Sunday Sundaes: Where to Treat Fido to a Dog Ice Cream

Posted by Billy Francis

Can dogs eat ice cream? You bet they can, especially if it’s made just for them and includes their favorite flavors like bacon, peanut butter and carob. July is National Ice Cream Month, and the cherry on top of this mouthwatering celebration is National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, July 21. PetSmart is going big for pups, giving away free dog ice cream sundaes from locations with PetsHotel facilities on July 20 and 21. But they’re not the only ones who want to help Fido celebrate. Spoil your pooch with a frozen treat at one of these pet-friendly ice cream parlors across the country.

Ollie’s Ice Cream + Stuff

Brooklyn, NY
"Barkkeeper! Get me another!" Photo by @olliesbk

Ollie’s Ice Cream + Stuff defines itself as an ice cream shop for dogs and their humans. This hip Brooklyn creamery allows pups inside for a cup of their premier doggy flavor, the Peanut Butter Pumpkin Butt. Prepared with pumpkin puree and topped with no-sugar peanut butter and fat-free cashew yogurt, it’s a delicious treat that’s also great for a dog’s digestive system. While Fido’s distracted, humans can enjoy a scoop of vegan ice cream or a classic flavor from the menu. Owner Eric Kyriakopoulos has been fostering for years with his partner Isabel Klee, who works at The Dogist. Their beloved rescue, Simon, is described as part dog, part fox and has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram.

Two Dog Night Creamery

Windsor, CA
“I’m a lot happier than I look, believe me.” Photo by

Two Dog Night Creamery gets its name from a colloquial phrase that states, "when the weather gets colder, you’ll need to sleep with two dogs in order to stay warm." The owners happened to have two dogs, so the name was perfect. The diverse ice cream specials on the menu are all made using organic, locally sourced ingredients and frozen with liquid nitrogen to capture every last ounce of flavor. Their pet-friendly frozen treat is made from a dairy-free base infused with organic strawberries.

“Where’s yours?”

Canines are the customers at Salty Paws. Humans are just there to pick up the tab. The dogs-only menu is full of homemade flavors like maple bacon, blueberry and carob, peanut butter and vanilla. Top off Fido’s ice cream with birthday cake, cinnamon bun or coconut cream from the Doggy Donut Bar. Pooches can also paw through the brothsciles, strawberry-and-banana push pops and bacon-and-peanut butter yogurt cups in the freezer. After refueling, take a short drive to nearby Dewey Beach for some off-leash fun.


Savannah, GA
If only every day was as sweet as National Ice Cream Day. Photo by

Leopold's has been scooping ice cream for the people of Savannah since 1919. Stop by for a sundae made especially for your dog, consisting of vanilla ice cream topped with an Ollie B. Biscuit. Leopold's still serves several of their classic human flavors from back in the day, like the original Tutti Frutti, a favorite of music icon Johnny Mercer. The outdoor tables are pet friendly so you can kick back and enjoy your frozen treats together.

Snookies Malt Shop

Des Moines, IA
“I’m going to make it disappear!” Photo by @memphisthedsmpug

Snookies Malt Shop is a popular ice cream parlor located in a vintage building in Des Moines. They serve up a scoop of soft serve vanilla ice cream in a cone for doggy customers. There’s only one way to eat a pup cone from Snookies, and that’s to scoff it down without letting it trickle down the sides. Watch Dallas show you how it’s done in this video:

Shake Shack

New York, NY
“Down it, down it, down it!” Photo by

The Pooch-ini is Shake Shack’s pet-friendly sweet treat. Although the dessert is not available at all Shake Shack locations, it was a hit at its flagship branch in New York, so maybe it won’t be long before it’s found everywhere. The Pooch-ini is a cup of dog-friendly custard mixed with Shackburger Biscuits and a swirl of peanut butter. Shake Shack also sells bags of their Shackburger Biscuits by Bocce’s Bakery to take home with you.

Amy’s Ice Cream

Austin, TX
The car needed a wash anyway. Photo by

"Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos." The motto at Amy's Ice Cream puts into words how all ice cream lovers feel about their beloved sweet treat, and the ice cream creators at Amy’s do everything in their power to prevent us from plummeting into a joyless world free of sprinkles, toppings and creamy flavors. Of course, this includes providing pups with handmade doggy ice cream. Amy's has created a flavor just for dogs consisting of a yogurt base mixed with peanut butter, honey and bananas. The Texas-based creamery started in Austin but has since branched out with locations in Houston and San Antonio.

Woof Gang Bakery

“You can’t fool me! Get me a real ice cream… and also leave the treat.” Photo by @woofgangbakery

Connoisseurs of homemade dog treats probably have their local Woof Gang Bakery on speed dial already. With more than 110 locations nationwide, they are practically a neighborhood pet store. Along with providing services like grooming, daycare and wellness clinics, they also stock a bounty of scrumptious treats. The PB&B is everything Fido could ever dream of on National Ice Cream Day: a smooth peanut butter ice cream mixed with strips of salty bacon. ‘Nuff said! Contact your local store to see if they offer the popular snack.

“Vegan, you say? Okay, you’ve twisted my paw.” Photo by @fomuicecream

Calling all Boston Terriers and pals! FoMu is a plant-based ice cream chain in Massachusetts with four locations across Boston, each stocked with locally made dog treats. They combine these craft bites with a scoop of cruelty-free ice cream and voila, a magnificent pup sundae is born. Whipped up in-house from a base of coconut milk and dog-friendly organic sweeteners, their unique flavors include avocado and sweet lavender.


Surry, ME
For the love of pug. Photo by

Located in an historic 19th-century general store, Pugnuts brings a fresh flavor to the town of Surry. Owner Karl Holmes used to be a pug parent and would one day like to own an entire pack. This “pugsession” runs from the storefront logo to the carefully crafted pug faces on the ice cream sandwiches. While you choose your flavor, your canine pal can feast on a pup cup made with peanut butter ice cream cups and bacon sprinkles.

What’s your scoop on National Ice Cream Day? Let us know how you spent this cool day with your dog. Leave a comment or tweet us @BringFido!