6 Activities for Dogs Who Love Water

Posted by Billy Francis

If your pup loves nothing more than exploring lakes, oceans, rivers and creeks while other “land-puppers” watch on from the shore, this list is for you. Dogs who love water are welcome to float in kayaks, balance on boards, and gently coast the waterways at pet-friendly spots around the world.

SUP With Your Pup

"This is much easier than it looks!” Photo by Facebook.com/BowValleyStandUpPaddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding was popularized in the 1940s by Waikiki beach boys in Hawaii. You and your Bichon can balance on a board in Hawaiian waters with Ohana Surf Project, a Honolulu-based surf rental company. For adventures on calmer waters and a canine host to show Fido the ropes, join Mr Beaches and Natasha on an aqua Airbnb Experience that weaves around the quiet waters of Las Olas canals in Fort Lauderdale. In fact, there are companies from Barcelona to Bend that offer pet-friendly SUP rentals. Which of these 13 paddleboard adventures around the world will your pooch try first?

Surf’s Up for Fido

“This is my kind of surfing.” Photo by Hoops and Hounds

When you’re ready to take on the challenge, step up from SUP and teach your canine to carve the waves without a paddle. Salty sea dogs around the world love this extreme pastime that requires balance, synergy and composure from both you and your pooch. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take on the challenge alone. These surf schools teach Fido to hang 10 and will have you shooting the curl together in no time. Catching swell and gliding on waves isn’t just a fun activity for gnarly gnashers. Surf Dog Ricochet is a qualified therapy dog who helps kids with special needs, people with disabilities, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD learn to surf as a form of therapy.

Row Your Boat With Your Best Bud

“This is more my pace, guys.” Photo by Facebook.com/Catch-A-Canoe-Bicycles-Too

Sit and stay in a pet-friendly kayak or canoe and experience ocean surroundings or the still waters of a lake with your canine crew for company. Equip your “furst” mate with a pair of waterproof boots and choose your vessel, including wooden canoes with arms for balance, streamlined kayaks for speed, and creative crafts designed for fishing trips.

Float “Fur-ever”

“If it pops, I’m holding you accountable!” Photo by Facebook.com/palmettooutdoors

If kayaking, surfing and stand up paddle boarding all seem like too much work, there is an easier way. Hop aboard a pet-friendly tube and float effortlessly down a river, propelled by the current and good vibes. From Texas to Tennessee, you’ll find tubing companies that not only welcome furry friends but even outfit tubes just for canines.

Dogs on Deck

“I’m a good buoy!” Photo by Facebook.com/mercurycruises

Cap’n Fido can sail the seven seas on a fantastic day cruise. These tour companies allow pets on board to explore coastal cityscapes from the water, hang out with TJ the beer-toting dog on a shrimping tour, and watch a dog leap off a cliff (safely) in Wisconsin. Pups who want a more traditional nautical experience can sign up for a sailing trip instead. Dress the part in a collar that doubles as a classy sailboat scarf and charter your own boat to explore scenic surroundings on a peaceful voyage.

Stay By the Water

“This is our beach, humans will have to play elsewhere!” Photo by @muttjackson

The beach is often hailed as the gateway to the ocean. It’s also a playground for active dogs. Paddle through the shallows together and plan your next aquatic adventure, but make sure you follow these beach tips for a safe trip to the seaside. Before you set off, select a beach that allows dogs and find a rental with access to the sand. You’ll find pet-friendly slices of paradise on the East, West and Gulf Coasts. Dogs who prefer lake life can enjoy their newfound water hobbies at one of these lakefront vacation rentals.

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Banner photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash.