10 Must-Haves for Fido’s Next Trip to the Dog Beach

Posted by Billy Francis

Summer’s here and the beach is calling. Can you dig it, Fido? Just don’t get sand all over your new swag. All the best beach bums don’t leave the house without the necessary supplies to spend all day basking in the sun next to the ocean. Whether your pooch goes to the seaside to play, swim or sunbathe, these essentials will keep him happier for longer and make his next dog beach vacay unforgettable.

1. PlayaPup Protective Shirt

“Lookin’ fly and stayin’ safe.” Photo by Facebook.com/PlayaPup

Packing sun safety essentials is one of our best tips for a dog-friendly beach vacation, but who hasn’t ended up sunburnt after forgetting to reapply sunscreen? With a PlayaPup Protective Shirt, those itchy red days that follow are in the past. Don’t worry about harsh chemicals on your pup’s skin. Instead, she can slip on this stylish shirt and you can relax in the knowledge that she’s protected up to UPF 50+, which blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays from sunlight.

2. Kurgo Portable Shower

“What is this voodoo?” Photo by @kurgo

Whether you’re beach-hopping on the East, West or Gulf Coast, you’ll find the occasional shower that Fido can use, but what about those secluded stretches of sand without wash stations? Kurgo Portable Shower is a convenient way of cleaning your pooch’s paws before he brings half the beach back in the car with him.

3. SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float

"I'll never dog paddle again." Photo by @thewckdsoul

Fido can float "fur-ever" (used before but it's a classic) on the calm waters next to the beach on this comfortable dog float. It's portable, durable and can accommodate waterdogs over 65 lbs, making it the ideal companion to your very own floaty. Relax on top of the waves together, but be careful not to let your pup drift away.

4. Aquatic Bundle

"Go fish ... I mean fetch." Photo by Chewy

Nothing says ocean fun like starfish, seahorses and crabs. Grab your salty sea dog this aquatic bundle to keep her busy while you sunbathe. The set includes six toys for small to medium pups, including four plush sea dwellers with squeakers and two sturdy rings for active chewers.

5. Frisco Fetch Rubber Flyer

“Bad throw!” Photo by @cute_pet_monsters

Playing Frisbee on the beach is more fun with Fido. Sure, he can’t throw it back, but at least he won’t take it too seriously, remove his shirt and insist on listening to soft rock. Unleash your pooch on the sand for one of the best beach pastimes with Frisco Fetch Rubber Flyer, a dog toy designed to endure canine teeth and terrible throws.

6. Outward Hound Life Jacket

“The beach is my happy place.” Photo by Facebook.com/OutwardHound

Diving head-first into the surf may be one of Fido’s favorite things to do, but doggy paddling isn’t always a match for the awesome power of the ocean. Outward Hound Life Jacket will keep your pooch afloat while he waides out to reach your wayward pitch or cools off with a quick dip. Even with a life jacket, swimming in the open water can be dangerous. Remember, always follow water safety guidelines by staying close and in shallow waters.

7. Kurgo Skipping Stones

“I can skip to my skipping stone.” Photo by Facebook.com/KurgoProducts

Buoyancy is key for beach fun, and Kurgo Skipping Stones will stay afloat so pups at play can always find them. You won’t need to worry about slimy tennis balls in your car with these unique skimmers. Get low and throw them along the surface of the water, where they’ll bounce and glide into the distance just like the skipping stones you threw as a kid. This pair comes in a variety of colors and is even dishwasher-safe to keep them sparkling clean for longer.

8. Personalized Beach Towel

Wrap yourself up in your dog’s adorable face! Photo by Printy Pets

What gets wet while it dries? This personalized beach towel from Printy Pets, of course. With a funky backdrop, soft fabrics and your best friend’s face in the middle, this product stands out from the crowd, will ward off pesky towel thieves and completely change your drying game.

9. Natural Dog Company - Pawtection

Protect Fido’s paws! Photo by Facebook.com/NaturalDogCompany

The sand can get hot, hot, hot, but your best bud’s paws don’t have to. Natural Dog Company - Pawtection is an organic and vegan wax barrier that protects against the heat under the paw. Snow hounds can use the balm to protect against cold surfaces, too.

10. Doggles

“If you truly love me, what color eyes do I have?” Photo by @pugventurephoto

UV rays from the sun bounce up off the sand. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to UV light can lead to long-term optic health issues for your dog. Sharing sunglasses or giving her your old pair is nice for the occasional comic photo op, but human shades won’t sit behind her floppy ears for long. Doggles are a safe and secure way of shielding canine eyes from harmful rays, and they look pretty groovy, too. You can also use them to protect her eyes during downpours.

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