking lot because there are no trash cans. Across the street is the fishing pier where there are trash cans and two porta potties. We didn't experience any problems.

  • June sondra
    Sep 9, 2018
    Great doggie beach!

    There are no trash cans, so u have to take your poop bags with u when u leave, unfortunately some people conveniently forget and there are bags of poop sitting on the sand. Other than that, it is a nice spot..my girls run and play in the ocean.

  • Steph
    More than a year ago
    Best Dog Beach on Northeast Coast

    Best dog beach on Northeast Coast!

  • Kelly
    More than a year ago
    Fun Day @ the Beach

    Had a fun day at the beach. Longport is one of the only beaches where dogs are allowed during the summer. All the dogs were dog friendly that we met. Great spot to take your dog to the beach.

  • J todd
    Jul 9, 2018
    Summer 2018

    We arrived at this beach on a beautiful July afternoon on a Monday. It was busy but not crowded.

    I lucked out with a great parking space right near the beach. Though I can see where if we arrive at another point we might not of been so lucky.

    We kept both of our dogs on lead, until we were sure that they could both be trusted to stay with us. There are a lot of other dogs that came to say hello, but none were aggressive or intimidating to my two. My dogs are work driven, and thus chased the ball endlessly as we threw it into the surf.

    It was great that people came and went with dogs the time we were there on lead. At no time did it feel like any dog was not being controlled by a human in someway. It was so great to see so many dogs wanting to play with each other, their humans, or just in the water.

    We will be back!

    On this particular day the waves were nice but not too big, and the water was spectacularly warm and inviting. I had brought a 5 gallon jug of water to clean house and the dogs off with, and I advise it if your dog lens itself to embracing the sand.

    If you have not had success at other beaches, I would encourage you to check this one out.

  • Denise
    More than a year ago
    Awesome day at the beach!!

    Was a little hesitant to try, but boy are we glad we did!! We went on a Thursday afternoon. There were about 20 dogs or so and most of them were extremely friendly. There were a few who were aggressive, but the owners kept them on a leash. Super clean beach, friendly owners . Our dog had thee best time. It was a great day watching all of the dogs romp in the ocean and roll around in the sand. Everyone picked up after their pet. Plenty of parking and a Wawa close by. No parking fees or beach tags required.

  • Daniel
    Jun 30, 2018
    No parking, not worthwhile

    The beach is noce IF they let you park on the road leading up to it. There is precious little parking in the two lots. Maybe enough for 40 cars absolute max and it shares parking with a fishing area. I drove 2 hours with my dog and arrived to no parking. Two police officers were there directing traffic and not allowing street parking. I asked if there was more parking and was told no and to go home. I drove around in circles for 35 minutes and could not park. There is no way to park anywhere else and walk. There are no beaches or dog parks within an hour of there that don't require you to be a registered member. I left and will not return. Having a dog with me i couldn't even go anywhere else. You have been warned. Probably only worth checking the lot if you live locally.

  • Paul
    Jun 26, 2018
    Flies, dodo, and pheeeeew (Not suitable for man and beast together)

    I was here June 2018
    a) Flies: are everywhere at this dog beach, and they bite
    b) Dodo: dog feces everywhere
    c) Pheeeeew: It stunk like hell! I was not a math major but ( b yields (delta) c + a)
    In the alternate, I was at Wildwood dog beach (Poplar Ave) last year and it is head and shoulders above this one.

    Unlike Wildwood beach, this location is far from the 'manning crowd', and is not easy to find, and I believe the reason for its poor upkeep. It seems like an afterthought as opposed to a well thought out planned beach for humans and dogs.

    I wrote that it is not suitable for man and beast together because it isn't. I saw large dogs enjoying it, I saw dogs urinating and defecating everywhere. Some owners picked up....(that was the rarety), and thus 'delta flies and pheeeew'.
    Don't take me wrong it warmed the 'cockles of my heart' to see all those dogs happy. Unfortunately that is where is started and that is where it ended. I could not stay mainly because of the flies attacking me and my wife and the stink was unbearable.

