Ride the waves with Fido at Ocean Beach in San Diego, California, a dog friendly beach.
Rex Banner at Dog Beach
Black Dane - "King"
Harelequin Dane
"King" Black Great Dane
Dane Days!
Torrey - Choc. Lab
San Diego Dog Beach
Jake's first trip to Dog Beach.
Moose's favorite place in the world besides going to the snow!
Friendly dogs and good times on a beautiful summer day
Dexter is testing the water at his first time at the beach
Dog Beach at Ocean Beach San Diego California. Catching a Frisbee between the waves
Penny having fun.
Sid and Hemi running on the beach
Max & Molly had a ball at Ocean did I..!! So many dogs - wonderful !!
Dog Heaven
Our Dog, Gordo, playing with his ball at Ocean Beach
Enjoying the beach. July 2011
Great place!
So dog friendly. Loved it!!!
August, 2013 at the Ocean Beach Dog Beach, San Diego, CA. Best dog beach in the world!!
Cody on a beautiful sunny day at his favorite beach, looking awesome
Stella enjoying OB
Stella's fav beach spot
The Original Dog Beach
The Original Dog Beach
The Original Dog Beach
The Original Dog Beach
The Original Dog Beach
Lizzie on vacation at Dog Beach.
Jazz taking a break from fun in the sun
Anticipation.... Waiting for her ball to be thrown
Peppers' first trip to the ocean!
June Bug at Ocean Beach
Good as it gets!
Pirate Pippi!
Even my heeler loved the beach here
Mila enjoying the beach
Running with the ball
Ride the waves with Fido at Ocean Beach in San Diego, California, a dog friendly beach.


Perhaps the most popular canine hotspot in San Diego is The Original Dog Beach located at the northern end of Ocean Beach. Here, dogs can roam off leash at any time of the day. Owners should take care to pick up after their pets. After a day at the beach, you may want to head over to the Dog Beach Dog Wash to give Fido a bath. Located at 4933 Voltaire Street, the Dog Wash is just two blocks away from the beach.


BringFido Guest Rating

The Original Dog Beach has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 bones by 36 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Nov. 13, 2019
    Huge dog beach!

    Fantastic dog beach!! There aren't fenses, however...the beach is so big that they aren't really necessary unless you have a runner! Doggie fountain at the entrance, but I suggest to bring water so they don't drink the ocean water! Being from Chicago, my dog hasnt realized that salty water makes him have the runny poos if he drinks too much. Just be sure to hydrate!!

  • Oct. 4, 2019
    The Best Day Ever

    Great day for the Little Dog and me!

  • Oct. 2, 2019
    fun, fun, fun!

    Going to dog beach is like going to a dog party. Lots of dogs having lots of fun!

  • Oct. 2, 2019
    So much fun!

    We brought our 2 dogs here for their first trip to the beach and they had a blast! The other people there were friendly, as were most of the dogs. One of my favorite things is how shallow the it is for them to run in the ocean without going underwater and needing to swim. Our dogs had a blast and we'll definitely go back!

  • Oct. 2, 2019
    Best Dog Beach

    I have been to dog beaches in Florida and California, this is the best beach for dogs by far. Dogs can run free, plenty of room for their humans to lay out and sun, or get in the water. Always a good time here.

  • Oct. 2, 2019
    Best Dog Beach Ever

    Huge beach are with wet and dry sand. Current and calm water for swimming. Always great weather. Plenty of room to stretch the legs for a long sprint.

  • Oct. 2, 2019
    My favorite place in the world!

    Everybody here is my best friend! This whole neighborhood is all dog lovers. The inlet is nice calm shallow water so I can play... I'm scared of the ocean. Always clean and nice sand. Weather is always perfect. Lots of good brunch places nearby.

  • Aug. 1, 2019
    Happiest Place On Earth

    We loved bringing our two big dogs here.

  • Jul. 5, 2019
    Doggie heaven

    Iris thought she was in heaven. Most dogs obedient and well-behaved. There's always that one owner who is on their phone and not paying attention (eye roll) but other than that - everyone seemed to know it was a dog beach and yes, if you set up camp for the day expect some pooches to give you some smooches!

  • May. 14, 2019

    Thank you very much! This is a very important list for those who like to travel with their pets. I’d like to add one more pet-friendly beach (though it’s situated in the East of America). It’s the Blue Mountain beach . Dogs are allowed there but before you go there you have to get a permission of the county, otherwise you won’t be allowed to the beach with your pet. Bear that in mind and enjoy your beach time!

