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Two dogs enjoy lunch at a pet-friendly restaurant.
Dog-Friendly Restaurants Need Your Help
A woman with her dogs at a popular dog park.
New Dog Parks and Pet-Friendly Attractions: March 2021
A room in a pet-friendly vacation rental on a private island.
10 Dog-Friendly Private Islands in the United States
How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth
A Dog Stands Among Agility Equipment at an Indoor Dog Park in Gearhart.
Stay and Play at America’s Finest Indoor Dog Parks
A cat poses in a cat-friendly hotel room.
10 "Purrfectly" Cat-Friendly Hotels and Vacation Rentals
BringFido's Guide to the Willamette Valley
A girl and her dog at a pet-friendly vacation rental.
2021's Hottest Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals
New Dog Parks and Pet-Friendly Attractions: February 2021
People skijoring with dogs at High Country Dogs.
Snow Paws: Winter Sports with Fido
Take Flight With Fido at These Air & Space Museums
New Dog Parks and Pet-Friendly Attractions: January 2021
The 10 Best Jobs for People Who Love Dogs
The Top 10 Pet-Friendly Cities to Move to in 2021
How to Ring In the New Year (2020 Style) With Fido
Winter Hikes for You and Your All-Weather Dog
8 Winter Hikes for You and Your All-Weather Dog
The Best Pet Gadgets for 2021
Ace at Custer State Park
Bring Fido on a Wild Ride to Six Incredible Drive-Thru Attractions
A service dog boards a flight.
New Air Travel Rule Allows Airlines to Ban Emotional Support Animals on Commercial Flights
Igloo Dining With Your Dog: 6 Pet-friendly Restaurants With Outdoor Domes
Igloo Dining With Your Dog: 7 Pet-friendly Restaurants With Outdoor Domes
Holiday Gifts for Good Boys and Girls in 2020
8 Holiday Gifts for Good Boys and Girls in 2020
Amazon Prime Video "The Pack" Competition Series
Follow "The Pack" to 9 Pet-friendly Destinations Around the World
How to Travel Safely With Fido This "Howliday" Season
Get Ready for a Packed Weekend (and a Chance to Win a $300 Amazon Gift Card)
We Have a Wiener!
Vacation Rentals With Fireplaces for Toasty Tails
10 Vacation Rentals With Fireplaces for Toasty Tails
9 “Paw-triotic” Cities to Visit With Fido
Why We’re “Mutts” About Cypress Inn
10 Haunted Attractions for Ghost-Busting Pups
A dog with a suitcase prepares to travel.
Introducing BringFido Deals
Spooky Cities
Petrify Your Pooch at America's Spookiest Cities
Haunted Vacation Rentals
5 "Spooktacular" Haunted Vacation Rentals That Welcome Fido
Pet-Friendly Breweries thumbnail
Hoppy Hounds: A 12-Pack of Pet-Friendly Breweries
7 Pet-Friendly Campsites For Leaf "Puppers"
10 Tips for Booking a Pet-Friendly Vacation Rental
How to Plan a Pet-Friendly Staycation in Your Neck of the Woods
Why We're "Mutts" About Dog Bark Park Inn
Pet-Friendly Chain Stores in the U.S.
Re-tail Therapy: The Most Pet-Friendly Chain Stores in the U.S.
On the Right Track: 7 Awesome Pet-Friendly Rails-To-Trails
Guide to Welcoming a New Pet
BringFido's Guide to Welcoming a New Pet
What to do with your dog on National Dog Day.
10 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for National Dog Day
Themed Vacation Rentals
8 Themed Vacation Rentals to Suit Fido's Unique "Paw-sonality"
Why We’re “Mutts” About Under Canvas
The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds (and Their Travel Personalities)
Great Dog Parks with Lakes thumbnail
Take The Plunge! 7 Great Dog Parks with Lakes
Navy SEAL Canine Handler
No Ordinary Dog: An Interview With A Navy SEAL Canine Handler
Bonjour, Fido! 7 American Stand-Ins For Europe This Summer
Pet-Friendly Houseboat
Boats and Hounds: Drift Away With Fido On a Pet-Friendly Houseboat
a family and their dog in a Pet-Friendly Boat Rentals
Aye Aye, Fido! Float Away on These Pet-Friendly Boat Rentals
Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals With Pools
Pool "Pawty!" Dog-Friendly Vacation Rentals With Pools
a dog waiting for his christmas gift
Christmas in July? Pet-Friendly Holiday Stays to Book Now For Winter Break
Calling All “Farmhounds:” 11 Fantastic Pet-Friendly Farm Rentals
Ace and Roxy meet Babe
The Great River Road: A Pet-Friendly Road Trip
A Pet-Friendly Trip to the Gulf Coast
The Gulf Coast: A Weird and Wonderful Pet-Friendly Road Trip
South Dakota: A Pet-Friendly Road Trip
The A1A: A Pet-Friendly Road Trip
The A1A: A Pet-Friendly Road Trip
A toy poodle sitting with fresh-picked strawberries at a pet-friendly farm.
