Dog Friendly Hiking Trails in Ontario

If your dog likes to ruff it, bring Fido hiking in Ontario. Our dog friendly hiking section includes everything from easy one-hour walks to fantastic overnight trips in Ontario that won’t be soon forgotten. Seriously, go take a hike!

Pet Friendly Eldred King Woodlands
Eldred King Woodlands Eldred King Woodlands has beautiful extensive woodland trails where leashed dogs can enjoy the forest trails. See Details
Pet Friendly Bronte Creek Provincial Park
Bronte Creek Provincial Park Acres of beautiful off-leash woodland walking trails, with river access. Washrooms in spring/summer/fall and water bowls for dogs. Accessed from the campground side at Bronte Road/Upper Middle. See Details
Bruce Pit Bruce Pit is a free off leash trail/park for all dogs. Great spot for a walk in the park with spot. See Details
Tudhope Park Great dog friendly waterfront park with miles of paved walking trails and acres of bush to explore. Some great sandy shore areas for the dogs to swim. Trails are cleared in the winter. The city even supplies poop bags. See Details
Bruce Trail A hiking trail (more than 890 km of main trail and more than 400 km of side trails) from Queenston, Ontario to Tobermory, Ontario. Much of the trail follows the Niagara Escarpment. The trail has beautiful scenery, woodlands, meadows, waterfalls, and historical features. It passes through some urban areas and there are places of incredible peace. Many places to walk with your dog. See Details
ThreeDog Winery ThreeDog Winery is a dog friendly winery, where you enjoy a glass of wine, and take your friend for a walk on the 100 acre estate. See Details
Commons Leash Free Dog Walk Commons Leash Free Dog Walk is a large open space where Fido can play off-leash. The area is not fenced-in, so dog owners will need to have complete voice control of their dog before allowing them off the leash. Commons Leash Free Dog Walk is located across the street from Fort George and behind the Shaw Festival Theatre. Parking is available at the end of Mary Street, on John Street or at the Veterans Memorial Park Pool at the end of Centre Street. See Details
Rock Dunder Rock Dunder is a pet-friendly nature reserve that spans 230 acres of Ontario countryside. Located in the park are three different trails you can explore with your pooch: the Cabin Trail is a mile long hike next to beaver pond, through mixed forest and a white pine plantation; the Morton Bay Loop leads to outlooks over Morton Bay; and the Summit Loop is a longer hike that runs alongside Dean's Island through a variety of forest, offering views of rocky cliffs. See Details
Bruce Peninsula National Park Bruce Peninsula National Park is pet-friendly. All of Canada's National Parks allow dogs in picnic areas, at campsites and on any trails. The park is made up of dramatic cliffs that rise from the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay. You and your pup might spot a black bear roaming through the forests or rare reptiles on the rocks in the park. Ancient cedar trees can be seen on the cliffs and orchids and ferns take root all over. See Details
Landon Bay Centre Dogs are welcome to join their owners at Landon Bay Centre in Gananoque, Ontario. This 225-acre park is made up of old growth forest, ancient granite outcroppings, open meadows, marshlands, a creek, and a high cliff with views across Thousand Islands. Ornithologists will be pleased to discover the ospreys that call the area their home. You can explore the varied countryside of the park on the Donevan Trail, which has the best views of the cliffs. There are a number of other pet-friendly trails that weave around the area too, varying in difficulty and enjoyment. See Details
Thousand Islands National Park-Jones Creek Trails Jones Creek Trails at Thousand Islands National Park are pet-friendly. You can bring Fido with you to enjoy the varied trails around the area, varying in difficulty from an easy 20-minute walk to a moderate 2-hour hike, leading to scenic lookouts, rugged rock faces, and towering pine trees. Make sure you keep your pooch on a leash for the duration of their visit. See Details
Mac Johnson Wildlife Area Dogs are welcome to explore Mac Johnson Wildlife Area with their owners. This pet-friendly outdoor destination is made up of 532 hectares of wetland, field, and forest. The centerpiece of the park is the reservoir that maintains water levels for the Buells Creek System. There are a number of picturesque picnic spots dotted around the park that can be enjoyed by visitors looking to relax after a walk. There are seven miles of trails that tour through the area, perfect for hikers and their pooches. Mac Johnson Wildlife Area is open every day of the week from 7:30am to 8pm. See Details
Etobicoke Valley Dog Park Etobicoke Valley Dog Park is a pet recreation area located along a creek. The park is home to multiple places for dogs to swim and a path that runs along the creek through a forested area. There's also a large open area for dogs to run as well. The park is not fully fenced, so only dogs who answer to recall should be allowed off-leash. Clean up any mess left behind to preserve the cleanliness of the natural area and habitat of other animals who live there. See Details
Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area is pet-friendly. This is a reservations only natural area, so don't forget to book a spot before turning up with your pup. Overlooking the former town of Dundas, the Spencer Gorge Natural Area is made up of a southern-facing section of the Niagara Escarpment. Enjoy a walk alongside Spencer Creek and Logie’s Creek, both of which flow through this area. Spencer Gorge is the central feature of this area, a y-shaped gorge that has been weathered by a waterfall over time. Leashed dogs are welcome, as long as they are cleaned up after. See Details
Springwater Conservation Area Springwater Conservation Area is pet-friendly. Home to miles of trails, leashed dogs are free to explore the natural beauty of the area by their owner's side. The centerpiece is a large pond inside a 600 acre forest in the heart of Carolinian Canada. Dog owners are reminded to keep pets on a leash and to clean up any mess left behind. Public access to the area is Monday through Thursday from 9am to 4pm. See Details