Drive-In Movie Theaters That Are Rated "Arf!"

Posted by Billy Francis

New Jersey entrepreneur Richard Hollingshead created the first official drive-in movie theater in 1933. In doing so, he also unintentionally stumbled upon the perfect place for people to enjoy movies on the big screen with their pups. This nostalgic pastime is experiencing a boom these days, as pet-friendly drive-in theaters open across North America. Before you hop in the car to catch a flick with Fido, be sure to check each theater’s instructions for social distancing.

Stardust Drive-In Theatre

Watertown, TN
“Last time we peed on the floor during a movie, we got kicked out!” Photo by @we_started_a_zoo

Relatively new on the scene, Stardust Drive-In Theatre has been entertaining families under the stars since 2003. Tune into the crystal-clear FM radio frequency, recline your seats, and watch the latest blockbusters for less than the price of a single ticket at an indoor movie theater in nearby Nashville.

The Showboat Drive-In

Hockley, TX
“Man, this film’s great. What do you mean it hasn’t started yet?” Photo by @bailey_and_gracie_the_tzus

The Showboat Drive-In Theater offers back-to-back screenings for one car ticket price. Relax and enjoy America’s favorite hobby from the comfort of your front seat. If Fido needs a mid-movie pee break, there are grassy areas for a sneaky stroll.

Admiral Twin Drive-In

Tulsa, OK
“Now this is my kind of movie!” Photo by @danielle.robinson.314

Admiral Twin Drive-In is the largest twin screen drive-in movie theatre in Oklahoma. The spacious location allows for plenty of room between cars, so Fido doesn’t distract other viewers when he barks his applause during his favorite scenes.

Family Drive-In Theatre

Stephens City, VA
“You’re missing the best bit!” Photo by

Bring every member of the household to the Family Drive-In Theatre for a fun night of films. Over the years, it’s hosted fundraisers for local rescue shelters, halloween costume competitions and canine meet-ups between screenings.

Silver Moon Drive-In

Lakeland, FL
“Can I see your tickets please?” Photo by @julzzastrow

Established in 1948, Silver Moon Drive-In has been screening flicks for the people of Polk County for generations. Pull up and tune into movie marathons, but make sure you arrive early to secure your pooch’s favorite spot.

Motor Vu Drive-In

Idaho Falls, ID
Enjoy the Vu! Photo by

Families with furry filmgoers have flocked to Motor Vu Drive-In for more than 70 years. The Rumsey family, the latest owners of the drive-in, are hoping to bring the nostalgic pastime to life once more for the next generation of four-legged movie buffs.

66 Drive-In Theatre

Carthage, MO
"This movie is rated arf!" Photo by @___lifeasagnes

Predating television in the area, 66 Drive-In Theatre has been a Carthage staple since 1949. The theater gets its name from its location on the Mother Road, Route 66. Drive to the movies on the most iconic highway in America, and cruise down memory lane with your canine for the best show in town.

Coyote Drive-In

Fort Worth, TX
“I can’t believe I dressed up nice to sit in the back of a truck!” Photo by @coyotedrivein

Howl at the moon at the Coyote Drive-In in Fort Worth. Here you can enjoy-old school entertainment with your pooch for company, including classic double bills you may have missed on the big screen the first time around. If Fido’s caught short, he can relieve himself in the grassy areas around the premises.

Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre

Henderson, NC
“I’m more entertaining than any movie!” Photo by @krissyjae18

Originally the Moon-Glo Outdoor Theatre, the first movie shown here was “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.” Nowadays, Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre continues the tradition of showing great movies for people and pups in four wheels. Roll up for themed double bills throughout the season. There’s even a dedicated area on the edge of the property away from other audience members for potty breaks during the credits.

Skyview Drive-in Theater

Belleville, IL
"I hope there aren't too many previews." Photo by

Skyview Drive-in Theater has been showing movies on the big screen since 1949. They love dogs and host canine meet-ups throughout the season, as well as themed nights showing classic movies, where dogs and humans are encouraged to dress up in their finest costumes.

Elm Road Triple Drive-in Theatre

Warren, OH
“I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to watch a horror movie!” Photo by @kingston_theyorkiechon

Elm Road Triple Drive-in Theatre is home to three giant screens that feature double bills for all tastes. Whether Fido loves being scared out of his fur by the latest frightfest, laughing his tail off or cheering for a bunch of canine superheroes, this “paw-pular” spot has him covered.

Riverside Drive In

Vandergrift, PA
“People say my smile is my best feature.” Photo by @brittmoore58

Riverside Drive In keeps the retro dream alive by screening classic movies throughout the week. There’s been a drive-in movie theater on this spot since the early 1950s when Riverside’s predecessor, Lee’s Woodland Drive-In, first opened its gates. Fortunately, you can still enjoy old school double bills the way they’re meant to be seen: on the big screen at the only operating drive-in in Armstrong County.

Highway 50 Drive-In

Lewisburg, TN
“Man, this truck bed is more comfortable than my actual bed!” Photo by @alexbagwell88

Located on 13 acres just outside the beautiful historic town of Lewisburg, Highway 50 Drive-In has been entertaining the cinephile townsfolk since 1949. Bring your furry film fan along to see double bills of the latest releases and enjoy classic movies in their rightful place up high against the night sky.

Grand River Drive-In

Leeds, AL
"You watch the movie. I'll watch the dog park." Photo by

Grand River Drive-In, formerly a Coyote Drive-In, invites you and your pooch to experience movies under the stars accompanied by food from The Snack Shack. The main attraction for Fido is an off-leash dog park on the premises for zoomies before you view the latest movie releases and classics on the big screen. If the movie's a flop, you can still have fun on the mini-golf course and play a round on one of the yard games

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Banner photo by @alexbagwell88.