We Pick Fido! Berry Farms That Welcome Dogs
Two dogs on a food truck
7 Dog Food Trucks Worth Chasing
The 10 Most Popular Pet-Friendly Beachfront Rentals This Summer
Corgi Wears an Outward Hound Life Jacket at the Beach.
10 Must-Haves for Fido’s Next Trip to the Dog Beach
Woman and Dog Gaze at the View in the Pet-Friendly Shenandoah National Park.
The “Grrreat Outdoors:” 10 Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals Near National Parks
Small Chihuahua Wears Attends a Dog Parade in a Patriotic Wagon.
7 Fun (and Safe) Things to Do With Your Dog on July 4th
Yee-haw! Gallop With Fido at a Pet-Friendly Dude Ranch
A dog enjoys his elevated and shaded dog bed.
9 Summer Essentials to Keep Dogs Cool
A Dog Surfs in Pet-Friendly Huntington Beach.
The Best Pet-Friendly Beach Towns in America
A Collie Stands on a Stand Up Paddleboard on the Lake.
6 Activities for Dogs Who Love Water
An Australian Shepherd Hikes at the Pet-Friendly Jones Gap State Park.
10 Summer Hikes That Will Leave Fido Panting For More
A pet-friendly road trip along Route 66
Route 66: A Pet-Friendly Road Trip
A Yorkie Wears a Two Piece at the Pet-Friendly W South Beach.
10 “Impawssible” to Book Hotels That Are Available Now
Dogs Run on Baker Beach in Pet-Friendly San Francisco.
The 12 Most Pet-Friendly Cities in the U.S.
Drive-In Movie Theaters That Are Rated "Arf!"
A Man Relaxes With His Dog at a Pet-Friendly Beachfront Vacation Rental in East Sister Rock Island.
10 Beautiful Beachfront Vacation Rentals That Welcome Sandy Paws
A Dog Sits on a Desk in a Pet-Friendly Office.
How To Persuade Your Boss To Go Pet-Friendly
A car full of dogs at The Varsity, a pet-friendly drive-in restaurant.
Roll Up With Your Pup at These 9 Drive-In Restaurants
A Person Looks at a Desert Sunset From the Patio of a Secluded Pet-Friendly Airbnb Rental.
Peaceful and Pet-Friendly: Secluded Getaways for You and Your Lone Wolf
A Husky Sits Outside of a Pet-Friendly Airbnb Rental in South Lake Tahoe.
20 "Impawssible"-to-Book Vacation Rentals to Reserve Now
Everything you need to know about flea and tick season.
BringFido’s Guide to Flea and Tick Season
A Woman Looks at Her Dog Through a Monitoring App for Dogs..
There’s An App For That: The 9 Best Apps For Dogs
A White Dog Sits Inside a Tesla on Dog Mode.
The Coolest Canine Car Features
A Boxer Lies Dejectedly on the Living Room Rug.
It's Not Chew, It's Me: Preparing Your Dog For Being Apart
Mae the Dog Scratches Her an Itch Caused by Seasonal Allergies.
Fido’s Got The Itch: How To Relieve Your Dog’s Seasonal Allergies
A Dog Is Groomed While Lying in the Grass.
Ruff Cuts: How To Groom Your Dapper Dog At Home
Mila the office dog pulls up for Petco's curbside pickup service.
How To Fend Off Fido’s Boredom
A Yorkie Sits Beside Her Barkbox Subscription for Dogs.
The 8 Best Subscription Boxes Delivered to Your Doggy Door
A dog in a Star Wars dog costume poses for a pic.
