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Canova Dog Beach

Canova Dog Beach in Indialantic, FL, is home to Brevard County's only dog-friendly beach. This 9.1-acre community beach park includes a small pavilion, grill, picnic shelter, benches along crossover, restrooms, drinking fountain and outside showers. One of the three dune crossovers is wheelchair accessible. Dogs must be leashed and wear tags showing their current license and vaccinations. There is no cost to use the Dog Beach, however owners must pick up after their pets. Waste bags and proper receptacles are available. Visit Website

Or call (321) 255-4400 or email SouthAreaParks@BrevardFL.gov for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Canova Dog Beach has received a rating of 4.0 out of 5 bones by 52 canine critics on BringFido.

Visitors generally enjoy Canova Dog Beach, praising the clean facilities and friendly environment, though some note issues with irresponsible dog owners allowing their pets off-leash. They suggest the beach could be expanded to provide more space for larger dogs.

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  • Jimmy
    Jul 6, 2024
    Inconsiderate or ignorant dog owners

    Been to Canova Beach a few times. This past week was absolutely horrible! I think I was the only owner who has their dog on a leash! And of course, dogs being dogs, several came running up to my dog causing an uncomfortable situation. Then one owner (who was too wrapped up in their phone to pay attention) dog actually attacked my dog, not once but twice. I had to get my dog away quickly or it would have been an ugly mess. The owner of course stated their dog would NEVER bite or attack, even though it just did, not once but twice! There is absolutely NO enforcement of the laws, which is why there are so many dogs off leash. Therefore, I don’t feel comfortable going back until the place is safe.

  • Oliver
    May 26, 2024
    Stupid dog owners

    We were attacked by off leash dogs wish the police would enforce the leash law and ban the owners from the dog beach

  • Tracy
    Mar 15, 2024
    Beautiful beach

    Beautiful water and nice stretch of beach. There were some dogs off leash but an officer came down and corrected the situation. A lot of dogs having an awesome day. We enjoyed very much. Please clean up after your pups aways.

  • Dawn
    Mar 15, 2024

    Canova dog beach was great. My porty loves the water and the water was great. I highly recommend bringing your pooch. Dogs were on leash and off and all were friendly.

  • Jackie
    Feb 10, 2024
    5 paws

    Sought beach out for friendly dog beach expecting to chill on towel with GSD by my side. Huh? Many unleashed pups - ALL well behaved with great recall. What an idyllic place for dogs to be dogs. After seeing everyone owners and dogs alike behaving - joined the ball fetching Frisbee chasing foray. THE BEST.

  • Carolina
    Jan 12, 2024
    Dog Attacks - irresponsible dog owners

    Hi I would like to report Multiple dog attacks have happened at Cánovas LEASHED dog beach due to Irresponsible dog owners with unleashed dogs . My mature and injured dog was clasped in the neck and leg today unexpectedly by and unleashed dog who could have killed my dog .

    Several other reviews have been posted by other dog owners on this situation and dog attacks of unleashed dog on this page….

    The owner of the dog did not even approach us until after his dog had been punched in the head, slapped and held back multiple times by other by standers after attacking my dog, the dog seamed very friendly running around but had quickly snapped when he ran up to my dog.

    The owners dog and his friend still had the nerve to say after approaching us “your dog isn’t bleeding tho” it seamed on of them had been drinking,
    While my dogs eye was bleeding
    And we found teeth marks in his back leg muscles.

    He was clasped in the neck by his dog for several seconds the dog would not release untill he was hit in the head by a person, he almost killed my dog who was leashed.

    Several people who know the beach mentioned that the owners are regulars and are irresponsible, this could have escalated to the dog bitting several people trying to separate the dog from his teeth claws in my dogs neck.

    Several dogs approached my dog after the attack without a leash and jumped on me to get to my dog.

    This feels like the dog beach needs some security cause dog owners themselves don’t abide by rules put in place.

  • Tamara
    Dec 13, 2023
    Great Beach, Bad Owners, Sketchy Area

    We are visiting from out of state and I chose Canova Beach because it is supposed to be an on leash dog beach. My boys have been repeatedly attacked by off leash dogs so this was very important. Please know there is no one enforcing the leash policy here so the first thing we were met with on going over the walk to the beach was an off leash dog, immediately right there, in my dog’s faces with no recall. Thanks.
    The bathrooms were old and rundown. There was a bum hanging out in the park. The area itself wasn’t great. The beach was pretty, but I bet there are other pretty beaches that are better. We won’t be back.

