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Our New Favorite Spot

Dick's Last Resort

We got bad info that dogs are allowed on Fremont street. Technically they aren’t, but most security will allow it. You just need that one that wants to be a butthead. That being said…Pets are allowed at Dick’s. We arrived and the patio was closed due to bad winds. Since we had our fur baby with us, we asked if they could open it. They were hesitant at first because of the dirt and wind, but they did. They were so awesome. Our server was great! They brought out a water pail before even getting our order. No one was afraid of her and gave her lots of attention.

Apr. 12, 2022

Inexperienced Groomers

PetSmart Grooming

We called in advance, before making our appointment to make sure they could handle large breed dogs. I was assured the groomer she was scheduled with had worked with Cane Corsos before. When we got there our puppy was super excited. I let them know she loves baths but absolutely hates having her nails clipped. They took her back and called me a 1/2 later to pick her up. They said they tried clipping her nails and she was biting at them. I asked if they even started to bathe her and they said No. They clipped her nails first. I then asked exactly how many other Cane Corsos they had groomed. She said one successfully. Thanks for wasting both of our times

Dec. 04, 2021

Great with Large Breeds

Diva Dogs Grooming

After 2 unsuccessful attempts with other groomers, I called and asked them if they are comfortable with large aggressive breeds. The employee’s quick response was “Yes, what do you have?” I let her know a Cane Corso. She didn’t even hesitate. She said they have a few Cane Corso clients so I made an appointment for her 3 days later. When I arrived, my girl was very excited. She went right to them. I saw her being stubborn and refuse to go into the kennel. It didn’t even phase them. They assured me she would be fine. She was. When I picked her up she was very calm, happy and clean. They gave her a bath, cleaned her ears and cleaned her anal glands. They saved her nails until the end, because I let them know she hates her nails clipped. They were able to get one done and stopped when she started to get stressed. They were awesome!! I’ll be back

Dec. 04, 2021

Vacationing with the “whole” family

Mammoth Green #120

We searched to find pet friendly accommodations in Mammoth. This condo was perfect. Our puppy is 80lbs and this condo was perfect for her and 4 adults. There are many paved trails and bag dispensers available. Make sure to bring along food and water bowls

Nov. 05, 2021

Vacationing with the “whole” family

Mammoth Mountain Reservations Condo Collection

We booked a 2 bedroom condo through VRBO that was listed as pet friendly. The grounds are great. There are many walking trails and bag dispensers available. We puppy is a whooping 80lbs and the condo was big enough to hold her and 4 adults. Make sure to bring your own water and food bowls.

Nov. 05, 2021

A Mammoth Must


Everything you need for your Fur Baby and more!! They had Taste of the Wild dry and Merrick wet. Yay!! Exactly what our puppy eats. We bought her a new toy, which she hasn’t put down, and some treats from the bakery. Plus, they hooked her up with a treat.

Nov. 05, 2021

Wore her out

Convict Lake

We’ve come to Convict many times, but this was the first time we brought our puppy. We took her on a walk around the lake and let her explore the water in areas that were easy to access. There were many other pets around. Some friendly, some not. But all the owners were very responsible

Nov. 05, 2021

Great Fall Activity

Los Rios Ranchos Apple Farm

We’re always looking for activities we can do with whole family. We took her to the Wildlands for a nature hike. It was beautiful and a really easy hike for her. We picked apples, but she wasn’t allowed in the orchard itself, which was fine because it has way too many burrs. It was a great day! She’s currently snoring. We wore her out

Sep. 12, 2021

Great way to start socializing

Pismo State Beach

We brought our 16 week old puppy on vacation to help her socialize. Pismo Beach was a great place to go. Dogs are allowed on the beach left if the pier. Poop bags are readily available. Be aware, signs are posted stating a $100-$500 fine for not picking up after your pet. Thank you. There are so many people and sounds around, it was great for teaching. She got so much love while she was there. Oh yeah she’s spoiled

Jul. 09, 2021

They love dogs

The Inn at the Cove

We chose this hotel because of it’s canine friendliness reviews. We weren’t disappointed. First off they have a white board in the lobby with all their furry guests names on it. Our room had a welcome card covered in paws prints welcoming our puppy. They had a dog bed to borrow and a food bowl to keep. Located within a short distance of our room we’re two separate potty areas, complete with bags and a trash receptacle. A+

Jul. 08, 2021

Day at the beach


Wooly’s is located right next to Pismo Beach Pier. Pets are allowed on the left side of the beach, so after working up an appetite it’s nice to just walk over. They have outside dining that is super pet friendly. There are lots of pets there, so make sure your fur baby is socialized. They even give a bowl of water on request

Jul. 09, 2021

Great spot for Spot

Honeymoon Cafe

Our pet friendly hotel (Inn at the Cove) had a list for us of pet friendly places. Honeymoon Cafe was #1 on their places to eat. Their food is so delicious and refreshing. They have outside dining and it was so easy to place our order and eat with our fur baby with us

Jul. 08, 2021

Puppy Approved

Succulent Cafe

The food is super yummy and the staff is great. We sat outside in the patio. Unfortunately it was almost 100’. Yuck. They brought our puppy a dog bowl of water with ice in it. We’ll come back

Jul. 08, 2021

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