The Fur Is Strong With This One: The Best Star Wars Gear for Dogs
A dog is ready for a dog movie on Netflix
Pet, Flicks and Chill: The 10 Best Dog Movies and Series on Netflix
This dog is skeptical of daffodils!
Plant-based: The Best and Worst Flora For Fido
Three Retrievers Share a Puppacino from the Starbucks Dog Menu.
#AnimalStyle: Restaurant Chains and Drive-Thrus With Secret Menus for Dogs
A German Shepherd enjoys his DIY dog park.
How to Transform Your Backyard Into a Dog Park
A still from the movie "The Call of the Wild."
Answering the Call of the Wild: An Interview With The Man Behind Buck
Two dogs ready to celebrate National Pet Day.
9 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day at Home
A dog sits in a suitcase waiting to travel.
How to Train Your Dog for Travel
Two Dogs Sit by the Door of a Pet-Friendly Yurt in Flagstaff.
This Is Gonna Yurt: Stay Outdoors in Style at a Pet-Friendly Yurt
A Man Teaches A Shepherd Stay As Part of Social Distancing for Dogs.
Social Distancing … for Your Dog: Training Tips for Fido
A Man and Dog Lounge In a Pet-Friendly Airbnb in Massachusetts.
Go Off-Grid With Fido at These Pet-Friendly Airbnbs
A Small Dog Wears Canada Pooch Rain Gear While Sitting on the Sidewalk.
Poodles and Puddles: The Best Rain Gear for Dogs
A Dog Sits in a Field of Flowers on a Spring Hike.
10 Stunning Spring Hikes to Take With Fido
A Couple Walks Their Dog Through a Pet-Friendly Botanical Garden in Santa Barbara.
8 Botanical Gardens Where Fido can Stop and Smell the Roses
A Boston Terrier Jumps for a Barkbox Super Chewer Toy.
BringFido’s “Ultimutt” Gift Guide for Active Dogs
A Chocolate Lab Sits on the Fenced Patio Attached to His Pet-Friendly Room at the Village Green.
10 Hotels With Dog Parks That Are off the Leash!
Crufts competitions include events like agility.
All About Crufts: Where Every Dog Has Its Day
Dog-Friendly St. Patrick's Day Festivals Around the World
A Pet-Friendly Review of 8 World-Famous St. Patrick’s Day Parades
Pet Psychic Michael Burke Holds the Paws of a Fuzzy Black Dog.
Would You Bring Fido to a Pet Psychic?
Group of Seniors at Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Facility Play With Their Dogs at the Dog Park.
Enjoy Your Golden Years With Your Goldie at These Assisted Living Facilities
An interview with Bonny the Shih Tzu movie star and her owner and trainer, Claire Dore.
Hooray for “Howlywood:” An Interview With a Canine Movie Star
A Bichon Wears Candy Heart Glasses and Stands Between Two Valentine's Day Hearts.
The Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Dogs
A Man Walks a Rescue Dog During a Pet-Friendly Airbnb Experience
“Ruff” It With Rescue Dogs at These Airbnb Experiences
Learn more from a Petco vet about keeping your dog happy and healthy on his next big adventure.
Why A Vet Visit Is Essential Before Fido Hits the Road
A Bulldog Gives a High Five to a Petco Dog Trainer.
Health & Wellness Goals for Your Dog in 2020
A Brown Dog Holds an American Flag in His Mouth.
On the Campaign “Tail:” Dog-Friendly Hotspots in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina
A man and a dog stand beyond a cabin on the snow-covered shores of Lake Tahoe.
Snuggle Up With Your Pup at These 9 Pet-Friendly Winter Cabins
A man and a dog stay in a pet-friendly igloo.
Huddle With Your Husky in a Pet-Friendly Igloo
Your dog is your workout partner at Thank Dog! Bootcamp.
Get Fit With Fido: Shape Up With These 7 Pet-Friendly Activities
Healing is what Doga is all about.
"Namastay:" The Benefits of Doga For You and Your Pup
These four canine keg pull races are worth checking out.
What a Drag! 4 Must-See K-9 Keg Pull Races
A Brown Pitbull Wears a Knitted Snood Hat With Antlers While Standing in the Snow.
Cold-Weather Canines: The Best Boots, Jackets and Dog Coats for Winter
Take your dog to visit the Windy City.
