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Timber Creek Dog Park

The Timber Creek Dog Park in Blackwood, NJ, is a nine-acre fenced dog recreation area for off-leash play featuring tons of trees for shade. Check out the pond near the dog park for a leashed swimming session! Visit Website

Or call (856) 216-2134 or email maggie.mccann@camdencounty.com for more information.


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Timber Creek Dog Park has received a rating of 4.3 out of 5 bones by 42 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Artesha
    Jan 31, 2024
    large gated dog park

    Dogs absolutely love this park, they are so anxious to get out the mintue we pull up. Very large fenced in dog park, with a pond on the outside. Also a great park to bring your kids, or to just sit in the field and have a picnic.

  • Alyssa
    Feb 1, 2022
    Love it!

    I see ALOT of Karen's who are saying they are "so upset" about dog's being off leash... And MOST of them are tiny dog owners or lab/retriever owners etc... And the ones ESPECIALLY pointing out that "big pitbulls" run up to them off leash... Ugh, HELLOOO! How arethese Karen's upset that a dog is running up to them being friendly? It's a DOG PARK! Fights CAN happen and WILL happen but if your a good handler you will immediately KNOW HOW TO SPERATE AND NOT BE SCARED TO! And if your the one scared of a certain breed being off leash THAN YOU MY LOVE SHOULD NOT BE AT THE DOG PARK because any dog has the right to be off leash and idk about you but my pitbull a Corso will NOT be punished because he is big and friendly! Every dog in that park deserves to try and be off leash and of course if something happens then nvr be off leash again HOWEVER, if you don't want to risk that than do NOT go to the DOG PARK! PERIOD! Sad seeing some ppl and their Karen ways! I had a lab latch onto my Corso andy boy sat there clenching because I am a good handler of my dogs! Ppl like these Karen's if my BIGGER DOG did fight back are the reasons big dogs like mine would get on trouble when they did ntn but defend himself! Even the small happy dog owners that lung at a big dog that is being nice want to act as of their "sweet baby" did ntn because of size when 99 out of 100 times it IS THE SMALL DOG YAPPING AND LUNGING CAUSING MOST PROBLEMS and us bigger dog owners let it go... It's a DOG PARK! A FABULOUS ONE AT THAT! So just know my 70/80lb pitbull and soon to be 120 plus lb Corso will be there swimming this summer! ♥️💯.... Xoxo... Your welcome and good luck with everything because this park is NICE ♥️ and hope y'all Karen's use your brain and realize if your happy little dog lunges at another and the other bigger dog snaps back PLZ BE FAIR AND REALIZE THAT WOULD BE YOUR DOG IN THE WRONG and don't punish due to size or a dog who is just hyper being friendly! Plz... Enjoy yourselves and the large dog owners PLZ HAVE RESPECT AND ATOP BUYING XL BREEDS UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED AND READY TO TAKE CONTROL if something gets out of hand! All dogs have the right to be off leash and have a chance to run without one! Again A GREAT DOG PARK! ATOP COMPLAINING ABOUT DOG FIGHTS! IT HAPPENS JUST LIKE KIDS ON THE PLAYGROUND! LIKE STOP IT!

  • Emily
    Dec 30, 2021
    A Series of Unfortunate Events

    There have been ALOT of bloodied dog fights here recently, and as well as a huge increase in tics this season and last. having a Dalmatian, I always see the tics and it’s not a major problem. But add in dog fights from the same dogs who’s owners don’t do anything about it and it’s not a welcome experience. Used to be my favorite spot. Such a shame ☹️

  • Holly
    Jul 13, 2021
    Best park in the area for trained dogs

    We have a very social dog that also loves to swim but is good about keeping us in sight, so this park is amazing for him. We have tried other parks in the area, but they seem so sad compared to Timber Creek. It is not well marked, so I wanted to give some good instructions for people new to the park. If you go up the trail to the right of the parking lot, you will come to a drink station. To the left is a small fenced in area for small dogs (though most come into the larger area anyway if they feel comfortable). To the right is the 9acre fenced in area. It is wooded and the sandy trails are sometimes muddy, so be prepared. There are many exits to wooded trails, v and your are expected to have your dog on leash. Many don't, which doesn't bother me because I assume they have well trained dogs, but it could be problematic for some, so just be considerate. The pond area is supposed to be an on leash area, and it has a few trails leading off it, but it does feel like its own area, so I feel comfortable letting my dog off leash to swim - there are enough trees to "fence" the area in. To get to the pond area, come into the larger fenced in area, walk around to the right until you get to the first gate exit and follow that trail straight until you are in an area with a bunch of trash cans. There is a trail off to the right that is significantly steeper than the others and that will lead you to the pond area. Our dog enjoys dunking his head under water and often drinks it - he has been recently tested as parasite free, so I guess it's okay? We still usually try and get him to not drink it and hose him off when we get home regardless. Hope this helps people that are confused with there not being any signs. We love it here :) <3

  • Stephanie
    Jul 8, 2021
    Great spot!

    My dog LOVED this park! People are very friendly. We enjoyed the lake too, just wish there was a better way of marking it; but overall the park is awesome. Will definitely be visiting again.

  • Stasi
    Apr 15, 2021
    The best dog park!

    My two dogs were in heaven the entire time we visited this dog park. We’re on a road trip and stop at dog parks at least once a day. This is our new favorite dog park.

  • Chantel
    Apr 6, 2021
    The Best!

    I rave about this park everywhere I go. My roommate and I used to take our bully here all the time! I see people commenting about dogs being off-leash by the lake...sorry to say that it is a dog park and if you’re concerned perhaps you shouldn’t come. I love the idea that the “off-leash” area is all fenced in. It’s a great training opportunity in my opinion! We kept a long lead on our pup and worked on recall with distractions! This definitely is not the place to go if you’re worried about dogs running around, though. The only “negative” is that indeed the lake is not clearly marked. I feel that’s not enough to knock off a bone, though! Most people are extremely kind and understanding and most of the dogs are fantastic! Definitely recommend.

  • Caitlin
    Apr 6, 2021
    Mixed feelings.

    The fenced in dog area is great. But where the lake is, is not the off leash dog park. Its part of the main park where dogs are to be leashed. Many people leave their dogs off leash through the entire park, and its sad because most of the time their dogs don't have a recall or the owners don't care and they let the dogs do whatever, so those of us with reactive dogs look crazy when asking them to leash their dogs where they are supposed to be leashed. The off leash area is great, my friendly dog has made lots of human and non human friends in there and we love that spot for her. I just wish people paid attention to the signs and just followed the leash laws outside of the fenced in area so my other dog could enjoy the park without being run up on unprovoked.

  • Denise
    Jul 29, 2020
    Great place But

    trails were great but when we tried to find the beach/creek for the dogs it was poorly marked. of all the people we met everyone was looking for the creek and only 1 couple and their dogs had found it.
    would it be possible to either have maps poster in the park or more signage

    thank you

  • Cindy
    Jul 24, 2020
    Great Experience

    We took our dog here and he had so much fun and even played with other dogs by the water. Unfortunately the park was closed due to the pandemic, but we still walked the trail a little and ended up by the water for the puppy to play. Other people by the water with their dogs were friendly as well.

  • Aj
    Dec 21, 2019

    WE live in Philly and we’re looking for somewhere to take our Husky/Akita mix so he gets used to riding in the car. He LOVED this park. Once he realized he was leash free in the fenced area, he was sooo happy. We have one exhausted pupper.

  • Aislinn
    Jul 19, 2019
    Great Dog Part But....

