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Dog Park at Cooper River Park

Three fenced areas - one area is accessible only through the other two areas. Separate areas for small and large dogs and the third area is shared. Small dog area is grass. Large dog area is stone and mulch. Shared area is turf. Water. Free parking. Along the river. Paved trails near by. Portable restroom down the street or go toward the boathouse for real human restrooms.

May. 19, 2024

Pretty good

Guilford Dog Park

Pretty good spot. Better than North Branford. Mulch. Shade. BYO water

May. 19, 2024


Wagon Hill Farm

Generally muddy. Nice trail system with water views. Some shaded trails and some field trails (full sun). Portable restroom for humans. Cafe across the street. Morning hours only. Evening hours would be great.

May. 19, 2024

Good for a quick stop

Dog Park at Memorial Park

Single fenced area about 30x60. Benches. No shade. No water. Good for a quick stop or certain times of day.

May. 19, 2024

OLA gem

Timber Creek Dog Park

Park has 100 acres.

Some ON-leash paved and dirt trail systems PLUS two OFF-leash (OLA) fenced areas.

The main OLA is huge - more than five acres I would guess (another review said nine acres, so that may be correct). The main OLA is also all dirt/sand/mud, but not as bad as I expected. Shady. Watch for tics.

Water fountain outside the OLA.

Human restrooms in the parking lot building.

Pavilions in ON leash sections of the park.

The small OLA is quite small - maybe 25x25, no benches, sandy.

May. 19, 2024

OLA is in the abutting town forest

Stratham Hill Park

SHP is ON leash. OFF leash area is down the way a small distance within the town forest. There are separate parking areas, but it's a short distance (five minutes) if you park at the park. Trail system and open field. Restroom at park and peots le restroom near OLA.

May. 19, 2024


Mill Pond Recreation Area

Off leash trail system for stained dogs. Some fields, some woods. A pond. Free parking. Portable restroom up the street at the sports fields. No drinking water. Trails are share with equestrian riders.

May. 19, 2024


Youngs Pond Dog Run

Field is shared and the recently started blocking it off for sports, but still great. Much drier than surrounding dog areas. Field plus trail system. Shade on trails. Free parking. Portable restroom.

May. 19, 2024


Branford Supply Pond Park

Nice off leash trail system. No restrooms. No water. Shaded. Some trails along pond. Free parking (limited spots).

May. 19, 2024

Can be wet

North Branford Dog Park

Not too bad, but can be a bit wet. Nothing special.

May. 19, 2024

Holy ticks! And no water

Great Bog

Official off leash area accessed from park and ride. Small parking lot, but free access. Field is unfenced and unshaded. Some shade on abutting Forest Trail. No water. No restrooms. About a five minute drive from the highway. No overnight access. Five minutes and we had multiple TICKS on us and one actually bit me and was latched on in under an hour of having been there.

Apr. 27, 2024

Worth the 5-10 min drive

Little Creek Dog Park

Located behind the post office. Two fenced grassy areas by dog size. Approx 100' x 140'. No shade. Limited parking. Great find only a few minutes out of the way. No human restrooms.

Apr. 17, 2024

Nice dog park

Smyrna Rest Area

Great stop. Fenced, shade, grass

Apr. 17, 2024

No daycare

PetSmart Temecula

Average, typical PetSmart.

Jan. 08, 2024

Struggling but great rain/winter activity

Mall at Fox Run

The mall has been struggling for years. They have big signs up saying pet friendly, but I only saw two stores that clearly said pets ok - the candy store and a place called Foxed. I believe all Macy's are pet friendly by policy though they don't put up signs. One star because there are some empty stores and last Saturday most places were closed at five: however, five stars for being a good indoor walking place for bad weather (average three stars).

Nov. 18, 2023

Super cute Pooh trail!!

Goodwill Conservation Area Trailheads

A must see hidden gem for the whole family.

