Is Your Favorite Retail Chain Store Dog Friendly?

Posted by Billy Francis

Do you like to take your dog shopping? In an ideal world, every store would be pet-friendly and let Fido wander up and down the aisles by your side. However, some of the biggest chain stores don’t allow four-legged shoppers inside. Before you head out on a shopping spree, find out which popular chain stores welcome dogs to enjoy some “re-tail” therapy and which prefer that you leave your four-legged friend at home.


“Wait, there are no actual apples here?” Photo by @miladinseparation

Apple Stores are often dog friendly. The tech giant runs its stores a little differently from the conventional checkout system found in most chains. The fact is, you need to stand out if you want to grab the attention of an employee staring at their iPhone. One sure way to do this is by bringing your best friend along. Most Apple stores allow well-behaved dogs inside. For shopping mall locations, you may also need to verify that you are visiting a pet-friendly shopping mall.

Bass Pro Shops

“Keep on truckin’!” Photo by

Bass Pro Shops is dog friendly. Almost all of the 177 stores in their network welcome outdoor-loving dogs to join their owners on a shopping adventure. Not only can you buy yourself a new rod and line for your big fishing trip, Fido can test out a new bed, try on a sturdy collar, and sniff out a new toy to keep him entertained on the banks while you cast.

Best Buy

Photo by JeepersMedia

Best Buy is not very dog friendly. Formerly named ‘Sound of Music,’ the electronics retailer was rebranded in 1983 and has gone on to become one of the United States’ leading consumer electronics chains. While there is no set company pet policy, most Best Buy stores don’t allow dogs inside to shop with their human companions.


Photo by Costco

Costco is not dog friendly. The membership-only big-box retailer is a great place to buy bulk items like pet food supplies and treats for lower prices than regular grocery stores. Although most stores sell items for Fido, he won’t be allowed inside to see for himself. Costco’s corporate pet policy indicates that no pets, other than service dogs, are allowed in stores.

The Home Depot

“Can we go inside now?” Photo by BringFido

The Home Depot is dog friendly. The largest home improvement retailer in the United States’ bright orange signs are hard to miss when you’re out searching for items for Fido’s backyard dog park. Well-behaved pups are welcome indoors to sniff out supplies in the DIY superstore, feel the cool floor under their paws, and check out the Home Depot pet aisle before heading to the register.

Home Goods

Photo by @life.of.leon.the.frenchie.

Home Goods is dog friendly. This popular chain started life in 1992 as a small family-run store in Framingham, MA. Over the years, it has grown into one of the leading home furnishing chains in the country, offering customers affordable items like beds and couches for Fido to sprawl out on. Owned by TJX Companies, who also operate TJ Maxx and Michaels, Home Goods welcomes dogs to shop alongside their owners inside its retail stores.


Photo by Seth W.

IKEA is not very dog friendly. Bringing stylish and affordable flat-pack furniture to the mainstream, the Swedish furniture giant isnow the world’s largest furniture retailer. Shoppers can enjoy trademark snacks from the cafeteria and a unique shopping experience on a one-way system. Unfortunately, IKEA stores in the U.S. don’t allow dogs inside. However, international shoppers at select stores are welcome to shop with a dog.


“I’d go with that one. Then again, I am color blind.” Photo by @mollythegoldenpup2019

Lowe's is dog friendly. When it’s raining cats and dogs outside or it’s too hot for paws to handle, Fido still needs his daily exercise. How about a trip to Lowe’s? The air conditioning and wide concrete aisles make a great alternative to boiling asphalt or muddy pathways. Fill up your cart with tools, home supplies, garden items, and a happy pooch. Well-behaved dogs are welcome at most Lowe’s stores across America.


“It says not edible, but I’m willing to put it to the test!” Photo by @lushcosmetics

Lush is dog friendly. This sweet-smelling store burst onto the British soap scene in the mid-90s, bringing with it a fresh scent for skincare products. They pride themselves on providing 100% vegetarian products made fresh, usually in-store. If that’s not enough to persuade you to switch your chemical-based soaps and moisturizers, then how about the fact that most of their stores allow furry shoppers inside?


“DIY? Dog-it-yourself, right?” Photo by @life_with_lola_bmd

Michaels is dog friendly. If you’re planning on taking up a new indoor hobby or simply want to make some alterations to the curtains in Fido’s dog house, Michaels has got you covered. It’s easy to spend a lot longer than intended in North America's largest arts, crafts, framing and decor provider. And since dogs are welcome to shop ‘til they drop in Michaels stores, you won’t have to DIY all by yourself.