    Love the idea of this dog park because it has a large off leash area as well as leashed nature trails. There’s a lake that dogs swim in that is technically a leashes area, but most people don’t follow that rule. I don’t mind dogs off leash around the lake, but it’s very frustrating to have dogs running from the woods with no owner in site in an area that is supposed to be leashed. I’ve witnessed multiple people be completely inconsiderate of other dogs comfort level by allowing their dogs to run up to people and get in other dogs faces. The off leash section is beautiful however because it’s wooded it is very easy to lose track of your dog if it is not properly trained. There was a dog just hanging out by the gate with no owner in site last time I went. We waited a few minutes to see if someone would turn up for him before he ran off into the trees. Overall I think this park would be better if they had people working there to enforce the rules. Park is so nice I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee to know there’s some sort of park ranger walking around keeping the pups safe.

  • Jean
    Feb 21, 2019
    Can’t Wait To Return

    My pup and I discovered this park when visiting with a Doodle group. It’s best is you have good connection and recall with your dog. The fenced in area has a perimeter trail with others meandering through the middle. It is a very natural area with grass, dirt, lots of trees, and underbrush. There is no water fountains, but jugs are hung from the fence and kept filled with water. As we explored, we exited the fenced area through one of the three gates, to follow a trail that led to a swimming area with a few picnic tables. The trail is up and down but not overly difficult. After a swim we headed back to the fenced in area to end our day. We want to do more exploring to see everything.

  • Kelly
    More than a year ago
    Great park

    This park is perfect. It is all fenced in and people are very friendly. The beach section is great for the dogs to cool off. Will definitely be back

  • Brian
    Jul 11, 2018
    Amazing Park!

    Huge fenced in area, lake for dogs to swim in and major park surrounding it!

  • Anthony
    More than a year ago
    great park but....

    the only area that is "off leash" is the fenced in area.

  • Belinda
    More than a year ago

    This park is by far one of my favorites parks to walk My Ginger. People were nice and welcoming and dogs were friendly aside from a few that made attempts of trying to hop on her but overall very clean and relaxing.

  • Kristen
    More than a year ago
    Best Park We Have Ever Been To

    My foxhound loves to run and he is wildly faster than I can keep up with, so this park was absolutely perfect. The huge fenced in area in the woods was the perfect spot for him to run and sniff to his hearts content. Dogs can be off leash within the fence and can run off with no worries to their owners. The entire length of fence is secure, well-maintained, and about 6 feet high. Small through large dogs are in the space together, but it is so large you can go off on your own if you want. Outside the fence dogs are supposed to be on leash. We walked about 3/4 mile through the woods and a half mile on the paved loop. Will check out the water area when the weather warms up. Definitely going to be visiting this park regularly! It was the best park/dog park we have ever been to!

  • Jason
    More than a year ago
    Great Dog Park

    I really enjoy bringing our dogs to this park. There is a large fenced in area to let them run and a lake area where they can swim (not fenced). Everybody is generally friendly and in control of their dogs (YMMV....). I enjoy it much more than other parks in the area because it includes a fenced in area. Definitely worth a stop if you like to explore with your dogs.

    I should mention that technically they are supposed to be leashed out of the fenced in area (including the creek area), but nobody does, so expect to see that. There's also other rules (such as no children under 12) that are just ignored and not enforced.

  • Saylor
    More than a year ago
    Great dog park, sewage leak in water

    The dog park part was great, that was the main reason we went. It is completely fenced in and so much land for your dogs to run or walk with you. They get to meet all different size/breeds since there is only one section. Other dogs don't usually bother yours unless they want to play. Mostly everyone walks through the park as if it were a hiking trail and you meet dogs along the way except it's all closed in. When you leave the dog park area we heard there was a nice area for the dogs to go swimming. Unfortunately, when we arrived to the water part there was a sewage leak. Now all of the water is waste and your dog can get very sick if drinking it. Our puppy got roundworm parasite and we believe it was from the water there. Before we found out from someone who goes to the park that it was sewage leak she ran through the water and ended up getting sick. Luckily we took her to the vet and got a antibiotic for her and she is healthy.

  • Anthony
    More than a year ago
    great park. few issues.

    The dog park itself is for off leash fun for your pet. The surrounding park requires a leash so beware that you may encounter an off leash dog while walking. I've been going to this park for years and have managed to avoid safety issues while others have not. Most people are very conscientious about cleaning up after their pets but you will run into the occasional "sneaker ruiner" in the large field opposite the fenced in dog park.

  • Karen
    More than a year ago
    Dog heaven on earth

    Took my grand pup here today. He's a small dog and had the time of his life. I can't say enough about this park. I belive there's 9 acres of enclosed area in the woods. They can run to their hearts content. Through another gate that's not fenced are trails leading to a lake they can swim in. There's a picnic table there. So you can picnic there also. It's just great. I swear Lou was smiling the whole time.

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Worth the trip

    We took our dogs here for the first time yesterday, and we couldnt be happier about taking the drive. The fenced in dog park was perfect, it even brought out the adventure in our dog that is skiddish. It was clean and all of the people and dogs we encountered were great. We continued our walk down to the lake and the dogs loved swimming in it, and everyone watched out for everyone's dogs. It is worth the hour drive. I have never seen my pups so tired.

  • Ashley
    More than a year ago
    Best Dog Park in NJ

    I love this dog park! I take my Australian Cattle dog/Australian Shepherd mix there a few times a week. She is very submissive and is 3 years old. She loves the little dogs, even though she is 50 pounds. Big dogs seem to make her timid and there is no separate area for dog sizes, but I have not had any issues with other dogs, they have all been well behaved. She loves to race through the woods with the other dogs, there is no clearing besides the trails, but there is still so much space for the dogs! I love that there are water bowls available for use, even though I have one for travel. I wish there was some agility equipment!

  • Clare
    More than a year ago
    nice area

    It was suggested I try this park to acclimate my dog to the idea of dogs being around. I was very unnerved as I waited outside the off leash area and more than 3 people came out with their dogs off leash and they immediately came directly into my dogs face. I asked both to leash their dogs and they ALL never even responded and took their good old time getting their dogs on leash. I had my dog under control and on leash and how would they even know if my dog was dog aggressive? He isn't however he is a Border collie and would prefer to just ignore other dogs. so then I took a walk on the path and frankly couldn't wait to get back to my car. I was headed in one direction on the path and two very large pitbulls OFF LEASH came barreling around a corner with NO owner in sight. they directly charged my dog and didn't do anything but my dog was very tense and so what would have happened if he had growled?? Seriously I think fines ought to be given to people with off leash dogs in areas that require leashes. just my two cents.

  • Ron
    More than a year ago
    Great Park

    This is a fantastic dog park. The outer loop inside the fenced in area is about a half mile around I'm guessing. We go three times a week and we have only ever had one issue with an aggressive dog who's owner quickly addressed the issue.Sometimes newbies who have their first dog don't understand how dogs play. Dogs aren't children and often they will run andmbark at each other sometimes mouth play, which is common because dogs don't have hands they use their mouths in play. Dogs can run off leash inside the park with no chance of escape thanks to the double gate system. The pond is great for them to swim in although I wonder how clean the water is, there are fish in the pond so it must be relatively clean..

  • Amanda
    More than a year ago
    best dog park around!

    I've been coming to this park with my lab/mix pup ever since he was 4 months old. It's very well kept and beautiful. I like walking on the hilly trails around the perimeter, and my dog loves the trails in the woods. We found the lake last time we went and loved the water. I've met so many nice, dog loving owners and both me and my dog leave the park happy every time!

  • Theresa
    More than a year ago

    I walk in this dog park at least five days a week. There has been quite a few incidents where people have their dogs unleashed in the walking area and trails. I have been the victim of unleashed dogs charging at me, growling at me and the like. It is dangerous and scary, and not fair at all. Something needs to be done.

    I know that all dogs MUST be leashed if NOT in the fenced in area. However, many, many ignorant people violate this and do not comply. As such, the park is becoming – and continues to remain - extremely unsafe.

