Adoptable Dogs of the Month: June 2021

Posted by Billy Francis

Even though pet adoptions have been on the rise, there are still thousands of pups waiting to find forever homes. These adorable adoptable dogs are available this month at different shelters and rescues across the country.

“Drum roll, please … Tad-ahhh!” Photo by

Tad is a sweet little guy with a big personality who’s currently chilling at Souris Valley Animal Shelter in Minot, ND. He’s a small mixed breed who gets along great with cats and kids of all ages. This playful pooch is looking to find a family to call his own and a home to fill with love. As he’s still a puppy, Tad will require some house training and lots of attention.

Get to know your new bite-size buddy in the small dog section of nearby Dakota Bark Park.

If you want to take Tad to his forever home, find his information here. Puppy adoption fees are $300.

Souris Valley Animal Shelter is a nonprofit organization that shelters animals in the Northwest region of North Dakota. Since 1977, they have helped more than 35,000 animals through adoptions, spay and neuter services, and microchipping.

“It’s your turn to take my leash now!” Photo by Barbara Horvath

Gabe is a super smart 4-year-old German Shepherd looking for a family with whom he can learn and play. He’s just finished his basic obedience training with Animal Rescue and K9 Charities in Greenwich, CT, and is ready to show off his newfound skills. He’s better off going to a home without other dogs or cats, as he has been known to prey dive on occasion and chase small animals like squirrels. Gabe is the best version of himself when he’s learning new tricks, so finding a family committed to his continued training journey would be best.

Gabe can show off his leash skills at nearby Babcock Preserve. This 4-mile loop features a forest to explore with your new best friend.

If you want to bring this lovable pup home, go here. Adoption fees are $650.

Animal Rescue and K9 Charities (ARK) is an independent boutique rescue organization dedicated to animal welfare and education. ARK was created to rescue animals in need and to rehabilitate, heal and re-home dogs into carefully screened, loving forever homes.

"I have a resting grumpy face." Photo by NorCal Boxer Rescue

Freya is a loving pup with excellent manners who is being looked out for by Norcal Boxer Rescue (NCBR) in Davis, CA. This smart cookie is house trained and always knows to stay out of the kitchen when her foster parents are making dinner. She’s also learned to sit, stay, heel, shake and more. Her favorite things to do include watching TV, sunbathing, lounging, walks, and chasing squirrels. Freya doesn’t get along with other dogs, cats or children.

Bring your new bestie for some exercise at Toad Hollow Dog Park, named for the toad tunnels that empty in the area. Don’t forget to snap a pic sitting together on the dog-shaped bench in the park.

Give Freya the love she deserves and adopt her here. Adoption fees are $400.

Founded in 1998, Norcal Boxer Rescue provides a temporary sanctuary for Boxers in need throughout Northern California, the Central Valley and beyond. They are run entirely by a dedicated group of volunteers who believe in the organization’s mission that no Boxer should be left behind.

Pretty in pink. Photo by

Astrid has had a tough life, which makes it even more important to find her somewhere she can truly enjoy her retirement. Sadly, she was used as a breeder dog and was discarded at Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue in Kennesaw, GA, when she was too old to have any more puppies. Despite being 10 years old, missing an eye and being blind in the other, Astrid still gets around pretty well. This happy and loving pooch deserves the golden years of her life to be “pawfect.”

Astrid will love the quiet trails and open grounds of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.

Give this pup the loving home she deserves here. Her adoption fee is $299.

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue works with animal control officers in Georgia to save adoptable dogs that are often moments away from being put to sleep.

Catching rays. Photo by Maxx and Me

Zyan is a giant softy who needs a family with an even bigger heart. This lovable 2-year-old Cane Corso is nearly 120 lbs and has been through a lot in his short life. The poor guy has been suffering with hip issues and was surrendered to be euthanized, but Maxx and Me Pet Rescue in Tampa, FL, stepped in to save him. Instead of a series of painful operations, Zyan has been paddling his way back to good health with frequent visits to a hydrotherapy center. If you have time, love and a bit of spare cash to splash on his continued recovery, Zyan will become the most loyal BFF you’ve ever had.

Zyan can join you at Davis Island Dog Park, where you can walk paw in hand down to the dog beach together.

Bring Zyan home here. Adoption fees are $250.

Maxx and Me Pet Rescue is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to helping dogs of all ages, breeds and health needs find a family to call their own.

“The canine collection by Armani.” Photo by

Despite her name, Armani isn’t a fancy gal. She’s just an older pooch looking for a more permanent home than her current kennel at Second Chance Dog Rescue in Prole, IA. This happy Rottweiler loves a cuddle and gets along just fine with children. She’s quite selective about who she tolerates in the canine community, and would prefer to be the only dog in town.

Head north to West Des Moines and check out Raccoon River Dog Park with your new furry family member. This fabulous 12-acre park is full of quiet trails where you can get to know Armani away from the crowds.

Information on adopting Armani can be found here. Her adoption fee is $225.

Second Chance Dog Rescue is a non-profit animal welfare organization that provides care and helps find loving homes for dogs in need. As the name suggests, they believe that every dog deserves a second chance.

Kennedy aka Wiggle Butt

San Antonio, TX
“You’ll have to visit me to see the wiggle action.” Photo by Petstablished

If you’re a sucker for a wiggly butt, then Kennedy is your gal. Waiting patiently to find her forever home at Paws Ranch Rescue in San Antonio, TX, she’ll shower you with smooches while wagging her tail at a million miles an hour when she meets you. While she adores human company, other pups can rub her up the wrong way so her forever home needs to be dog-less.

Get to know your silly new Staffy on 10 miles of trails at nearby Medina Natural Area, where you can enjoy a walk together alongside rivers with towering pecan and bald cypress trees for shade.

Kennedy is ready for you to set up a meet and greet here. Adoption fees are $125.

Paws Ranch Rescue is a non-profit dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing stray pets in the greater Alamo area. With other rescues in the area, they’re hoping to make San Antonio a completely no-kill city.

"How can you resist this smile?" Photo by

Gus is a gorgeous boy with a smile for everyone. Bounced around between local shelters, the 5-year-old currently resides at North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue in Charlotte and hopes his next stop will be his last. Gus is trying hard to master the leash, but would appreciate a home with a fenced backyard where he can practice. Gus's adoption fee includes one free training session with a professional trainer to help him get the hang of this skill.

Enjoy a celebratory pint with your pooch at Lucky Dog Bark & Brew Charlotte and raise a toast to making both of your lives complete.

If you want to give Gus a forever home, go here. Adoption fees are $195.

North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue is a private, no-kill rescue in North Carolina. Their mission is to help end pet overpopulation, abandonment and neglect.

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