Fido's Indoor Dog Park view from street.
There's a ton of room in the spacious large dog park! There is also a separate small dog park for quieter play time.
Fido's Indoor Dog Park view from street.

Fido's Indoor Dog Park

4949 SE 25th Ave., Portland, OR, US, 97202
Daily: 6:30 am - 8:00 pm
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Or call 503-477-9379 for more information.


Fido’s Indoor Dog Park is Portland's first and only dry, climate controlled, indoor community park and pool for dogs and dog lovers. Fido's Indoor Dog Park also offers doggie daycare and boarding services that include all day play in the park! Enjoy wide open spaces where members and visitors can roam, swim, exercise, socialize and have fun…every day! Tall trees, bushes, lush green grass, colorful flowers, and water features bring the best parts of the great outdoors right inside!


BringFido Guest Rating

Fido's Indoor Dog Park has received a rating of 1.8 out of 5 bones by 5 canine critics on BringFido.

  • More than a year ago
    No follow through

    Lack of attention and felt decieved. My dog spent five hours in the front-end and was told he would be taken to large play area. Very good dog about using outdoor yard for bathroom. We

  • More than a year ago
    Puppy Suffered Fracture!! BEWARE

    I am writing you in regards to a situation we encountered at Fido's Indoor Dog Park in Portland. Emma is 6 months, and we dropped her off for less than two hours to trial doggie daycare before a planned vacation. We were called 1.5 hours after we dropped her off and told that she was “limping” only to pick her up and find she has a severely fractured humerus. The worker at the daycare did not notify us of the urgency, nor tell us to seek veterinary assistance. The type of fracture she has is traumatic in nature, and we think that the staff there either dropped her/stepped on her but of course, “nobody knows or saw anything”. Both her condyles were fractured on her humerus, indicating severe impact and an extensive surgery. We indicated to the doggy daycare when we dropped her off both verbally and in writing to closely supervise her.

    We have talked to the owner several times, and are appauled at the things she said to us and her lack of response and care for the situation. Things such as “are you sure, get a second opinion”, and stories that were irrelevant and completely insensitive and even accusatory.

    Emma's care has cost around $5000 and caused our family and poor puppy extreme trauma.
    I have all veterinary records, xrays, and photos to support our story.

    I would hope it would not happen in the future to another pet.

    If you love your dog, DO NOT BRING THEM to this facility.

  • More than a year ago
    dog owner and financial consultant

    I have been taking my husky there 4-5 times a week for 6 months and I find the place very well managed and caring. I believe that because of the large size of the indoor park as well as its reasonable rates along with great staff jealousy has reared its most ugly head. There was no big dog fence; this lady is obviously suffering from "sour grapes". There are big as well as small dogs and running, barking, and plenty of exercise seems to be what it should be about. Norm Swanson and Meika

  • More than a year ago

    I would give it negative 5 stars if I could. Unprofessional and not a place I would take any small dog. Personally I wouldn't take ANY dog there. I don't know the name of any of the people but the gal with wavy/curly shoulder length dark hair is one of the most unprofessional people I have ever encountered. The responses to complaints to them about our experience were just as unprofessional.

    We wanted to have a great experience...what a great idea to have a park indoors in Oregon! So we decided to give it a try. We gave it a try twice because everyone can have a bad day, we get that. But it seems to be the norm at this place. By reading other reviews our experience was not unusal.

    So our first experience. We walk in and were asked if we completed paperwork online, which we had. We brought both of our small dogs. You walk into this small gated area. On the other side of the gated area is the reception area filled with large and small dogs. We paid and were hurried into the small dog area. They put 2 other dogs in the area with us. They left. No welcome, no tour of the facility. NOTHING. One was whining at the door the whole time to get out. The other was playful. But you see on the other side of the small dog area is the big dog area. Many dogs were at the gate of the small dog area whining and barking at the small dogs making one of my dogs nervous. (She is afraid of big dogs at times). They played and sniffed around for about 10 minutes. The other dogs they had put in there didn't really play and my dog was upset about the big dogs barking. Then a dog jumped the big dog fence. This made my dog VERY nervous. So I went over to the reception area and told them. The same gal described above told me which dog it was and not to worry. Kind of with an attitude. They called the dog, but the dog was trying to play with the small dogs. Finally she opened the gate and the dog left. By this time one of my dogs was just cowering under me. So we decided to leave. During the whole time the staff was just there. Not welcoming or helpful at all. Terrible first experience.

    The second one was worse. I went with a friend of mine this time. She had never been there. So when we walked in she was told to fill out the paperwork. No problem. Then needed proof of shots from the vet. No problem. Problem was the way the gal from the first day was talking to her. Very curt and short. Not professional...definitely not welcoming. Again same as first experience. Dogs coralled around the gate you go through to get to the reception area. This is a bit irritating now because small dogs go to SMALL areas for a reason. They don't have to like big dogs. But the big dogs at the gate are curious about the new visitors and it is overwhelming for some dogs....My dog is VERY socialized, but again has issue with big dogs. This time we had a different gal as well....long brown hair. She was nice. They did try to again hurry us to the small dog area....but my friend asked for a tour. WOW they had a big pool. (This was never mentioned or offered as an option). My small dog LOOOOOOVES the water. Tour was nice enough...We decided on the small dog area. Same 2 dogs as above were put in with whining at the door the whole time. There were no toys in the small dog area. On their website it says to leave your toys at home because they are provided. I am very anxious at this point. I guess I expected to feel welcomed as a customer. Not treated like a bother. My friend asks the girl with the wavy/curly hair for toys for the small dog area. She says that people keep taking them so it is too expensive to provide them. REALLY? She suggests we might have some in the car or we could BUY them from them. My friend explains that we are not going to buy something that is stated on the website they provide. The gal gets an attitude. Shortly after someone throws 2 tennis balls into the small dog area. They ask if there is water in there…which there is not. They said they would get water. Never happens. My friends dog and my dog usually play together a lot. But the environment here made them both very uncomfortable. My dog I suspect it was the never ending barking, pawing and jumping at the gate between the small and large dog area. Who knows. We decide to leave. This was clearly not going to be a better experience than the one above and we were both taken aback by the attitude exhibited by the employee.
    My advice….stay away from this place. Rude employees and anxiety filled environment. I could have saved the gas (we live on the westside) and had a better experience pulling my dogs nails out than was had at this dump.

  • More than a year ago
    Use at your own risk.

    Because YOUR DOG can't talk and tell you itself:

    Use 'Fidos Indoor Dog Park' at your risk. This establishment is really a money grab in a dog friendly city. Ask for a free tour, ask the obvious and not so obvious questions. I witnessed: unsafe gate systems, dogs unattended in the lobby, all dogs put in the mixed area so that Fidos owner does not have to staff a separate small dog area. Daycare and boarded dogs are EXHAUSTED due to not being able to take a break during the day. Fidos owner was rude to myself and my husband (and employees) and she also changed rules on the fly. The list of issues encountered there is so huge that I wrote it up once at a well known review website and I still get flack for it to this day (over a year later).

    Pretty? Yes. Are dogs color blind? Yes.
    Does it have a pool? Yes. Can I play with my dog in the water? No.
    More expensive to have them look after your dog than you going in as a "dog park" patron and picking up after your own dog. Make sense? No. (you figure it out, I did)

    There are many other places to go than to Fidos to get out of the rain. I know we were treated like garbage when we went, would not pay to have my dog treated like that.

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