Poodles and Puddles: The Best Rain Gear for Dogs

Posted by Billy Francis

Few pups enjoy tinkling when it’s sprinkling, and who can blame them? Nobody likes to get wet, especially when you can’t slip into a nice dry change of fur afterward. This awesome selection of dog raincoats and other wet weather gear can help keep the elements from dampening your dog’s spirits (and coat) during the rainy season.

Hurtta Downpour Suit

Rain won’t stop play! Photo by Chewy

Hurrta’s aim is to “expand your dog’s territory” by providing functional, comfortable canine garments to wear outdoors. One of the most comprehensive and convenient items on our list, the Downpour Suit has an adjustable leg, neck and waist to fit individual dimensions. The reflectors on the collar and hind legs make playing in wet weather much safer for both you and your pooch.

Hurtta Downpour Suit is $100 on Chewy.

LesyPet Dog Umbrella With Leash

“You can’t stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh.” Photo by Chewy

The LesyPet Dog Umbrella With Leash is a handy solution for Pugs who want to reenact the infamous scene from “Singin’ In The Rain.” It might look like an umbrella that’s been turned inside out by the wind, but this unique device has been designed with your dog in mind. Clip your pup to the attached leash and shield her from the elements in style.

LesyPet Dog Umbrella With Leash is $13.59 on Chewy.

Canada Pooch Lined Wellies

“Rain, I’m comin’ for ya!” Photo by Facebook.com/CanadaPooch

Canine wellies are not a new thing. In fact, you’ll find plenty on the market, but few are as classy and easy to use as Canada Pooch Lined Wellies. Simply insert your pup’s paws, pinch the top of the boot and secure the strap to get your dog ready for snow, rain and mud. The waterproof silicone material will keep her paws dry while allowing her to feel the ground as she walks.

Canada Pooch Lined Wellies are $20 on Amazon.

Rain Poncho

“I ad-visor you to buy me this jacket.” Photo by Etsy

Dogs of all sizes rejoice at this rain poncho from Paw2paws. Designed using waterproof nylon, this lightweight jacket will keep your pup dry without weighing him down. The feature that sets it apart from other dog raincoats is the see-through visor, which allows your pup to keep his eyes on the trail and protects his face even in sideways rain. When the sun comes out, tuck it away in the convenient carrying pouch.

This rain poncho is $15.99 on Etsy.

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy

“Drying is fun! I might get wet more often.” Photo by Chewy

Rain is unpredictable. Fido’s daily walk can turn into a shower in an instant. If you can’t equip yourselves with the right gear outside, you can at least do something about a wet dog when you get home. Dirty Dog Shammy soaks up 20 times the amount of water and mud as compared to the average shammy towel and dries eight times faster than cotton towels. It’s designed to fit your hands like a glove, which gives you maximum maneuverability when patting your pet dry.

Dirty Dog Shammy is $16.96 on Chewy.

B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer

“I know it’s good because it’s got my name on it!” Photo by Chewy

Fido doesn’t need to visit a groomer to get that luscious blow-dried look. The B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer has got his name on it. This affordable option for drying at home blows air gently over his coat, repelling water without overheating, burning or drying out your pup’s fur or skin. One of the four adjustable nozzles can even help hairy hounds de-shed with a soothing massage feature.

B-Air Fido Max 1 Dog Dryer is $119 on Chewy.

Doggles Dog Goggles

"Get the Doggles! There’s a storm coming!” Photo by Facebook.com/DogglesEyewearUSA

Protect your pooch’s eyes against downpours with these fashionable and functional canine goggles. Doggles will protect your pooch’s eyes against the sun and rain. They offer 100 percent UV protection against bright rays and are sealed with a foam-lined rubber frame to keep water out. Doggles are so effective, even canine units in the army use them.

Doggles Dog Goggles are $20.52 on Chewy.

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