  • Mar. 1, 2019
    Awesome Beach

    My dog felt completely comfortable here and loved every second . Side note for anyone that plans on bringing a lunch to eat here , you lose any right to complain about any dogs coming up to you and stepping on your blanket . Don’t be that person that gets mad . It’s a dog beach. If you don’t like dogs go sulk somewhere else . We don’t have time for you.

  • More than a year ago
    Awesome Spot !

    A must go in San Diego!

  • More than a year ago
    Bruno had an amazing time!

    I visited this place on a Sunday afternoon and it seemed the perfect time! My puppers was overly excited and had a great time meeting all the dogs. Great place to let your dog be and have fun.

  • More than a year ago
    Great dog beach

    Our dog had the time of her life here. The dog wash a couple blocks away was clutch for cleanup time!

  • More than a year ago
    Disneyland for dogs

    This is truly the happiest place in San Diego. Smiling dogs, responsible dog owners (for the most part, no place is perfect), and family-friendly. We’ve been going here for years and our dog loves it, even recognizing when we turn onto W Pt Loma that this is where we’re going. Also love the do-it-yourself dog wash up the street on Voltaire.

  • More than a year ago
    LOVED IT!!!

    We were visiting San Diego for vacation we took our three pups almost every day we were in town. We absolutely love how clean the beach is, and the freedom the dogs had on the beach. Everyone there were dog people so no real concerns regarding our dogs hyper tendencies.

  • More than a year ago
    simply the best

    The beach is much cleaner these days! They have special cleanup days twice a month. My dogs just love it here! Bags are stocked by the city and there are plenty of trash cans!

  • More than a year ago
    What a Lovely Day

    First, know that it is a HUGE struggle to find any parking close by. You will have to park on-street in the neighborhood area. But it is a beautiful place to visit. There was a lot of seaweed swept up on the beach the day we visited. However, there is a terrific view of Cabrillo from here.

  • More than a year ago

    My heeler loved this place because she got to roam around leash free, what more could we ask for. There was a ton of people and their dogs enjoying the water and sun, so if your dog isn't very social I wouldn't recommend this beach. BUT if your k9 is friendly and energetic this is a great spot. (I didn't see any doggie bags so make sure you bring those)

  • More than a year ago

    Every city in the U.S. Needs a place just like this beach. My dog, and my family had so much fun! This beach is super clean, all the dogs were super well behaved and not having the dogs on a leash was not an issue at all. I highly recommend stopping at this beach when visiting San Diego!

  • More than a year ago
    Hot Dog Good Time

    We brought our 4 month old puppy to this beach for the first time and we all had a blast! The beach was clean, all the people were SO friendly, and didn't have any negative interactions with other dogs. Fun for our pup and us! We definitely recommend it!

  • More than a year ago
    Great first beach experience!

    This was Peppers first ever trip to the beach and she loved it! She acted like she had grown up near the ocean and ran straight in and went as deep as she could without swimming. It was great and there was only one dog we were concerned about buy his owners quickly corralled him when he was playing a little too roughly. We didn't have any problems with people not picking up after their dogs but it was a very overcast day so wasn't as busy as it probably is sometimes. We love this beach and are stopping by again tomorrow before we head back to the desert!

  • More than a year ago
    great beach except dog owners

    Great beach !! The owners let the doggies run wild this is their temperament, they do not clean up after their poop. It kind of ruins the beach. I guess walking down this long stretch of beach they feel they don't need to be however it's needed and just disgusting everyone thinks the same and leaves it there. Pick up after your own Seabiscuit.

  • More than a year ago
    best time ever

    Sparky had never been to a beach, being a Colorado doggie. And he doesn't swim, just wades. But he had the best time ever last year (Sept. 2014), wading, trying out the waves, making doggie friends...

  • More than a year ago
    Fun in the Sun

    This was our first time to this beach. It was awesome! Low tide made it easy for our dogs to get wet and learn the area. Lots of friendly dogs and people. Only concern was a few owners weren't watching their dogs rough play close enough.
    I would recommend this park to all. All family fun.

