Adoptable Dogs of the Month

Posted by Billy Francis

Even though pet adoptions have been on the rise, there are still thousands of pups waiting to find forever homes. These adorable adoptable dogs are available this month at shelters and rescues across the country.

"I'm not hiding, I'm waiting for the right family!" Photo by

Lexy’s loving nature didn’t win over the hearts of the big dogs in her former home, so she’s staying at Mostly Mutts in Kennesaw, GA, until she finds a place that will accept her for who she is: a friendly, snuggly and affectionate pooch. She’s currently enrolled at Mostly Mutts University training program, where she’s learning commands like “sit” and can’t wait to show them off to her new parents, whoever they may be!

Let Lexy off leash at Frank Boone Dog Park. There’s even a dog wash station where you can wash off any lingering kennel smells.

If you want to make Lexy’s dream of making friends come true, set up a date here. Adoption fees are $299.

Mostly Mutts aims to lower the number of dogs euthanized in and around Atlanta. They rescue dogs who are about to be put to sleep and rehabilitate them with housing, health care, training, and physical and emotional care.

"I take rejection personally." Photo by Friends for Life

Lulu is a playful peanut butter-loving pup who’s hanging out with the Friends For Life crew in Houston, TX, until she can find a permanent home. When she gets to know people, she loves nothing more than a cuddle on the couch. Lulu is a smart girl who already knows the commands: look, sit, down, shake, and go to bed. She’s working on spin.

Lulu can dip in the dog bone pools at popular local hangout, Congressman Bill Archer Bark Park.

Set up a meet and greet with lovely Lulu here. She’s only six, which means her adoption fee is $95. If you’re a senior who falls in love with a senior at Friends For Life, adoption fees are waived.

Friends For Life is Houston’s only LEED-certified animal shelter. The rescue organization aims to help neighbors care for the pets they love and wants to rally humans to look out for four-legged friends in need, so everybody can #BeUnsheltered together.

"Have your people call my people." Photo by Louisiana SPCA

Hollywood will bring some serious star power to his next forever home. This American Pit Bull has been signing "pawtographs" at the Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans. Despite the big-screen name, he's a shy guy who will come out of his shell with just a little TLC.

Cross the Mississippi and walk into the sunset with your new A-lister at Woldenberg Riverfront Park.

Have your people talk to Hollywoods's people here. Adoption fees are $90.

Louisiana SPCA is the oldest animal welfare organization in the Bayou State. Helping more than 73,000 homeless and companion animals each year, their aim is to make a real difference for people and animals across the state.

Chubby Buddy

Fresno, CA
"This is my best smile." Photo by Animal Rescue of Fresno

Chubby Buddy is a senior Chihuahua mix who's all personality and full of love. He’s spending time with Animal Rescue of Fresno until he can retire to another loving home. While he gets along with other dogs, he also enjoys the quiet life where he can be the center of attention.

Toast the start of your epic story together at nearby Tactical Ops Brewing.

Will you bring Chubby Buddy home to lavish you with kisses? Start the process here. Adoption fees are $150.

Animal Rescue of Fresno (ARF) was established in 1998 by members of the community who wanted to help homeless animals and prevent unnecessary deaths. Every year, more and more animals find their forever homes with the help of ARF.

Blue Boy Jones

Pontiac, MI
Look at that baby blue. Photo by

Blue Boy Jones is six months old and is still figuring stuff out. He’s a Mountain Cur Mix with a striking blue eye who loves nothing more than hanging out with people and pups. Before joining the family at Michigan Animal Rescue League, he led a sheltered life, so it can take him a while to shed his nerves in new surroundings.

After falling in love with your new best friend, take Blue Boy Jones on an adventure along the Clinton River Trail.

You can stare into this adorable pup's eyes forever by adopting him here. Adoption fees are $225.

Michigan Animal Rescue League (MARL) offers short- and long-term sanctuary for animals with nowhere else to go. However long their stay, MARL promises to provide medical care, socialization and behavioral support, exercise time, snuggle time, and quality time with people who love animals.


Taos, NM
Bashful by name, lovable by nature. Photo by Stray Hearts Animal Shelter

Not to be confused with one of the Seven Dwarfs, Bashful is actually more of a Casanova than his name would suggest. He’s got himself the reputation as Stray Hearts Animal Shelter's resident ladies’ man who loves spending time with female volunteers. He also gets along well with other dogs and loves to play outside.

Discover Río Grande del Norte National Monument with the newest member of the family.

Give Bashful the happily ever after he deserves here. Adoption fees for adult dogs are $80.

Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is a socially conscious shelter in Taos, NM. Their mission is to rehabilitate abandoned animals and reunite lost ones with their owners.

“Warning - I will melt your heart!” Photo by

Daryl thought he’d found his forever family, but sadly couldn’t share his new parent’s love with the two-legged children in the household. He’s back at Black Dog Animal Rescue and waiting to meet his “pawfect” match. If you love hound dogs, he’s a howling hound through and through.

Swing by Freedom's Edge Brewing Co., where you can celebrate Daryl’s newfound freedom with a pint on the patio.

Add Daryl to your pack here. Adoption fees are $250.

Black Dog Animal Rescue is Wyoming’s largest rescue. Their mission is to “promote, provide, and advocate for the needs of companion animals” through foster-home based adoption.

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