Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

Posted by Billy Francis

Should you share your golden years with a Goldendoodle or spend retirement with a Retriever? There’s a lot to consider when choosing a four-legged friend to grow old with. Certain breeds may require too much exercise for people beginning to enjoy a slower pace of life or exceed the size limits for a pet-friendly retirement community. Here are the best dog breeds for those searching for canine companionship later in life. Whichever breed you choose, consider adopting a senior dog to match.


“Let’s take it easy today.” Photo by Unsplash/Juan Gomez

Life for a greyhound is a sprint, not a marathon, but the fastest dog breed on the planet is also one of the most laid back. Happy to curl up for most of the day, this calm and quiet breed isn’t likely to wake up the neighbors by making too much noise. Give them a chance to turn on the afterburners for a few minutes and they’ll be content prancing around your antique vases gracefully. Greyhound Adoption of Ohio and Arizona Adopt-A-Greyhound help retired racing greyhounds find a loving home.

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

“A breed fit for a queen!” Photo by @supercorgi_jojo

Corgis have little legs and big hearts. This affectionate breed will fall for you as hard as you fall for them, and, fortunately, they don’t have very far to fall. Queen Elizabeth II was known for her strong bond with this breed, owning 30 over her lifetime. Considered a medium-sized dog due to their dense body, your new four (short) legged friend is still small enough to suit most accommodations. Corgis love to be around people as much as possible, which works out great for seniors with time on their hands for walks in the park and watching their adorable new friend herd members of the bridge club.

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"Poodles are for pampering.” Photo by Unsplash/Charlie Green

From tiny to standard, poodles come in all shapes and sizes to suit every type of senior living. This gentle breed is devoted, friendly and sensitive, making them an ideal companion for meeting new people at senior living facilities and providing emotional support for older adults. Regular grooming is required because they don’t shed very much, which means less time spent on daily housekeeping and more time spent adventuring with your pretty poodle companion. Poodles are also less likely to cause allergic reactions than other shedding breeds.

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West Highland White Terrier

“From Westie to bestie!” Photo by BringFido/Marylou

Westies are guaranteed to make great besties for seniors. This small breed will fit snugly into a small home or apartment and make “pawsome” lap dogs for long nights in front of the fireplace. Westies are known for being energetic and require an hour of exercise a day, which will force you to get your steps in and keep yourself healthy, too. You’ll need to have time to dedicate to grooming your new best friend and training him to avoid excessive barking at new sights, but if you put in the time, the rewards are endless.

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Chinese Crested

“It’s not a catwalk model - it’s a dog walk.” Photo by Unsplash/Katie Bernotsky

Prim, proper and low energy, Chinese Cresteds are perfectly suited to life with a senior. This unusual breed is characterized by its lack of body hair and eye-catching quiffs. The lack of hair isn’t just a style statement either. It means this small breed is hypoallergenic. Chinese Cresteds love to spend time with their owners and are more than happy with a couple of short walks each day. Your new companion will be a hit in your community due to having a friendly and loving temperament, too.

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Shih Tzu

“One for me, one for me.” Photo by Flickr/Enoch Leung

If you want to introduce a pooch into your life who’s going to bring the best out of you, look no further than the beloved Shih Tzu. These happy-go-lucky fluff balls have an invigorating energy that will bring a smile to anybody’s face. Due to the breed’s friendly personality, there’s no need to worry about introducing them to your grandkids or people on your morning walks. Shih Tzus are also low-shedding and less allergenic than other breeds, and they love learning new things which will keep you both entertained on long afternoons together.

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