    In the alternate, the location in Wildwood is overseen, and is in the middle of the regular beach and off the boardwalk. It therefore is seen, monitored, and maintained. This beach is not.
    I would not bring my small dog here again due to the failure to maintain this beach properly.

  • Jen
    More than a year ago

    I'm so mad we waited until after summer to check this place out! All the dogs were friendly, all the owners kept an eye on their dog(s) it was super clean and since it's on the bay side the water was no where as rough as the ocean side which was a relief.. can't wait to go back again

  • Michele
    More than a year ago
    A great family day!

    2017 September. We just discovered this beach and were amazed with the people and dogs! Dogs and people of all shapes and sizes were interacting. Dogs were playing with each other, people were playing with dogs besides their own, and everyone was having a wonderful time! It's not often that dogs are able to be off leash, and having this opportunity at a beach is truly a unique experience.

  • Brian
    More than a year ago
    Great Dog Beach

    The dogs and the people we met here were all very friendly. The signs say "No Swimming" and that dogs must be on leash, but people were swimming and many of the dogs were off leash, which I was happy to see. The dogs need a beach to run free on, and this one fits the bill. I did notice some dog poop high up on the beach by the dunes, which is sad because if dog owners abuse the beach, the authorities are likely to get tougher on enforcement if dog owners aren't willingly responsible. That said, the main part of the beach was clean and we enjoyed our day, and our dog loved it. We will be back often.

  • June
    More than a year ago
    Fun and clean

    Nice spot for our fur babies to romp and play!

  • Penny
    More than a year ago
    Loverly day at the doggie beach

    I highly recommend this doggie beach!! Everyone was friendly, including the dogs. It was clean and free!! It was our first time and we plan to go back!! If the parking lot is full I'm not sure where alternate parking is. Some parked on the road and unfortunately got tickets. The path in is a little hazardous for someone with physical limitations. I had to help my mom down the rocky path. It was crowded but if ur willing to walk to the far end you probably would find its less crowded. I wish I knew about this year's ago. My Maggie is 10 and she has arthritis so she tired out pretty fast.

  • Stecia
    More than a year ago
    Best off leash park

    We have been going here for a few years, with different dogs as our pups aged and passed away. We recently moved closer and have been here at least a few times a week for the last 3 months. Here's the deal- off season, people are pretty good about picking up after their pets, but there are always going to be the ones who dont keep a close eye on thier dog and dont catch them pooping. Stop complaining and pick it up yourself if it bothers you. I always bring at least 3 bags and i will offer one to people who dont look like they are going to do the right thing. Subtle, i know. Here's the thing with trash- last year was an issue, the cans were overflowing, it was gross. There was a dispute on who was responsible for pick up. So they took away the cans altogether. Earlier in the year, there was a dumpster on the other side of the road to use. Now, as of a few weeks ago, there is a dumpster in the parking lot at the far end. Supposedly it will be maintained by ocean city. Parking- yeah, not fun but guess what, its a free park/beach and one of the only ones that is actually off leash (for those that dont know, most OC beaches are pay) If you are worried about it being too crowded, go early or later in the day. As low tide has been around 3-5pm, thats when we go and its busy but not crazy. Check the tide chart for the area as the beach gets very small at high tide. Overall, people are nice and the dogs are friendly but there will always by "disagreements" between dogs, just dont freak out! People that cant or wont control their dogs are usually called out and they leave out of shame, which is good. I will miss this park greatly when we leave this area as there are very few off leash beaches like this in the country.

  • George
    More than a year ago
    Great Dog Beach Day

    May 28, 2017 This is our 3rd year coming here and it is a CLEAN, nice, beach full of dogs and humans who keep an eye on them. No issues between dogs, no people not picking up, just dogs and people interacting and enjoying the day. The beach itself is good, flat no drop off. There are porta potties in the parking lot across the street by the fishing pier. Don't believe the haters, this is a CLEAN, good dog beach with attentive owners and dogs just enjoying their day at the beach. To my knowledge it is the ONLY off leash dog beach in NJ so stop b##ching about the parking, facilities, no life guards... Just bring your dog and be thankful !

  • George
    More than a year ago

    I can't wait until this place is shut down. People don't deserve this. They can't keep it clean.

  • Michele
    More than a year ago

    This dog beach is a disgrace and the reason why many places will not allow dogs on beaches because humans are lazy and do not clean up after their pet. I live 5 minutes away and have tried so many times to go this beach. It has always been a negative experience. The smell of trash filled with overflowing poop is sickening. It is sad that what could be a wonderful experience is not because of a small percent of people who feel they can just leave the waste at the beach. Lazy and shameful. and why cant the trash be picked up daily during the summer months?

  • Conrad
    More than a year ago
    Perfect Day Trip!

    Came all the way from Baltimore. Only 2.5 hr day trip. Amazing location, friendly dogs, great people and awesome area!

  • Chauncie
    More than a year ago
    happy tails, happy trails

    Our dogs first beach visit. Lots of friendly dogs, and so much fun! Everyone is really nice!

  • Doggie Mommy
    More than a year ago
    Nice beach

    Hello Everyone, I am also a doggie mommy and love to bring my dog to this park. While i haven't been to this beach in 3 years, since my baby passed away. I am planning on a visit with my new baby girl. I ask other doggie mommies and daddies to please include the date of your visit in your message. This way we know if this are getting better or worse. Much appreciated and I hope to see you at this beach soon. June 26, 2016

  • Kevin
    More than a year ago

    Our dog loves the water. We take on the East river daily but I cant swim with her. So we found this spot. Beach was pretty clean, soft sand, water crystal clear and no problems with other dogs. We stayed two nights and loved every minute there. As the title says, perfect.

  • Joe
    More than a year ago
    Beach Needs monitoring

    We have tried a couple other beaches before this one. here is what we liked and didn't like.
    Pros: 1) off leash 2) most of the people we encountered were friendly and so were their dogs 3) not too big

    Cons: 1) parking lot was small and filthy (trash cans over flowing). The trek on the highway was a bit treacherous if you park there. 2) trail from lot to beach was narrow and awkward 3) no toilet facilities for people (i guess we are supposed to use the bushes?) 4) No life guard or park ranger or police officer to cite the ignorant people for not cleaning up after their dogs.

    Over all we had a good experience there the day we went. The parking lot was atrocious, and so was the small winding trail (which we missed the entrance to because it was blocked by a mountain of trash in front of it). As from reading some reviews from people who had negative experiences, I say give it another chance. There will be ignorant people anywhere you go. Fortunately we did not run into any on the day we went. The beach is not too big but it is a little small, gets crowded real fast. When you don't have enough room to spread out, well things will happen. I think if there was a ranger or beach patrol to write citations for not being a responsible pet owner, the ignorant may be more inclined to be more responsible.

  • Lesley
    More than a year ago
    A Real Beach

    I have taken Jeter to other dog beaches. This beach is human size, clean and has port o potty and free parking. Can't beat this spot! My weekend home is in AC. It's close to that and the beach is big enough to lounge on. Next time I'm bringing my beach gear and we will stay all day on another 78 degree day. I wish I could post the video. I love this place more than Jeter.

  • Anonymous
    More than a year ago
    Aggressive Dogs

    People ruin this experience by letting their aggressive dogs off lead. Without naming any specific breeds, so the crazies don't attack my post and miss the point, some of the dogs need to stay on a leash. They all go a little nuts for the first 10 minutes but SOME get worse instead of calming down. The worse thing about it is the fact that the owners are in such denial. If you have an aggressive breed... please don't come and if you do... keep your dog on a leash.

  • Kate and Button
    More than a year ago
    Heaven for dogs

    This place was great! My dog LOVES other dogs and she's half lab, so she loves water. Everyone was really nice and responsible with their dogs, I ran out of poop bags pretty quickly though, so make sure to bring more than you think you'll need. And definitely bring water. My silly dog kept drinking the salt water so she got sick and I didn't want it to get worse so we left after only an hour ???? but for dogs that don't drink saltwater I highly recommend it!

  • Linda
    More than a year ago
    Super dog beach!!!

    I have used this beach for walking my dogs since 1975. It has always been a great dog walking beach and back then you could even drive on this beach. I am so glad Atlantic County has such a wonderful place for our best friends to play, especially OFF LEASH which is almost unheard of these days. I now live in Florida and unfortunately it is a very unfriendly dog state. Near where I live in Melbourne there is only ONE dog beach which recently opened, it is only a block long, there are rocks and coral in the shallow waters which makes it almost impossible for humans or dogs to walk thru to deeper water to swim, and dogs must be on a leash. I don't even use this beach because it is barely worth it. So I stick to my inground pool and acre yard with outings to other fun places to socialize my dogs. Florida needs to change her attitude about mans best friend.

  • Chisa
    More than a year ago
    great beach!

    Here for work from Nashville, minus the cold my dogs loved playing here!!

  • Aron
    More than a year ago
    Perfect beach

    Love this beach. We go there all the time and spend the whole day; we don't go to any other beach anymore. The waves are not huge as it's on an inlet, so the dogs can really swim far out. Plenty of room to get a little space if you want it, and rarely have ever seen a problem between dogs. Most owners are friendly and good about picking up after their dogs. Wish there were more beaches like this.

  • Lahn
    More than a year ago
    Beach dog park

    It's a 2h drive from Wilmington DE. But totally worth it for a day trip. Make sure you make a potty break (a human one) before you get there because there's no kind of amenities but hey, free parking! We found the place pretty clean but went on a Friday. Of course, it's not the nicest beach every but it's perfect for doggies!
    It's just like a dog park, if you know your dog behaves and feel comfortable in a dog park, you're good to go and you and your pup will have a blast. If you have doubts about that and plan on keeping your dog leashed, don't go or at least not a busy week-end day. We found all dog and their owners very friendly, we had a blast!

  • Brian
    More than a year ago
    Very Nice!

    It was great. Took family on a Friday in early August to try it out and we were pleasantly surprised. Parking was free, dogs and people were responsible. Beach was clean and nice. We recommend it!

  • Denise Cramer
    More than a year ago
    Great place to go with your dogs.

    Took a long time to find a nice place to go with my dogs,and then I came across Longport Dog Beach. The whole family had such a great time running in the sand and enjoying the ocean. The dogs really enjoyed running free and making lots of new friends,the other dog owners were very friendly also. My whole family can't wait to return.

  • Adele
    More than a year ago
    Bad beach, irresponsible owners

    We usually go to the "other" dog beach but decided to try this one. First about the beach: the waves were small but still too much for my dog.
    The owners: One person had a un-neutered male pit bull. The owner was on one end of the beach, the dog was on the other peeing on these peoples belongings who had a dog who wasn't great with other dogs and they were trying to responsibly keep away from other dogs! When the owner of pit bull heard her dog was peeing on peoples things she said "well it's a dog beach". Most irresponsible owner I've ever met! Then this small dog came up to our belongings and peed on it! The owners apologized profusely (at least they apologized) but it caused many other dogs to investigate our things and I had to shoo them away. Won't be going back, we will stick to the other dog beach with more responsible owners.

  • Leslie
    More than a year ago
    Highly recommend

    We took our 8 month old mastiff here and he had a blast. We took him off the leash and he ran around and went in the water with all the other dogs. There were probably about 40-50 dogs there. The beach was clean and owners were all friendly. Wished we lived closer, we would be there all the time. Bring toys, poop bags, and water.

  • Alli
    More than a year ago
    A lot of fun!

    My dog had an absolute blast being able to swim and play without having to be on a leash. The only downside was that people don't seem to pick up after their dogs. It would be helpful if a "doggy disposal unit" was installed for those who don't have bags. That way there would not be an excuse! Otherwise, most of the dogs that were there were well-socialized. I recommend it!!

  • Emma
    More than a year ago

    I love the beach but I hate leaving my dogs home. They already have to stay home all day during the week when I'm working so when I do things on the weekends I try to make sure they're dog friendly activities. This beach is wonderful! It took me a little over an hour to get there (and about 13 in tolls round trip) and we had a blast! My two dogs and I weren't there for the whole day but we plan on going in the morning next time so we can take full advantage :)

  • JG
    More than a year ago

    Was so excited to hear there was a dog friendly beach near our favorite beach destination OCNJ. DISAPPOINTING for both my husband and I and our dog. It's dirty, narrow and usually filled with sharp shells, rocks an Dead Sea life and birds, as well as dog poop. Can we have a real Dog Beach? Come on there's hundreds of miles of beach in NJ, can't we give a small nice section for dogs. I don't even want to walk there myself let alone let my dog stumble around on broken glass and trash. WAKE UP NJ, get a real dog beach. Looking for better beaches that include my dog on vacation.

