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BringFido's Deal of the Week

Posted by Billy Francis

Fido’s worth every penny we spend on him, but we can all look for ways to save some kibble. Check out our Deals of the Week, updated every week throughout the year, for ways to keep your best friend safe and happy without breaking the bank. For more deals on BringFido swag and other doggie merchandise, visit our Ruff Guide Store.


Christmas Stocking With Dog Treats
"I must've been good this year!" Photo by Getty Images

Santa Paws has filled Christmas stockings with an assortment of dog treats. Add one to any order this week for just $5 (while supplies last).


Black Friday Sale - Santa and Elf Hats
Photo by @lifewithlouie1025

Unleash the holiday cheer with our Black Friday Sale on toys and treats in the Ruff Guide Store, and be sure to order a festive Santa or elf hat by Fuzzyard for Fido’s Christmas card photo!


Bocce's Bakery Holiday Treats
"Thanks, Santa Paws!" Photo by BringFido

‘Tis the season to make your dog jolly. Give Fido three times the Christmas cheer with this 3-pack of Bocce's Bakery Holiday Dog Treats. Made in the USA with delicious and healthy ingredients, seasonal favorites Nutcracker Crunch, Holiday Feast and Reindeer Fuel are sure to get your pup’s tail wagging on Christmas morning.


Spunky Pup Antler Chews
Fill Fido's stocking with antler chews. Photo by BringFido

Spunky Pup Antler Chews make the “pawfect” stocking stuffer for good boys and girls on Santa’s list. These super-durable nylon chew toys are embedded with chicken flavor and feature a textured surface to hold peanut butter or other delicious dog-friendly treat spreads. The antlers come in multiple designs like Elk, Ram, Deer and The Wishbone. Each chew is on sale this week in the Ruff Guide Store.


Countdown to the Holidays Pet Advent Calendar
The countdown begins! Photo by BringFido/Nicole

Happy 25 days of treating! Help your pup count down the days until Santa Paws arrives with the Countdown to the Holidays Pet Advent Calendar from Petknowledgy. Each day in December, treat Fido to a 100% natural and tasty treat, baked in the USA. Order one while they're on sale this week and get your pooch in the holiday spirit!


Leftover Turkey Sandwich Dog Treats
"Just one bite, paw-lease?" Photo by Getty Images

When Fido begs for your Thanksgiving dinner, treat him to his own Leftover Turkey Sandwich Treats! These tasty soft-baked snacks from the Lazy Dog Cookie Co. are made with turkey and sweet potato and they’re on sale this week in the Ruff Guide Store!


Tucker the Turkey
Photo by @belletheteddybear

Gobble up this week's deal on Tucker the Turkey from Zippy Paws! Your pup will love this squeaker plush toy with crinkle tail feathers. Grab one while they're on sale this week in the Ruff Guide Store!


BringFido Tricks and Treats Mystery Box

What are the spooky surprises inside? Order a BringFido Halloween-themed Tricks and Treats Mystery Box and discover for yourself. Each box contains a combination of dog treats, toys and other items with a total retail value of at least $30, but you can snag one for your pup this week for just $20!


Bocce's Bakery Zombie Bites and Witch's Brew Treats
Photo by @udon_minidachshund

Fill your trick-or-treater's paws with Witch's Brew or Zombie Bites Treats from Bocce’s Bakery! No dragon scales or eye of newt are used in these soft & chewy snacks, just healthy yet tasty all-natural ingredients like beef broth, pumpkin, carrots and peanut butter. Order a bag or two while they’re on sale this week!


Halloween Squeaker Toys
Trick or treat? Photo by Getty Images

Fill Fido's trick-or-treat bucket with Halloween Squeaker Toys like a bottle of pumpkin ale, a cute "trick-or-sleep" sloth, or a 3-pack of mini monsters, all on sale this week in the Ruff Guide Store!


Plato's Halloween Variety Pack
Photo by Getty Images

Furry trick-or-treaters will love Plato's Halloween Variety Pack. Filled with 20 individually wrapped treats, each pack is on sale this week.


Einstein Pets Everydays S'mores Dog Treats
"Please let him drop it. Please let him drop it." Photo by Getty Images

When you curl up with your pup around the bonfire to roast s’mores this fall, be sure to bring a treat he can enjoy, too. Einstein Pets Everydays S’mores Dog Treats are oven-baked and nutrieunt-dense cookies made with delicious carob, honey and vanilla with chia. Order a bag this week while they’re on sale!