Nov. 05, 2023

Hidden gem

Lumber River Campground

Got lost and ended up here. What a find! This place had low cost sites and was quite the value for the money. Lots to know - yes very pet friendly. They are supposed to be on leashes in the campground but a few roamed free. Off leash allowed on trails. This place is huge. Rv sites (some with shade cover/roof), cabins and tent sites. Tent sites were awesome and had a covered pavilion with electric. There was a broom provided too to seep off the patio. Site was along the river with a deck for fishing. No fires allowed on river sites. Boat ramp on site. Lots of activities like group horse trail ride, river float, live music, pool, etc. Not sure how many bathhouses there are though. No atvs allowed. It was pretty quiet though I think the peoples dogs down the road were barking (not affiliated with campground). Some older RVs with possible people staying long term, but it was so safe and quiet. Would recommend.

Oct. 22, 2023

Walking distance to dog park

Bowls N Brews

Lunch bowls and fresh brewed coffee. Outdoor window for ordering. Outdoor patio seating for eating. Free parking. Walking distance to dog park.

Feb. 23, 2023

One area for all sizes

Dog Park at Woodglen Vista

Single large fenced area (no separation by size). Located in residential area and is less touristy. Free street parking. Must walk a small distance behind basketball court. Mulched, but mulch is so fine it could be very dusty in dry weather. Shade, chairs. Water and restrooms on site. Friendly people. No issues with agressive dogs while we were there.

Feb. 23, 2023

Average but mulched and with shade

La Jolla Colony Dog Park

Only one fenced area for dogs of all sizes. Is on the medium to small size, but it has nice mulch, shade, and benches. Ample free parking on street. Not sure about water. Traffic noise from freeway.

Feb. 23, 2023

Hard to find but nicely mulched & maintained.

Dog Park at Mast Park

First time to the park as well as dog park section. Parked in lot, but didn't see signs on how to get to it. Walked around in wrong directionS very annoyed. It's winter and it's quite hot still. Summer must be scorching. The dog park is in the middle of the park so when it's busy you have to walk pretty far. It's PAST THE PLAYGROUND near the disc golf sign in booth. There are entrances on both sides of the fenced area. Large - maybe 40x80 for small dog section and larger for the large dogs. There fenced sections by size. Mulch. Restrooms in the general park. Trail system. Water. Shade. Benches/tables. Free parking. Don't forget to visit Bowels and Brews a block or two down for some food.

Feb. 20, 2023

Open but riddles with many holes to fall in

Torrey Hills Dog Park

This is located to the side of and behind the plaza and up the hill from Dirty Dawgs store. Single fenced in area for all dog sizes - maybe 75x200 feet(?). Very hard packed earth with some spotty grass. A couple of benches, a bunch of plastic chairs, several small trees (minor shade). It is riddled with holes to trip in. I THINK there was water. Free parking. Two stars just for size.

Feb. 19, 2023

Must stop

Russell's Truck & Travel Center

How has no one reviewed this?!?! This is my favorite stop. Dog Park is interesting. Two separate fenced areas. Small, but lots of things to smell according to my dog. Section one is smallest. Section two is actually two parts separated by a small bridge. Section A is dirty and rocky and Section B is turf. Lovely cooing from birds. The travel stop itself has the best snack assortment I've ever seen and there's a super cool free museum displaying restored classic cars, route 66 memorabilia, and much more.

Dec. 20, 2022


Red Roof Inn Terrell

Had been renovated and is very clean. I am guessing the mattress was replaced as well. And the floor!!! Oh my, right before showering I took a chance and walked around without socks... it was quite CLEAN!! The chair did need a vacuum but I'm willing to overlook that for now. Some traffic noise but it was fine. Hot water and food pressure. Would stay again. Would recommend.

Dec. 20, 2022


Desert Inn Tucumcari

Locally owned HISTORIC hotel and not a huge corporation. Room was smaller than average, but just fine. Yes, there's an extension cord. I didn't care. It was VERY clean and that's what mattered. Staff was professional and friendly.

Dec. 20, 2022

Leashed required

Canova Dog Beach

Lame. No point

Dec. 18, 2022

Employee issues

Quality Inn Downtown Stuart

Front desk employee was nosy and unprofessional. Also didn't know how pet fee worked. Pillows needed to be cleaned. Train noises very loud almost all night long. Room had AC issue and was moved. Informed GM I was uncomfortable about employee and wanted to cancel extra nights. Also informed GM about water issues. GM said the were unaware and wished I had raised them earlier. I could not because I felt I would anger employee for mentioning these things. Made entire stay terrible. GM agreed to cancel nights without penalty, but time will tell what shows up on my credit card.

Dec. 14, 2022

Closed temporarily

Walton Rocks Dog Beach

Closed due to hurricane Nicole last month. Projected reopening is 12/25/2022. Call 772-480-7943 for update. Don't waste your drive like I did.

Dec. 07, 2022

Skip it

Maravilla Park Dog Park

Thank you, Matthew for your accurate and straightr forward review below. Sure enough, I arrived to find someone without a dog loitering. He was fine, but it was awkward for both of us. No dogs there at all and it was a popular time of day for a dog park visit. Park was okay. Obstacles. Lots of sand, leaves, and twigs. Shade. Water spigot. Free parking. It seems more of a local spot that isn't really comfortable with visitors. Can really place my finger on it, just not a particularly tourist-y area.

Dec. 07, 2022

Must be leashed

Stuart Beach

Stunning blue-green waters (aquamarine / turquoise ish colored). Short walk from parking.

Dec. 07, 2022

Temporarily closed

Lilac Dog Park

Closed since October 27th. No eta to open. Currently as on today, it is part grass and part turf. Picnic tables are painted and leave sticky and permanent stains on your clothes if you sit on them when it's warm or sunny. There is a water bowl thingy but not spigot. There is a dog wash station. Some shade. Free parking. The park itself is NOT dog friendly so no walking in the park / pathways. Waste of a trip.

Dec. 06, 2022

One of very few off leash beaches in FL

Jupiter Dog Beach

2.5 miles. Just about very block there is a staircase with spigot, shower, and a bench. Some shade in late afternoon / evening on the beach. Not much else. Restrooms at one end / at the park. Free parking.

Dec. 06, 2022

4 stars for this location of this specific brand

Red Roof Inn PLUS+ West Palm Beach

4 stars for this location of this specific brand. This location is in a nice area mixed within a few restaurants, more expensive hotels, businesses, and homes. There are some long term / permanent residents here so there are people hanging outside at all hours. Some noise but nothing terrible. The room was cleaner than usual for this particular brand although if you're used to cleanliness the floor could used to be replaced - it's swept and possibly mopped but is dirty enough that it will not come clean if you tried to wash it. I used flip flops in the room. Pillows were terrible and need to be replaced. Staff was friendly and professional.

Dec. 06, 2022

Not bad

Love's Travel Stop

This is exit 129. Approx 20x40 (or 50), grass, fenced area with bench. No shade. No water. Some waste, but not bad. Bench.

Dec. 04, 2022

Needs upkeep

Barks and Recreation

Smallest out of surrounding towns St. John and Titusville. Free parking. Shade. Water spigot. Limited seating. Grounds need upkeep - grass is very overgrown throughout and is also patchy in some places, but there are large pits and holes throughout making it dangerous to ankles and dogs.

Dec. 02, 2022

Pets not allowed in day use areas

Alexander Springs Recreation Area

Campground only

Nov. 26, 2022

Not a lot for dogs

De Leon Springs State Park

Dogs not allowed in swim area and cannot be tied up, so if you are solo and don't have someone to watch the dog you're left with some short walking areas. A little bit of history, but not overly scenic. If you need more walking head down the street about a half mile to the chuck Lennon park.

Nov. 26, 2022
Orange Blossom KOA

Nov. 25, 2022

Needs upkeep

Leesburg Dog Park

Nice size area but all the latched on the gates are broken, the grass could use a little love, the water fountains don't work anymore (but the spigot by the parking does). Ants galore all over the seating - I'm guessing it's because they keep open water jugs on the table (without covers). There is a small canopy, but no other shade. Beautiful lake view

Nov. 23, 2022

The best part is shade

Aesop's Park Dog Park

Two fenced areas of grass, sand, and like needle mix separated by dog size. Each enclosure has stadium bench seating and a picnic table. Water spigots. Shade. Free parking. Located a short walk along then behind the pond. Walk is mostly unshaded. Watch for alligators and snakes. Bug spray recommended.

Nov. 24, 2022

Great find

Ski Beach Boat Ramp

Leashed dogs welcome as you walk the path boardering the water. Small beach area on site. Also check out the neighboring the Venetian Gardens. Free parking.

Nov. 24, 2022

Great spot

Palm Island Park

Leashed dogs welcome as you walk the boardwalk, dirt trails, or sidewalk pathways. Abundant wildlife. aggressive alligators known in area. Downtown historic Mt. Dora. Free parking.

Nov. 24, 2022

Short and muddy

Lake Griffin State Park

Not really many other places to walk in the area...sidewalks are lacking. Dirt trails here. A bit muddy and swampy at times. Shaded so that's a plus. It says two miles, but felt shorter. Wooded. Home of massive (mammoth) oak tree (second oldest in Florida and estimated at 300-500 years old). Plenty of other large oaks on the property as well. Lots for them to sniff. Water and restrooms on site. Nice peaceful spot.

Nov. 20, 2022

Walking spot

Spanish Springs Town Square

This is about the only place you can walk your dog since surrounding area lacks sidewalks or sidewalks that connect. Lighting was okay, but could be better. Ample free parking.

Nov. 18, 2022

Odd but good walking

Brownwood Paddock Square

Odd vibe. Western theme. Like Disney Land for retirement, but they don't realize it's an illusion. Elitist community blatantly ignoring the have nots. Beware golf car (carts) zipping around. BUT one of the few spots around to walk the dog. He liked the sight seeing so that's what matters.

Nov. 18, 2022

No petshotel here

PetSmart Lady Lake

There is no petshotel at this location.

Nov. 15, 2022

Waste of gas

Whole Earth Pet Supply

Don't mean to be rude, but this store was basically empty and I have no idea how they're in business. Along with it, they don't come across as informed about pets. They had some food and treats including a brand I like that's not available at PetSmart or Petco, but overall not a large selection of food / treats and virtually no toys. Both employer /owners were a bit off-putting. One tried to feed my dog without asking. I promptly said no and both individuals seemed taken aback. I said he had a condition and can't have that, which seemed to confuse them further as to why feeding a dog they didn't know with an unknown food without asking was not okay. Secondly, what if he or another dog in the store was good aggressive? Basic dog knowledge/ etiquette is that you don't hand food to a dog without asking the pet parent first. Also, I was looking for a specific toy bone to replace one I already have that's chewed up too much. The employee / owner argued with me whether it exists (I have proof it does and double checked online and it's still available from the manufacturer). He tried to convince me he had a substitute which was the same thing (it wasn't even close and I had to explain why it's not the same, which was the size and material difference between the two different 'models' or styles despite being the same brand). I am floored that these people are in the pet business when they clearly lack basic pet knowledge. To top it off, they had the highest price by far that I have ever seen for the treats I was looking for (approximately double the price I know I can get them for and a solid 20% higher markup than the last highest price I've ever seen for it).

Nov. 15, 2022

Lovely leashed walk

Tuscawilla Park

Nice leisurely walk around a small 'lake' home to several different species of birds. Locals fish here as well. Art sculptures. Don't think their were lights so must be out by dark. Restrooms at nearby play area (no dogs allowed in that section).

Nov. 12, 2022

Could be nice?

Silver Springs Conservation Area

Note: this is separate from the silver springs state park. No trail map on official website or at trailhead for conservation area (try alltrails.com?). Forest. Unsure if there's any water views, but for the short walk I took there were none. No restrooms. Leashed dogs welcome. This nature park offers dirt parking & nature trails. The conservation area consists of three types of natural communities: Sandhill, Upland Mixed Forest, & Wet Prairie. Whitetail deer, Sherman’s fox squirrel, gopher tortoise, black racer, yellow rat snake, northern cardinal, towhee, pileated woodpeckers are commonly seen. This 330-acre property was the largest intact, undeveloped, privately-owned tract adjacent to Silver Springs, a first-magnitude spring. The property is in an area of springs, which are discharged from the Floridian Aquifer within the Silver Springs watershed & was purchased to help protect our ground water & Silver Springs by preserving this sensitive water recharge site.

