Dogs in the News: November 2021

Posted by Billy Francis

Similar to celebrities and political figures, pups often find themselves in the news. However, unlike their two-legged counterparts, canines usually grab headlines for all the right reasons. From a record-breaking Golden Retriever with a big mouth to a Chihuahua in an astronaut helmet, here’s a roundup of dogs in the news this month.

Golden Retriever Breaks Tennis Ball Record

Canandaigua, NY
"I bet I can fit one more." Photo by @finnyboymolloy

Step aside, Serena. Forget about it, Federer. The greatest ever tennis ball feat has officially occurred in Canandaigua, New York. And there isn’t a tennis racket in sight. Finley the Golden Retriever was first spotted with six tennis balls in his mouth back in 2017, but the amazing dog with the humongous gob will feature for the first time in the Guinness World Records 2022 under the hotly contested category of most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog.

Boy Reads to Shelter Dogs to Help Solve Animal Homelessness

New York, NY
“Once upon a time, there was a boy who helped dogs.” Photo by ASPCA

A boy from the Bronx has embarked on a solo mission to solve animal homelessness. Evan Bisnauth, an 11-year-old New Yorker, recently earned himself the title of ASPCA's Kid of the Year for his tireless work visiting dogs in Animal Care Centers and reading to them. His hope is to socialize them and get them used to people so they can find a forever home.

Angry Chihuahua Wears "Astronaut Helmet" While Being Groomed

Lincolnton, NC
"Just wait until this thing comes off." Photo by TikTok

It’s not uncommon for dogs to dislike the groomer. After all, who wants a random person giving them a silly haircut? But one technique for dealing with an angry Chihuahua has seen a groomer’s Tiktok go viral. The video shows the canine customer wearing a miniature astronaut helmet while being groomed. The covering is a relatively common device designed to prevent an aggressive pooch from biting the groomer during nail clipping, but many expressed concern that the pup was in distress. Would you want your dog to be turned into a space oddity during grooming?

Koala Detection Dog Receives Special Honor

Queensland Islands, AU
"I was just doing my job!" Photo by @bearthekoaladog

Saving one life is remarkable enough, but for dogs like Bear it’s a full time job. During Australia’s wildfire season in 2019/20, known as the Black Summer, horrific bushfires swept the nation. Bear was able to utilize his superior sniffing ability and boundless energy to help save more than 100 koalas stuck in scorched areas. On October 12, the International Fund for Animal Welfare hosted the Animal Action Awards, awarding Bear with a special honor for his marsupial rescue work.

Drones Rescue Dogs Stranded by Volcano

Las Palmas, ES
Drones to the rescue. Photo by

Described as the only plausible way to rescue stranded dogs from the lava flow of a volcano in Spain, a unique and daring drone mission to lift them out individually was halted last minute by a painted message from a mysterious team of rescuers. The message, originally in Spanish, reads “The dogs are fine,” and is signed by “The A Team.” While flying in food and water before the rescue, drone operators noticed the dogs were missing and the message on a banner. Now, the rescue mission has become a mystery which has left everybody wondering who the rescuers were, how they did it, and where the dogs are now.

Study Concludes Dogs Might Have ADHD

Helsinki, FI
Is your dog a live wire? Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

A study by the University of Helsinki has concluded that dogs can develop symptoms of hyperactivity similar to ADHD in humans.

“Our findings can help to better identify, understand and treat canine hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. Moreover, they indicated similarity with human ADHD, consolidating the role of dogs in ADHD-related research,” said Professor Hannes Lohi, head of a canine gene research group at Helsinki.

The study examined over 11,000 dogs, concluding that puppies and male dogs are more likely to be hyperactive, and that symptoms can be exacerbated by lack of exercise and limited attention. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder was also noted in the study, with canine symptoms ranging from tail chasing to continuous licking and staring into the distance.

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Banner photo by @ifawaustralia.