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NEW LEGISLATION means that Montreal is now DANGEROUS for your pet.

NEW LEGISLATION means that Montreal is now DANGEROUS for your pet.

Canada will now be home to the two largest breed bans in North America that will affect approximately 23 million people or more than 60% of the country's population.

Are you still proud to be Canadian? Tourists beware. We're not as welcoming as we used to be able to claim to be, courtesy of our narrow-minded elected officials.

Montreal has been ticketing people walking their dog for not having City of Montreal dog tags on them, EVEN IF they had tags from their home town.
Don't believe me? Then watch the news report:

If your dog barks at someone in Montreal, that person can have your dog declared "Dangerous" and it can be seized and euthanized., NO matter the breed or size.
And if your dog happens to have a certain look that some pencil pusher of a city inspector or a cop thinks "Looks Like" a Pit Bull type whether it's a Boxer, a Malinois or a Dachshund mix IT WILL BE SEIZED.

So, Animal lover, for your safety and that of your beloved pooch, STAY AWAY FROM MONTREAL in particular, AND the Province of Quebec in General.
Go spend your hard earned money somewhere else where they won't use it to discriminate against and kill innocent pets.

Originally posted by Robert from Montreal, QC, CA
August 23, 2016 1:33 p.m.



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