The Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Dogs

Posted by Billy Francis

This article was updated in January 2021.

If you’re looking for a special something to make your furry friend’s tail wag on February 14, you’re not alone. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent more than one billion dollars on Valentine’s Day presents for their pets in 2020. And those doe-eyed dogs deserve every penny! Spoil your literal puppy love this year with our 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for dogs, and make the other pups at the dog park green with envy.

1. Full Body Treatment Dog Milk Bath

“These hats don’t really work if you’re hairy all over!” Photo by Warren London

Run a nice warm bath, light a few candles and sprinkle rose petals on top for a Valentine’s Day treat. Cap it all off with a hearty splash of Warren London Cleopatra's Full Body Treatment Dog Milk Bath. When he sits in the bath, Fido will be transported to a heavenly doggie spa and immediately immersed in a tranquil environment. Tiny bubbles gently massage and soothe, while natural milk powder and honey add to the relaxing experience.

Warren London Cleopatra's Full Body Treatment Dog Milk Bath is $16.99 on Chewy.

2. Loving Pets Bella Bowl

“What new bowl? Can’t you see I’m eating right now?" Photo by Chewy

Every dog owner knows the way to Fido’s heart is through his food bowl. This Loving Pets heart design bowl is covered in cute hearts to show how much you love your pup, even if they’re more interested in what’s inside the bowl than outside.

Loving Pets Bella Bowls start at $3.52 on Chewy.

3. Frisco Valentine Box of Chocolates

“All for me!” Photo by Chewy

People who spend most of Valentine’s Day collecting cards from the mailbox for their heartbreaking hounds will adore Frisco Valentine Box of Chocolates. Stuff the mailbox full of cute cards and watch your dog collect them for herself for a change. If she gets bored of being told how lovely she is, the squeakers inside each card should keep her intrigued.

Frisco Valentine Box of Chocolates is $12.98 on Chewy.

4. Mutt Mallows Strawberry Smoochies

Three bowls are better than one. Photo by The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.

Pups give kisses like it’s Valentine’s Day every day, so it’s only fair we return the favor. These Mutt Mallows Strawberry Smoochies from The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. are lovingly crafted, vegetarian nibbles that smell like strawberry cheesecake and taste just as good. Probably the healthiest smoochies a canine could receive, these treats are high in antioxidants and naturally nutritious.

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Mutt Mallows Strawberry Smoochies are $5.99 on Chewy.

5. LED Dog Collar

“My love for you shines brighter than my collar!” Photo by Illumiseen

Dogs are the light of our lives, but they don’t glow in the dark. This LED Dog Collar from Illumiseen is designed to shine on even the gloomiest night, so you never lose track of your buddy on date night again.

The LED Dog Collar is $17.99 on Amazon.

6. Four Paws Cologne

“I'm ready to make a splash!” Photo by Chewy

One spray on your Shar Pei of Four Paws Cologne will leave him smelling fresh and clean for 24 hours. The moisturizing formula makes it a great product to use between baths. How about a spruce for your pooch?

Four Paws Black Cologne is $11.12 on Chewy.

7. Frisco Valentine 2-in-1 Ring

“I dooooooo!” Photo by Chewy

Your furry friend has stuck with you through think and thin, so maybe it’s time to pop the question. Fido, will you come to the dog park? There’s no need to resize the Frisco Valentine 2-in-1 Ring when he tries it on for size. This monster ring is big enough to bite into to see if it’s really made of gold. The cute message inside that reads “Together Furever” is a nice reminder (as if you needed one) of how much your pup means to you.

The Frisco Valentine 2-in-1 Ring is $9.98 on Chewy.

8. Valentine's Day Turtleneck Dog Sweater

Simply irresistible. Photo by Amazon

Keep your canine pretty in pink with this Turtleneck Dog Sweater by kyeese. Your furry fashionista will feel snug as a pug in this cute item, which is adorned with heart patterns, lace and a bowtie.

The kyeese Valentine's Day Turtleneck Dog Sweater is $14.99 on Amazon.

9. Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash

"Whatever the weather, we're tethered together." Photo by

The Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash is designed for pooches and humans to be joined at the hip. Stare lovingly at your best friend racing ahead of you, safe in the knowledge that she’ll never leave you (because she physically can’t). The bounce-free design keeps the journey comfortable.

Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash is $22.97 on Chewy.

10. Etna Wooden Heart Shape Design Pet Gate

"I'm glad you respect my space." Photo by Chewy

The Etna Wooden Heart Shape Design Pet Gate proves that absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Don’t think of this as a trial separation, Fido. It’s simply a bit of alone time. Have a nap, play with one of your new toys or just stare through the heart-shaped holes and wait to be let back in the room.

Etna Wooden Heart Shape Design Pet Gate is $69.99 on Chewy.

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