Go Off-Grid With Fido at These Pet-Friendly Airbnbs

Posted by Billy Francis

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In a crowded world dominated by technology, off-grid getaways are a welcome escape from the noise and the routine. Wind back the clocks, remove the distractions of work emails and social media, and live as nature intended at one of these pet-friendly Airbnbs that help you and your pooch get back to basics.

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Pisgah Highlands Off-Grid Cabin

Candler, NC
“Get a room! Oh wait, we are in one.” Photo by @jessica_h_flinchum

Watch your worries float away when you peel back the garage door and sleep under the stars at this off-grid cabin. It’s only 25 minutes away from Asheville, so you can head to the hip, dog-friendly city for supplies before escaping to your tiny home on 125 acres of private land in the mountains.

Nightly rates start at $127.

Coyote's Den at The Howling Woods

Tremont, ME
“I’m not going in until you explain why the lock is on the OUTSIDE.” Photo by Airbnb

Constructed with bent maple poles to replicate an Iroquois Longhouse (a traditional Native American lodging), Coyote’s Den at The Howling Woods is a rough and ready basecamp for intrepid explorers of the Maine backcountry. Explore 7 miles of enchanting pet-friendly trails through Howling Woods that are lined with mystical art installations.

Nightly rates start at $65.

Rustic Cabin on Private Island

Haliburton, ON
“Nobody gets in or out without my say so!” Photo by Airbnb

Flee civilization at a rustic cabin on private Echo Island in Ontario, Canada. This secluded spot can only be accessed by a boat from the mainland. Take a hike on the wild pathways without bumping into anybody else, fish for bass and trout in undisturbed waters, and adhere to the every whim of your new kingdom’s temporary ruler, Fido.

Nightly rates start at $254.

Historic Dugout Camping Shelter

Socorro, NM
Don’t trip over the roof, pooch. Photo by Airbnb

Hunker down in a reconstruction of an early 20th century homestead. This historic dugout is a cave-like structure, built of native rock and dug into the side of a hill to keep you and your canine cool in the summer and insulated by the wood burner on chilly winter nights. Whatever time of year you decide to visit, gaze in amazement across a huge sky from your doorstep, cook up some much-needed sustenance on the outdoor fire pit and grill, and explore the surrounding rocky trails with your leashed pup.

Nightly rates start at $84.

The Pondhouse

Ashfield, MA
“This gives au naturale a whole new meaning.” Photo by Airbnb

Fido has the chance to see, smell and feel nature all around him at The Pondhouse. Screened on every side, this one-of-a-kind property surrounds guests with flora and fauna without any unwanted bites. During the day, go for a walk around the pond and stop at the many meditation points to quietly reflect on weighing matters that your furry friend has, like when his next meal might be, or explore the pet-friendly woodland trails in the vicinity. The pond is a vibrant ecosystem that serenades you with a chorus of enchanting sounds at night.

Nightly rates start at $250.

The Mushroom Dome Retreat & Land of Paradise Suite

Aptos, CA
Far, far away from it all. Photo by Dave Miller

Since first appearing on Airbnb in 2009, The Mushroom Dome Retreat has become one of its most popular lodgings, boasting thousands of guests from more than 50 countries. The rustic rotunda is surrounded by trees and boasts an expansive deck overlooking the forest. You can even erect a temporary gate so your pooch can enjoy it off-leash. Due to new laws in the area, the distinctive dwelling can no longer be listed as the main accommodation. This means Fido can enjoy the comforts of a modern home at night in the host’s main house, before heading to the mushroom to meditate and relax whenever he likes.

Nightly rates start at $135.

Off-Grid A-frame at Roadrunner Ranch

Flagstaff, AZ
Lights, camera, action! Photo by Airbnb

Guests at this A-frame at Roadrunner Ranch receive a wonderful welcome gift when they check in: a healthy dose of peace and tranquility. The world is constantly changing, but the views of Roden Crater, San Francisco Peaks, Hopi Mesas and the Navajo Reservation remain the same. Watch the huge moon engulf the sky and the stars fall in front of your eyes from the relative comfort of a water-pumped and-solar powered lodging in the middle of 100 acres of land.

Nightly rates start at $125.

Disconnecting from gadgets, crowds and modern amenities is a wonderful way to take a healthy break from the daily grind. If you want to learn how to live off the grid in your own home, check out this pet-friendly Airbnb Experience.

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Banner photo by Airbnb.