Free Football Toy with Purchase
"I'm playing Wide Retriever this season." Photo by Getty Images

Football season is back, and your pup will score a FREE football plush toy with any order of $20 or more in the Ruff Guide Store (while supplies last).


Pupkin Spice Lattes are Back!
Raise your paw if you're ready for fall! Photo by @baileysdoodlediary

Order a Starbarks Pupkin Spice Latte puppcaccino squeaker toy to perk up your pooch and get him ready for the season, or fetch more of Fido's Fall Favorites on sale this week in the Ruff Guide Store.


Bark to School Boxes for $15
"No first day jitters here!" Photo by Getty Images

Whether Fido is a pawfect student or needs a little retraining, he'll love getting this week's treat. While supplies last, get a Bark to School Box for just $15.


Clean Earth Dog Toys
Save the planet, one toy at a time! Photo by Getty Images

Order a Clean Earth plush dog toy for your pup and you’ll both be doing your part to save the planet! These durable toys are made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Each toy redirects waste, preventing up to nine plastic bottles from ending up in oceans, waterways and landfills. Choose one of four plush animals with a built-in squeaker, all on sale this week.


Einstein Pets State Fair Dog Treats
Grab a healthy treat for your furry fairgoer. Photo by Getty Images

While candy apples, funnel cakes and giant turkey legs aren’t fit for Fido, he doesn’t have to miss out on delicious fair food. These apple, cinnamon and coconut State Fair dog treats from Einstein Pets are a healthy snack for furry fans of the fair! Order a bag for just $5 this week!


BringFido Mystery Grab Bag
"Did you say treats?" Photo by Getty Images

If your pup likes surprises, order a BringFido Mystery Grab Bag and get his tail wagging. Each reusable BringFido bag contains a combination of dog treats, toys and other items with a total retail value of at least $25. You can snag one for your furry best friend while supplies last.


Outward Hound Dog Toy Puzzles
Photo by BringFido

Keep your pup mentally stimulated with Outward Hound’s hide-and-seek plush puzzle dog toys! Designed specifically to eliminate boredom, encourage positive play and feed his natural hunting skills, these 2-in-1 interactive toys will surely become his favorite! Choose from bees in a hive or squirrels in a tree stump. They’re on sale this week in the Ruff Guides Store!


Talking Pet Doorbell and Magic Wand Treat Dispenser
Photo by BringFido

Teach Fido to ring the Talking Pet Doorbell with his nose or paw when he needs to go outside. Then, reward him with a treat from the Magic Wand Treat Dispenser, a whimsical way to store and deliver treats when you cast training spells. Both items are on sale this week in the Ruff Guide Store!


Prime Time BOGO Sale on Treats!
BOGO on Treats! Photo by BringFido

This week, when you buy one bag of Mutt Mallows Soft-Baked Dog Treats, Sit! Training Treats by Etta Says!, Walk About Dog Jerky Treats or Himalayan yakyChurro Treats, you’ll get a second bag of the same brand and flavor, free!


Jax & Bones Rope Toys
Pups will love chewing on Jax & Bones Rope Toys! Photo by BringFido

Pups who love to chew and tug will love Jax & Bones Good Karma Rope Toys! These hand-tied toys are dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes and act like doggie dental floss as they fray. Choose one of six shapes like a heart, peace sign, anchor or a lifesaver. Best of all, Jax & Bones donates 10% of the proceeds from Good Karma toys to rescue and animal welfare groups! Order one for your dog while they’re on sale this week!


Independence Day Sale
Happy Independence Day! Photo by iStock/SilverV

Celebrate Independence Day with your "pawtriotic" pup! This week only, save 20% on every order in our Ruff Guides Store when you use the code SUMMERSALE at checkout.


Messy Mutts Popsicle Mold
Create healthy homemade treats for Fido. Photo by BringFido

Create your own healthy summer treat for Fido with the Messy Mutts Popsicle Mold! Each silicone tray makes six perfectly-sized treats and features molded stick holders, perfect for your dog’s favorite stick treats. Create your own healthy recipe or combine with supplements including medication, broths or vitamins for the ultimate super snack. Order one for your pup while they’re on sale this week!