Nov. 12, 2022

Hoped for more but still great!

Silver Springs State Park

Entry is $2/person on the park side with a team to the education center / campground side which would be an additional $8 to park over there. Leashed dogs welcome on land. No dogs on boat tours or in water (no swimming/wading). Not as many water views as I hoped, but the views were stunning. Some shade. Water fountain or food truck. Ross Allen boardwalk has approximately two water views. Walk near or on Garden trail has water views and a scenic spot where a movie was filmed. On the other side of the park there is one water view from the swap trail where we saw the wild monkeys (oh my!) and one water view from the river trail. There's also been reports of alligators and the occasional manatee. Did not get to the sinkhole or wilderness trails. A local told us to check for tics and we did have some! Terrific spot although it's best seen from the boat / kayak tours which, as mentioned, were not dog friendly and no water access for swimming/wading. Plenty of dogs there though. Lots of history and education here.

Nov. 12, 2022

Better than nothing but needs love

Lake Panasoffkee Dog Park

One fenced area roughly shaped like a square minus one corner dog legged out. Sandy with "some" grass on one half. Water spigot and portable restroom. No shade. One bench. Adjacent to a fenced playground area which I can't tell if dogs are allowed in also or what.

Nov. 12, 2022

Read entirely

Super 8 by Wyndham Ocala I-75

First impression when pulling up between 5-6pm on a Friday, was not so good. There were at least four panhandlers with signs each for separate situations. Lots of congestion and people walking from work. The appearance was this is likely a higher crime area. Decided to leave and come back later to check in. When I came back at approximately 8:30pm there wasn't a soul around. All was quiet. No panhandlers, no one loitering outside their room etc. Check-in staff was professional and courteous. Noted they were double charging me for a pet, which she noted in writing on my bill that it would be corrected (I haven't checked to ensure it was). Staff mentioned local Motel 6 has many homeless/low income residents; however, they had a large corporation book more than 30 rooms here last week.

Staff also mentioned the are in process of converting all rooms from carpet to flooring. When I first arrived the commode didn't appear to flush right, but the plunged and all good after. Their prompt response (customer service and maintenance) was well handled. Room: mostly clean. Some splashes on wall/ceiling and bathtub needs work but appeared clean. Walls a bit rough - we're repaired and could use replacement. Carpet was free of debris (vacuumed). Sheets and bedding clean, stain and burn free. Sink area has been renovated. Mattress comfortable. Did not see any pests although I didn't put a trap out. Daily service, which I prefer not to have. Missing do not disturb sign. For the most part, the parking lot had modern cars in good condition. Landscaping maintained. Continental (not full) breakfast appeared to be pastries and coffee. Would love to see fresh fruit and some eggs.

Nov. 13, 2022

Highly disappointed

Pebble Creek Animal & Bird Hospital

Outdoor play area is undersized in my opinion. Not aware of an indoor play area. Chose this to try anyway because it's attached to a vet, so I hoped they would be better than PetSmart as the little dog has some medical issues / needs. The disappointment does on and on. SOME (and only some) of the issues:

1. Overall insufficient communications and therefore feel I cannot rely on them to administer medication.

2. No sooner than I told the employee his medical conditions and needs and that he CANNOT have food/treats other than what I orovide. She immediately asks if she can give him peanut butter. ABSOLUTELY NOT as this would very likely result in an ER visit. So then she says we will give him these other treats. Um, no, no, and no. We have a bit of a back and forth and she ultimately says oh, yeah, this other dog has the same condition and the treats she was referring to and wanted to give to my dog against my wishes did in fact cause the other dog to get sick. Duh. So now I can't rely on them not to abide by his medical restrictions.

