Last-Minute Gifts for the Dog Person on Your List

Posted by Billy Francis

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This article was updated in December 2020.

Chances are there’s a dog person in your life who deserves a unique and thoughtful gift. This one’s for the cool cousin who always slips your pooch a piece of her food, or for that enlightened friend who truly gets your “pup-session.” It’s time to reward their awesomeness with a last-minute gift they won't forget.

The Year of the Dogs 2021 Wall Calendar

"Happy to hang around at your place." Photo by Amazon

Vincent J. Musi's recognizable portrait photographs have graced the pages of "National Geographic" and his very own book, Year of the Dogs. You can enjoy his amazing "paw-tographs" in this 2021 calendar featuring an astounding selection of expressive dog photos.

Do You Look Like Your Dog? A Memory Game

Who doesn’t? Photo by Amazon

Do You Look Like Your Dog? The answer is yes. It seems that the more we hang out with each other, the more we start to resemble our furry best friends. Pair up the pet parents with their pups in this hilarious card game that's “pawfect” to pass the time this Christmas.

Overland Dog Gear Ultimate Week Away Dog Duffle

Where will your week away be? Photo by

Remembering to pack everything for a canine adventure is a hurdle, but finding it all in your luggage can be just as difficult. The Overland Dog Gear Ultimate Week Away Dog Duffle organizes pet travel once and for all, and is equipped with lined carriers for food and treats, zippered sections for secure storage, and removable placemats and bowls. It even meets airline carry-on requirements.

Dog Fart Extinguisher

“That was definitely Uncle Jeff, not me!” Photo by Amazon

This really is a must-have for any pet owner, especially during the holiday season. With stray Brussels sprouts flying around and rich holiday treats a-plenty for your pup, the home may not smell of gingerbread and pine for long! Before Fido gets to blame Aunt Susan for his faux-pas, secure your holidays with this Dog Fart Extinguisher. It will have your house smelling of grapefruit, black currant, rose and musk.

Dachshund Menorah by Jonathan Adler

This classy menorah will light up any home. Photo by

Jonathan Adler is an American potter with ceramic shops across America and Europe. His fun menorah is the perfect gift for Jewish dog lovers to use during Hanukkah. Fido can help light the candles placed in eight holes along the back of this sleek Dachshund. Designed with his signature, all-white ceramic relief pattern, the Jonathan Adler Dachshund Menorah is lit.

Rescue Dog Wines

$18.99 to $38.00
Don’t we all ... don’t we all. Photo by

The folks at Rescue Dog Wines love two things: great vino and saving pups. By producing fine wines from local Lodi, CA grapes, they bring awareness and financial support to the rescue dog movement. Fifty percent of the company’s profits support rescue organizations. For the connoisseurs, a subscription to a wine club would make a great gift. Alternatively, its awesome swag includes funky tees, tumblers and wine bottle covers.

Iconic Paw

Introducing Lord Logan of BringFidington. Photo by @loganthewigglytail

Fido is like royalty to us, so why not envelope him in elaborate regalia forever? Iconic Paw will turn a picture of your dog-loving relative’s pup into a masterpiece. Select the outfit that best suits the pooch, from a baroness or aristocrat to a socialite and commander. Iconic Paw ships portraits worldwide and aims to get your canine’s portrait completed faster than “Van Dogh” ever could have.

Dog Crimes

These dogs are guilty ... of extreme cuteness. Photo by Amazon

If you’re looking for a way to drag your kid off the screen this Christmas, ThinkFun's Dog Crimes Logic Game is an innovative canine-themed mystery that presents a series of clues to help players identify the canine culprit for a variety of offenses. Which of the six adorable pups should do the time for each crime? The best part for 2020 is that it only needs one player.

Cuteboom Canvas Laundry Bag – Sleeping Dog

An adorable gift for any pet owner. Photo by Amazon

Separating your white and dark clothes has never looked more adorable. This Cuteboom Canvas Laundry Bag may have you looking forward to laundry day. It's a handy gift that also doubles as a travel bag, beach bag or storage bag.

Printy Pets

“I approve of this blanket." Photo by @kinggeorgethechi

In an ideal world, every waking moment could be spent with our pets, but sometimes that’s just not possible (don’t worry, we’re working on it). If there’s no way Fido can accompany your friend, a comforting blanket with their canine’s cute grin all over it could be the next best thing. Printy Pets also can print his face on mugs, phone cases, canvases, shirts, bags and more.

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Banner photo by Beth Shoemaker Photography.