Sit! Training Treats by Etta Says! - 2 Pack
Make training fun! Photo by BringFido

Whether you're training a new puppy or teaching an old dog new tricks, stock up on these Etta Says! Sit! Training Treats while they're on sale this week! Order a 2-pack and choose from yummy flavors like Pork & Bacon, Oat & Peanut, or Cheddar Cheese.


Celebrating BringFido's 17th Birthday
BringFido is 119 in dog years. Photo by Unsplash/HediAlija

We're celebrating our 17th birthday this week. Treat your pup to a limited edition BringFido Birthday Box for just $17 + free shipping. In addition, 17 lucky customers will receive a surprise bonus gift from the canine concierge team at BringFido.


Free Ruff Guide + Fifty Places to Travel With Your Dog Before You Die
Get the scoop on the best places to travel with Fido! Photo by BringFido

Get a FREE copy of BringFido's Ruff Guide to the United States with the purchase of the new book Fifty Places to Travel With Your Dog Before You Die. Part of the Fifty Places series, Fifty Places to Travel With Your Dog Before You Die provides a bucket list of domestic and international dog-friendly destinations highlighting where to stay and how to travel with your beloved furry friend. Order a hardcover copy today and get BringFido's Ruff Guide to the United States for free!


Earth Rated Waste Bags + Free Bonus Dispenser
Never get caught without a bag. Photo by BringFido

Stock up and save on Earth Rated waste bags! Purchase a pack of 21 refill rolls and get a free bonus dispenser. That's 330 bags in total. This combo pack is on sale this week.


Chuckit! Amphibious Pool Toys
"Ready for a pool day!" Photo by BringFido

Fido will enjoy making a splash in the pool, lake or ocean with Chuckit! Amphibious Pool Toys. The toys come in two styles - a Zip Flight flying disc and a Bumper floating toy with an attached rope. Both styles come in green and orange and they're on sale this week!


ZippyPaws Burrow Toys
Let Fido go bananas! Photo by BringFido

Dogs love to bury their noses in the ZippyPaws Burrow Toys! Order monkeys in a banana, hedgehogs in a den, a tackle box of fun or a tent of camping essentials, all on sale this week! Each interactive toy comes with 1 burrow and 3 small squeaky Miniz.


Himalayan yakyChurro
Delicious and healthy! Photo by BringFido

Himalayan yakyChurros are both delicious and beneficial to your dog's oral health. This savory treat is meant to be consumed in a single chew session, providing your dog with the added benefit of oral health. Its unique shape gets between teeth to scrub and scrape, reducing plaque and tartar build-up. Order a bag of chicken or peanut butter flavor on sale this week!


Spunky Pup Antler Toys
Tasty on their own or with Fido's favorite spreadable treat! Photo by BringFido

The Deer, Ram and Elk Antlers from Spunky Pup are super-durable nylon chew toys embedded with flavors your dog will love. The textured surface also holds peanut butter or your dog’s favorite treat spread. These chew toys will keep Fido entertained for hours. And, they're on sale this week!


Rise 'N Shine Dog Treats
Photo by BringFido

While you enjoy breakfast on a pet-friendly restaurant patio, delight your pup with Rise 'N Shine Dog Treats from Einstein Pets. This turkey bacon, banana and peanut butter recipe with chia is a healthy and delicious treat for the start of the day. Order a bag on sale this week!


Messy Mutts Products
Snag a deal on Messy Mutts products! Photo by Messy Mutts

All Messy Mutts products are on sale this week. Grab a deal on the travel water dispenser or interactive maze feeder while supplies last.


Charlee Bear Grain-Free Crunch Treats
Healthy and delicious crunchy treats. Photo by BringFido

Crafted with real chicken, turkey or pork for protein plus antioxidant-rich fruit and veggies, Charlee Bear Grain-Free Crunch Treats are perfect for training, travel or simply treating. Fido will love the mouth-watering flavors like Bacon & Blueberry or Chicken, Pumpkin & Apple.


Lamb Chop Plush Toy
"This is the song that never ends ..." Photo by BringFido

Shari Lewis’ classic and beloved lamb is adored by customers and their dogs. This 6-inch Lamb Chop toy features a super soft exterior, making it great for cuddling, and its squeaker makes it fun for playtime.


Dexas Pooch Pouch
Perfect for treats! Photo by BringFido

Keep your dog's treats easily accessible with the Dexas Pooch Pouch, perfect for training and exercising. The pouch is made of 100% memory silicone that doesn't stretch, so treats won't fall out, and it features a clip that can be attached to your waistband or belt.


