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Happy Tails Dog Park

Happy Tails Dog Park is in Kohl Memorial Park in Harrisburg, PA. The area is built on almost two acres and features two separate sections for larger and smaller dogs. The park is surrounded by fencing with double-gate entrances for the safety of your pups. Park rules are posted and must be adhered to at all times. Visit Website

Or call (717) 657-5600 or email parks@lowerpaxton-pa.gov for more information.


BringFido Guest Rating

Happy Tails Dog Park has received a rating of 2.9 out of 5 bones by 18 canine critics on BringFido.

  • Masha
    Sep 1, 2023
    Aggressive Dogs and even more Aggressive Owners

    Refrain from bringing your dog to this park if its temperament mirrors that of my amicable Great Dane. In the four instances I visited this park, my dog had two bad experiences. On one particular occasion, an individual arrived with his Doberman, and when my dog approached to extend a friendly greeting, the Doberman attacked my dog, clamping its teeth onto my dog's side and adamantly refusing to relinquish the grip. I was nearby and tried to separate the dogs screaming to the Doberman's owner to pull his dog away. The response from the owner was indifferent saying 'They will sort it out.' I had to step in in between the dogs and finally managed to liberate my dog who now had 4 bleeding wounds on his side. I promptly left the park and have no intentions of returning. Furthermore, a recurrent issue is dogs who run around and bark and/or act aggressively towards other dogs, creating an unpleasant experience for everyone. Regrettably, the owners usually respond with something along the lines of "oh Jackie, be nice" as they sit in their chairs scrolling on their phones. The "Jackies" usually just ignore their owner.

  • Sarah
    May 30, 2023
    Big grassy running area, some just dirt

    nice that there are separate areas for big & little dogs, both fenced. Lots of chairs set up in shady & sunny areas. We saw trash cans & a water bowl but no source of water. Happily, we brought our own water. Friendly dogs & owners.

  • Jean-François
    Jul 30, 2022
    Clean, shaded, chairs for dog owners

    As large as noted in the description. Two large trees give shade, plenty of water bowls but you have to bring your own water. Small dogs are defined as 30 lbs and under, large 30 and over. From the parking lot, look for the Happy Tails Dog Park sign and walk straight, beyond the beach volleyball courts.

  • Jerrick
    May 17, 2022
    Good Visit to the dog park

    Yesterday I took my dog to the dog park. There was a slight chance of rain, so I was skeptical. ended up being a good turn out. Upon arrival about 2 big dogs left and only left a small dog. the small dog left and my boy played shortly until 3 more dogs came! All the dogs were friendly.

  • Kevin
    May 15, 2022
    Park has an old people cliq

    Old retirees who have aggressive dogs bring their dogs here. When they are all together its a wolf pack. They are to old to respond nor do they care about the situation. They still keep bringing there dogs. Anyone who is a decent human would keep their aggressive pack driven animals at home. Twice now those owners left after they allowed their aggressive dogs to pin my 16 week old puppy, who just wants to play keep my dog down and bite at his belly. My dog will grow and get bigger. How will this group feel when my dog can hold his own ? Otherwise the park is fine.

  • Aubrey
    Nov 9, 2021

    I took my bigger size dog, nothing but little dogs there. Owners actually cringed at the fact I had the audacity to bring my larger REGISTERED SERVICE pet!! SMH!!!!

  • Alexa
    Jul 26, 2020
    Travelers Beware

    The reviews aren’t kidding! We are only in town a few days to visit Hershey so we figured any dog park will do. We’ve never had poor experiences at home or while traveling before.

    Our very first visit on our very first day we had an aggressive dog (it was a pit mix but I fully attribute the aggression to the owner) come at our two lab mixes. My bigger dog actually had to protect his sister from the other dog while the owner stood idly by. Mind you it was only our two dogs and the other dog in the entire park so we were 1/1. If my very first experience was negative, I cannot imagine the odds of a good visit happening.

    Also noteworthy is how small the dog areas are. I have been to bigger dog areas in downtown LA and Chicago so if your pets are used to big open areas this is not the spot for you.

  • Michael
    Jul 12, 2020
    Well maintained park

    Great dog park, two separate sections for small <30lbs and large >30lbs breeds. Bowls, toys, bags, chairs, and other items are left available for use. Lots of room to play.