3. They said they would give him play time and when I ask about it I receive virtually no response which makes me believe he's not getting any. He's unattended in a cage due to a condition.

5. Both times I tried this place my dog came back excessively thirsty after. Does he hate it and have anxiety or is he getting enough water there???

6. Upon insisting for info they said they let him out to potty right when I dropped him off and five hours later right before I picked him up. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I don't need you to let him go out right after I drop him off because he just went literally before we walked inside. Nor do I need it before I pick him up because I'm about to let him out. I EXPECT you would have let him out around 2 hours after indrpped him off and every two or so hours after. The two hour window is a policy another local daycare uses.

5. Left my personal information up on their TV screen for everyone to see.

So, I wouldn't personally go back here if I had another option.

Nov. 09, 2022

Mixed feelings

La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham Tampa Fairgrounds - Casino

Two stays in less than a week. Stay one was for three nights during the week. Lobby floor is off-putting (replaced but built up grim). Pleasant surprise was they said in writing there was no pet fee even though it said so online (this changes later). Room was not the cleanest. Floor had not been vacuumed which makes you wonder what else. Guests (men) loitering outside. A man approached me and have me his business card...I don't know why. Super noisy very early with doors slamming.

Stay two: came back less than a week later before a tropical storm/hurricane despite the unsatisfactory cleanliness because they had said there was no pet fee. Checked in and guy seemed annoyed/ accusatory that I had a pet. Unpleasant surprise was they decided that they were now going to start charging the $25/per night pet fee that exact day. When it's after 8 pm, I have anxiety about your hotel already and this is a surprise fee. It's not a good surprise especially since I didn't love their hotel the first time but only picked it based on the priorities no pet fee. Perhaps their policy depends on if they like you? Tried to cancel but they said it was too late and refused to refund money.

Ended up cutting the stay short and now scrambling for a new hotel in the midst of the storm. Plus side was the floor in the second room had less debris. Last con: remember I mentioned loitering men? Yup, got approached outside trying to get to my room. I tried to be polite but it made me uncomfortable. Guy drinking with beer in hand wanted my number and I didn't want to give it but was afraid to upset him. He also wanted my room number which I refused and he did see annoyed and tried to question me for not giving him. Uh, hello, safety and I don't want to. I actually don't want to be approached at all - it's really not okay with me to ever approach a solo woman in a parking lot (and on top of it it was dark out). Also, missing do not disturb signs in both rooms. Location is across from expo center in mixed business park/hotel area. There you have it.

Nov. 09, 2022

No shade

Cook Park Dog Park

Good sized fenced areas but no shade in the dog park. It's also a bit of a walk from parking to the dog park, which is also full sun. Best early in morning or late evening.

Nov. 06, 2022

Nice for a walk but not as scenic as hoped

McIntosh Preserve

Easy walking terrain. Slight breeze at top of covered (shaded) observation desk. There is some shade with picnic tables in the parking area. There are more.pcnic tables at points along the trail. The trail itself was not shaded. No water or restrooms. Didn't find it that interesting, but I think a different time of day (morning or evening) would bring out wildlife and make it a nicer wall. Picnic tables for a nice lunch spot though.

Nov. 05, 2022


Temple Terrace Hilltop Dog Park

Grass, water, shade, a breeze. Two large fenced areas by size (approx 100x200 each). Parking for about 15 cars (more across street). Peaceful and very pleased. I was not pleased about numerous used condoms in the parking lot...it is somewhat isolated so don't come at night I guess. Speaking of...lights and a restroom would be a nice addition.

Nov. 05, 2022

About the size of a track

Central Park

The paved pathway is about the size of a running path. There is grass on both sides. No dog park, but leashed dogs welcome. There are picnic tables, restrooms, and a very large pavilion in the middle. Some shade. There's also a concrete splash pad area. The splash pad rules does not say anything at all about dogs, so perhaps they can use it when the children are not (kids are priority). Lastly, there are music concerts here at 7pm on Saturdays during July & August. Set about two blocks back from the downtown and beaches.