  • Mary jo
    May 17, 2023
    Great beach

    We’ve been taking our dog to this beach since a pup. It’s a small
    stretch of beach but can be visited any time of the day unlike the time restrictions at near by Cocoa Beach. Get there early for parking availability. There is a dog wash area as well. There are usually dogs not on leashes and occasionally I’ve had other people’s dogs approach my dog ( who is leashed at all times ). There’s a nice restaurant across the street (Coaster’s) that is dog friendly :). Worth a visit!

  • Betty
    May 14, 2023
    Great experience

    The beach was nice and clean. some people did not obey the leash rule, but overall people’s dogs were respectful. It was much larger than I thought it would be. The pups had a great time!

  • Abby
    Mar 16, 2023
    Love it!

    Longer than most dog beaches!

  • Noel
    Mar 12, 2023
    No laws apparently

    Off leash dogs everywhere. Apparently no one has to abide by the huge sign as you enter the park that dogs MUST be leashed and no longer than 6 ft. This ruins the beach for people to use with their dogs who enjoy the water but not other dogs. Also, dogs running in and out of my personal space is also not ideal either. Take them to a dog PARK if you want them off leash. All dogs deserve a chance to play/enjoy the beach and this ruined it for us.

  • B
    Dec 18, 2022
    Leashed required

    Lame. No point

  • Amy
    Jul 21, 2022
    Great beach

    This was the only beach we were able to enjoy during our stay. Had a beautiful time and loved seeing all of the dogs.

  • Jennifer
    Jun 20, 2022
    First time at dog beach was a success!

    visited Canova Dog Beach on a very hot Thursday afternoon in June. There was plenty of parking. some dogs were off Leash but under owners control. The beach was clean and there was a wash station next to the parking lot.

  • Robin
    Apr 21, 2022
    Great place

    We visited this beach for our dog 4 times while we stayed in Kissimmee.
    Beach was very nice. There are a lot of people who leave their dogs off leash and they run all around. I didn’t like the fact that you never knew in which direction they were coming from.
    Most were friendly, but you never know.
    Besides that, place had bathroom.
    water shower outside. I’d definitely will go back next yr.

  • Ann
    Apr 6, 2022
    Great day

    Just 15 minutes south of Cocoa Beach. All day dog friendly (unlike Cocoa Beach with allotted times). Free parking (unlike Cocoa Beach) 3 boardwalks to beach, one is handicapped. Nice bathroom building (pit pot) and a dog wash station. Would return!!!

  • Laura
    Jan 11, 2022
    Small but very clean beach

    We just moved here from Tennessee and went to a beach and quickly learned that there were only certain beaches for dogs.. Then I found this one through the app and it was very nice very clean. We will be back.

  • Julie
    Sep 6, 2021
    Dog Beach fun

    We took our 11 month old Golden to Canova for the first time last weekend. The space for pets is not very long, and although it said pets must be on a leash most were playing without one. One dog that wasn't leashed ended up biting another man's dog who was leashed so I felt bad for him.
    It was not crowded the day we went, and the water was great. There is a place to wash your pet, shower yourself, and bathrooms but the dogs are not allowed in the restroom. It looked like maybe 50 or so cars would fit in the lot.
    There was no fee and the parking spots are across from Walmart right near the beach. I didn't see any bags to clean up after the pooch, but maybe I missed them somewhere.

  • Simone
    Aug 23, 2021
    Better than nothing but…

    Canova Beach is a ridiculously short stretch of beach that doesn’t come close to giving the number of dogs who use it enough space to stay separated from each other if they desire. Add in owners whose dogs should not be off leash because they don’t recall on command and it can make for a miserable experience if your dog doesn’t like being approached assertively by strangers. And then on top of all that people (without dogs!) set up fishing poles within the confines of the dog beach leaving even less room.

  • Michelle
    Jul 23, 2021
    Great beach… I will be going back.

    parking was easy. I went on a Thursday and it wasn’t that crowded. I took 1 bone off for the seaweed on the beach and the rocks as you go in the water. Overall this beach was very nice and I would go back. it was worth the 1 1/2 hr drive. they even have showers for humans and dogs to get the sand off before getting in the car.

  • Rick
    Jun 27, 2021
    We loved it

    First time at dog park and moving here from Washington state. Thank you in great appreciation for having dog beach. We loved it and people were friendly and our dog had no complaints. Few dogs unleashed but who cares…. Our dog is very territorial though unleashed dogs had no care in world and we’re too busy playing in surf and owners were very attentive. Would not change a thing. Will be back!🐶

  • Kellie
    May 29, 2021

    I brought my GSD puppy this morning. he thoroughly enjoyed it and it was nice to be around other pet owners! Some owners followed the rules of the leash while others did not. We stayed for a little over an hour and will be coming back!

  • Tanya
    Jun 15, 2020
    Small But Fun

    Had a good lunch break today at this park. Not everyone follows the leash rule, which isn’t fair (and is confusing) to the furry pups who are. Area where you can have pets is pretty small, but the beach is clean.

  • Judi
    May 19, 2020
    Great Location

    2 dogs, one loves walking, one loves lying in the sun. No troubles at all. Park facilities utilized, too.

  • Iona
    Feb 16, 2020
    My Favorite!

    I drive from Orlando to take my dog to this beach! Sometimes it’s busy so you have to park across A1A in the Friendly’s/Walmart lot but it only takes five minutes to walk across the street. In the off season and during the week no one seems to care of you take your dog outside the posted boundaries.

  • Cristie
    Jan 5, 2020
    Great Location!

    I absolutely love this dog beach! My dog loves it as well. She loves all the dogs 🐶 and positive energy! Every time we go it’s always fun in the sun! Best dog beach yet!

  • Marney
    Jul 28, 2019
    Dog Friendly Beach. Beautiful Spot

    The beach was crowded on a sunny Saturday. To be expected with a dog friendly beach. Water was beautiful and clean. Had difficulty finding the dog friendly beach access ramp. It’s the ramp to the right of the bathroom building at public parking area. Parking/beach free access. Area to hose off dogs and gear.
    Almost all dogs were leashed. A few off leash dogs were “swimmers” and just fetching their toys-not running all over.
    One large mastiff dog had diarrhea and his owner didn’t clean it up, then the same unneutered male began to pee on our umbrella. Not cool.
    Remember to bring water dish/water and snout sunscreen. Our dogs had a blast.

  • Yamilet
    Jul 19, 2019
    Awesome Beach

    We all had a great time with our puppy .. her first time at the beach... beach was clean and easy to get to ... dogs and people were very friendly ... some dogs were off leash which is against the rules but they were not aggressive... we will definitely be back soon

  • Chris
    Jul 4, 2019
    Great Place

    First visit to a pet friendly beach. We stopped just to give Levi a bit of exercise. His 1st time at a beach. He had fun romping in the waves. Most dogs were off their leashes but all dogs were very friendly. The beach was very clean. We will definitely be back.

  • Amber
    May 29, 2019
    Not What I Expected

    I read the other reviews of this beach and saw that they loved it and that it was perfect. I don't know if it was that their dogs were small or they visited another time of the week but the beach was completely packed and the area was practically microscopic. My dog is a Golden Retriever and he could barely walk or swim. Do not go there with a large sized dog.

  • Izy
    May 27, 2019
    Love This Place!

    All the dogs were on leashes. Have been here several times and I have never seen a dog off it’s leash. Always super clean and it’s just a great area for dogs to swim and play!

  • Carrie
    May 5, 2019
    Had Fun!

    Pax loved the beach! Very clean, no dog messes at all. All the dogs were on leashes. We will be back!

  • Tina
    Jan 8, 2019
    Definitely not like the other reviews

    I did lots of research and this beach appeared to be my best option. Other review stated that dogs were on leashes and owners were responsible. This was not the case on Sunday. The beach was crowded which I get it was a nice weekend however probably 75% of the dogs we're not on leashes and we're running a muck. I haven't had my dog very long and trying to experience her to new things. This environment was not good for introducing her to other dogs. We moved four times two different spots on the beach and then finally just gave up and left. One dog came up and I had to push him away a second dog came up and laid beside me on my towel and then nipped at my dog because she was bothering this man's dog. Luckily a nice man sitting next to me took the strange dog to go find the owner. Was a very very poor experience for me. Maybe going through the week would be different, but I highly doubt it. There were multiple people that were moving from different spots and also giving up and just leaving

  • Harmony
    Nov 3, 2018

    My dog and I loved it. Super clean with friendly, responsible pet owners. Highly recommend!

  • Debra
    More than a year ago
    Great Day with Our Puppy

    We were visiting the area from NY. First time taking our 7 month old pup to the beach. It was great. This beach is clean, friendly and accommodating. Appreciated the on leash policy as our pup is still in training and seeing other dogs on leash made it easier for her. Also appreciated the people and dog foot showers after a long day. Thanks for this park. Coming back in Sept! 🙂

  • Gary
    Mar 11, 2018
    Tebow loved it!

    Although my puppy is still cautious of the water he loved digging in the sand and the social interaction with other dogs. Beach was very clean, people extremely friendly. Some dogs were off their leashes but it seemed the owners were always close buy and dogs were very well behaved.

    After the beach we ate at Coasters just across the street in the Winn Dixie Shopping center. You need to park in the back of the plaza where they have a beautiful patio and entrance for dogs. It was great and fun day with my puppy.

