Dogs in the News: August 2021

Posted by Billy Francis

Similar to celebrities and political figures, pups often find themselves in the news. However, unlike their two-legged counterparts, canines usually grab headlines for all the right reasons. From heroic hounds to a new Palm Dog winner, here’s a roundup of dogs in the news this month.

Stray Pooch Sneaks Across the Border

El Paso, TX
“It’s easier than a doggy door.” Photo by Diane Diaz

Crossing the border from Mexico to the U.S. can be intimidating, unless you have four legs. A nomadic pup decided he didn’t want to wait in line at the passport office and made a break for it instead. When one border patrol agent noticed the adorable rule-breaker and kneeled down beside him, the sneaky pup may have thought the jig was up, but all he received were pets and an invitation to continue his adventure in a new country.

Canine National Hero Commemorated With Statue

Zamboanga, PH
Honoring a true hero. Photo by

From Greyfriars Bobby to Hachikō, dog monuments around the world celebrate our love for our furry friends. The latest addition is a statue for a beloved hero dog in Zamboanga City in the Philippines. In 2011, Kabang put her life on the line by jumping in front of a speeding motorcycle to save two girls. During the courageous act, the brave pup lost her snout in the motorbike’s spinning wheel. The news of her incredible story spread and she became a national canine hero. This statue will honor her selflessness and keep her story alive for generations to come.

Rescued Dogs From State's Largest Cruelty Case Now Ready for Adoption

Salem, MA
“Do you have room for me?” Photo by

Four hundred animals were removed from terrible conditions at a South Carolina property last month, which goes down as the state’s largest-ever animal cruelty case. The Laurens County Sheriff’s office and the Charleston Animal Society worked together to rescue more than 350 chickens, 12 horses and 30 dogs. Now, 23 of those pups are available for adoption, and some have even been transported to shelters and animal organizations around the country. Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA, recently took in three of these brave canines, and hopes they will soon find a forever home in the Massachusetts area.

Wounded Canine Officer Returns to Work

London Borough of Croydon, UK
“I get knocked down, but I get up again!” Photo by Croydon MPS

Police officers can get injured in the line of duty, and the K-9 Unit is no different. Kaiser, a police dog from Croydon in London, was stabbed five times while apprehending an intruder earlier this year. The brutal attack left him with severe injuries to his face. After several months of rehabilitation, Kaiser is finally ready to return to active duty, and was awarded with a new toy by the town’s mayor for his service.

Dog Thrown From Car During Wildfires Rescued

Kelowna, BC
"I've been through a lot." Photo by

During White Rock Lake’s wildfire evacuation, a dog was flung from a car and left behind. Members of Central Okanagan Search & Rescue witnessed the incident and scooped him up. After taking him back to their base and feeding him, they named him Smokey. He’s now heading to Dr. Moshe Oz at Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital, who has gone above and beyond to find abandoned animals loving homes during the evacuations.

Deserted in the Desert

Manchester, UK
To the rescue! Photo by

After being tied up and left for dead in the desert, Saudi Arabian siblings Khaled and Nima were found and rescued by dog lovers from a nearby community. The group all contributed to the canines' safe travel to the UK to find a forever home. Dogs 4 Rescue, a kennel-free shelter in Manchester, took in the pair and decided it would be better to rehome them separately as Khaled (renamed Dante) could be overprotective of his sister. Dante has since been welcomed by a loving family, and they’re hoping it won’t be long before his sister finds one, too. Dogs 4 Rescue also hit the news recently when they put out the call for volunteer dog cuddlers to come and hang out with pups who are unable to be rehomed.

Tilda Swinton’s Pups Win the Palm Dog

Cannes, FR
Proud dog mom. Photo by @thepalmdog

Every year, the brightest and best in the movie business gather in a resort town on the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival. Many of the attendees eagerly anticipate the awarding of the most prestigious prize, The Palm Dog. This year’s leather collar was awarded to Tilda Swinton’s three Springer Spaniels: Snowbear, Dora and Rosy. The energetic trio starred alongside Swinton and her daughter in “The Souvenir Part II.”

Hero Dog Helps Push Car to Safety During Flood

Glasgow, UK
Ready to lend a helping paw. Photo by Lori Gillies

When two women became stuck inside their vehicle during a flood in Glasgow, a Springer Spaniel named Puck sprung into action to help her owner push the car to safety. Local train driver Lori Gillies waded into the water to help the trapped women, and as she began to shove the back of the vehicle, her pup’s paws appeared beside her, helping to get the car rolling and out of trouble. It was a remarkable act of bravery that earned Puck national headlines.

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