  • More than a year ago
    Kids and Dogs

    It's great when family pets or friends' pets get along with kids. But it's just unwise to bring children around strange dogs. If one is at a dog beach, it's to be expected that there is going to be rough play by dogs. If your kid gets knocked over at a dog park you took them to, whose fault is that really? All that aside, it's so nice to have a dog beach open all hours for us early risers and late night people. But it is nice when people are responsible and puck-up after their dogs!

  • More than a year ago
    Dog owner

    Would probably be more like 3 1/2 bones as the beach itself was really dog friendly. Yesterday was our first time here with our 8 month old Border Collie mix. She and the kids loved the beach, small current and tons of friendly people. On the flip side, there was more dog poop on this beach than any other that I have been to.. We left our bag (nothing of much value) and took a stroll on the beach with kids and dog. When we returned someone had stolen our retractable leash and harness. Didn't run into other "kid unfriendly" people as others had noted, but being a Saturday late afternoon there were some inebriated and strung out individuals,. That doesn't really bother us, but may be worth noting for others. All being said, we probably would go back, but would keep our belongings within eyesight.

  • More than a year ago
    So Much Fun!

    We took our pup, Zack to the ocean for the first time, and he absolutely loved this place! All the other dogs were so playful. The other pet owners were all so friendly even giving Zack a good belly rub whenever he came their way! My pup was smiling the whole time! :) There's also a place a few minutes away where you can give your dog a good bath after! (Dog Beach Dog Wash)

  • More than a year ago
    Do your dog a favor and take him here

    This was by far the best dog beach ever. The dog I was traveling with hates water. He wouldn't go near the ocean, but loved playing with all the dogs. This is an off-leash dog beach, so dogs do need to be well-behaved. This beach reminded me of going to the beach as a little kid. You are free to explore by yourself, but you always run back to your family to check in with them. Instead of kids, this is what all the dogs were doing. Make sure to check out the dog wash before heading back to the car.

  • More than a year ago
    Locals do not like young children

    Disappointed with Dog Beach - San Diego this trip. Never have I seen such disgusting, irresponsible behavior by local adults towards children and their dogs. It was so bad I thought I was dreaming. Sadly, after going for so many years, we will not be going back. It was almost cult-like with people who hate children. Two-days in a row my 4-year old son was jumped on, knocked over (with the dog on top of him), and when my husband and I touched/pushed the dog to get him off, the owner's went off on us and said, "This is our get out of here." They then began cussing us out. We were in disbelief. To all parents, please be careful.

  • More than a year ago
    Great dog beach

    We took a weekend getaway from Los Angeles and traveled down to San Diego with with our "chiweenie" Rosie. Our first stop after the 2 1/2 car ride was the Ocean Beach Dog Beach. We have been to dog beaches in both Long Beach and Huntington Beach, and this beach seemed to have much more space for dogs to run around. Bags were available to use and owners and dogs seemed very respectful of others. Parking was bit of a challenge on the weekend, but locals might have a better idea of additional parking areas. All in all, a great spot to visit while traveling to San Diego with fido!

  • More than a year ago

    Make sure to bring your own bags because the bag dispensers are usually empty.. And make sure to bring plenty of your own water... There isn't a nearby restroom!

  • More than a year ago
    nice, but...

    Huntington Dog Beach is better. More responsible pet owners, so less poop to step in.

  • More than a year ago
    great first beach experience

    This was our dog Dexter's first beach experience and it couldn't have went any better! He made plenty of new friends and had a blast. After being a bit scared he got used to the water and waves and starting having a blast! The beach was packed, but very well maintained. All the owners seemed nice as well as the dogs.

  • More than a year ago

    A really great off the leash dog beach! Plenty off dogs, and only the occasional territorial dog. But 99% off the dogs are friendly and playful. Make sure to bring your own bags because the bag dispensers are usually empty.. And make sure to bring plenty of your own water... There isn't a nearby restroom!

  • More than a year ago
    Fun in the sun

    We took our beagle here, lots of place for him to run and play. However a lot of owners do not seem to pick up after their pets, kinda messy. He had fun in the shallow water when the tide was out because he does not like to run in the waves.

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Dog Runs with a Ball in His Mouth
Wet Dog and Young Man Enjoy the Beach
Sunbathing on the Beach with a Dog
People and Dog Enjoy the Beach
Petey at Dog Beach
Beautiful Beach
Dog Beach
Treasure at the Dog Beach?!?!
Checking Out Water Temp
The OG
Little Dog At The Original Dog Beach In OB
Pete And A New Friend

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