    What prompted me to write is because of an incident yesterday, October 8, 2015. A man was walking in the trails with three dogs – two were on a leash and the third was not. This dog charged at me, jumped up on me and was barking. I immediately stopped walking, scared to death this dog was going to bite me. I stood there like a statute until the owner decided to do something. Not only did he take his time in retrieving the dog, he was very obnoxious on top of it. No apology from him whatsoever. I was upset and irate and told him so. He actually argued me with me and would not take any responsibility. Unbelievable.

    Something needs to be done

  • Jeff
    More than a year ago
    my husky love it!!

    Nice and friendly off-leashed and fenced park, started coming here last year and my dog can't wait to comeback. It's a well maintain park, but sometimes some dog/s owners don't pick up after their dogs, especially on the trail and the way to the entrance, they just push the poop on the side, went home one day with the smelly shoes. Never seen too many "landmines" like this last year. Good thing there's another area where you can walk your dog on leash whenever it becomes crowded. Hope they fine those who don't follow rules.

  • Phil
    More than a year ago
    great people and pups

    9/24/14 just had a great two days at this park perfect !!! have two dogs one loves to hunt stuff and one loves to play they were both ready to go home they dead tired great to see them just be dogs , can only imagine what this park looks like when its snowing out - up our way all we have at our dog parks is just like a big fenched in yard already planning next years vacation great hotel near by also

  • Michelle
    More than a year ago

    I was really worried since it was so big that my little pomeranian will run off and not see her but it turned out great. She ran a few times with other dogs but she came back and I could still see her. Really great for getting her energy out. Lot of dogs when we went and both humans and dogs were nice. I am going back.

  • Dave
    More than a year ago
    My dogs favorite place ever!

    We have been going to timber creek dog park for the past 3 + years and each time we pull in the parking lot my dogs light up like they have never been there before. The awesome views, great people and spacious area make this my favorite place too

  • Phil
    More than a year ago
    Great layout - Mostly good dogs

    Nice wooded walking park, nice water feature but like Eric says there's always an aggressive dog and clueless owner to ruin the fun. Been here twice, won't be back.

  • Elizabeth
    More than a year ago
    great park

    My dogs absolutely love this park! I can have them run around without having to worry about them getting smacked by any other owner unlike john coleny park. Everyone is nice and friendly! And it was the first time my dog ever went into a lake and he absolutely loves it! Even though he's still getting used to swimming in it he loves running around and through the water!

  • Richard
    More than a year ago
    One of the Better Dog Parks in SJ

    Great Park, better than most that have the fenced in areas that are only 1/4 acres, people actually walk around with their dogs rather than letting them loose and not paying attention to them. We have a greyhound which is never allowed to be let off leash unless it is totally fenced in. Although it is hilly and she can't sprint like she still gets to explore and tree squirrels. The only thing better was if there were flat open space so our dog could go full speed but this will do.

  • Melissa
    More than a year ago
    HUGE dog park, hardly any playing

    Very large and well kept dog park, easy trails in the park to follow, nice sized pond for swimming (not in the dog park section), and several geocaches to hunt for. I brought my 11 y/o brd. collie/lab/shep mix and a 4 y/o lab/pointer mix who i train weekly and absolutely adore. Both the dogs are very well behaved (mine is a registered therapy/emotional support dog) and the one I train has blown me away with how responsive she is. They are both off leash frequently and don't stray very far even when they are told they're allowed to. The most fun the had was at the pond, where they met a 4 y/o brd. collie/lab mix and ran through the water with her. (it was Sadie, the dog i train's, first time swimming, and she had a blast. But, in the dog park, everyone just kind of was "walking" their dogs, except ,mostly off leash. The first time in, nobody played with anybody. So, we went to the pond, hiked all the trails, and then came back to find a geocache that was IN the dog park. We actually stopped to talk with people this time and our dogs kind of socialized. The park is not set up for playing. There's a track around the perimeter of the park, and a couple of trails that cut through the middle of the park, which is all woods. I love the idea, but I wish the middle had a section that had some benches and less trees, so the dogs would actually have somewhere to run that wasn't up and back. This is a great park for off leash training and socialization, but it wasn't made for playing. There was also a lady with 4 dogs, one of which (a gordon setter) was dog aggressive. She kept him on a leash, but when any other dog would come up to it, instead of grabbing her OWN dog to pull him back, she grabbed other peoples' dogs, and pushed them away. The reason the dog would bite was if a dog sniffed its hind end?!?! Put a muzzle on your dog or don't bring it!!! It's perfectly natural for dogs to sniff back there, if she doesn't like it, then train her to SIT when another dog approaches, and worry about controlling your own dog, not everyone else's!!! Overall it was a good day, I just wish they had used the dog park space for more than just fenced in woods.

