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Can you help me reunite with my dogs?

Hello. I understand this must be too much to ask but I have no other choice so please read this.

I'm living in Iran. The situation of pets and pet owners is horrible here. There are new laws in the country which prevents people from keeping dogs as pets. If you are seen with pet dogs, the animal will be confiscated on sight and you don't know what will happen to them. The owner will be punished, too. There are lots of articles confirming this you can search.

I'm immigrating to Australia with my family soon. My brother's already living there for a year. I have two young female dogs and I want to take my dogs with me but Australian government won't allow this under some AQIS law; You can't bring an animal from Iran to Australia directly under any circumstances as you can see here.

I searched my options. Leaving my dogs behind is out of the question for me. People are not educated enough to treat dogs well in here. Hell I'm not educated enough myself but still I'm probably as best as it gets in this country. So leaving them behind is out of the question. There are many countries that meet Australia's import conditions meaning an animal can be imported from that country directly. Now there are animal care centers in most of that countries, like Bahrain which is near Iran too. The dog must stay quarantined in that country for at least 6 month before you can then arrange their import to Australia. I communicated with one of these centers. The cost will be around 4000$ for each dog at least! I don't have that kind of money. I suppose Iran has one of the worst economy situations in the world right now also because of all the sanctions if you are familiar with politics. I'm way out of my budget here.

I'm looking for someone in any country to keep my dogs (or one of them) for me for sometime so I can arrange for them to come to Australia when I get there. Many countries accept pets from Iran directly. And Australia pretty much accepts every other country but Iran so it doesn't really matter where you are we can work something out. I think some countries like Canada have easier policies and require no quarantine so they are the best. I will arrange everything from the vaccinations needed, the paper work, the transfer by plane, micro-chipping the dog and I will cover all the costs, everything to ship my dog to you. You just have to pick her up from the airport and keep her for at least the 6 month that is required to be in that country before coming to Australia. I will be able to arrange for the import to Australia between that 6 month to a year at the very most. Remember my brother is already there, he's settled and he can take them in that time span.

I'm even open to giving them up for adoption if it comes to that. I understand if you don't want to keep a dog, feed it and all for a short time and then just give it up. So if I can't find anybody to keep them for me I'm open to adoption because I just can't leave them here. I will still pay for everything and arrange everything here, you just have to pick them up and take good care of them.

My dogs are very social because they grew up in a family of dogs. They are not by any means hostile toward other dogs. Never! They won't bark when they're home. Rarely I have seen them bark to something. They're really good dogs. Oh and they absolutely don't bite. They are some kind of Shih Tzu - Terrier mix.

They are not spayed yet but I'll have them spayed before sending them. I will answer any questions that you have we can even talk through Skype and I can show you the dogs. You can also talk with my brother in Australia if you want.

I think it's not that different from rescuing a shelter dog as they may have a miserable life if left here. Please, help me and my dogs if you can. I don't know what else to do.

Thank you.

Originally posted by Kourosh from Tortoreto, IT
April 9, 2013 9 a.m.



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