Would You Bring Fido to a Pet Psychic?

Posted by Billy Francis

If you really want to know what Fido’s thinking, trade in his tennis ball for a crystal one and enlist the help of a pet psychic. Members of this niche group claim to possess the gift of interspecies communication, and they don’t just chat with animals from this plane of existence! We reached out to three who were, unsurprisingly, already expecting our call. Laura Stinchfield, also known as “The Pet Psychic,” is an author, TV personality and radio presenter; Michael R Burke is also a life coach and dog trainer; and Jennifer Wallens was a finalist on the TV series, “Battle of the Psychics.” Here’s what they had to say about all the things your pet has to say, but can’t.

Q. When did you first discover that you can communicate with animals?

LS: My earliest memory is being a baby and my parents holding our Yorkshire terrier over my crib and hearing from her the feeling of “You are so small.” It wasn’t until my early 20s that I learned that not everyone else could understand animals.

MB: When I was around 12 years old, I kept having dreams of a cat calling out to me for help because he was trapped in a garage. After about two days I could feel that the cat had been trapped in the garage of the house behind our neighbor's house. Then, I noticed postings around the neighborhood about a lost cat. I called the number on the sign and told them I thought their cat may be trapped in that garage. The owners went to the house and started calling the cat's name, and they heard him meowing in the garage.

JW: I first discovered this with my dog, Korey, when I was 10. I felt and heard his anxiety and loneliness at being in the laundry room at night, so I would sleep on the floor with him.

“You’re an open book to me, big guy.”Photo by Michael Burke

Q. How do animals communicate with you?

LS: They send their thoughts, feelings and images to my heart and my mind transfers it into words.

MB: Animals communicate with me through telepathy: the transference of images, words and feelings. I may receive something in my mind that is abstract and will not make sense at first, such as an apple. To me, an apple may symbolize a gift a student gives a teacher. Or, it could mean the human feeds the animal apples, and the animal is sharing this to validate our connection.

Q. Do you speak to pets who are alive or deceased?

MB: When an animal crosses over, the energy never dies. It changes form and elevates to a higher vibration. It's just a matter of tuning into that vibration and interpreting the energy.

JW: I speak with both. Often people who have passed come in with their beloved pets, or want to show a loved one their pet is with them.

Q. Do you think that you were born with this skill, or is it something that anyone can acquire?

LS: I was definitely born with it, but I feel anyone who has the desire can learn how to speak with animals. They just have to be committed to observing and deciphering every thought, feeling and image that comes into their mind and body.

MB: My feeling is that everyone is born with the skill to use their intuition and to read energy, but our society and surroundings teach and train us to rely only on our five basic senses when we are young.

JW: Yes, I do believe I was born with this skill, as do many others. But most people may learn it as well, perhaps to differing degrees with practice.

Talking to giraffes is a tall order!Photo by Jennifer Wallens

Q. When is it time to seek out a pet psychic?

LS: People seek us out for different reasons: for fun, to understand a behavior issue like peeing outside of the litter box, horses refusing jumps or aggression; to understand an animal’s emotional state more fully; or to ask an animal how they are feeling during an illness.

JW: People reach out when they feel they need answers to behavior problems, eating issues, change in environment, possible health concerns or to find solace after the passing of a beloved pet.

“He won’t need a sixth sense to smell this one!”Photo by Michael Burke

Q. Do you have any advice for people who want to be more aware of what their animals are feeling and thinking?

LS: Don’t be so hard on yourself and be open. If you calm your internal chatter and are observant of your inner thoughts and images, you will receive information from your animal.

MB: My advice is to meditate or find a way of clearing the mind and balancing energy on a daily basis.

Q. Do you need to see the pet, or can its owner use a photo or even just describe them?

LS: I do not need to be present with the animal. I prefer to have a recent photo where I can see the animal’s eyes. I think of their eyes as their spiritual phone number.

JW: I usually don’t need anything, as I first connect with the person by their voice over the phone. But a photo is helpful.