  • Kalyn
    More than a year ago

    The first time my pug and I have been to this park was on Saturday 04/05/2014, and we literally went three days in a row! I worry about him getting in the middle of aggressive dogs, but for the three days we went we haven't come across one aggressive dog (big or small). This is perfect space for my pug to run around and get to know other dogs and if I loose sight of him I always know he isn't too far up a head. I will continue to bring him before the weather gets too hot in the summer :) Perfect exercise for both dogs and humans :)

  • Mbg
    More than a year ago

    It's great but I just wish there was a cleared, open space for them to run.

  • Vincent
    More than a year ago

    We just took our 6 month old Golden to the park for the first time and I am a hard person to impress...That being said this park couldn't be any better. There is a giant 9 acre free roaming area thats fenced in with endless woods and trails for the dogs to walk around in. You can either walk the perimeter and throw the ball around or you can roam through the woods. We encountered only friendly people and friendly dogs during our visit. There is also paved hiking trails through the bigger section of woods that isn't fenced in to walk your dog through ( you must leash your dog in this area). Beautiful scenery and a small lake for your dog to swim in. I'm extremely thankful I have a place that I can take our dog and have free and fun experience!!! AWESOME!!!

  • Lilliana
    More than a year ago
    Dog park that's worth the drive

    What a great dog park!!!! So glad I stumbled upon it on the Internet. 4 1/2 STARS

    I have a Shiba Inu and those who know this breed...never never have them off leash. Then comes Timber Creek Dog Park and what a freeing feeling for both my dog and myself knowing that he can walk/run free in such open space surrounded by woods and most importantly surrounded around with a 6ft fence. I invited my friend and her golden retriever and what a great day we had with our furry family member. There is also nature hiking (dogs on leash) and a 1/2 mile paved trail if you prefer than the dog park. The people and dogs are very friendly. If you want bring lunch since they have picnic tables to enjoy being outside, since its a nice tranquil place.

    The only slight negative remark is there aren't many signs directing you to areas such as the "beach" / pond-area where the dogs can enjoy some refreshing time. Thank goodness for the kindness of people to help direct and inform you.

    Some suggestions bring water for your dog, bug repellent for yourself and energy.
    This is definitely a place I'll be returning even though it's a 90 minute drive.


  • Heather
    More than a year ago
    Best dog park!

    We've taken our dogs to many parks in the area and this one is head and shoulders above the rest. The layout is such that we walk the perimeter as the dogs run and play throughout the woods. This keeps us moving, keeps the dogs interested, and if there are other dogs that may not get along with ours, we just walk away. Also, there is a pond out the back side of the park, but it is not accessible to the dogs unless we take them there. This is nice in the summertime, to cool the dogs off before a good run through the park.
    Sometimes the parking lot looks full, yet we may only see one or two other dogs while we're in the park. It's perfect!

  • Eric
    More than a year ago
    Biggest dog park in NJ

    I've been to many parks in NJ. This is by far one of the biggest if not the biggest dog parks. 9 acres fenced in park for dogs. Great for people too because it's a giant wooded area. Be careful with other dogs though. Almost every time I take my dog there, there's at least 1 aggressive dog who likes to charge and play rough. But that happens to every off leach dog park though.

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