Dog Friendly Activities in Manitoba

Don't leave Fido in the hotel room when you're on vacation. Get out and play! No matter where you're headed in Manitoba, we can point you towards the nearest off-leash dog park, the most popular dog beach, a really great hiking trail, and lots of other places to play with Fido.

Pet Friendly Brandon Hills Wildlife Conservation Area
Brandon Hills Wildlife Conservation Area is located just off of Highway 10, south of the city of Brandon. Turn off of Hwy 10 onto High Country Rd. The road is located right next to an old antique shoppe called Carriage Antiques. Drive about 2 km east then turn right, heading south, when you reach the dead end. Keep driving south till you see a large sign on your left that says "Brandon Hills Wildlife Conservation Area." There is about 7.5km of trail you can explore with your dog on or off the leash. There are three loops to the trail. If you feel like you can't walk for 2-3 hours, take one of the shorter loops which is less distance and less time. Depending what time of the year, you can almost always see some kind of wildlife such as deer, grouse, moose and occasionally even a black bear. Mostly squirrels and birds. If you wander out with your dog in the spring/early summer, bring lots of repellent for ticks and mosquitoes.
Pet Friendly Spirit Sands
Spirit Sands provides endless hours of beautiful scenery as you trek through a small prairie desert filled with giant sand dunes. Unfortunately, most of this trail is a fragile ecosystem that requires your dog to be on a leash. Trail system requires a good day to explore in it's entirety. Don't forget to see the Devils Punch bowl!
Pet Friendly East End Paw Park
Very large fenced enclosure with plenty of running space, a few trees, and a gazebo. The park provides poo pick up bags and disposable garbage venues for the poop. Plenty of benches to sit in leisure while your dog frolics and plays with other dogs.
Pet Friendly Maple Grove Park
Please obey the following rules while enjoying Winnipeg’s off-leash dog areas: Dog owners must be present and within view of their dogs at all times. Aggressive dogs are not allowed in off-leash areas. Dogs must be under voice control while off-leash. Dog owners must have a leash in hand at all times. Female dogs in heat are not allowed in off-leash areas. Holes dug by dogs must be filled by the dog owner. All feces must be picked up by the dog owner and removed or deposited in waste receptacles. All dogs must be licensed in accordance with the City of Winnipeg Responsible Pet Ownership By-law 92/2013. Please call 311 for more information. All sites are open 7:00am to 11:00pm or as posted at the site.
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