Etta Says! Treats To Go! 2-Pack
Healthy, delicious and easy to pack. Photo by BringFido

Etta Says! Treats To Go! are perfect for training and travel. These 100% natural peanut butter treats come in an easy to handle container that is so versatile, it can fit in your pocket. At only three calories per treat, you won't feel guilty rewarding your good pup.


Messy Mutts Waste Bag Holder
Make clean-up simple. Photo by BringFido

The soft silicone Messy Mutts Waste Bag Holder is perfect for travel. Just clip onto your pup's leash and make clean-up a breeze wherever Fido goes! Order one on sale this week!


Dexas Scrub Buster
Get Fido cleaned up with the Scrub Buster! Photo by BringFido

Before you head out on your pet-friendly vacation, get Fido looking his best with a Dexas Scrub Buster Silicone Dog Wash Brush. The soft silicone bristles provide a quick and thorough washing of a dog's coat and reach all the way down to the skin. It even has a dog shampoo reservoir built in!


BringFido Bumper Sticker
Show off your love for BringFido. Photo by BringFido

Show off your love of all things dog-friendly with this free BringFido bumper sticker and make your pup's day by adding a tasty treat to your cart.


The Wishbone and Kong Extreme
"I'm up for this challenge." Photo by BringFido

Is your furry friend experiencing the winter blues? Brighten up his day with The Wishbone by Spunky Pup or this Kong Extreme Toy for power chewers. Both are on sale this week in the Ruff Guides Store.


Pupsi and Dogritos
"I'm ready to cheer on Team Fluff!" Photo by BringFido

Get your pup ready for the big game by stocking up on Pupsi and Dogritos. These super plush dog toys by FuzzYard are designed in Australia, fitted with a squeaker for endless playtime fun and are loved by doggos across the globe.


Mutt Mallows Strawberry Smoochies
"Are these Smoochies for poochies?" Photo by BringFido

Show your puppy love with these soft-baked Mutt Mallows Strawberry Smoochies dog treats from The Lazy Dog Co., a perfect treat for Valentine's Day. These treats come in a resealable pouch and are wheat, corn & soy free. Order a 2-pack, on sale in the Ruff Guides store this week.


2-Pack of Sit! Training Treats by Etta Says!
Sit, Fido! Photo by BringFido

If your new furry best friend is training for travel, stock up on these Etta Says! Training Treats before your next road trip. Order a 2-pack and choose from Pork & Bacon, Oat & Peanut, or Cheddar Cheese.


Starbarks Coffee Toy
"Make it a grrrrande." Photo by BringFido

Perk up your pooch with this cute Starbarks Coffee Toy, available this week only for less than your latte.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Bowl
No water fountain, no problem. Photo by BringFido

Add this convenient travel water bottle and bowl to your gear bag and plan to Get Fit With Fido in the new year.


Dogbuster and Popcorn Toys
"Should we watch Lady and the Tramp or 101 Dalmatians?" Photo by BringFido

Fido can curl up in his favorite bed and enjoy these Dogbuster and Popcorn toys while you both Pet, Flicks and Chill.


Reddy Sherpa Hooded Dog Jacket
"Ready for winter!" Photo by @reddypets

Keep Fido warm and stylish on his walks this winter with this Reddy Sherpa Hooded Dog Jacket. Available in black or pink, this jacket includes a hole on the back for D-ring access, a belly zipper closure and comes in sizes XXS to 3XL. The Reddy Sherpa Hooded Dog Jacket is 50% off this week at Petco.


Pet Charity Wish List
Help a shelter pet have happy "pawlidays." Photo by

Help make Christmas special for pets in need by purchasing items from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary’s Amazon Wish List, including products on sale this week like Calming Donut Pet Beds, comfortable crate mats, Benebone dog chews and Kong peanut butter filler. Items purchased from the wish list are shipped directly to the rescue.


Holiday Sale
Bah hum pug. Photo by iStock/LightFieldStudios

It's the final week to shop for Fido's gifts in time for Christmas delivery. All remaining holiday items are on sale in BringFido's Ruff Guide shop.


Bocce's Bakery Lumps of Coal
Even good pups deserve these lumps of coal. Photo by BringFido

Naughty or nice, your pup deserves Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Coal in her stocking this year. A bag of these delicious treats is just $5 while supplies last! Limit 2 per customer.

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Banner photo by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay.