These 8 amusement parks around the world welcome dogs for free.

Paws in the Air! 8 Pet-Friendly Amusement Parks Around the World

Posted by Billy Francis

Amusement parks never fail to entertain, especially when Fido can join in the fun. We’ve scoured the globe from Kentucky to Denmark to find amusement parks that welcome dogs through the turnstiles for free! Well-behaved pups can enter these eight parks as long as they are leashed and cleaned up after. Dogs who aren’t used to crowds or 200-year-old clowns (see Bakken) might want to pass on these adventures.

Knoebels Amusement Resort Elysburg, PA

Knoebels Amusement Resort, America's largest free-admission amusement park, welcomes dogs.
“You won’t get away with this. Everybody knows you’re framing me!”
Photo by @tut_nation

America’s largest free-admission amusement park is also one of the few in the country that welcomes dogs. Located in a small Pennsylvanian valley, Knoebels Amusement Resort has evolved from a popular picnic spot in the early 1900s to a thrill-seekers’ paradise with more than 60 rides to enjoy. Dogs aren’t allowed on the bigger rides, but you can check out the whiteknuckle action from the relative calm of the pet-friendly train. The 1.5-mile track passes underneath the Twister Roller Coaster, through a tunnel and deep into the Knoebels Woods. Fido also can ride shotgun in an antique automobile or hop on the historic carousel built in 1913. The Knoebels Pool even welcomes doggy-paddlers on certain days during the summer. When hunger strikes, grab a bite together at the pet-friendly outdoor eating areas around the park.

Europa-Park Rust, DE

Europa-Park in Germany welcomes dogs.
“Fast pawses at the ready!”

There’s really no need to visit the rest of Europe if you take a trip to Europa-Park in Germany. Its 15 European-themed areas pay homage to the unique national architecture, cuisine and plants from around the continent. There are more than 50 pet-friendly restaurants throughout the park, including the popular terrace at Casa Atlantica in the Portugal section. Traveling from England to Portugal in a few minutes can be a lot of work, so don’t forget to let Fido pause at one of the park’s 15 water stations for refreshment. Canines are not allowed to enter the attractions or shows, and certain breeds are not permitted. If your pooch fits into one of these categories, you can put her up at Toms‘ Hundewelt for the day. This nearby kennel offers transportation to Europa-Park and overnight boarding.

Lagoon Park Farmington, UT

Located north of Salt Lake City in Farmington is Lagoon Park, a dog-friendly amusement park.
“Man, I wish I knew where the entrance was!”

Located 18 miles north of Salt Lake City in Farmington, Lagoon Park has been attracting fans since 1886. Although dogs are not permitted in the park’s Lagoon A Beach, the fountain or on any rides, they can join you for a romp around Pioneer Village and along the paved trails. The wooden sidewalks invite dogs and their owners to imagine they’re starring in their own western: The Good, the Bad and the Pugly. This reconstruction of a frontier community is reminiscent of a town in the late 1800s. There are 42 authentic 19th century stores, buildings and artifacts to explore together. Don’t forget to pause for a picture in Old West clothing and #bringfido, before sharing an ice cream from the Pioneer Village Ice Cream Parlor.

Bakken Klampenborg

The oldest amusement park in the world, Bakken, allows dogs.
Making new friends at Bakken.

Deep in one of Denmark’s most beautiful wooded areas sits the oldest amusement park in the world, Bakken. The doors first opened in 1583 and people and pups from around the world have been entertained here ever since. Dogs are invited to walk the same park paths that other Great Danes have for generations. Sharpshooters have the chance to win Fido a brand new cuddly toy at one of the shooting stalls while he stands watch for Pjerrot, Bakken’s notorious white-faced clown who has been a fixture here for the last 200 years. Dogs are not permitted on any of the rides.

Tweetsie Railroad Blowing Rock, NC

Dogs are welcome on the paved trails at the Tweetsie Railroad amusement park.
Flippin’ out at Tweetsie Railroad.

Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC delivers the Wild West to the East Coast. Dogs are welcome on the paved trails, where you can marvel at the locomotive collection consisting of classic steam trains. The Miner's Mountain Theater boasts two pet-friendly shows based on the American Frontier. Give Fido a front-row seat for Hopper & Porter and The Cloggers, both performed in the open-air venue daily. Tweetsie also plays host to the awesome K-9s In Flight Frisbee Dogs, who will dazzle you and your pup with their amazing array of tricks. And each year during the summer, Thomas the Tank Engine makes an annual appearance at the park. Pets are not permitted in Deer Park Zoo, in areas where food is served, or on rides and transportation within the park.

The Milky Way Adventure Park Bideford, GB

The Milky Way Adventure Park, where dogs are also invited to join the amusement park fun.
“Downland Cross? I’m not a cross, I’m a pedigree.”

Devon and Cornwall are England’s most southerly points, nestled in a region defined by rolling green hills and stunning coastal views. Amidst these scenic surroundings is The Milky Way Adventure Park, where dogs are also invited to join the fun. Hop on the scenic train with your furry friend and discover gorgeous views of the coast and Dartmoor. Sniffer dogs can use their superior snouts to hunt out the correct route in the Milky Way Maze. And if there’s any time left, canine caddies can offer guidance on the mini golf course. Dogs are not permitted on any of the other rides, inside carpeted areas or in the birds of prey centre. Fido also should be out of sight during the birds of prey demonstration to avoid being confused with dinner.

Dinosaur World Plant City, FL

Bring Fido to a pet-friendly amusement park for free.
“Mammoths? What are you talking about? There’s no Maaaahhh…”

Fossils, life-sized models and interactive exhibits are all on display at Dinosaur World, an amusement park devoted to our planet’s previous inhabitants. All three locations in Texas, Kentucky and the original park in Florida welcome your “diplodogus” to leave his paw prints inside the Fossil Dig area. Your pup can help scrounge for stingray barbs, gastropods and even Mosasaur teeth. The Dino Gem mine hides even more treasures, including real minerals and arrowheads. Water stations are provided to keep furry friends hydrated on their prehistoric prowl.

Flamingoland Malton, GB

Flamingoland, anq amusement park devoted to flamingos, allows dogs.
Peter Rabbit & Lily Bobtail

Flamingos aren’t exactly what ornithologists expect to see in Yorkshire, England. In fact, you’re much more likely to spot a pigeon or seagull, but this hasn’t stopped Flamingoland from thriving. This amusement park named for the shockingly pink birds is happy to let Fido walk around the exhibits while you snap a photo with classic literary animals like Peter Rabbit & Lily Bobtail. Don’t miss the swashbuckling tale of the Pirates of Zanzibar, a pet-friendly performance on an outdoor stage. Dogs are welcome in most sections of the park except for the zoo, Children’s Planet and Splish Splosh.

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