10 Pet-Friendly Cities for a Weekend Getaway in 2020
A Dog Sits at the Bar of the Pet-Friendly Flatstick Pub.
9 Bars That Welcome Fido Indoors (Tonight!)
A Group of Dogs Rest at the Dog Bar in Saint Pete on New Years Eve.
7 “Pawsome” Places to Ring in the New Year With Fido
A Dog Stands in Front of a Snowman Mural in North Pole, AK.
Christmas in Christmas: Holiday-Themed Towns to Visit With Fido
Bring your dog on a pet-friendly adventure.
10 Unforgettable Experiences to Put on Your Dog’s Bucket List
A Terrier Eats Cake at a Dog Cafe During a Pet-Friendly Airbnb Experience in Montreal.
Airbnb Experiences: Pet-Friendly Adventures Led by Locals
Celebrate Hanukkah With Your Dog
The Hounds of Hanukkah - Celebrate the Festival of Lights With Fido
Last-Minute Gifts for the Dog Person on Your List.
Last-Minute Gifts for the Dog Person on Your List
A Woman and Child Sit With Dog in Snow at a Pet-Friendly Ranch.
8 Vacation Rentals That Deck the Paws This Holiday Season
A Man Dressed as Santa Poses With a Girl and a Dog at a Pet-Friendly Christmas Race in Arizona.
Running With the Elves: Pet-Friendly Christmas Races
A Woman Poses With Two Dogs on Thanksgiving.
Thank Dog! Why We're Grateful for Our Pets
A Man and Two Jack Russel Terriers Pose at a Pet-Friendly Christmas Market.
Pet-Friendly Christmas Markets Around the World
Two Women and a Dog Walk After Shopping for Black Friday Deals for Dogs.
The Best Black Friday Pet Deals of 2019
8 Tropical Vacation Ideas for Warm-Blooded Hounds This Winter
Pet-Friendly Rooms With a View of Your Favorite Thanksgiving Day Parades
Two dogs play at the NFL's first dog park.
Gamechanger: Visit the Only NFL Stadium With a Dog Park
Many of the boutique stores, art galleries and restaurant patios welcome dogs at Carmel Plaza mall.
America's Coolest Pet-Friendly Malls
Fargo Brewing Beer Cans Featuring Adoptable Rescue Dogs.
A Pet-Friendly Brewery Does Something 'Oneder'-ful for Foster Dogs
8 Doggone Beautiful Christmas Light Displays To Visit This Year
Learn More About Living in a Tiny House With Your Dog.
Time to Downsize? How to Live in a Tiny Home With Fido
Reserving a room at a pet-friendly hotel will give your dog much cozier holiday accommodations.
7 Reasons Why a Pet-Friendly Hotel Beats Staying With Relatives Over the Holidays
Warm Fido’s Bones Around the Fire Pit at These Pet-Friendly Restaurants
12 Pet-Friendly Turkey Trots For Gobblin’ Dogs This Thanksgiving
Learn More About The Mutt-cracker: A Christmas Furry Tale.
The Mutt-cracker: A Christmas Furry Tale by the Birmingham Ballet
Bring Your Dog on a Pet-Friendly Waterfall Hike to Dry Falls.
10 Stunning Waterfall Hikes with your Hound
Board the Skunk Train for a Pet-Friendly Train Ride in Fort Bragg.
8 Epic Pet-Friendly Train Rides to Take With Fido
Bring Fido to These Pet-Friendly November Events.
Can’t-Miss Dog-Friendly Events in November
Bring your dog to one of Denver's best beer gardens, Lowry Beer Garden.
A Pet-Friendly Tour of Beer Gardens Around the World
Bring Your Dog to a Pet-Friendly Halloween Race.
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Woof? 10 Petrifying Pet-Friendly Halloween Races
Mountain Biking With Your Dog Can Be An Exhilarating Experience.
Extreme Canines: Mountain Biking With Fido
Two happy pups at the DogHouse Hotel, a pet-friendly brewery hotel in Columbus.
Cheers, Fido! Raise a Pint at These Pet-Friendly Brewery Hotels Around the World
A man and his dog compete at a Canicross event.
Everything You Need to Know About Canicross (and 9 Awesome Trails to Run With Fido)
Take a Stroll Through These Pet-Friendly Walking Tours Around the World.