“This is how all the cool alpacas have their hair.”Photo by Laura Stinchfield

Q. What is the most unusual reading you've done?

LS: Talking to a snake with some Buddhist monks. I had to ask the snake to leave their temple because he was scaring people away. We decided to make the snake a sacred area outside of the temple and he moved out.

MB: A woman contacted me because her horse kept throwing her off the saddle. When I connected with the horse, he told me that the woman's energy was imbalanced because she had not properly said goodbye to her son. The woman told me that her son had, in fact, passed away within the year and she and her daughter never held a funeral for him. She went ahead and planned a memorial ceremony. After the ceremony, the woman felt more at peace and was able to successfully ride her horse again without being thrown off.

JW: Probably when I was in Ukraine filming a psychic challenge for a popular TV show, and I was communicating with ostriches.

“If you can hear what I’m thinking, give me a treat!”Photo by Jennifer Wallens

Q. Is it true that cats are more connected to the spiritual world?

LS: Just like people, each animal is unique. Often times if the animal’s human is spiritually minded, the pet will be too. Stormy, my late Australian Shepherd dog, was well known for his spiritual wisdom. He has his own book, Stormy’s Words of Wisdom.

MB: In my experience, cats tend to be more highly sensitive and tuned into higher frequencies in the spiritual world, but it really depends on the animal because I have connected with many dogs that are very spiritual.

JW: No, I feel every animal or species is connected the same way to the spiritual world.

“How did you know I love bowties?”Photo by Laura Stinchfield

Q. What is the biggest myth or misunderstanding you'd like to clarify about pet psychics?

LS: The biggest myth is that just because you are a psychic you should be all-knowing of everything in the universe and not ask any questions. This always amazes me. Sometimes, conversations need a little figuring out. For example, if I say your animal tells me he wants to eat ice cream with your grandfather, but it’s actually yogurt with your dad (your animal’s grandpa) please give me a pass!

MB: I think sometimes when people hear the word “psychic” they associate it with predicting the future. It's more about connecting with an animal's energy in the current moment and understanding what they are thinking and feeling.

JW: Being a trained psychic and medium has helped me with my animal communication, by being able to pick up feelings, facts and evidence of the afterlife. Yet, connecting with an animal telepathically and spiritually is more than simply psychic work.

Q. Can you help find lost animals?

MB: Yes, I am able to help find lost animals. I make no guarantees, though, because sometimes the animal shares information but they don't know where they are, so it can be challenging to pinpoint their exact location. But I have successfully spotted landmarks that were pieced together and led to finding the animals and reuniting them with their families.

JW: Absolutely! I have helped owners find many lost pets, and have been able to identify neighborhood streets and also dates when the animals will be found. Sometimes I will see the person who took the animal or is caring for it.

“You get me.”Photo by Michael Burke

Q. What are some of your biggest success stories?

LS: My biggest success is when my clients and followers begin to really believe how vast and complex an animal’s consciousness is, and that people’s thoughts, behaviors and feelings have a huge impact on those animals.

MB: When I have brought through validating information from a deceased animal that leads to peace for the person and overcoming sadness and heartache, that is often my greatest honor.

JW: Helping find a cat in a washing machine!

Q. What do you say to your doubters?

LS: With real die-hard skeptics, I don’t waste my time. They are entitled to their opinion. I talk with animals for a living! Every day, I am amazed at what animals know and understand. It’s ok to be a little skeptical. If someone is open, they will feel it for themselves.

MB: I totally understand that some people may have doubts. I am a healthy skeptic myself! I always like to point out the power of energy and that there is so much happening around us that we cannot see, but it's all still occurring. We cannot see how cell phones share communication through energy, nor can we see how microwaves cook food or how computers are able to connect to the internet. I also like to point out how animals often will know when a person is coming home and will wait at the door for their human, regardless of the day and a change in routine. This is because of the energetic connection between humans and animals.

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