There’s An App For That: The 9 Best Apps For Dogs

Posted by Billy Francis

Transform Fido’s life with a product you can download and use wherever you are. With the help of these innovative pet companies, you can book his next adventure, learn training tips from professionals and keep track of his health and fitness. Swipe right on these awesome apps designed for dogs and the people who love them most.

1. DogLog

“I like to keep things organized.” Photo by

DogLog helps you organize your best friend’s life in one convenient location. The easy-to-use application stores pet information, tracks long term health goals, sets reminders for administering medicine and track veterinarian appointments, and shares all of that information with the people who matter, like family, friends and pet sitters.

DogLog is free on iPhone and Android.

2. BringFido

“I don’t care where we go, I just need a vacation!” Photo by Billy Francis

We’re proud to be the #1 trusted resource for dog owners looking for the lowdown on the best hotels, attractions, and restaurants that welcome pets. Our mobile app brings the best of BringFido to your phone, giving you on-the-go access to pet-friendly information worldwide. Book your next stay, join a community of like-minded travelers, share your experiences along the way, and tailor every trip to your pooch’s needs.

BringFido is free on iPhone and Android.

3. Tractive

“They’ll never find me here.… Oh, hello.” Photo by

Even a fenced-in backyard won’t prevent Sherlock Bones from sniffing out adventure in the great beyond (your neighbor’s garden). Slip on his GPS pet tracker collar and trace his exact movements on the accompanying Tractive app. Thanks to the integrated virtual fence, you’ll receive a notification if he ventures outside your allocated safe area. The device also offers daily reports on your pup’s activity.

Tractive GPS Tracker costs $49.99. The app is available for free on iPhone and Android.

4. Pet First Aid App

“The way we eat, you’re going to want to learn the Heimlich!” Photo by @americanredcross

The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app is a reference guide for pet owners, featuring videos, quizzes and step-by-step advice on emergency preparedness and keeping your pet healthy and safe. Learn techniques that could save your dog’s life when you’re at home or while you’re on a trip together.

The Pet First Aid app is free on iPhone and Android.

5. Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo

“Wave, you’re on camera!” Photo by

Not all subscription services provide treats; some offer tricks instead. Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo generates daily training ideas tailored to your pup's progress. Once you make your way through a level, submit a video exam for review by specialists. Connect with a community of dogs and owners, stay in touch with professionals, and build a tighter bond with your best friend.

Dog Training & Clicker by Dogo is a free download on iPhone and Android. The premium subscription service is $7.99 per month.

6. Meet My Dog

“Best friends forever?” Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Pet lovers know that the people they share their lives with must first meet with Fido’s approval. Meet My Dog is a private social network for you and your pooch to meet awesome pups and “dog-sessed” owners in your local community. Chat all things canine, organize meetups at the dog park and share adorable pics from your personalized profile.

Meet My Dog is free on iPhone and Android.

7. DogCam

“It sounds like a toy, but it looks like a phone?! I’ll eat it anyway.” Photo by Billy Francis

If you're tired of taking blurry photos of half your pup's face, then DogCam is the app for you. The built-in sounds will grab your dog’s attention and give you the chance to snap the “paw-fect” pic you’ve been craving, so she can finally break the internet with her cuteness.

DogCam is free on iPhone and Android.

8. Dog Monitor

What’s Fido getting up to today? Photo by

Keeping an eye on your canine doesn’t have to break the bank. Rather than buying an expensive system, connect your phone and another device to the Dog Monitor App and watch through the built-in camera. The app will transmit footage directly to your phone wherever you have internet access, log your pup’s activities and give you the chance to speak to your pet remotely. You’ll also know when your dog barks, so you can speak directly to him and calm him down.

Dog Monitor is $4.99 on iPhone and $5.99 on Android.

9. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

“Where did that noise come from?” Photo by @ShotRAV

Take your dog training to the next level with iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker. Bundling a dog whistle, squeaky sound, training clicker and more than 40 animal sound effects into one place, this app will help with training and getting your dog’s attention wherever you are.

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker is free on iPhone.

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Banner photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash.