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Small and Quiet

Perdido Key River Road Park

This park is small but very quiet. The sand is a beautiful white and there is access to a beach. The beach is gated separately from the park so you can chose whether or not to go in that section. We found that the beach area was not well fenced on the water. Our pups are large and capable of walking fairly far out or swimming and could easily breach past the water line fences. Just be aware of your pups abilities. We enjoyed it as did our pups and will return.

Apr. 13, 2022

Big Park!

Hollister Airport Bark Park

Tried this park while traveling through Hollister. This is a big park with grass which is nice for getting some energy out of your pup! The only reason for the missing bone is that Pup Families don't seem to clean up their poo as well as they should and there were mud puddles in the grass that made the pups happy but Mom not so much! Despite that, we would return in a heartbeat with our pups!

Oct. 01, 2021

Huge Park with Friendly Dogs and People

Paws Park

This is a huge park. There’s plenty of places to run and roam and there’s also an exercise area for your pup. People are very nice as are their dogs. There is a fenced area for big dogs and a fenced area for small dogs. The only downside is that it does contain pea gravel which could be hard on your pup’s paws and that the garbage cans and the collection bags are located outside the park so make sure you bring your own in unless you wanna walk a lot.

Sep. 05, 2021

Huge Park!

High Sierra Dog Park

This is a huge park with many other pups to interact with your pup. It’s very nice and there is plenty of room for your dog to exercise and sniff around. The only downside is that there are cacti’s in the park which are hard on paws.

Sep. 01, 2021

Awesome Food and Great Place for Pups!

Great Bear Cafe

We stopped here after seeing a review on BringFido. We wanted a place that we could keep our dogs with us since it was a warm day and had been stuck in the truck with us all day long. We sat on the porch and had a lovely lunch. People are great and the food was excellent too. Try the elk burger!

Sep. 02, 2021

Clean Park, Nice Dogs, People not so much......

Attleboro Dog Park

This is (literally) the cleanest dog park we have ever visited. Dogs were well behaved and got along well. The people, however, were another matter. The park has a long list of rules that are unlike most other parks (no balls or toys of any kind, etc.) and then those in the park have rules that are contradictory. Getting yelled at when you come in a park using normal rules is a bit disconcerting, especially when they don't stop yelling and then approach to lecture you on what they think you should do in the park. (We unleashed once through the sally-port instead of in the sally-port although rules listed were contradictory and said both). All the cleanliness in the world doesn't make up for lack of kindness or being a nice human being. Thankfully we were just visiting the area.

Aug. 06, 2021

HUGE, Wonderful Park

Wantage Dog Park

This park is huge and has lovely areas to sit while your pup(s) play. Ours loved the fact that they could roam and we loved that we could sit. Many lovely, well-behaved dogs where there while we visited. Quite clean and beautiful grass (no mud).

Aug. 06, 2021

Beautiful Place!

Caribou Dog Park

We were in town for a weekend visit and were excited there was a dog park to take our dogs too. it’s wonderful and well worth the visit!!

Aug. 29, 2020

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Beach Gate
Sevy would like an elk burger too!
Happy Pup!
Beautiful Off Leash Dog Park!
Boo And Bean Checking Out The Park!
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