Oct. 17, 2022

Mixed feelings but clean!!

Allentown KOA

Pro: very clean, nice quiet location (no alcohol allowed), on a stream for fishing (no wading or swimming allowed), dog park on site is skinny but decent sized, camp is near a suburban area for amenities (restaurants, groceries etc).

Neither pro nor con: there were a lot of very old RVs here - many of which seem seasonal. KOA usually prohibits models older than a certain year, but this seems not to be the requirement here.

Cons: stink bug infestation, tight sites with lack of privacy, fire pit is about three to five feet next to your car and nothing you can do about it.

Oct. 15, 2022

Tiny but we'll kept

Westfield UTC

Private park open to paying guests (shoppers). TINY area, but immaculate. Tucked away behind food vendor and ice arena. Great spot for a few minutes. Mall itself is pet friendly although individual store policies may prohibit coming inside with a pet (ask). Parking is free for the first hour (or was it two?). Nice spot for shopping or lunch.

Jun. 16, 2022


Coronado Ferry Landing

Leashed are allowed on the sidewalk and I believe up on one of the beaches. There's a mix of grass and beach spots to pause and for a nice view of downtown. Dogs are allowed on the water taxi / ferry - check with them for more information. Parking in a paid lot is available, but busy. I'd you're lucky you may get a street spot in the surrounding couple if blocks. Public restrooms available at Ferry Landing shopping center area.

Jul. 03, 2022

Not our favorite but convenient

Rancho Penãsquitos Linear Dog Park

Two areas separated by dog size. Ample parking. Water fountain seasonally. Dirt. No shade. No restrooms. Free.

Jun. 16, 2022

Not well maintained

Nobel Leash-Free Park

Two separate large areas by dog size. Not well maintained - it was sand and weeds, which is really unfortunate. A volunteer group needs to step up to help (I don't live close by). Ample parking at the library or down the street. Water fountains. Restrooms located in the library during library hours. Much larger than the nearby dog park at Doyle Park, which is small and all packed dirt. I don't think it's well known. Could be a hidden gem with some TLC.

Jun. 16, 2022

$3 worth it

Live Oak County Park

Grassy, fenced area across the intersection from Live Oak Park. Restrooms in the park.

Jun. 16, 2022

Popular for many reasons

Poway Dog Park

Pros: grass(!), shade, water fountains, restrooms, three areas by size, plenty of parking, lights for night time! Lots of obstacles make this a fan favorite for many
Cons: walk from parking, rumor of mosquitoes. Also, keep an eye out for coyotes.

Jun. 03, 2022

Three large areas by size

Dog Park at Redhawk Community Park

Three large areas by dog size, grass, water fountain, shade, restrooms. It does flood during heavy rain though.

Jun. 04, 2022

Small for small dogs

Dog Park at San Elijo Park

It does exist! It was a good walk from where I parked. It easier to park in the center of town. Small area for small dogs (there are separate areas by dog size). Sloped. Grass was disappearing, so hopefully they give it some maintenance. Water fountains and restrooms near by.

Jun. 03, 2022

Make small area larger please!

Maggie Houlihan Memorial Dog Park

Three areas (newbies, small dogs, and large). Small area is too small. Overall was nicely maintained grass, shaded areas, water fountains, and restroom. Parking lot could be larger, but I've seen worse. Three stars due to small dog area. No complaints though! Thank you, city workers!!

Jun. 03, 2022

Small but better than nothing

Capehart Park

Small area recently reopened at end of March and has grass(!), but is ideally would love to see it larger. Large area was not redone yet and was dusty. Limited parking pot, busy street. Portable restrooms on site.

Jun. 03, 2022

Good and not so good

Kearny Mesa Dog Park

Pros: Large area, flat, water fountain, restrooms, ample parking. Cons: no separate areas by dog size, limited shade, dusty. Don't think there were lights (?). Would love to see grass / artificial turf. Still glad it's here versus not having one at all! Thank you, SD!

Jun. 03, 2022

Good but needs grass

Rancho Bernardo Dog Park

Pros: separate areas by size as well as one area for all sizes together, some shade, often a breeze, water fountain, ample parking, restrooms. Cons: due to drought is all dirt and hard packed and dusty now. Areas are sloped. Short walk from parking.
Town allocated $500,000 for improvements approx two years ago, but still in works (allegedly they spent $100k in planning and last mont just brought in some dirt - not top soil). Hope they spruce it up a bit. Maybe some artificial turf? We can dream. Still, a great spot. I didn't note any lights, but someone claimed there are some...could be an urban legend.

Jun. 03, 2022

Small and all dirt

Doyle Dog Park

Small, all dirt, limited shade, snobby locals. Pros: separate areas by size, water, restrooms. Some parking close, but much more on opposite side of park. Disappointing park considering the area. Note: nearby Westfield mall is dog friendly and my dog was more interested in making friends there.

Jun. 03, 2022

Not fenced but off leash ok

Grape Street Dog Park

A nice surprise! Much larger than average area, grass, shade, water, restrooms, decent parking, nearby restaurants and shops are pet friendly (South Park). Views of downtown. NOT fenced but off leash okay. Not fenced = one area combined for dogs of all sizes. Note renovation / maintenance until July 2022.

Jun. 03, 2022

Huge but a lot of waste left

Fiesta Island Park

Largest area I know of in Socal. I keep meaning to time my walk to see how long you are able to walk. So much space is right! Note: there are gaps at both ends of the fence (not entirely contained). Technically it's open 24 hours but you theoretically have to walk from the beginning of the island since the sign claims the island closes at 10p (and no light at night I don't think). Rumor has it that street racing happens there on weekend nights (?). Off leash area is along mission bay so the water is calm. One side has small waves and the opposite side has virtually none. NO WATER fountains. Very limited shade. Parking ample. Portable restrooms. Repeat - need to bring water. During the spring it is a field of yellow flowers (clouds and I mean clouds of pollen when the dogs run through it). As always, bring bags. Many owners leave waste, which is highly disappointing. Still, the sheer size makes it a can't be missed location when you're looking to take your dog for a long walk. Limited restaurants in close proximity (no water). Also, please consider volunteering with one of the cleanups through Fiesta Island Dog Owners group. Enjoy!

Jun. 03, 2022

Disneyland for dogs

The Original Dog Beach

My dog's eyes lit up the first time we went here. Dogs running every which way, all super happy! Some playing in the surf, some fetching a ball, some playing chase. Magical. Guaranteed to make you smile on a bad day. Large area of sand and beachline. Open ocean with waves as well as calmer / more protected inlet to the side. Some homeless individuals in the area (I've never had been approached let alone had a 'problem' with one), so give generously if you see one/some. A few kind words can go a long way. Back to the beach review - good sized parking area, but busy. No shade. Water and restroom at end of parking lot near exit (it's one way). Free parking. Dog wash business near by is about $15. However made this happen back in the 1970s should be thanked by all generations of animal lovers. Please respect it and be kind to others - let us never lose this place. Truly disneyland for dogs! <3

Jun. 03, 2022

Favorite spot

North Beach

Favorite dog spot in Socal thusfar. Largest walking area off leash. Most parking is a small fee to park. May have to walk a bit to get there. No shade. Water fountain and portable restroom on site. Note off leash authorization changes based on time of year and time of day. Can be confusing, but well worth it.

Jun. 03, 2022

Smaller, but epic

Coronado Dog Beach

Fantastic location, gorgeous views, sparkling fools gold in the sand. Smaller than another local dog beach in SD county, but shouldn't be missed. No shade - bring an umbrella. Water fountain and hose on site. Restroom slightly up the sidewalk away from dog area. Parking can be tough, but manageable.

Jun. 03, 2022

Decent but parking terrible

Torrey Highlands Dog Park

One area for dogs of all sizes (no separate areas), relatively well maintained, shade, water, and restrooms; however, parking is a nightmare and the locals might not like you there. Trails adjacent to parking lot.

Jun. 03, 2022

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