  • L
    More than a year ago

    The day started ok until other dogs started taking my dogs toys and the owners didn 't seem to care until I asked for them back. I shouldn't pack a bag of toys for other dogs!!!

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Great Time

    This was my dogs first trip to the beach. The sand is blackish from the bay but the beach was clean. People are friendly and the dogs were well behaved.
    I will go again as it was well worth the trip!

  • Alison
    More than a year ago

    Writing this labor day weekend 2013. We went on Sunday and I was a little scared after reading some of the reviews about it being dirty etc, but I am so glad we went! It was perfect. I did not see any poop laying about, no trash, a perfect amount of friendly people and dogs. We will definitely be going back here every chance we get. I'm not sure how old some of the bad reviews are but we found it clean, on a holiday weekend no less!!

  • Marcella
    More than a year ago
    Awesome summer fun

    We were trying to find something fun to do with our dog and knew the regular beaches were off limits this time of year. Thanks to "Bring Fido" we found this beach. Our beagle, Yeager, had a great time. He loved being off leash, investigating the sand & surf, playing fetch. At first he was hesitant to go near the water, but after some time got adventurous . Only negative, there's no sign. We pased it and had to pay the bridge toll to turn around.

  • Dixie'sMom
    More than a year ago
    walking the dog ...

    going down next week and find it HARD to believe that boardwalks don't allow dogs - where's a fun place to take both the kids and the dog?

  • Dianne
    More than a year ago
    Nice beach for the dogs

    Took my two huskies there on 8/12 and they had a blast. First time on a beach in the summer. Both my dogs were on long leashes. They are very sociable but it would be nice if everyone kept their dogs on leash, or at the least kept an eye on them. I had one dog that wouldn't leave me alone as I sat in the sand watching my two play. As much as I love dogs I don't always want a strangers dog walking all over me. And, my female dog can get a bit protective of me around dogs she is not familiar with. It is just common courtesy to keep a watch on your dogs. My dogs love to play with other dogs but there is a proper way to greet to avoid any issues between the dogs. And, if your dog is not friendly or meets well, then don't bother bringing them to a social setting like this.

  • Diane
    More than a year ago
    Not Clean

    The beach itself is nice and dogs there were friendly but the fact that nobody cleans up after their dog makes this beach not worth the trip. The amount of dog poo in the surf and on the beach is awful, disgusting and unsanitary.

  • Jaynie Perry
    More than a year ago
    Couldn't live without doggie beach

    This beach is really in Egg Harbor Township, not Somers Point or Longport. I can see why people get confused. We lost a lot of the dunes due to Sandy. I hope the State can help out with this. I breed Golden Doodle and I have a doodle Romp every year at this beach. We have lots of fun. Most people are friendly and are smart enough not to bring a dog who is nasty. There are sometimes altercations, but we have to remember they are dogs and just like us they don't always get along. 8/10/2013

  • Penny
    More than a year ago
    dog attack

    My family took our 10 month old lab to the dog beach Sunday, August 4. We were there less than 5 minutes when our dog was attacked while my teenage son held had her on her leash. a white hair male jogger was cursing at his light colored lab type dog when it ran to my son & dog and bit my dogs face. The man kept jogging. We were in shock. A lovely lady from Philly offered us a washcloth and soap to clean our dogs bleeding cuts. Many others asked if she was ok but the man who owned the other dog didnt stop. He later returned jogging with his dog still off leash. NO apology or concern. I told him my dog was bleeding and all he said was "what do you want me to do". People told him to get off the beach. We took our puppy home and she has 3 cuts. Fortunately my son was not harmed. A smaller child may have been. There is no posting as to who to call if you have a problem here. We'll never be back. We do thank the kind woman who helped us. If you go ...beware and don't let small child hold on to your dog. The child may get bitten as well as your dog.