Walkies! 9 Fun Pet-Friendly Walking Tours Around the World
An interview with Peter Zheutlin, author of "The Dog Went Over The Mountain."
The Dog Went Over the Mountain: An Interview With Peter Zheutlin
St. Francis Blessing of the Animals is Held in Asheville, NC.
Where to Take Your Divine Dog to be Blessed on Saint Francis of Assisi Day
Airline pet policies not allowed to ban specific breed of service and support dogs on flights.
Delta Air Lines Not Ready to Lift Ban on Pit Bulls Despite DOT Ruling
How Brexit Will Affect Pet Travel.
How a No-Deal Brexit Could Affect Pet Travel
The pet-friendly St. Louis Renaissance Festival includes dog races and more.
Joust the Two Of Us: 7 Pet-Friendly Renaissance Festivals
A dog in a pet-friendly pumpkin patch.
Pumpkin Patch Pups: 6 Pet-Friendly Pumpkin Patches and Corn Mazes
Understanding the difference between a service dog, support dog, and therapy dog.
Service, Support or Therapy Dog? The Different Ways Fido can Lend a Paw
Pet-friendly Oktoberfest USA has a Barks & Brews day for dogs.
The Most Pet-Friendly Oktoberfest Celebrations in the U.S.
Check out these 8 pet-friendly fall festivals with your dog.
The 10 Best Pet-Friendly Fall Festivals of 2019
Ace hangs out at the Dog Bark Park Inn, a pet-friendly B&B in Idaho.
The Coolest Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in North America
How to Keep Your Dog Safe During a Hurricane.
How to Keep Your Dog Safe During a Hurricane
Love's Travel Stops is adding 90 new dog parks to its locations.
Love's Travel Stops Announces Construction of 90 New Dog Parks
Enjoy a pet-friendly cruise around San Francisco with Barbary Ghost Tours.
All Paws on Deck for a Pet-Friendly Day Cruise With Fido
At the close of the summer swim season, dogs are invited to play at these pool parties.
9 Splashin’ Pool Pawties to End Fido’s Summer Vacation
Bring Fido to a pet-friendly amusement park for free.
Paws in the Air! 8 Pet-Friendly Amusement Parks Around the World
Bring Fido on a dog-friendly tubing trip in Bend, Oregon..
8 Great American Tubing Adventures with Fido
dog-friendly restaurants, hotels and breweries that host yappy hour
8 Fantastic Yappy Hours and Where to Find Them
Ollies serves ice cream cones for dogs.
Sunday Sundaes: Where to Treat Fido to a Dog Ice Cream
Hotel del Coronado hosts Yappy Hour
10 Stunning Oceanfront Hotels That Welcome Dogs
Sailing Trips to Take with Fido
Who’s a Good "Buoy?" 7 Sailing Trips to Take With Fido
Races To Run With Your Dog
9 Unique Races to Run With Your Dog
Newtown Dream Dog Park was the first winner of Beneful’s Dream Dog Park Campaign.
The Most Epic Dog Parks in the U.S.
SUP with your dog
SUP With Your Pup: 13 Paddleboard Adventures Around the World
Golfing with your dog
Dog-Friendly Golf Courses Where You Can Putt With Your Pooch
Surfing schools that will teach Fido to dog surf.
Dog Surfing 101: Surf Schools That Teach Fido to Hang Ten
Camp Gone to the Dogs is the oldest dog camp in the U.S.a
8 Pet-Friendly Summer Camps for You and Fido
Bring Fido to the pet-friendly Shrewsbury Folk Festival.
The Best Pet-Friendly Summer Festivals of 2019
Safety tips for a dog-friendly beach vacation.
8 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Beach Vacation
The AKC Museum of the Dog in New York City.
Art and Technology Run Wild at New York’s AKC Museum of the Dog
Pet taxis and pet-friendly taxis help Fido get around town.
Carpool With Your Pup: Pet-Friendly Rideshares & Pet Taxis
Jupiter Beach is one of Florida's most dog-friendly beaches.
The 10 Best Dog Beaches on the East Coast
Cape Disappointment State Park is a lovely dog beach in Washington.
The 10 Best Dog Beaches on the West Coast

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Mila and Billy Practice Doga (Dog Yoga)
Bagel Celebrates New Year's Eve
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