Are Dogs Allowed on Cruise Ships?

Posted by Billy Francis

Cruises offer a chance for travelers to wake up in a new destination each morning with somebody else in charge of getting them there. Passengers can take it easy, play games and eat as much food as they want, which sounds like Fido’s dream vacation! But, are dogs allowed on cruise ships? Before you book your next adventure, find out which cruise lines allow pups to join in the fun and which prefer you to leave your four-legged friend back on dry land.

If you’re ready to set sail with your Saluki, don’t forget to bring your pet’s vaccination record, food and home comforts like a favorite toy to keep her calm while on board.

BC Ferries

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BC Ferries welcomes small pets including dogs, cats, ferrets, birds and hamsters to travel for free on expeditions around British Columbia. Pets are required to remain in designated pet areas, which come equipped with seating, radiant heating, water access and a waste station. Some vessels also have kennels.

Brittany Ferries

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Brittany Ferries is dog friendly and operates voyages around Europe. Depending on the individual ship rules, dogs are permitted to stay in a passenger’s car, travel in small and large onboard kennels, or join their owners in a pet-friendly cabin. All kennel areas are equipped with fresh water access, a pet exercise space and a waste station. But the least stressful way for your pet to travel with Brittany Ferries is inside your cabin to destinations like Normandie, Pont-Aven, Connemara, Galicia and Salamanca. Pet-friendly cabins can fit one pooch inside, are air-conditioned and have laminate flooring for easy cleanup.

Carnival Cruise Line

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Carnival Cruise Line is not dog friendly. If you love to sail away on vacation, you’ll recognize Carnival’s famous red, white and blue funnel, shaped like a whale's tail, departing from multiple ports around the U.S. Unfortunately, all of Carnival Cruise Line’s 22 ships only permit service dogs on board.

Celebrity Cruises

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Celebrity Cruises is not dog friendly. Described as a “relaxed luxury resort at sea,” this cruise line in the Caribbean, Europe and Alaska allows passengers to visit up to eight destinations on one trip while enjoying a variety of restaurants, luxury hangout spots and more. Celebrity Cruises welcomes service dogs on all ships, but no pets or emotional support animals are allowed. There are relief areas with cypress mulch to accommodate service dogs on board.

Corsica Ferries

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Corsica Ferries is dog friendly. All aboard for a trip to the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Elba in the Mediterranean. Four-legged passengers are welcome in all public areas, pet-friendly cabins and even certain restaurant areas. When you leave your cabin, be sure to take your dog with you and look out for Zone hygiene Animaux (animal hygienic zone) dotted around the ship. Tickets for canines start at just 17 EUR per crossing.

Costa Cruises

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Costa Cruises is not dog friendly. Founded in 1854, the Italian cruise line has been providing quality excursions around the Mediterranean and beyond for generations. Unfortunately, pets are not permitted on any of their vessels.

Cunard Line

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Cunard Line is dog friendly. This British cruise company’s heritage dates back to 1839 when it began operating a transatlantic mail service. Nowadays, you’re invited to travel with your Terrier between Southampton, England and New York on board Cunard Line’s Queen Mary II, the most famous pet-friendly cruise ship in the world. The ship features a large pet area with 24 kennels, a lamp post for British Bulldogs and a fire hydrant for their American cousins. And, Queen Mary II employs pet specialists to make your pooch’s travel as comfortable as possible. The five-star treatment starts with the Kennel Master’s welcome gift of name tags, food dishes and toys. Prices start at $800 for this hugely popular service, and pet owners should plan to book a year or more in advance to secure passage with their pets.

Disney Cruise Line

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Disney Cruise Line is not dog friendly. From live shows to character experiences and fireworks, “magic meets the sea” on board this popular cruise line. Families can party with popular Disney characters like Mickey Mouse while on board, but with the exception of Goofy and Pluto, only service dogs are allowed on Disney Cruise Line ships.

Grandi Navi Veloci

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Grandi Navi Veloci is dog friendly. Based in Genoa, Grandi Navi Veloci invites you to take a break with your furry best friend on board a ferry departing from mainland Italy to Sicily, Sardinia, France, Albania, Morocco and Tunisia. Sign up for the “Pets, Welcome On Board” project, which provides four-legged travelers with special pet-friendly cabins that feature easy-to-clean linoleum flooring and a daily sanitization service. Dogs and their owners staying in pet-friendly cabins can also enjoy a late check out up to 15 minutes before the ship docks to avoid the crowds and a dedicated area on the outside deck to stroll around during the journey.

Holland America Line

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Holland America Line is not dog friendly. This premium cruise line was founded in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1873 and has been operating voyages to North America and beyond for over 150 years. Only service animals are allowed to cruise with Holland America, which does not permit passengers to bring pets or emotional support animals.


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Hurtigruten is dog friendly. Travelers who want a taste of Northern Europe along the stunning Norwegian coast for an affordable price can book now with Hurtigruten. All Norwegian coastal ships have pet cabins with the exception of MS Nordlys, MS Midnatsol, and MS Kong Harald. Unfortunately, expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic with Hurtigruten do not allow dogs on board.

MSC Cruises

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MSC Cruises is not dog friendly. The cruise line operates year-round trips in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and passengers can venture as far as the Red Sea and beyond on a seasonal cruise. Unfortunately, no animals or birds are permitted on board, except for service dogs.

Norwegian Cruise Line

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Norwegian Cruise Line is not dog friendly. The third largest cruise line in the world by the number of passengers offers trips to the Caribbean, Bermuda, Alaska, Hawaii and Europe. Unfortunately, pets are not permitted on any Norwegian ships.

Princess Cruises

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Princess Cruises is not dog friendly. Millions of people set sail to 380 cruise destinations across more than 100 countries every year with Princess, but four-legged passengers are not among the crowds allowed on board. Princess Cruises only permits service dogs.

Relais Nordik

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Relais Nordik is primarily used to transport cargo and locals around the isolated towns and islands off the coast of Quebec, but you and your pooch can jump aboard for an ad hoc French Canadian adventure, too. Dogs are not allowed in areas reserved for passengers and must travel in a carrier that is kept in a climate-controlled kennel area on the third deck of the boat. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after pups.

Royal Caribbean International

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Royal Caribbean International is not dog friendly. Based in Miami, this popular cruise company is the largest by revenue and second largest by the number of passengers. Royal Caribbean's fleet of 60 ships can be seen on the high seas traveling to more than 800 destinations. Dogs will have to watch revelers from the shore as they are not permitted on any of the ships unless they are trained service animals.

Tallink Silja Line

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Tallink Silja Line is dog friendly. Bring your dog along for a voyage on the Baltic Sea from Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm to Helsinki, Finland or Tallinn, Estonia. Most ships have 10 pet-friendly cabins on board, often located on the deck below the designated doggy zone, which features a gravel-filled sandpit. Grab a takeout meal from one of the cafes and dine with a sea view on the upper deck with your dog. Book an A-Class cabin and you’ll both enjoy a large window overlooking the ocean.


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Tirrenia is dog friendly. This private shipping company operates cruises from the Italian mainland to Sardinia, Sicily and Tunisia. Well-behaved dogs can come along on an Italian journey of discovery, too. Book a pet-friendly cabin for up to three domestic animals fitted with a linoleum floor for easy cleanup and an anti-odor mat. Leashed dogs are free to move on the outside decks of the ship and in public spaces with their owners, but are not allowed in common areas.


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Viking is not dog friendly. This Swiss company provides elegant voyages on rivers and oceans across seven continents. Unfortunately, pets and other animals are not allowed on board any ships, unless they are service animals or certified therapy dogs.

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