  • Kirsi
    More than a year ago
    so fun!

    It’s a lot of fun! My dog is a little uneasy about the waves, but he’s coming around with every visit! There’s a ton of space for the dogs to run. The best time to visit is during the week when it’s not as crowded. Everyone is very friendly and mindful of their dogs.

  • Josh
    More than a year ago

    Very small section of beach. You can stand at one end and read the sign of the other end that says no dogs past this point. But it is the only beach open to dogs for at least an hour in either direction.

  • David
    More than a year ago
    Great spot

    Normally go to New Smyrna Beach if we take the dogs. We were glad to tried somewhere new. Canova Beach is nice. It is a great place for dogs that are relaxed and not into running. Will visit again.

  • Melissa
    More than a year ago

    Very small area designated for dogs but they have to stay on a leash. What fun is it if the dogs can't run, swim, or play? It's sad that this is Brevard's only dog beach. I hope this law changes soon.

  • Emily
    More than a year ago
    A great day at the beach!

    We visited Canova Beach twice on our recent trip to FL with our two labs and we had a fantastic time!! It's a small area of the beach but there's plenty of room for the dogs to run, play and swim! We will definitely be back the next time we're in town! If you've never been the actual entrance can be a little tricky to find. Enter the Canova Beach parking lot at the intersection of Eau Gallie Blvd and A1A and go all the way to the farthest right corner of the parking lot (just past the pavilion) and you'll see the entrance.

  • Ashley
    More than a year ago
    Small but Enjoyable

    I was thankful to find a beach area to bring my dog. Evo and I enjoyed it. A little small, but it was nice.

  • Dan
    More than a year ago
    great beach day

    We had a nice time at the beach. It is much nicer than the dog beach near us in dunedin. It seems like most people are very mindful of their dogs. There is not much supervision which seemed ok. We brought our Wheaton, an umbrella and a six pack and had a great afternoon.

    We went to coasters after the beach, and the waitress told us there is a big volunteer effort to keep the beach clean. She told us that the thought is the county is just waiting to close the beach to dogs. It is unfortunate because it seems like such a nice county park that serves a great need. We probably would not visit again if it was closed.

  • Yo
    More than a year ago

    Drove up from Miramar, stayed at Hilton Rialto in Melbourne. This dog beach is very nice, although limited. Doggie station for cleanup, area to rinse saltwater off your dog, nice. Hope it expands.

  • MJ
    More than a year ago
    Good experience today

    I prefer an on lead park for two reasons: 1) I have the scar from an expensive bite in an off leash park, and 2) I don't want my valuable puppy bitten. So I was delighted to see this park on BringFido.com. It was not hard to find, free parking, and pick up bags in plenty supply. The beach was clean and pretty. The dog owners were polite, and the dogs were well under control with a couple of exceptions (be aware, not everyone follows the rules). I enjoyed the ability to run through some training exercises with my dog. We both enjoyed the beautiful weather and the ability to play in the water. It would be nice to be able to walk further down the beach, but I was grateful to have the room we have. One suggestion, please place waste receptacles where waste can be easily tossed into them, rather than a small hike. I loved the foot shower to take sand off the feet when done.

  • Bill
    More than a year ago
    Great Beach

    Great place to run and play! I'm glad it's there!

  • Nadya
    More than a year ago
    Just OK

    Too small of an area and dogs have to be on leash. Wish it would be expanded, that the dogs could freely run around and that more signs be put up so people understand that is a dog beach and they don’t get annoyed by you having your dog there.

  • Bill
    More than a year ago
    Great Dog Beach

    Great location! Can't wait till they expand length of beach

  • Tim
    More than a year ago
    pretty good

    On leash park, so the dogs cant run. But it was really nice for introducing the ocean to my puppy. Very clean

  • Linda
    More than a year ago
    dog beach

    I am one of the people who helped with Barbara to get this going. It's true, it's not as big as we would have wanted, but it's better then nothing. The only rules are,its an on leash park and you must clean up after yourself and your dog, bags are available. We have a monthly clean up of the beach. Thank you to everyone who helps keep it clean. We hope to get more beaches in the area dog friendly and get this one expanded in the future. Go and enjoy.

  • David
    More than a year ago
    Nice place

    It is really nice to have a place for our dogs. It is so limited in Brevard County and so many dogs love the water. Thanks for opening the park. Thanks to the people that pick up after their dogs so we can keep it open!

  • Carol
    More than a year ago
    Need more room

    The beach is clean and monitored well. I feel people should make sure they have control of their dogs when engaging with other dogs so situations do not erupt. Please be respectful before you approach another person with a dog and ask permission to introduce the dogs. Also, the beach needs to be extended for larger dogs to run.

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