  • Tiffermutt
    Jan 9, 2020
    open to everyone & travelers

    A bit of walk from parking lot to dog park. Spacious for the large dog side. Has small pup area too. Not the cleanest, careful where you step!! Has lots of patio chairs for seating. Mostly sunny. Supplies waste bags but bring you own water for your pup. I didnt see a bathroom but Im not to say they dont have one. I posted few pic below

  • Michael
    Sep 1, 2018
    Aggressive dogs, lazy owners.

    There is no control at this park. A lot of adult dogs that have not been neutered or spayed. Our dog was one of three dogs attacked by a large boxer. The boxer attacked all with in 10 minutes of arriving. I had to threaten the owner to finally get him to remove his dog, which multiple owners thanked me for doing. My dog was approached by two Huskies and bitten by one when he was just standing and looking the other way. The owner did not even acknowledge it when I approached her about it. I found out this owners Huskies, 3 in total have bitten other dogs at the park. One she actually brings to and from the park in a muzzle, but removes in the park. So watch out for the 3 Huskies with the colored mesh harnesses if you go at all. Actually one lady came in with 2 kids under the posted age limit and a baby in Large stroller. Let multiple dogs out because her kids left both gates open, which she never apologized or even cared. She then, in the middle of the park, ignored her dogs and kids while she breast fed her baby as all the dogs ran around her. Very unsafe if a large dog would run into her. I really have no idea why she would put her baby in that situation not to mention it's not the most hygienic place to breast feed. Lastly one night I went in with my dog and ladies were sitting there with a six pack drinking and completely ignoring there dogs. Do your dog a favor and don't go here.

  • Liesel
    Jun 7, 2018
    Pretty nice!

    This park has separate areas for large and small dogs. The enclosed areas are large and offer some shade. Plenty of chairs, benches, water bowls, garbage cans and tennis balls. Have been here 3 times so far with no problems.

  • Roni
    More than a year ago
    not as bad as they say

    I was really not wanting to come to this dog park after reading the reviews and so I went to lower Allen but it was closed. So to this one I went. Was not bad at all. Hay was put down over muddy areas and everyone there looked after their dog as they should. Really had no issues just next time I’ll bring water (y I gave it 4/5)

  • Sarah
    More than a year ago
    Hit or miss

    I have been to this dog park several times over the last several months. I have a new puppy with alot of energy. I thought this would be a great place...the first few visits went off with out a hitch...however, after that i started noticing owners who would rather talk and be on their phones vs watching and controlling their dogs. People bring dogs that absolutely should not be there...i saw 4 dogs gang up on one chocolate lab while the owner was trying to fend them off no one helped...i ran to help and thank goodness my puppy is scared of the fighting noises hes stayed away, but other owners got up to help. Tonight my dog was the victim and he is so submissive that i had to yank this dog off my pup by the collar and asked who owned thw dog....I have been to lower allen park and my pup loves it...it is a drive but if thats what it takes tp keep him safe I'll do it...sad tp say, I will not be going back to kohl park

  • Travis
    More than a year ago
    Some good, some bad

    This place is a mixed bag. I've met some really amazing people with very friendly dogs, and I've met some awful people with aggressive animals who have no interest in controlling their pets. Sadly, the bag ones have made me choose other parks to go to. The Lower Allen dog park is nicer and the people who frequent it seen more conscientious of their dogs and their behavior. It's a bit of a drive, but lower Allen is the better park in the area.

  • Richard
    More than a year ago
    Tough to Take

    You can find your way to the 2 spacious enclosures following a paved path which is lined with dog crap on either side. Aggressives dogs are allowed to roam and sometimes pack. you may feellike your well mannered pet is the problem. unpayed/neutered dogs are allowed to be in park despite regulations to contrary. many nice owners but entirely too many lazy inconsiderate ones!!! is there an alternatve venue nearby??

  • Anonymous
    More than a year ago

    Was happy to hear the review from the person above. Nasty people get fighting type dogs. Glad to see they are not welcome.

  • Kim
    More than a year ago

    Very nice park. People were pleasant and lots of running room.

  • Anonymous
    More than a year ago
    Kliq of Owners, Do NOT Go Here

    I don't recommend coming near this dump. The dog owners are trashy, irresponsible people that let their dogs that have been playing together for years form a pack. If one of their little precious favorites plays too rough with one of your dogs, you will be asked to leave. They do not respect Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, or anything that doesn't look like Lassie. The people that go here are just trashy. I could say it 100 times. I feel sorry for their dogs. They deserve better than these pathetic excuses for humans.

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