Off-Leash Dog Parks in Canada

There are few things in life a dog loves more than running off-leash with his canine comrades. No matter where you live or where you’re headed in Canada, we can help you find an off-leash dog park nearby. We’ll even give you the scoop on poop bag and water availability.

Pet Friendly Rainbow Park
Rainbow Park Rainbow Park in Whistler, BC, allows dogs off-leash before 10am and after 8pm daily. They also have a gated, designated off-leash area available 24/7. There is even a "Barking Bay" beach area for dogs at the park. See Details
Pet Friendly Terwillegar Park
Terwillegar Park Terwillegar Park provides acres of space for your pup to enjoy playing without a leash in Edmonton, AB. Just make sure your dog is licensed and vaccinated before enjoying the park. The park also has dog-friendly, multi-use trails and a 262-metre-long footbridge that links the park to Jan Reimer Park on the north side of the river. See Details
Café Arthur Check out Café Arthur, a pet-centric attraction featuring a doggy cafe and gated dog park in Laval, QC. The indoor seating and outdoor patio tables are pet-friendly, so you can bring your pup along and choose wherever best suits you both, and they even offer a special dog menu! On the menu for humans, you'll find items such as tiny fried chicken, portobello mushroom risotto and snow shrimp tacos. Stop by and enjoy a delicious meal while your pup gets to run around and socialize in the off-leash dog park! See Details
Greenwood Conservation Area (North End of Ajax) Greenwood Conservation Area is pet-friendly. Join hikers and fishing enthusiasts at Greenwood Conservation Area for a day of off-leash fun. Located in the woods along Duffins Creek, this protected area is full of winding woodland trails and features a large off-leash space with entrances to the water. Dog owners are reminded to clean up after pups for other park users to enjoy the space, too. See Details
Sherwood Park Sherwood Park features a large playground, wading pools, walking trails, picnic tables, and an off-leash dog park. Leashed dogs are also welcome to join their humans throughout many of the park's other areas beyond the dog park. See Details
Silverbirch Park This off-leash dog park is located from the foot of Silverbirch Ave. to the foot of Nursewood Rd. See Details
Niagara Falls Dog Park Located at Fireman's Park, Niagara Falls Dog Park is a fenced-in space for Fido to play off leash in Niagara Falls, ON. The park features small and large dog areas, a dog water fountain, and a waste receptacle. All visiting pups must have valid dog license tags and vaccinations. Niagara Falls Dog Park is open daily from dawn until dusk. See Details
Buena Vista Dog Park Bring Fido to romp off-leash at the Buena Vista Dog Park. This area brands itself as great for ball throwing, walking and playing with multiple dogs. It is not fenced, although it does feature gravel and paved paths, water access, and snow removal on parking lots and its bike path. Dogs should be leashed during hot air balloon launches and must be cleaned up after and licensed. Owners should have voice control of their pet and have a leash on hand. The park is open daily from 5am to 11pm. See Details
King's Park Please obey the following rules while enjoying Winnipeg’s off-leash dog areas: Dog owners must be present and within view of their dogs at all times. Aggressive dogs are not allowed in off-leash areas. Dogs must be under voice control while off-leash. Dog owners must have a leash in hand at all times. Female dogs in heat are not allowed in off-leash areas. Holes dug by dogs must be filled by the dog owner. All feces must be picked up by the dog owner and removed or deposited in waste receptacles. All dogs must be licensed in accordance with the City of Winnipeg Responsible Pet Ownership By-law 92/2013. Please call 311 for more information. All sites are open 7:00am to 11:00pm or as posted at the site. See Details
Riverdale Park West Riverdale Park West features an off-leash dog park near the lower playing fields, southeast of Riverdale Farm. See Details
Park des Jardins-Lavigne Off Leash Dog Park Just over the Ottawa river from Ottawa, the off-leash dog park is located in the undeveloped area of Jardins-Lavigne park (Bois-Franc Avenue, Aylmer) in Gatineau. Volunteers from the Aylmer Canine Club have installed benches and ensures its cleanliness. It's a circle path that takes approximately 15 min to walk at a regular pace. It's surrounded by hectares of natural wooded area with walking paths. In the the interior of the circle path is a lower wide flat grassy area for dog running and games, with a creek running through on one side. The parking lot for the off-leash park is also a parking lot for a young-children's playground with a sprinkler system area and sand area with climbing forts. See Details
Thomson Memorial Park Thomson Memorial Park features three fully-fenced dog parks--one for large dogs, one for small dogs, and one for shy dogs. There is plenty of parking and a couple paved paths through the park. See Details
Harmony Valley Off Leash Dog Park Harmony Valley Off Leash Dog Park is pet-friendly. Bring your dog to this beautiful park for a romp around 25 acres of space. Dogs can walk freely through the woods on meandering trails and play off-leash in a dog park at the center. See Details
Jerry Sulina Park Jerry Sulina Park provides an off-leash dog park area for Fido to run and play. The park also features walking trails, fishing, river access, and more. See Details
Parc Canin Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures In my opinion, best dog park close to the city. Lots of trees, room to run, and all the dogs are well behaved. Well worth the drive from the city centre. See Details
Fence Depot Dog Park Cornwall’s only fenced-in off-leash dog park is located behind Fence Depot. See Details
Point Pleasant Park Point Pleasant Park is one of Halifax Regional Municipality's great civic spaces. It is the largest forested park on the Halifax peninsula and offers fine views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also one of about 7 off leash parks for dogs in the HRM - and the oldest dog park in Halifax. There is an off leash part and a "no-dogs at all after 10am" part, so consult the well marked signage inside the park. See Details
Isaac's Run Dog Park Spacious dog park with separate areas for large and small dogs with water stations and waste baggies available. See Details
City of Belleville's Dog Park East Zwicks Park This is a four Acre all fenced in dog park with secure two way entrance and an additional small dog park all fenced in as well. The park is lit at night and water tanks for dog consumption only is available. This is the best dog park I have ever been to, thanks to the volunteers and member/sponsors. This park is a dream to walk in. It's very spacious with grass and lots of trees. It's well maintain too. It can get busy but also at times you can walk it without seeing another dog, unitl you meet in the circle again. My dogs always have a good time and meet many nice dogs and the owners we've met are responsible and supervise their dogs with care. I highly recommend this park. It's conveniently locate close to a dog friendly hotel and the marina. They do accept small donations if you wish to contrbute, but not necessary. No membership required. See Details
Shell Dog Park Shell Dog Park is an off-leash recreation area in Ontario's Oakville district. The park provides an area for pooches to socialise, get some exercise, and be free off-leash. Additionally, there are a number of little spots for you to sit at while Fido goes about their business. The park is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week. See Details