“Take me to the pet apparel area, please.” Photo by @momoskeedoo_the_maltipoo

Nordstrom is dog friendly. The popular department store has been serving customers since 1901, providing clothing, shoes and accessories in malls and standalone stores across the country. Select locations also offer a pet section for your pooch to reinvent her wardrobe, too. Individual managers have the final say on whether dogs are allowed inside, but as a general rule, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores are pet friendly.


“This is one kind of duck hunting I’m down with.” Photo by @orvischichester

Orvis is very dog friendly and is the go-to store for outbound hounds. Specializing in fly fishing, hunting and sporting goods, it also offers a pet section that includes items like collars, bowls and harnesses. Most Orvis retail stores encourage you to bring your dog along and may even provide treats for canine customers to enjoy.


“Cart me around!” Photo by @threegles

Petco is dog friendly. With more than 1,500 stores across Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S., Petco easily ranks among Fido’s favorite shopping destinations. Not only are shelves across all of their stores stocked with toys, treats, beds and more, but many offer in-house grooming and even veterinary services, too. Your pooch is welcome to join you inside to help make tough decisions like which flavor of food to try or which new toy will fend off his boredom.


“You certainly do have a smart pet!” Photo by @life_with_lola_bmd

PetSmart is dog friendly. In the red and blue corner and never one to be outdone by its rivals, PetSmart boasts more than 1,600 stores across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Take your pup down the aisle as you browse food, treats, toys, beds, gear and apparel for dogs. Then, treat him to an oxygen-infused bath with shampoo and blow dry or a nail trim at the in-house grooming salon.

Pottery Barn

“This place should be renamed ‘Paw-tery Barn’.” Photo by @clmascots

Pottery Barn is dog friendly. Your pooch will be the one getting the most use out of the couch, cushions and furnishings, so she should be able to try before you buy. That’s why a vast majority of Pottery Barn stores allow dogs inside to check out the stylish decor on display.


Photo by REI

REI is not dog friendly. Outdoor enthusiasts will know all about Recreational Equipment Inc (REI). Operated as a consumer’s cooperative, the store allows customers to purchase a membership which entitles them to deals on items in stores across the country. The chain sells all the equipment needed for Fido’s next big camping adventure, but he won’t be allowed inside the store to try before you buy.

Sam’s Club

Photo by Walmart Corporate

Sam’s Club is not dog friendly. If you buy a membership to Sam’s Club, owned by Walmart, you’ll get access to wholesale items at an affordable price. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed to help sniff out deals inside Sam’s Club stores.


Photo by @hava.mila.

Starbucks is dog friendly. The world’s largest coffee chain can be found in 80 countries around the world, making roughly 4 billion cups of coffee each year. Starbucks also offers treats for canine customers. Order your best friend the Starbucks Puppuccino, an item from the (not so) secret menu. This free offering consists of whipped cream in a little cup, delicious! Dogs are welcome to sit at outdoor tables at most Starbucks, but are not allowed inside. If you want more extra perks for Fido, check out these dog-friendly coffee shops.


Photo by JeepersMedia

Target is not dog friendly. This popular retail chain born in Minneapolis in 1962 has spread across the United States, hitting the spot by offering customers food, electrical goods, home goods, clothing and much more all under one roof. Although Target sells pet food and other items to deck out Fido’s dog house, pups are not allowed to join their owners in stores.

Tractor Supply Co.

“But… we don’t own a tractor!” Photo by @vomplatzhirsch

Tractor Supply Co. is very dog friendly. Since its humble beginnings as a mail-order tractor parts company in 1938, the chain has grown into one of the biggest home supplies stores in North America. Fido can sniff his way around a bounty of work clothes, DIY supplies, garden goods and his favorite section, pet care! Tractor Supply Co. even offers in-store PetVet clinics at select stores.

T.J. Maxx

“Getting some much-needed retail therapy!” Photo by @jaxthecleftlipfrenchie

T.J. Maxx is dog friendly. If you’re lucky, you can end up leaving with top-notch items at bargain prices. Four-legged customers don’t have to miss out on swag either. T.J. Maxx’s pet section varies from store to store, but usually stocks products ranging from beds to tasteful canine-themed decor. Dogs are welcome in most stores.


Photo by JeepersMedia

Walmart is not dog friendly. The biggest chain retailer in the U.S. operates discount department-style stores in every state. From beds to treats and toys, you’ll find lots of affordable pet items for sale in Walmart. Unfortunately, your pooch will have to trust your judgment as pets are not allowed inside.

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