  • Brad
    More than a year ago
    Great place

    I have been wanting to go down for a few years and I finally made it. There was such a wide range of dogs from young to old (like my guy) big to small and they all got along so great. . All the people were very nice and all the dogs had such a great time. I will be going back again.

  • Erica
    More than a year ago
    worst trip ever

    The beach was filthy. There was broken glass and shells all over the beach, my stepson cut his foot. Near the surf it was all muddy and mucky and full of seaweed. We drove 4hrs to get there, stayed for 2hrs, and drove back home. Had I known the beach was in that type of condition I def wouldn't have made the trip.

  • Bernard
    More than a year ago
    Be considerate of the birds

    The east end of this beach is one of the few shore locations left where black skimmers and terns can nest and raise their young. The sanctuary is marked off, but some visitors do not understand that the birds nest amid the shells on the beach. Young birds have a tough enough time surviving raccoons, foxes, ghost crabs and predatory birds; please make sure that dogs do not get in among them and kill or harass them. 7-16-13

  • David
    More than a year ago
    We loved it

    I really enjoyed the beach....the people were great and my dog had lots of fun...will definitely go back

  • Susan
    More than a year ago
    like it!

    we just bought a home in somers point, found this park and loved it & the people. Anonymous in Pottstown is an idiot..you don't bring your dogs to a dog park if they don't get along with other dogs. that is the point of a dog park, to let your dogs loose..she talks about common sense but it looks like miss Pensatucksy doesn't have any!

  • Sylvain
    More than a year ago

    Plage parfaite pour tous humain et chien,

  • Nicky
    More than a year ago
    It's changed

    I live 15 minutes away. This used to be a great place, but as more people learn about it, it's become disgusting because people don't clean up after their dogs. Or people who don't have well trained dogs don't watch them. It's not the dogs fault. I suppose if you're just visiting this area you may not give the respect a place like this deserves. No other beach in this area allows dogs in the summer! Give this place more respect.

  • Anonymous
    More than a year ago
    Will not be back

    I brought my two malamutes down to have fun, or so I thought. My daughter had gone back to get our chairs and in the meantime, a couple came in with their Aussie and let him off leash right in front of my dogs who were on leash. My dogs were on leash for a reason, they didn't know the other dogs and when this dog ran into my dogs faces,, he started a fight. I got pulled over backwards and fell onto one of the dogs, mine or theirs. Fortunatel, nobody was hurt, but they didn't even ask if I was okay, just walked away and left me laying there with not even a care in the world ! One gentleman came over and asked if I was okay and offered to help. At least there was one decent person at this place. After that incident, my dogs remained on leash as it got very crowded. Not everybody cleaned up after their dogs as was obvious by the amount we saw up by the grass. After the boat activity in the inlet picked up, the water started to stink and so did my dogs. I will say they had fun, but after the incident, they remained on their long lines and we stayed at the end where it wasn't going to cause any problems. My dogs aren't fighters, but you DON'T let another dog off leash and run into the faces of dogs they don't know, it's only common sense.

  • Jen J. and Rich B.
    More than a year ago

    First off, FREE PARKING. That is one of the best parts, the other best part is the fact that your dog can run around off-leash and socialize with everyone else! Everyone was very friendly, as were the dogs. Our dog (yellow lab golden retriever mix) is only 9 months old and this location was her first experience at the beach and had a BLAST! There were dogs of all shapes and sizes, and the owners were fabulous as well. The only "negative" experience was one woman who had her dog on a very long leash and was annoyed when anyone else's dog went up to play with her dog. If you are looking for quiet alone time with your dog, this probably isn't the best beach for you (unless you walk further down away from the bridge, that area seemed a little less dog-populated). However, if you want to meet nice people and give your dog the freedom to run and play off leash in the sand and in the surf - this is the place to be!

  • Jenna
    More than a year ago
    Best Day Ever

    Definitely worth the trip! The beach was clean and most dogs were well mannered. We ran into one woman who said her dog was not dog-friendly (but was still off-leash for some reason?!?) but other than that everybody was having a great time! Beach was clean, I didn't see any dog waste that hadn't been cleaned up, and we were there for over 3 hours. Water is a little murky, but fine for the dogs to swim in!

  • Aaron
    More than a year ago
    Muddy and Dirty

    I took my yellow lab there for a day trip and left pretty disappointed. There's not many large swimming areas for dogs near Philadelphia so I was excited at the prospect of a dog beach. However, the beach was very muddy near the water, there was one spot where it was wet sand but everyone was packed into that little area. Also the first 6 or 7 feet of water was either muddy or poopy - I couldn't decide which. It was an ok area, but nearly worth the tolls on the parkway when it wasn't that clean.

  • H.H.
    More than a year ago
    Poop Beach

    Gee, did you run out of bags? Ask someone! We all carry extras. My grandson and I take the dogs to the beach a few times a year. Many times it was fine although crowded. The last time it was disgusting with turds baking in the sun, floating in on the tide, and when my grandson went to collect a particularly large and pretty shell, he uncovered a huge pile. Disgusting. A few ill mannered dog owners ruin a beautiful beach for the rest. I don't like walking barefoot stepping in landmines. And certainly won't lay down a blanket next to a dog pile. Besides being unsightly, disgusting and harmful to humans, dogs spread germs to each other too. Owners have caused dogs to become unwelcome and banned from so many places they would enjoy! A little care and consideration please.

  • Barbara
    More than a year ago

    This is our 2nd year going. I have a pitbull and most of my friends/circle do too that are so extremely well trained and behaved. We have been going now for 2 summers and LOVE it each time. I am not a fan of unaltered dogs but we have yet to have a problem with any. We only go for 2 hours at a time, but I have brought a few different friends and they all love it. I can't wait to go again tomorrow!!! Thanks for keeping this beach out there for us dog lovers who want to sun, swim and have fun in the ON SEASON WITH OUR DOGS!~!

  • Jay
    More than a year ago
    A little too crowded

    It was the 1st time for my 2 boxers on a beach this past Memorial Day holiday. We arrived to the beach around 10 a.m. and there was enough space to move around and for the dogs to run. But as the day got older, it became too crowded! Some of the dogs were ill-mannered and not so friendly as well. I saw a dog mark his territory on someone's beach chair/towel and the owner of the dog could care less. Another guy had a squeaky toy and all the dogs were running down the beach following this guy while everyone else is trying to call their dogs back. Well all in all, my dogs had a fun time, but some of the owners need to be a little more considerate.

  • Robyn
    More than a year ago
    A little piece of heaven

    This is absolutley a little piece of heaven tucked away in NJ. The beach is very clean. Mooky and Snookie had a wonderful day running on the beach! Thank you!!!

  • Charlotte
    More than a year ago

    Actually it is MALIBU BEACH, EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, NJ. Not Longport. Not SP.
    Too crowed these past few years and humans don't pick-up after their dogs. Please be considerate of others, and more importantly for the environment and health of all. Thank you!

  • Barbara
    More than a year ago

    I took my pitbull Savannah and a friends pitbull, Honey, there on Saturday (8.13.11) and they had the time of their lives. They ran, swam, played for a few hours. If you don't get there early enough parking can be a pain as the lot fills up quickly, but we got there around 11 and we didn't have too much trouble. It was a beautiful day out and there were easy 40 dogs there. We saw one or two piles/messes that hadn't been picked up but for the most part people cleaned up after themselves. It was a nice day for all! We plan to return this weekend!

  • Maryann
    More than a year ago
    Somer Point Dog Beach

    We take our tiny toy poodles Chloe and Lolato the Somer Point beach every weekend. The dogs are the beach are the happiest dogs ever. The dog owners keep the beach neat, clean and keep thier dogs under control at all times. In fact, thier is a video of the dog beach we took entitled Chloe and Lola at thier favorite Doggie Beach in Somers Point.on youtube. It can be found if you go intoi the internet seach engine and put in Somers Point Videos. It gives a full picture of what a great dog beach it is. Wonderful people and happy, joyful dogs can be found at that beach. I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!

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